Pangya 4koma #26

Because uh KuroKyosuke kinda stopped doing his 4komas I decided to translate one. If you guys have interest I can translate a couple more, although my kanji knowledge kinda stinks so I can only translate the ones I can read. Anyway enjoy!


Was Gamepot behind it all along??

I was just looking around the Japanese Pangya site and I stumbled upon their previous contest page. Now I always thought (up until now anyway) that Ntreev Soft was the mastermind behind all the new outfits and stuff like that for Pangya. But when I look at the previous contest page wait a minute…

Arin's magical dress!!
Arin's magical dress!!

This is in the shop! I thought Korea made this but this was the winner of the Pangya JP 3rd design contest!! 😯 Continue reading Was Gamepot behind it all along??