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Otome Game Review: Starry Sky ~After Winter~

And so this is the final fandisk to the Starry Sky series! ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! Aside from getting after stories with Tsubasa, Kazuki & Hayato, we also get to do some routes with Ooshirou and Shiki (who was shoved in last minute forcing this game to be delayed by almost a year.) This time they don’t waste any moment and go right into the after stories without any kind of prologue or another story at the beginning.

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Otome Game Review: Starry Sky ~After Autumn~

And so we have the Autumn fan disk. The game features “Another Story” for each teacher which basically starts off 5 years after the bad ends of the first game. The “After Story” then starts off from the “good ends” of the game and goes on until past Tsukiko graduating from college and marrying the guy. In addition, there’s a common route which has 5 different endings for the 5 skittles, that were introduced in the PSP game. Skip to my final thoughts to avoid spoilers as usual..
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Anime Expo Otome Game Localizations

So I’m sure everyone’s heard it by now but for anyone who’s been under a rock:

So yea Hakuoki & Starry Sky have been picked up by USA publishers. My thoughts? Well I’m jealous that I can’t be working on these projects with them and getting paid for it! 😆 (not that it would ever happen seeing how I’m on the opposite end of the coast il||li_| ̄|○il||liガーン。 ) I’m not really that excited as I don’t think Starry Sky or Hakuoki franchises are ALL THAT GREAT. There’s a lot of better games (Cough TAKUYO cough) but for a foot into the otome market I think they made the right choice. Let’s face it, I still get a shit ton of hits daily on my starry sky in spring post and I get hits for Hakuoki in RUSSIAN. So needless to say, I think both games have a pretty big following despite what anyone may think and it will help earn revenue for both companies so that perhaps one day they can pick up better games for the English market.

Otome Game Review: Starry Sky ~After Summer~

And so we have the fandisk for Summer! Right off the bat  I’m just going to say how much better this is than the Spring fandisk. I guess when the original is awesome the FD is awesome and when the original is fail well you get the picture ( ´_ゝ`). The story starts out with a common route where everyone from the archery club gathered together at some izakaya after 4 years and reminisce about their high school days. From there you pick which dude you wanna follow and then you can proceed to do that guy’s after story. In the common route everyone flashed back to their 3rd year of high school and their training camp for archery. Inukai and Shiratori got into a fight and then made up. They have a test of courage and the 3 new guys along with Tsukiko scare the pants off everyone 😆 Koguma becomes the next captain after Miyaji’s retirement and Azusa takes the vice captain position (saying he’s not meant to be a leader.) Fortunately unlike spring, they didn’t need to add in too many random characters because the cast of summer is awesome as is! Continue reading Otome Game Review: Starry Sky ~After Summer~