Eastern Valley Trailer Up

Click above image to view teaser site
Click above image to view teaser site

Looks like Pangya Japan opened up more stuff on their Eastern Valley teaser site. I see buttons like “GM Guide” and “Event”. I have a feeling something big is coming next Thursday (when I have jury duty *puke*). Check out the movie trailer on the official site it’s pretty sweet. Would be awesome if they could re-release all the old Japanese kimono packages or something to go along with the opening of the new course 😀

Edit: Oh looks like Korea has released a teaser site of their own!


6 thoughts on “Eastern Valley Trailer Up”

  1. I really kind of hope that’s the course’s BGM. It’s really pretty and catchy. (I somehow doubt it, though, I don’t think any of the new course trailers actually featured the course’s BGM.)

  2. ah sadly I can’t hear the BGM at work my stupid speakers don’t have a headphone jack ~_~; From what Rich said though, this actually IS the course’s BGM 😯

  3. Um… Is it possible to give me the password to read those protected post? Since I play on JP server and those post kinda interest me.

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