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What is this, Mortal Kombat? XD
What is this, Mortal Kombat? XD

I think Pangya Japan is getting the cut-in system this week, or possibly next week. Either way 4gamer has posted a movie showing an example of what it looks like. I don’t really get it other than being some kind of visual eye candy when you hit a power shot or get a HIO or whatnot. I guess this also is what they mean when you can design your “own cutins” and then sell them for people to purchase. I’m guessing these cut-ins are permanent just like with the title system which is why the original 4gamer post listed things such as “HIO” to cost 35,000 pang. Obviously the cut-in above was designed by NyaNya, but there’s a lot of really talented Pangya fanartists who can create cut-ins and sell them in the shops. I’m actually looking forward to this – I just hope that the cut-in blanks aren’t going to be cookie items like with self design. I wouldn’t be surprised if that ends up being the case though.

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  1. That looks kool…but it kinda looks like some battle games where it’s the introduction of when they start to use uber special skillz…

  2. I remember seeing something like that described by Sweatdrop.
    It looks funny enough imho.
    Also, it’ll be awesome for people who enjoy creating videos and stuffs like that.
    Nice post. =b

  3. More like Dragon Ball/Naruto games than Mortal Kombat, I’d rather have a recycle system that this pretty much useless eye candy.

  4. Yea basically it’s eye candy. “ACTIVATE SPIKE SHOT! *shot of Kooh zooms by*” lol I dunno. I really want the recycling system a lot more too. It’s nice that they’re adding flashy stuff like that but I wish they’d fix old problems like how about a resizeable pangya bar so we don’t have to keep playing in 640 x 480 in order to calculate?? sheesh

  5. “It’s nice that they’re adding flashy stuff like that but I wish they’d fix old problems like how about a resizeable pangya bar so we don’t have to keep playing in 640 x 480 in order to calculate?” /quote. =b

    Now THAT would be awesome.
    I’m tired of seeing such HUGE pixels. Even though i’m not with a Video card right now. ._.

  6. I wonder if you’ll be able to import pictures for outside Pangya just like the guild logos ? Because if it’s some kind of selfdesign system…=_= !

  7. I don’t think so.
    Is it possible to upload images to clothes-designing?
    Well… i guess it’ll be sort of the same system.
    You can notice that it says “Self-Design”, not “Clothes-Design”. So this cut-in stuff may even stay together.

    Or i can be miles off the mark, of course. Just leaving my 2 cents. =b

  8. I think that despite being a huge pain in the buttocks non-resizeable pangya bar will never be fixed. It’s (IMO) one of those “it’s not a bug but a feature” things established by the original creators of Pangya cause let’s face it, they have like 4-5 years to fix it and they didn’t bother to do it. :/

  9. you’re not supposed to be able to upload images for self design but I heard there’s a korean hack to enable this….I never saw it myself though since I can’t read korean.

    there’s no way you can design such a nice cutin using some crappy in game tools. I would think you’d be allowed to upload stuff but on the other hand, that could call for abuse so maybe they’d have like a “contest” and the gms would then go through the entries to allow certain cut-ins to make the cut? I dunno…guess we’ll see when the system gets released.

  10. Hmm, I think it’s a nice feature, but probably will get old after a few times watching it. Resizable bar would be better, yes XD

  11. I’m seriously positive that they won’t enable uploads.
    There’s people who can make awesome designs even with the poor tools for Clothes. Maybe there’ll be some freakin’-awesome tools to make the cut-ins. Idk.
    Hmm… i guess we’ll have to wait, although i really don’t like waiting. =b

  12. Of course. =b
    You don’t need to have it. It’s a feature that people will have to pay for, not sure if with Pangs or Cookies. Or maybe both.
    You aren’t obligated to have it.

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