Pangya x Vocaloid Custom Shell

Update flood! So anyway a couple weeks ago I ordered a new shell for my new cell phone…I decided to put my 2 favorite things on it:

Pangya and Vocaloid!
Pangya and Vocaloid!

Below is the original phone shell and the above is the one I custom ordered. It’s sad I missed the JP vocaloid event (tears of blood have been shed) but some of my friends have those outfits so I can enjoy them while I play with them xDDD Here’s a photo of the shell on my phone:

phoneshell02So yea now I can think of Pangya whenever I use my phone~ xD or something. Funny enough I don’t have a Pangya wallpaper on my phone…gotta get on that…


Pangya 5th Anniversary Project Details


Edit2: Thank you to Failstar for editing the post. P.S. I’m not a guy. 😆

Completely unexpected – 4gamer has posted detailed information about the 5th anniversary project so since this is really cool stuff I decided to translate. Please for the love of god do not copy/paste and steal this information. If you want to spread the love, link back to this post. This took me a long time to translate and put together so I would really appreciate it. Thank you. Continue reading Pangya 5th Anniversary Project Details