Poupee Girl Ribbon & Jewel Changes


So last night the Jewel system was implemented. As expected, Katherine promptly opened up the Jewel only shop and I’m kinda glad none of the items in it really appealed to me. In addition the jewel items cost the same as they did back in ribbon currency. You’d think they’d either make that cost cheaper or at least make the items decently better. Maybe in her eyes the items are better, but I’ve seen some nice stuff in the flea market that I’d rather purchase instead. In addition there are now more ways to get ribbons:

  • You get 10 ribbons just for logging in daily, in addition to your daily 10 ribbon snapshot.
  • The dress up bonus is now 30 ribbons instead of 10
  • Each time you leave a comment on someone’s item you get 2 ribbons, but if someone leaves a comment on your item you still only get 1 ribbon.

To me, this is pretty awesome. This means I can get a lot more ribbons now and with less stuff to spend it on, it means I can save up ribbons for better items when Katherine releases them for ribbon only Poupees. The only thing I fear is now she’ll make all the ribbon items 2 or 3x more expensive than before (200 ribbon balloons and ice cream cones anyone?) For now, I’ll be sticking to Poupee, but if it gets TOO awful then yea I’ll probably quit.