Pangya 4koma #166

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WizWiz = 1, Daisuke =0.


11 thoughts on “Pangya 4koma #166”

  1. yea I know I mentioned it in my earlier post – erm I guess you don’t have the pw to my pangya JP posts. I tried to watch you on twitter but you never requested me back – I wanted to give you the pw xD

  2. *Sorry for the double comment.*

    I was wondering.
    All your PangYa-JP posts are password protected?
    (I made an account there and i could do with actually being able to read the updates.) xD
    If so, can you mail the pw to me, plz?
    Thanks anyways. See you. =]

  3. Describes mine as well… about to make -25 ~ -27 on E.V. this morning, dc’ed on hole 16.
    Very funny, tho. lol
    Also congratz, Hinano, very nice blog.
    Been lurking around here this week. :>

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