Pangya 4koma #26

Because uh KuroKyosuke kinda stopped doing his 4komas I decided to translate one. If you guys have interest I can translate a couple more, although my kanji knowledge kinda stinks so I can only translate the ones I can read. Anyway enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Pangya 4koma #26”

  1. Rich> I’ll probably just keep going down the list and translate whatever I can. Sometimes it sucks that I’ll understand like the majority of the comic but a certain word I won’t be able to translate xD;;

  2. That’s funny, I had the same thought about doing that to KR’s comics, but the site layout changed and I can’t seem to find it anymore.

    Papel/Ponta/Bongdari ftw. Ruffle shuffle~

    Yeah, do continue to translate these comics if you can. Perhaps there’s a time when we can request a comic for you translate? Of course, if you can read the ones we requested though.

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