kathshopbasI AM NOT PAYING 250-450 RIBBONS FOR A GRAB BAG WITH AN ITEM THAT I DON’T KNOW THE VISUAL APPEARANCE OF. Geezus man has she gone off the deep end? I realize that we “earn more ribbons” now but 250 ribbons for a grab bag?? I remember some of the grab bags during xmas were around 90-150 ribbons but 250 MINIMUM?? Yea no thanks. I was gonna maybe give in and buy one (since I got 500 ribbons stocked up) but I’d rather just save my money for and item that I KNOW what will look like on me. Sigh what a disappointment. 🙄


Pangya 4koma #30

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Couldn’t be bothered with the description of Cadie in #29.

Eastern Valley Trailer Up

Click above image to view teaser site
Click above image to view teaser site

Looks like Pangya Japan opened up more stuff on their Eastern Valley teaser site. I see buttons like “GM Guide” and “Event”. I have a feeling something big is coming next Thursday (when I have jury duty *puke*). Check out the movie trailer on the official site it’s pretty sweet. Would be awesome if they could re-release all the old Japanese kimono packages or something to go along with the opening of the new course 😀

Edit: Oh looks like Korea has released a teaser site of their own!

No more US updates.

A message to Ntreev's "developers"
A message to Ntreev's "developers"

I think most of you probably knew this was coming but I figured I’d make it official. As of today I’m done posting news regarding USPangya’s updates. I had uninstalled the client a few days ago and I was thinking “I bet nothing good will come on Thursday that will make me want to re-install it.” In that sense, Ntreev did not disappoint! Continue reading No more US updates.