Pangya 4koma #28

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7 thoughts on “Pangya 4koma #28

  1. i love uncle bob’s expression ! haha

    but anyway, major disappointment from ntreev again -_-

    Loki states
    “Sorry folks, we pushed for a change but the development team intends to proceed with the same rares but for different characters.

    The specific choices will be released later tonight with the patch.”

  2. That is a weird face for bob.

    Lemme guess what your post for the US is for tomorrow hinano. Your going to say how uncaring that Ntreev is to their customers and only wanting their money by releasing the same rares for different characters even though they released disguise it by selling back to school clothes (which would obviously cost points to rake even more money) and disguise it with a short quit event, but you really don’t care about it now that you got japan back.

  3. The intense power of Raging Hinano in the come ? (`・ω・´)

    And thank you for the translations. I understand some of them, but even though it doesn’t really match my humour most of the time, sometime it’s just great xD

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