Poupee Natsumatsuri 2009

200ribbon yukata "OTL
200 ribbon yukata "OTL

The event I’ve been waiting for all summer is here – but because Katherine’s greed has reached a whole new level, each yukata is minimum 200 ribbons =_=; If you’re not a yukata fan at least the cotton candy, shaved ice & goldfish are definitely awesome items worth purchasing. I had 500ribbons saved up so I bought the yukata & geta. Reusing an obi from one of my other yukatas xD; At night the sky has fireworks but its daytime for me here hence the blue sky background. There’s candy apples and shoulder humping bears in the jewel shop but the jewel items are pretty damn expensive too. It’s like you’d think if we’re spending real money on this shit they’d at least be cheaper.

Oh well I’m still playing poupee jewel free.