Otome Game Review: Starry☆Sky ~In Autumn~

And so we’re back with the fall season game. Just as the others it features Tsukiko and her 3 eligible bachelors – in this case, her teachers. As expected one of the main “plotlines” of the game is just that – she’s a student, they’re teachers, IT’S A FORBIDDEN RELATIONSHIP! The thing is it doesn’t feel that bad to me because 2 of them are younger than me and one of them is the same age as my husband xDDD. There’s a couple weird things though. Suzuya and Kanata are still around to “look out” after Tsukiko in text form but they never have any dialogue on or off screen (although they do appear in one of the CGs.) The other thing is that Tsukiko mentions how Yoh went back to France but she also said this in the Summer game and boom he’s there in the background of Cgs in both this and the summer game. Talk about inconsistency lol. While it appears that Tsukiko continues her archery club activities, only the teacher in charge is ever mentioned (obviously since he’s one of the main characters) but the 3 summer boys do appear in one of the CGs. (Homare senpai (´;ω;`)) Anyway spoilers & stuff after the jump!

haruki senseiHaruki Naoshi – Naoshi is a Leo, 24 years old. He appeared in the last CG of the summer game because he was the teacher who was in charge of the archery club Tsukiko was in. He’s also Tsukiko’s homeroom teacher. When Iku comes to work as a student teacher Naoshi has his hands full always trying to get him to do his work, instead of be a lazy ass and sleep in the nurse’s office. He also has to keep Iku’s paws off Tsukiko most of the time. Naoshi is really a nice guy and he loves the whole “youth” part of high school because he missed out on his own youth. Because of this though a lot of students can’t take him seriously and often play pranks on him. When a student in the class transfers Naoshi feels guilty that he could not do anything to help and feels like he’s a failure as a teacher. His background story is that his best friend in high school got hit by a car, trying to save the girl he was in love with. Due to this, his best friend then fell into a coma and in the game Naoshi got a phone call telling him that the condition has gotten worse.

haruki02His best friend Hiroki, was the one who got him to “enjoy” his high school life. Until then all Naoshi ever did was just study all day. Hiroki had an unrequited love for a girl who already had a boyfriend, but despite this he still risked his own life to save her. When Naoshi and Tsukiko go to visit Hiroki in the hospital, they run into that girl. She tells them that she’s been visiting Hiroki every day ever since the accident, but she was too afraid to go in so she would just stand outside the door and pray. Naoshi tells the girl to be by Hiroki’s side in his place and then it’s up to Tsukiko to comfort him ;). After this incident, Naoshi is less afraid to fall in love. Before that he thought he’d end up like his best friend but he decides that falling in love is a good thing thanks to Tsukiko. Needless to say he falls in love with her but doesn’t know what to do with himself because of the student/teacher relationship. After the Halloween night watching party thing, Tsukiko tells him that she likes him and he tells her he feels the same way. He warns her that they have to keep their relationship a secret though and so they end up spending a lot of “after school extra lesson” time together as a cover lol. During the school trip they go to a flower field together where he makes her a little flower hair thingy and then they share their first kiss 😆 (It was silly sorry, I mean 24 year old dude without ever kissing a girl… xD; sorry.) Anyway not too soon after Naoshi begins ignoring Tsukiko and she’s really upset and doesn’t know why.

haruki03She then finds out from Iku that their relationship has been discovered by teachers/students. However Naoshi denies most of it and Hoshizuki sensei helps to cover up as well. After this there’s 2 endings. In the “good end” Naoshi tells her that they have to break up, but he will “come pick her up” after she graduates. They make a promise to wait until then and then in the epilogue they officially begin dating because it’s Tsukiko’s graduation day. In the “true end” though, in the epilogue the two of them are on their way to Tsukiko’s house to ask her father for permission to get married. (That’s so cheesy lol, oh Japan.) Additionally I think if you do the good end first, then the true end, there’s like bonus “monologues” from Naoshi’s POV. I didn’t really care for it that much, I guess it’s more like “vocal fanservice” if you really like the seiyuu. Overall I really like Naoshi. I knew he’d be my favorite because I love that sweet voice that Daisuke Kishio can make. While we’re on that subject, I listened to the seiyuu talk and holy shit he sounds nothing like any of the characters he portrays. 😯 Additionally he also said that summer is his favorite season.

iku01Mizushima Iku – If you really liked Seizh from the Under the Moon series, you’ll fucking LOVE Iku because he’s Seizh’s clone, from personality to voice. Yusa Kouji is back with his smooth talking yandere man voice. Iku himself is a 21 year old Gemini brat who’s still in college and has come to do a teaching internship at Tsukiko’s school for 3 months (the tenure of the game.) His mother and Kotarou’s mother were friends so Kotarou often looked out after him and he’s the one who helped him get into the teaching internship. He’s got this super emo backstory too! He used to be in a band which Tsukiko was a fan of. However the band later broke up and Tsukiko had no idea why. It turns out that Iku had a twin sister who he was like disgustingly close to, but because both of them have weak bodies, she ended up dying from heart disease while he was in high school. After she died Iku went on to try to hide his PAAINN by overworking and singing too much. Due to this he killed his voice and had to retire from the band and it broke up. Once he quit his band career he lost a lot of friends who were just using him to get status. After this he basically stopped trusting people and he became a massive manwhore. He would lie to girls and tell them what they want to hear and then throw them out when he got tired of them. Tsukiko wanted to prove to him that love was not a game so the two of them to decided to play “pretend lovers” for a month. During that time they hold hands and meet each other on the roof.

iku02At one point they even help a stray nuko. A month goes by and Iku tells her that nothing has changed and he still thinks that “love” is nothing but a stupid game. Iku tells her that they should stop seeing each other and for a while they basically avoid each other. Tsukiko later hears from Kotarou that he got Iku to come intern as a teacher because his dead sister Yui wanted to be a teacher as well. She also finds out that during their “lovers trial month” Iku had actually been nicer to his male students and actually did his job instead of constantly sleeping in the nurse’s office or getting yelled at by Naoshi sensei. After hearing this she goes to try to find Iku and then tells him she likes him. She tells him that she wants to change his mindset and that she will come to the rooftop every day to wait for him. He doesn’t show up but eventually one day he does. He babbles some emo shit and tells her to come back to the roof in 2 days. When she comes she’s greated with some rabid student instead who shoves his confession on to her and almost mollests her. She’s saved by Naoshi sensei (what a darling ;w;) and when Iku comes to see her she’s like “Are you happy now asshole? You can do whatever you want but stop hurting yourself in the process.” So basically he hurts others but at the same time he hurts himself, double edged sword etc. So after a massive emofest speech he’s finally convinced that he likes her. His kiss scene was so kimoi though. I already don’t like those “kiss my monitor” Scenes but he had this kimoface and he had his hand sticking out. I wanted to slap it away and be like “go away loser ;(” LoL god I hate him. In the first ending Naoshi sensei tells Iku to come back as a teacher some day and then Kotarou and Naoshi leave the two of them two talk alone in the nurse’s office.

iku03He like pushes her on the bed and is liek “oh yes this is where I assaulted you the first time.” And she’s like “yea that was scary.” And then he goes “are you scared now?” She’s all like “No~ <3” and then it goes to white. Did they just imply fucking in the nurse’s office?? LOOOL goddd 😯 Aaanyway in the 2nd ending – the true end, they move into an apartment together because this is now 5 years later. Iku, 26 has now become a teacher at Tsukiko’s old school. Tsukiko is still in college (why is she in college at 22 still? geez) and then Iku asks her to marry him. In the seiyuu talk Yusa Kouji mentioned how he likes Iku’s glasses and fall was his favorite season. Holy shit he sounds nothing like Seizh or Iku. Now that’s talent. Ok it’s rant time. I’ve played all the starry sky games so far and there may have been characters I didn’t particularly like but UP UNTIL NOW I HAVE NEVER EVER HATED A STARRY SKY CHARACTER. BUT HOLY SHIT MAN I FUCKING HATE IKU.  ANYONE who tells their lover that they want to “lock them up and make sure no one steals them away” has ISSUES. SERIOUS ISSUES. Also shit like when he’s about to do her in the nurse’s office, he takes her hand and goes “the warmth of your hand reminds me of my sister.” NO. JUST. NO. WHAT THE I DON’T EVEN FFFFF. If this was an 18+ game, surely he would have raped her like twice already. Iku is like the stain of Starry Sky games. I don’t care that he “appears sweet and gentle” in the true end. The kind of shit you have to put up with this assface is SO NOT WORTH IT. ANYONE who puts up with someone like him has a serious case of like battered wife syndrome or something. He needs to be locked up in a psychiatric ward. FACK hate this route. 😡

kota01Hoshizuki Kotarou – Unfortunately Kotarou’s story is directly correlated with Iku’s so I recommend playing their stories back to back somehow. Anyway Kotarou is a Libra, 26 years old (bday in a few days!) and also the school nurse. He often has Tsukiko cleaning his messy office for him (lol cleaning slave) and making him “nasty tea”. His father was the president of the board and when he retired he gave the position to his sister, Koharu (who’s like the only other female in the game – if you don’t include the hoes Iku slept with). However his Koharu and family decide they all want to go work overseas so Kotarou ends up taking over the position. He continues doing his nursely duties though. He’s very weak to alcohol and falls asleep quickly if he drinks so he tries to avoid it. During the school festival he tells Tsukiko not to fall in love with him because he would never be able to love her back. During the school trip, Tsukiko gets sick and unlike the other routes the next day she doesn’t magically recover so she asks Kotarou to stay with her the whole time.

kota02He does and while she is sleeping he sneaks a kiss up on her (kya~ ^v^). Then she wakes up and finds him sleeping next to her bed so she kisses him too lololol. So cute they bought thought they took Tsukiko’s first kiss but didn’t realize that Kotarou did it first haha…So anyway the sob story here is that Kotarou wanted to become a doctor but he gave up his dream because he couldn’t save Iku’s dying sister Yui. Because Yui had feelings for him, Kotarou didn’t know what to do with them since he only saw her and Iku as “younger siblings” so he ended up avoiding her. Before he could make up his mind and hear her out – she died. Ever since then he was in deep regret and blamed himself for not listening to her. After the school trip, Kotarou realizes he can’t hold his feelings in for Tsukiko anymore so he agrees to go to an omiai that Koharu’s been forcing him for a while. Tsukiko is upset and tells him her feelings and says she doesn’t want him to go. He rejects her and goes anyway. She ends up waiting for him by the school gates and it begins to rain. She almost gets soaked but Iku comes by to help her. WHY IS HE SO NICE IN THIS ROUTE GEEZUS MAN BE NICE IN YOUR OWN ROUTE YOU ASS. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

kota03She ends up waiting (with Iku’s umbrella) until Kotarou comes. When he does she passes out from the cold (cause in Japan standing in rain = automatically get sick.) He takes her to her room and basically there they end up admitting their feelings to each other and her telling Kotarou that Yui wanted him to be happy. He cries, they smooch and the game ends. In the prologue of the good end, they read the letter that Iku gave to Tsukiko to give to Kotarou. It was a letter that Yui wrote before she died. She basically said that she didn’t want anything from Kotarou except to tell him her feelings and she wanted him to be happy with someone. Kotarou read this and cried while Tsukiko hugged him. In the true end (with the usual monologues by Kotarou where you could tell he was really holding back his feelings for Tsukiko), Kotarou and Tsukiko end up living together after she graduates college. He said he wanted them to get to know each other better before getting married and he was afraid that if they married right away Tsukiko might change her mind and run away from him because of the age gap (probably like 10 years I think?) Anyway they roll around and smooch in bed and that’s the end of Kotarou’s story. In the seiyuu talk Ishida Akira mentions that Hoshizuki is a horrible person (because he hits on his student lolll) but it’s a fantasy so it’s probably okay 😆 He also sounded a lot like Kotarou himself…it was kinda surprising.


halloweenOverall I found the game not as great as the summer one. The summer game continues to remain my favorite Starry Sky game. Here’s where I got some beef. I hate Iku, but Iku had the best CGs in the game. Why? Because Tsukiko was actually in them. In Kotarou’s CG set there were only TWO CGs with her in it. The rest were like CGs from her point of view so you only saw maybe her hand. The same goes for Naoshi who had only THREE with her in it. On the other hand, Iku had all Cgs with her in it except for TWO. Seriously what the hell? The CGs in spring and summer were so much better. The only really cute Cgs were the group one where all the guys cosplayed for the bunkasai as either school boys, showa or butlers. The other thing is, it’s annoying that Naoshi’s “problem” in his route was that “oh no he’s a teacher and his relationship was discovered!” That didn’t come up at all for the other 2 guys which made it seem like Naoshi’s entire story was just complete unnecessary crap. There were plenty of scenes were I felt Naoshi deserved a CG – like when he carried Tsukiko ohimesama dakko style to the nurse’s office. I woulda much rather seen a CG for that than one of him painting crap for the school festival ==;. Because Kotarou and Iku’s stories were tied together, I basically figured out Kotarou’s story early in his route and I was like “ooh boy lemme guess…the sister…” Sigh. I have to admit the stories this time around were weak. Yui’s story was okay for Iku but I wish Kotarou had something different with him. As a positive, I really enjoyed Ishida Akira’s and Kishio Daisuke’s acting in this game. Thinking back to Jingi Naki Otome and Love Revo, this was definitely an improvement. I’m glad their characters weren’t creepy yandere rapists for once. Overall I did enjoy Naoshi and Kotarou’s routes, they were indeed adorable at some points, but the endings all felt really weak and with one character in the game being despiseable the game overall loses a lot of points with me. Starry Sky in Summer continues to remain my favorite StarrySky game. Let’s see what happens with the Winter Series.


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    I found your site like just a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your reviews. Haha I go all “moooeeee” reading the summaries and sometimes I laugh out aloud in front of my computer reading the stuff that you wrote. Just wanted to say to keep up the good work 🙂 and thank you ^___^

  2. I would love to know where you can get those games! and also I love the way how you do otome reviews 😀

  3. Eww Royals, ugh I can’t stand Tiaramode anymore after playing Brothers 😆 The CGs are so hideous especially during the eroscenes. I’m not sure if I wanna play crazy rabbits either *_*;; Please play the summer game, it was my favorite one (but I am biased towards Fukuyama Jun & Souichiro Houshi *v*)

  4. LOLOL YEAH I FELT THE SAME ABOUT IKU. =___= he would have been raping her at every moment he got if it was 18+
    Yeah xD I think they implied either “sex” or maybe “heavy make-out time” for that time in the infirmary too.

    LMAO KISHIO IS REALLY GOOD. He can do yandere, genki, tsundere, whatever and manages to nail it.

    ;A; ahhh I still have to get around to playing Summer, I think it’ll be my favorite too haha, but trying to roll over and finish the stupid Royals game I picked up a long while ago.

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