Pangya 5th Anniversary Project: New Course “Eastern Valley”

valley01Well looks like I lost Rich’s naming contest but anyway. 😆 Pangya Japan’s 5th anniversary is November 11th and by then they should be releasing this new course on their server. I’m assuming Korea will be getting this as well but I cannot confirm.

There will be 5 new additions to the game:

1. New Course “EasternValley”
2. Title system (temp name)
3.  Cut In system (temp name)
4. A new recycle system (temp name)
5. Items that allow you to change appearance in the chatrooms (maybe you can look like a caddie!)

I wonder if recycle system means you can recycle old cash shop items you no longer want? Or perhaps recycling gacha rares you don’t want (like uncle daisuke’s wet suit 😆 ) The course is supposed to be beginner friendly so I’m gonna assume it will be a 2 or 3 star. There’s no other info in the press release but I’m sure during the next few months we’ll be hearing more about it. I’m not sure if this is considered “season 5” or not as they didn’t specify it – but I wouldn’t be surprised. This is pretty exciting! 😀