Otome Game Review: Hyakki Yakou ~Kaidan Romance~

And so this is the next game in Quin Rose’s Kaidan Romance series. The game is pretty much similar to Oumagatoki in setting but takes place at a school a few miles away with a different cast. This time our heroine is Tatsuta Ui who is the daughter and heir of a very powerful dragon youkai family. Unfortunately her parents wanted a male heir so now to them she’s just a baby maker until they find an appropriate suitor. Due to this Ui’s been pressured to act like the “proper daughter” being miss perfect, getting good grades and acting like a “princess”. Her parents married for political reasons and most of the time her father ignores her existence so she wasn’t exactly raised with a loving family. This has caused her to basically develop a fake personality but deep down inside she just wants to be a badass. On top of this, she broke a rule by taking a human and turning him into a zombie. For this she has received punishment which causes her to to suffer fevers, on top of the fact that she can’t control her strong fire ability.

Tatsuta Kyosuke – Kyousuke is Ui’s cousin but yea I don’t know how close they are and well since they’re dragon spirits I guess I really dgaf about incest in this situation! Since he’s a relative of hers, they spent a lot of time as kids playing together – until Kyosuke started harboring feelings for Ui. From that day on he became really tsundere for her and once she broke that rule, he felt like he didn’t know her anymore and the distance between them grew. Ui treats Kyosuke like her little brother but that pisses him off since he doesn’t like the idea of being BROTHERZONED. One day in the nurse’s office they lay in separate beds but as Kyosuke tsuntsuns she grabs his hand and says its like old times. He then yells at her saying being in bed next to man is dangerous and shes like “what man”? 😆 He’s like in case you forgot IM A MAN and shes like lol pls so hes like “what if i jump you” and he gets ont top of her. Ui’s like “come at me bro” thinking he’s just joking around since he’d never lay a hand on a woman he “hates” but he almost kisses her…until the nurse returns to cockblock. So yea as you can see she never even thinks of him as a man so he has a pretty big wall to climb over. On a day when Ui’s fever hits she wants to go cool off somewhere so she goes to a nearby ice cave. She finds Kyosuke there but then passes out until he catches her. She remembers when they used to come there as kids and when she fell into the water Kyosuke saved her. At the time he was a lot less tsuntsun and would say that he liked spending time with her. After she awakens, Kyosuke then tells her not to be fake in front of him because he knows what she’s really like. He then makes some ice sculptures for her and it makes her smile geniuinly for the first time. Before the school trip Ui overhears a girl confessing to Kyosuke. Kyosuke refuses her saying he has someone he loves and the girl asks if its Ui. He’s like yea and so what if it is? The girl gives up and leaves but then Ui makes a noise in the bushes and Kyosuke finds her. There’s some awkwardness but he brushes it off saying that he wasn’t serious but Ui can’t stop thinking about the fact that he may have someone he loves and it’s not her. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ

At the school trip Ui tries to stalk Kyosuke to see who the girl he likes is but is surprised he isn’t with any girl and instead they end up hanging out together. Ui cuts to the chase and asks him who he likes lol. He’s like “what if it really was you?” So as they walk to a waterfall area, another water dragon appears and Ui finds out Kyosuke’s secret. Turns out he took some of her punishment on to himself which is why he is also often getting fevers. WHAT A BABE ( ;∀;). Kyosuke denies it but Ui then gets a confirmation from Tsubaki’s mice. Kyosuke shows up saying it’s all lies but to get him to finally talk she uses her powers and puts them in an “enclosed space” room. He finally admits that the reason he took part of her punishment is because he loves her. (*´ω`*) He tells her that he doesn’t want her dating him if she feels like she pities him or owes him anything. After the school trip, Ui finds Kyosuke in the ice caves a few days later and he’s done being tsundere now that she knows his feelings. She says she MAY like him but he says that it’s not possible since he’s had a 1 sided love for her so long he knows she doesn’t see him as a man. He also says he doesn’t want to “hold her back” with this guilt and have her date him because of what he did. Suddenly one of his attacks comes on and he says that when he thinks of Ui it feels like it lessens the pain. Kyosuke BAABBYYYY (ಥ_ಥ)So then after seeing Tsubaki hit on Ui it lights a fire under his ass and he’s like “I was waiting for you to fall in love with me but..I think I need to put more effort into my courting.” (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Ui of course can’t resist this sexy beast and falls completely head over heels for him. A few days later Ui goes into the cave to try and release her pent up energy but instead it goes out of control setting fire everywhere putting her in danger.

Kyosuke comes to save her cause he happened to be in the area but along with the fire her tsundere levels flare up too and she calls him an idiot for risking his life. She then becomes dere and admits that she doesn’t want the person she loves to get hurt. Kyosuke is so happy that she answered his feelings, he then stops her powers by sucking her energy via (´∀`*)ε` )チュッ. She complains about it but he shuts her up and once he starts kissing her she’s like damn this feels nice and lets herself go until eventually the entire fire is put out. Since she’s too tired to walk home he turns into his dragon home and lets her ride on top bawww what a sweetheart. (*´ω`*) They then become an extremely cute bakapple and blush and kiss and act embarrassed (especially Ui ww.) Unable to be apart from her for more than a few minutes, he sneaks back into her house and into her room. He can’t contain himself and much to Ui’s futile tsundere protests she gives in and they end up humping. Anyway in the best end they just become a dorky couple and have some happy secks ww. Ice Promise End – Kyosuke makes her another ice charm thing promising to protect her. Dragon that can’t fly end – Ui rides on Kyosuke’s back in dragon form because she can’t fly in her dragon form yet. He says she’ll learn eventually and then they see a mother and a child youkai flying by. He tells her if she wants babies he’ll make her his waifu and assist her with that task xDD. After they land down they take a walk home holding hands and she makes fun of him a kid. He decides to show her he’s “not a child” and starts prpring her chest followed by a kiss. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン (How is this a normal end ?? More like BEST end omg lol.) Baww Kyosuke was so precious (*´▽`*)萌えぇ~. I really love when Kaji Yuki does his deep voice I think he’s so much better suited for these types of roles than annoying screechy shotas x_x. I do wish that they had developed the whole curse thing a bit more though. I kinda feel like that whole thing was sorta placed on the side once Ui fell in love with him.

Kanzawa Nagare – Nagare is Ui’s science teacher but because their families know each other, they’ve been like older brother and younger sister for a while. When not in school they refer to each other by their first names. Nagare’s route is like the opposite of Kyosuke’s in a sense where now Ui is being sisterzoned :lol:. Nagare is in the yukionna spirit family but as you can see, he’s a man. His older sister Mizara hates him and wishes he was dead because he brings shame upon their family. 🙄 Because of this, Nagare feels like he and Ui have a lot in common and he almost pities her in a way because they are both treated coldly by their families. The whole time Ui also tells herself that she only “admires” him as an older brother figure but eventually she realizes she’s fallen in love with him. Nagare has really powerful snow abilities and he makes it snow on the roof during lunch one day for Ui and her friends. They have a snowball fight and even though Nagare refuses to participate at first, soon as he sees Musashi hitting on Ui he changes his mind ;). They decide to spend Christmas eve together since neither of them have other plans. While they walk around town and talk Ui realizes that Nagare treats her with “pity” because they have a similar situation and that her love is one sided. She tries to “raise affection” and tells him cutely that she doesn’t need a gift and spending time with Nagare is all she could ask for. He’s so surprised (and so is she that it worked ww) that he gives her some ice figurines he makes. Unfortunately they melt in her hand but not in his since he’s always cold. He then takes her to see the illumination of the town from a top of a building where he starts to think about his feeling towards her. In school the next day a teacher asks her to help out with some work since her powers are pretty strong. Nagare ends up working with her but she can’t take being sister zoned anymore so she blurts out that she loves him. He tells her to stop joking around and she tells him to stfu and as she starts kissing him. She even goes as far as saying she’ll scream and say that he sexually harassed her if he doesn’t do as she says. She then continues making out with him while he tells her to stop….or he won’t be able to stop himself. (/ω\)イヤン

Unfortunately they get cockblocked by the other teacher who returns to the classroom. Things get awkward after that, and at an omiai party Ui’s family holds she meets him there but they have a hard time facing each other. Things get worse too when Ui’s mom wants her to stop her school life play and settle down and marry some dude. She summons a fire suzaku to show off at the party but her powers go out of control and thanks to Nagare, he freezes the fire all around her. She passes out afterward but he stays by her side taking care of her and sealing her powers so they don’t go out of control anymore. After Ui recovers, Nagare tells her that he may have felt pity for her to make his own pain feel better. At the same time he admits he was also jealous of her. She ignored her family’s will and broke a rule but he’s always just ignored his sister’s cruel words and gave up trying to tell her off. He then hugs Ui telling her that he was always afraid to change his relationship with her as his “little sister” but now he’s fallen in love. He then properly confesses to her and says that he can’t be an older brother figure to her anymore, asking her to accept all his faults. Ui says she will accept him no matter how he is, not knowing that underneat that ほのぼの teacher lies a big ol’ perv ww. Since they have to keep their relationship a secret, Nagare sets a barrier around Ui so other guys stop jumping all over her. After school they get randy in the teachers lounge where he admits just like Ui pretended to be a good girl, he pretended to be a “mature adult”. In actuality turns out he’s extremely jealous and gets really pissed if other guys even as much as hug her. He then tells her that he’s basically randy as all hell and they end up screwing on top of his desk (/ω\)イヤン.

And so their secret relationship continues and they hump in his office often after school to make up for all the pent up tension of being jealous of each other talking to members of the opposite sex xD. And so in the best end during spring Nagare gives Ui a late Christmas present which is a snowflake brooch. They both realize that they’re really jealous but then say birds of a feather flock together. ^^ Dragon Rise to the Heavens End: At the family party, Ui’s father turns into his dragon form to stop the suzaku from going out of control. After a while Ui comes to see Nagare in his office to say her goodbyes since graduation is upcoming and then tells herself she’ll forget about her feelings for him. She comes home and then says that her father is more important to her than anyone. Uh okay… ( ´_ゝ`). Love Passion End: Ui comes into the teachers lounge after school and finds Nagare’s lab coat hanging on his chair. She puts it on and starts sniffing it like some perv :lol:. He walks in and is like dafuq are you doing and then hugs her saying he wants to take that robe and the rest of her clothes off xDDD. Unfortunately they get cockblocked by a teacher and immediately jump away from each other lol. Nagare then lies saying that there’s a mouse and this teacher who’se afraid of mice starts panicking & looking around the floor. In the meantime, Nagare grabs Ui and kisses her real fast xDDD. I AM SO SAD THAT WE DIDN’T GET AS MUCH TIME WITH RANDY NAGARE AS WE COULD HAVE. This is where I’m pretty much like why quin rose why. It took a really long time for Nagare to open up his feelings to Ui but I feel like once he did, boom game’s over. ( ・´ω・`) Also I really wish we sort of got some more focus on the whole issue with his sister and family? Like how in one part the mom was totally okay with Ui marrying Nagare so I think a wedding end would have been appropriate. I sometimes wonder if QR left it this way so they could poop out a fandisk later on with all the completed endings….wouldn’t be surprising.

Heita & Tae – Heita and Tae are both close friends of Ui and have short side scenarios & 1 ending each. Tae is a nekomata while Heita is an oil youkai. Secret Place End – Ui goes to see Tae’s secret hideout. She has her friend nukos there including cats who were abandoned by their owners. And so Ui helps Tae get food for all her baby nukos in the cave and then Tae tells Ui that she can come by anytime she wants to. Unchanged Distance End: Heita is one of Ui’s close friends but because he’s an oil spirit, whenever he touches Ui it creates a huge fire. Due to this they’re like star crossed and can never be together since they can’t even as much as hold hands. Due to this he always wishes that she’d fall in love with someone else so he could give up because being in love with her is just too cruel when he can’t even touch her. (´;ω;`) So during a new moon when the youkai powers are weak, Heita asks if he can hug Ui in hopes that the fire won’t flare up. Unfortunately it still causes a fire to flare up so he gives up T_T. Though I guess his feelings for Ui aren’t completely given up because he still enjoys an “indrect kiss” with her via juice bottle. Baww I felt so bad for Heita ;_; I guess unlike Otomate, Quin Rose doesn’t create miracles in these kind of situations. Tae…well all I can say is “why does every female char in QR games have to hit on the heroine sexually”. Is it not possible for side female characters to just want to be friends with the heroine? Or is QR trying to feed your ego to be like “even WOMEN fall for her!” Um okay. At least she was a nuko though, that was cute. I prefer that over the headless chick in Oumagatoki.

Hibikino Musashi – Musashi is a shinigami and he’s got a thirst for blood. Killing people and youkai is just like playing fetch with a dog for him. He also has an extremely pushy personality and it’s his way or the highway. It’s so bad that people around him just give up trying to argue with him and let him have his way. He has a cat tsukaima and despite this he still gets along with Tsubaki who is a mouse shinigami. Everyone in the school fears him so the moment he walks down the hallway they run for it. That is everyone, except for Ui. One of his other abilities is strength so he can lift heavy things and often wants to lift up Ui. From the start Musashi already loves Ui (or at least admires her) so he tries many different ways to confess to her. Unfortunately because he does it so much it loses credibility and Ui never takes him seriously. He tells her that if she wants to stop being fake and be the bad ass bitch she is deep down inside, he’ll help her out cause he’s a badass too! He then says if she won’t take him seriously then they should do a “trial period” and pretend to act like lovers. They go to the amusement park on their “first date” and hold hands in the mirror house together. Afterwards they take purikura together and he kisses her on the cheek xD. He says he loves her goofy smile more than her fake one so he’s glad he caught her off guard in the pics. One day during lunch he nuzzles into her by a tree and says it’s not that she’s dense it’s that she just assumes nobody would ever love someone like her. He then says he wants to do more stuff as lovers and lies down in her lap. He’s happy she called him by his first name because nobody ever does. He doesn’t have parents and he was just “born a shinigami” probably like Shizuka. While they have their fake relationship, Musashi kisses Ui everywhere but on her lips.

The reason is because he wants to leave that for when they will become real lovers and not just “pretend”. At the school trip when she’s bathing later that night, his nuko tsukaima comes into the womans bath so he comes in after it and starts ichaichaing with her putting up a barrier so no one else comes in xD. He then goes on babbling about how they need to do more stuff like lovers as he washes her hair. Afterwards he dries her hair and she starts to blush over him thinking maybe she stayed in the bath too long. They decide to spend Christmas together. He tells her he loves her again but as always she brushes it off saying he isn’t serious. He tells her that he just says stuff as directly as he feels without holding anything inside and he’s sad that she won’t take him seriously. Musashi wants to touch her but then offers for her to touch him instead for once. He lets her straddle him while he sits down and she starts groping his chest and then realizes she’s being randy ww. So for Christmas they decide to be like humans and buy cake & chicken to eat alone together. They end up going to school and into an empty classroom since no one’s here and all other places are crowded. He makes it so there’s Christmas illumination in the classroom because he has powers to create illusions. They eat their cake together and he licks her face saying there’s cake on it (*´▽`*). As a present he gives her a cross necklace and even though she has no gift for him he tells her just being with her makes him happy. For some reason this sends tears to Ui’s eyes and she starts babbling about how cold & careless her father is and that she was just lonely. She then hugs Musashi and calls him by his first name – which I guess lights a fire in his pants and they proceed to screw on top of a desk. (/ω\)イヤン (Cero Dayum)

During that omiai party with her family Ui’s mom tries to set her up with someone but Musashi comes to get her and kills a bunch of people. He threatens to even kill Ui if they keep trying to stop him. After he takes Ui away she wonders if she’s just a baby maker tool to her family and doesn’t know if she can ever return home. He then tells her that if she doesn’t choose him he’ll kill her because he can’t stand the idea of her going off & marrying some other guy. A bunch of servants come searching for Ui and since she doesn’t run away from Musashi, he loses interest to kill her. He tells her that he’s running away and not to marry some random guy her parents shove on to her. Later Tsubaki tells Ui that once Musashi falls in love with someone, he’ll stick to that person for life, that’s just how his lineage is xD. WHen she takes care of his wounds in the nurse’s office he asks if she’ll consider moving in with him to get away from her family. She does and he says he loves her and then asks if she loves him too. When she nods in agreement he hugs her asking her to officially go out with him, not this “pretend” thing. He then asks to say in words “I love you” but she babbles about how she’s too embarrassed. He’s like “ok fine you can show me with your body” oh ho ho ww. Needless to say they end up humping in the nurse’s office (dat hand (/ω\)イヤン). And so in the Best End they end up dating like a バカップル and eating ice cream together in the spring season. They ichaicha as everyone stares at them on the street. He proposes to her by saying she’s the only one he wants to “kill” and she’s like uh I’d rather live? He’s like you don’t get it but I only ever want you~ :3. Despite never liking Morikawa in anything I actually really liked him in this route! He’s kinda wacky with his whole “I love you so much I could KILL YOU!” crap but at least he’s completely loyal to Ui. He’s almost like a really hyper dog and I have a hard time resisting those types of characters (♡´౪`♡). Also his scenes were really what made this game Cero D!! XDD

Tobiura Wakaba – Just like Moegi, Wakaba only had a small side route and kinda half assed ending. One day after school Wakaba sees Ui being attacked by some douchebags but then watches her kick their ass. The 2nd time he has his crows attack the guys to save her though he knows she didn’t need it. He takes her flying in the sky and tells her about his relative (Moegi) who’s a huge douchebag troll. He then says “man I told myself I’d NEVER want to be like him” :lol:. GOOD GOING WAKABA xD. He takes her to a place with a lot of waterfalls and rainbows shining within them. He then uses his wind powers to create a wind of leaves all around leaving Ui in awe. (*´▽`*)Suddenly Ui gets attacked by some crows who want her earrings. She gets pissed and yells at the crow and it shocks Wakaba cause he’s used to her acting all fake and proper ww. He tells her that he thinks its great she can yell like that and that she shouldn’t always force herself to act so proper since it will just raise her stress levels. Happy that he praises her she smiles at him and suddenly ZUKYUUUN his heart is pierced xDDD. They take their shoes off and play with crows in the water since it’s warm that day. And so after this Ui visits Wakaba after school to hang out and play with crows, but he asks if its ok or else her boyfriend might get mad. She then says its ok cause Wakaba’s a nice guy but he’s like “um no…”. He then offers for her to have a battle of powers and the winner gets to make the loser do whatever they want. He cheats by lifting her up into the air and she can’t attack him or they’ll both fall to their doom. She gives in and he’s like “see I’m not a good guy after all and besides I like you when you aren’t fake this way.” Ui starts wondering about why he makes her dokidoki when she already has a boyfriend XD;. He then kisses her on the cheek and she’s like omg let go if someone finds out you did this you’ll be dead (aka Musashi.) I guess he proves his point that he isn’t a nice guy but in the end he puts her down and says he’s not that horrible of a person. He kisses her on the nose and then mumbles to let it go because he’s always liked her but now she’s become someone else’s. NOOOO (´;ω;`) He says that he won’t give up and some day he’ll really take her..as he kisses her lips. I liked Wakaba a lot but the route also felt like I was cheating on Musashi and god if he found out I think he’d kill both of them x_x.

Tsubaki Soujirou – I really really wanted to like Tsubaki and he was really moe in parts of his route but his route was ruined by 3 things: 1. horribly drawn CGs 2. story falling apart 3. Tae’s lesbian rage level broke my scouter over 9000. Just like Musashi, Tsubaki is a shinigami but he’s more of a kuudere and he doesn’t want to bother with anybody. He’s like a homeless bum who sleeps under the bridge and never sees this as a problem until he wants to start screwing Ui :lol:. He’s always alone since all other students are terrified of him as well so since UI’s like “lol idgaf” he starts falling in love with her. They run into a nice granny who can see them because she’s on the brink of death. The granny who can see them invites them over her place to drink tea and eat sweets. Tsubaki feeds Ui some sweets and granny says they’re a cute couple who remind her of when she was young. After they leave Tsubaki tells Ui how his first friend was a human child but he had to stop seeing him because the human was growing but Tsubaki always looked the same. The reason the human saw him was because he had the ability to see spirits so Tsubaki had to use his powers to make it so that guy couldn’t see him anymore. Eventually he left that town and years passed as he heard information from his mice about him. He wanted to see him when the guy was on the brink of death but decided he would just be shocked and didn’t bother. The only time he saw him was when he saw the dead body. Ui asks if he was sad that he only ever saw his friend after his death but Tsubaki just says that he has no such feelings. He does mention that there are some shinigami who fall in love with humans and he has an acquaintance who did take a human and bring them to the youkai world. (I’m guessing he’s referring to Hisoka & Shizuka?) He then panics and asks if the reason Ui let Shinji live is because she loved him. She tells herself the Shinji she loved died and says she doesn’t know why she did it. Tsubaki then says that the idea of her loving Shinji makes him upset and asks her to go on a date with him instead xD. They go to the aquarium together and he starts babbling about killing fish and how some red fish are like blood and beautiful ww.

After they leave the aquarium Tsubaki notices Ui lost one of her earrings so he goes to look for it but similarly to Musashi’s route, some guys hit on her. Tsubaki comes back and gets pissed and slices them up. He then asks if Ui’s scared of him because of his violent nature but she’s like NOPE. After he takes her home he kisses her and then confesses that he loves her (*´▽`*). But then Ui has to babble how he’s just lonely and he’s like “yea well so are you if you accept a guy like me lol.” She babbles but eventually agrees to go out with him so he gives her a 2nd kiss as “lovers”. None of Ui’s friends approve of her dating Tsubaki. At the school trip he says he’s jelly of her relationship with Kyosuke but she tells him it’s no big deal and he’s just like a childhood friend to her. Tae bitches hard core that he’s brainwashed Ui into dating him orz. At night they go into Tsubaki’s room but Musashi’s like “lets get drunk instead of fighting PARTAAAYYY” and everyone drinks random stuff. Nagare sensei walks by telling them it’s too late to be partying but when he comes in everyone runs into the futons to hide. Since there’s not enough Ui jumps in with Tsubaki and he can’t stop groping her all over :lol:. Once Nagare leaves, she punches him away calling him an eronezumi in her head xDDD. So eventually he brings her to where he “lives” which is like a random grassy area under the bridge. He then says that this place is inconvenient now that he’s dating her because there’s no place for him to screw her. He then pushes her on the ground and says “Don’t worry if someone comes I’ll just kill them” xDDD. He at least sets a barrier around them so that nobody walking by can see them, human or youkai ww. And so they sex it up outside \( ^o^)/. A few days later he takes her to a place up in the mountains where there are tsubaki flower trees blooming. He then gets all rico suave on her putting a flower in her hair and calling her beautiful to which of course Ui resists as always :roll:. When he finds out she was thinking about what she did to Shinji, he gets pissed and then kisses her followed by a hickey on her chest. He invites her over his under the bridge ghetto grass field to screw but she’s like uh no thanks & goes home.

Suddenly as she drifts into sleep at home she feels someone patting her head and then kissing her. When she opens her eyes Tsubaki’s laying in her futon and they end up screwing ^q^. He notices she still has the tsubaki flower he gave to her and she blurts out that she kept it because it was something he gave to her even though it was wilted already. He tells her that he can just take her to that place once again. When springtime comes, he takes her to the tsubaki tree area and asks her to tell him out loud that she loves him. Ui complains about it (AS ALWAYS) and then somehow they get on the topic of building a love shack for the 2 of them. He tells her once he builds a house he wants her to marry him. And so in the Best Ending, they visit a dragon castle of one of her relatives under the sea. Tsubaki says maybe he should build their new house near here and then they have some under the sea secks. Mouse Legend End: Ui tells Tsubaki that she’s scared of him and he stops coming near her. Instead he has his mice come to her telling her how lonely Tsubaki is and to give him some attention. Grim Reaper Dances with the Sword End: Tsubaki shows off his sword dance to Ui and then asks her to “pay” for viewing by kissing her and saying he loves her. EHHHH yea I don’t know what the fuck happened. For example I feel like they coulda have made the grandma story more emotional but it just ended up being…flat. The art was noticeably terrible in Tsubaki’s route which was really disappointing as you’d be like seeing this cute scene and then suddenly a CG where the ARM IS DRAWN IN AN ANATOMICALLY IMPOSSIBLE WAY. Hey Quin Rose just because they’re youkai doesn’t mean they don’t know human anatomy? Also Ui’s attitude pissed me off beyond belief mainly because even SHE admitted it that she’s a めんどくさい女 to herself at least 3 times that I recall. She’d say like the exact opposite of what she actually wanted and then tell herself “what the fuck am I even saying omg”. ( ≖Д≖;)あんたバカァ? Then there was Tae’s bitching JUST because Tsubaki is a mouse shinigami. She never complained in anyone else’s route but oh man the moment Ui starts dating Tsubaki it’s like all hell breaks loose with her. I thought she was rather cute earlier on when I did her mini side route but this time she just pissed me off. I seriously just wanted to be like back off bitch go back to your cat cave or something ==;;. Anyway needless to say the route ended up being a huge disappointment for me. Oh it also didn’t help that I literally had to just turn the bgm down and my speakers way up to even hear what the fuck Irino was saying. Yes I realize Tsubaki is a kuudere but I still need to hear what is coming out of his mouth!

Miyamae Shinji – Shinji is a zombie aka shibito. In other words he was a human who was killed but then brought back to life in the youkai world. He was brought back to life illegally by Ui and this is why she suffers the fevers/pain often. It was a punishment set by her father for shaming the dragon family. He’s like Mr. Perfect like Ui, gets good grades, has strong powers and the only thing that his imperfection is the fact that he has no left eye and often covers it with an eye patch. Due to being a zombie, Shinji has no feelings and he can’t really feel pain or taste anything. As a zombie, he has no memories of his past and was a different person before he died. Since he always sleeps outside Ui invites him into her room but he tells her she should watch herself and not make men misunderstand her. He then adds “or what you don’t see a zombie like me as a man?” When they watch the cherry blossoms she leans on his shoulder and says he can kiss her if he wants. In her head she even thinks she wouldn’t care what he does to her. At the school trip Ui tells Shinji she “loves him” just to see his reaction but he just says “thank you I enjoy working for you.” Ui gets pissy and says she loves him like a man to try and get more of his real feelings but he just tells her to stop screwing around. He then hugs her telling her that even if he embraces her, his heart won’t beat because his heart has stopped. Afterwards Ui tells Tae that Shinji “refused her confession” but like wtf your confession was fake anyway so who cares?? To finally try to get him to show her some motion she locks Shinji in an enclosed room and asks if he wants to “sleep with her” and he’s like wtf is wrong with you? She then realizes she’s in love with him but she’s pissed that he pretty much ignores all her offenses lol. She then demands that he hold her hand until she falls asleep. As requested he holds her hand but is gone the next morning when she wakes up.

At school Musashi basically tells Shinji to his face that he denies his feelings for Ui but then gets pissed when other guys hit on her. He then asks if Ui would go out with him instead and Shinji gets pissed enough to punch Musashi in the face. After they stop fighting she notices Shinji is hurt so she takes some of his wound on to herself. Unlike him though, she can actually feel pain. He hugs her from behind asking her to never do that again. The next day Ui gets one of her fevers but when she rings her bell to summon Shinji he doesn’t show up. She figures oh well and goes to sleep but then when she gets up a few min later to do homework Shinji is there by her side. 😉 After she falls asleep she has a dream of cherry blossoms which she has often when she gets her punishment fever. When he comes back with the water she demands that he give it to her via mouth to mouth and he’s like ?_? She then demands he do as his “owner tells him to” so he promptly does it. He then says he’s her dog as he kisses her again. She’s like “you forgot the water” and he’s like “oops”. XD So then I guess Ui can’t hold back her feelings anymore for Shinji and she blurts out that she’s in love with him (for real this time.) She then admits that she didn’t bring him back to life to be a “badass” but because it was HIM that she wanted to bring back to life. Hearing this Shinji leans down and kisses her telling her that if she won’t see him as just a “bodyguard” he won’t look at her as just “the princess he protects.” Needless to say they end up screwing in her futon. After this Ui’s fevers get more frequent and she generally has bad health overall. When she goes out a few days later its a full moon and her powers go out of control setting a fire all around her. Suddenly the bell she has in her pocket falls out and it makes a ring which summons Shinji by her side to save her from the fire. He sucks her energy out via kiss which calms everything down and then he says he loves her. (*´ω`*)

He admits that he’s always been in love with her but he was afraid to tell her his feelings because he was afraid eventually she’d leave him. While he’s like invincible she can still die like in her own flame for example, and he couldn’t bear to be without her. And so they get back to her room and even though she’s still a bit feverish, she wants to screw him so badly it doesn’t matter (♡´౪`♡). The next day Kyosuke asks if she’s dating Shinji and says she has a poor taste in men. He then admits he has a poor taste in women saying he’s fallen in love with a crazy woman (though he doesn’t tell Ui it’s her T__T Kyosuke babbyyy.) In class Shinji gets really jealous when others hit on her, particularly Musashi and he doesn’t stand back without saying anything anymore. After class bell rings, they end up screwing in an empty classroom. Shinji claims he “thinks” it feels good even though he mostly can’t feel anything lol. Best End: Shinji says he’ll be with Ui forever & ever~. The Day the Cherry Blossoms were Seen End: Ui asks Shinji to kill her because if he does, he’ll finally be able to die himself. He says he’s always loved her as he uh strangles her to death. She sees cherry blossoms in her head as she dies or something. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Butterfly Dream End: They find some baby fox nuko youkai crying until its mother comes. Shinji asks if she wants a family other than her parents and he offers to become a part of her family. She says that she isn’t sure if Shinji can even make babies being a zombie & all so he’s like “why don’t we try it” and Ui’s like プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. XDDD They then watch a youkai butterfly fly beside them and Ui wonders if everything’s just a dream. Night Parade of One Hundred Demons (Hyakki Yakou) End: We see a flashback that Ui’s become the top ranked in the country but her parents don’t have time to give a crap. She decides to go to to town where there’s a lot of humans but none of them can see her or care about her existence when someone bumps into her making her fall down. Suddenly a guy comes up to her asking if she’s ok and that guy is the human Shinji.

He helps her up and gives her a bandaid for her knee. They run into each other a few times again because they both attend Nishino high school except of course she’s a night student. He asks why he always sees her hanging out at night alone and she says her parents don’t give a crap about her. He tells her that from now on he’ll hang out with her so that she isn’t always by herself and they become friends. He suggests if Ui wants to get her father’s attention she should do something EXCITING! Unfortunately that day Ui also discovers that her father’s cheating on her mother with another woman. Turns out this woman is actually his real lover, rather than someone he had to marry for political reasons. Ui is shocked and becomes depressed but doesn’t tell anyone. She starts to crack on the inside because now her entire image of being the perfect daughter is crushed since her own family is screwed up. She hasn’t seen Shinji for a while but one day after school she smells blood. She discovers a bunch of youkai feeding on Shinji’s dead body. (´;ω;`) She’s shocked that he was killed by so many weak youkais realizing how weak humans really are. She kicks all the youkai away and then breaks a rule by bringing him back to life – as a zombie. When he wakes up he has no idea who she is or who he is. He then gets pissed asking why she made him a zombie and she’s like “no reason I just wanted to be a badass.” (Aka do something EXCITING like he said.) He then asks for her to give him a “reason for existance” and asks if he can be her bodyguard. He tells her since she’s the one who “brought him back to life” to take responsibility and give him that reason. Realizing that the Shinji she knew back then is gone and that this is a different person she “brought back to life”, Ui starts crying. And so the rumors of her breaking the rule spread, her perfect image is broken and her family is pissed. Her father sets a punishment on her for the rest of her life to suffer great pain so she never forget the crime she’s committed. After this flashback dream Ui wakes up and later that day goes to the park with Shinji. She tells him when she made him a zombie she didn’t do it fully and that he still has a way to die…and that is to kill her. She then asks that when she’s on the brink of death for him to kill her so he can have her last moment to himself. Shinji bends down on his knee telling her just as she wishes he will kill her and then immediately follow her into the afterlife. That night Ui decides that now that she got this off her chest, she goes to try and tell her feelings to her father.

When she comes to talk to him the first thing she does is slap him :lol:. She then tells him that no matter how hard she tried to be the perfect daughter he always ignored her and never praised her. He then tells Ui the woman he loved had a weak body and could not bear children which is why he married Ui’s mother and had Ui. However he couldn’t throw away his lover just because she couldn’t have babies. Since Ui isn’t a child that he wanted to have, he tried to have no “feelings” towards her or else he might take out all his anger out on her. He says that he knows it’s not her fault but he didn’t know what else to do with himself and adds that Ui should just hate him. Ui then realizes her situation with Shinji is the same – he may not be able to have children with her just like her father’s lover. Her father tells her that it may still be possible and that in the case they can’t have kids, then she can think about that later while suffering like he did. Ui then slaps her father telling him that she doesn’t hate him but thinks he’s really annoying :lol:. That night Ui gets a letter through the wind telling her to come to the park under the cherry trees. She gets terrified when she gets there because it reminds her of when she found Shinji but turns out it’s just all her friends & classmates throwing her a surprise cherry blossom viewing birthday party (*´ω`*). Even Shinji shows up despite him having a massive headache from the cherry blossoms. So in the end really the OTP of this game is pretty much Shinji because he represents the fact that Ui wanted to break free from her stupid family. He was also the only who actually sincerely cared about her while everyone else either treated her like some far away magical being or just plain ignored her. Ui even says that it’s good that she’s dating Shinji because she needs to have this “imperfection” on her (the idea of a princess dating some dead guy lol) since she’s tired of putting up a fake front she has all her life. Also seeing how Shinji’s CGs were totally fine I’ve further confirmed that Tsubaki’s route was done last minute by some backup artist sigh. Overall Shinji’s route was really enjoyable and I’m surprised how much of a happy end Hyakki Yakou (truth?) end was. In Oumagatoki it was depressing and I cried a river! In fact every QR “truth” end I’ve ever played was kinda morbidly creepy so this is…new.

Let’s face it, Oumagatoki was better. Ouma’s routes were a lot more wholesome and complete feeling and it moved me to tears in some of the endings. Hyakki had me mostly going from “wtf” to “that’s it?” to “omg dat hand.” (and not dat hand when the guy’s got her hand up Ui’s skirt if you get my drift.) Since the game was rated Cero D I expected a whole bunch of randy but really it was mostly Musashi, part of Shinji and Nagare’s. Kyosuke was Cero C and Tsubaki’s was so badly drawn I couldn’t even tell wtf was going on to warrant it to be D anyway. Since the school takes place on the West side while Ouma was on the East side they reused a lot of the backgrounds as well as BGMs. In fact I pity those who bought both Ouma & Hyakki OSTs because you’re probably only getting 1 or 2 new BGMs between the two. In this game everyone says Ui’s last name out loud but not her first name…EXCEPT THAT ONE SCENE IN SHINJI’S ROUTE. Wtf? If you can have him call her Ui in 1 scene why not just have EVERYONE call her Ui? Was this a mistake? Intentional? I don’t get it. Poor Heita & Wakaba got screwed over with no real routes. Well with Heita I can understand but oh look another Tobiura character gets screwed over. While I’m used to Quin Rose’s derpy art I just couldn’t sit back and deal with Tsubaki’s. I actually thought he was really cute as a character but his story just fell apart and his CGs were terribad. Terribad like “who the hell drew this? Some backup part timer?” Despite being her “bodyguard” Shinji kinda…vanished in most of the routes, particularly Kyosuke’s. He would always kinda be around her but soon as you get further into the other guy’s routes he just poofs. Once you play Shinji’s route though and know the truth about their past, it feels pretty awful even going with anyone but him orz ;_;. Therefore I recommend the following play order: Nagare, Tsubaki, Musashi, Kyosuke, Shinji (and do the Hyakki Yakou end dead last.) For the side character Heita, Wakaba &Tae you can just branch off the other chars routes for them but don’t leave them for last since their endings are pretty empty. On the topic of Tae wow why does every female with a role in this game have to be a huge lesbian for Ui? For example in Tae’s route I thought she was cute with all her kitties but then she’s like “I can’t wait to NTR you from that disgusting mouse (referring to Tsubaki.)” Umm no…? Then you have Nagare’s sister who’s like EW MEN oh Ui come here let’s trib it up with onee-sama. (ಠ_ಠ)Wow like is it really impossible for females in these games to just want to have a normal friendship with the heroine without trying to jump into her panties? Quin Rose never does real yuri routes anyway, it’s always this one sided yuri crap and the heroine’s like “umm whatever idgaf about you beyond friendship” so why bother??? On the topic of heroine, Ui was REALLY REALLY annoying like 90% of the time. I’m okay with tsundere heroines but Ui was like 98% tsun and 2% dere. It was SO BAD she even admitted that she’s a horrible woman and annoying and nobody should like her anyway. Yes I know she has her reasons and I guess people aren’t going to change that quickly just because of love but come on man at least near the END let her be a little more dere please ( ≖Д≖;). Anyway while I actually DID like all the characters, I felt the game overall lacking in storyline and polish. There were a lot of things I wanted to see build up on particularly for Kyosuke & Nagare and well Tsubaki’s route just needed some major quality control. Still though, if Quin Rose were to release a fandisk I’d probably buy it anyway because one of their strength is writing charming characters. Now if only they knew what to DO with those characters, we’d have the best game ever. Then again, they knew what to do in Oumagatoki so I’m guessing they should probably just stop trying to release 1 game per month and spend more time on QC than anything else. It’s not a long game so I would say I’d recommend playing it anyway just for the characters themselves.

Hyakki Yakou Kaidan Romance Regular Edition / Game


13 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Hyakki Yakou ~Kaidan Romance~”

  1. I get what you mean… ^^;

    Noted. Will play Kyosuke/Shinji/Musashi and I won’t bother with the routes of the rest because I can just read your excellent review about them, hahaha. (Damn Type-0 is probably the toughest FF game I’ve ever played orz T.T)

  2. Haha, yeah, I read your reviews of current gen cell phone games and they actually seem decent! They actually made me go get a mobage account, haha. The ones that set out to be games seem good, I think. It’s the one that seems to want to be cell phone novels that I was complaining about. I don’t know if you’ve read one, but they’re basically cheap, racy stories with barebones plot mixed with moe. People have been comparing Hyakki with those quite a bit, and tbh I kind of agree with them even if I don’t think it’s ALL that bad. Yet.

    No I haven’t seen the 3rd Cinderella yet? Is that in a mag scan or something? QR’s site only has a ‘wait for B’S Log!’ blank space when I checked earlier today. I’d be excited for Reynald and Spencer, too, actually, but hmmm it’s a wait and see. I hope it’s the last of the Cinderella series, though. I don’t hate it as a whole, but if they start epically milking this one too I’d be pretty mad. Like. Damn, it’d be like QR is turning EVERYTHING into Hakuouki.


  3. I haven’t played Peter Pan but I guess yea Ouma & 12Ji was okay (though 12 ji’s random friend events can die in a fire.)
    I play a lot of cell phone games lately and some of them have actually pretty decently cohesive stories you’d be surprised xD (And i don’t mean apps I mean like the ones you play in your phone browser lol)
    I’ll get to Kimi Kare one day….one day…lol. One day when I’m having my kuso-otomate marathon or something 😆

    And yea I did feel like the story focused on Shinji (and maybe Kyosuke ??) and the rest were just thrown in. I would prefer quality over quantity and like you I am also losing faith :s. Btw did you see the 3rd Cinderella? My friends are excited cause Reynald is finally getting a route lol. And hey Spencer is gonna get a real route too but still I don’t think this warrants for me to buy the game…maybe I’ll ask for a friend to rip it or something lol. I’m kinda pissed that we’re still paying 8500 yen for a limited edition of QR games when the content’s been cut in half in games like Hyakki -_-; I was MORE OF as well until 24cin and Hyakki now I’m really worried about all their future games. I hope School Wars can change my mind but we’ll see.

  4. The turn event system felt relatively cohesive in most of the Alice games and the Continent series (barring a few glaring exceptions), IDK, and I thought Peter Pan, 12ji and Ouma did a decent job of keeping the story together, for examples in the ‘plain visual novel’ genre? Honestly, it just felt like they hired a story writer whose previous experience was writing scene-based old cell phone games, like Kimikare or the crappy two games QR ported. Those were. A pain. In the ass. (I do like playing Kimikare between other not-so-up-my-tree otome games, though. It actually makes you appreciate a proper cohesive story much, much more. Kind of like purposely eating shit so your next McDonald’s will be that much more full of 感動). Not to diss cell phone games completely; they have improved recently with smartphones and more memory being available, so IDK what the hell they’re doing aping the olden crappy ones.

    With Hyakki it’s like they made a plot just for Shinji, realized that they actually need other menz in otoge, and scratched up plotlines they couldn’t bother to write. Ouma felt like that at times, too, but it’s so much worse here. It just feels….rushed and unfinished, I guess, which is not helped by seeing them making a game *monthly*.

    I’m actually opposite of you here lol. While the next Kaidan game is like ‘wtf Quinrose milking much?’ yes, I’m still kinda okay about Cinderella, and starting from this point I’m beginning to get feels of ‘……I hope they don’t ruin the Continent series with the attempt to milk the Arabian game’. Everyone except Curtis could get more screentime but dur huh huh I’m losing FAITH. Funny how a few months ago I was like ‘Quinrose sequels YAY MORE OF’.

  5. oh no I meant like how otomate literally makes their artists trace kazuki yone’s artwork for a lot of their games even though she’s left the company. XD;; I think that’s rather insulting to the artist cause it’s saying “your style isn’t good enough go trace this other person” :/

    GOod luck with Type 0 lol and I Hope you find Hyakki more enjoyable. Shinji’s rout was actually pretty good too I Hope you give him a chance.

  6. I might give this another go – from your review Kyosuke (and maybe Musashi *shifty*) seemed pretty cool but the rest were meh – but this game won’t be my top priority…I am currently too close in beating the final boss in Type-0 (another week of rage-quit ahead *sweatdrops*).

    I’m well aware of that – I know that almost all the artists stated in the otoges are simply just the original character design illustrator, and the characters in the game itself are usually redrawn by some other people. In some cases there are some artists that may share similar styles, but I am not in the position to accuse who is the one who copied the other unless the artists ‘fess up themselves. This is also common in numerous anime and manga I have came across so I’m not really surprised. *shrugs*

  7. If Tsubaki is the only route you played I hope you give the other characters a chance. Tsubaki’s is like the worst route in the whole game to be honest so I’d hate to see the game ruined for you because of it. Well art isn’t QR’s strong point but yea Tsubaki’s route was like QUARITY lol. I almost feel like their actual artist got sick or something and they had to get some back up person to attempt to draw all of his CGs.

    Otomate may have good art but you also have to remember they force most of their artists to trace & copy lol

  8. I ditched this game after I was through with Tsubaki’s route – I mean, I’ve heard a lot about Quin Rose getting better at making otome games with good heroines and plot but this one is a major disappointment (in fact, I will go as far as saying that this is crap). In the first half of Tsubaki’s route I was seriously irritated with Ui because she was bitching too much (but Tae is worse, that I agree). -__-” She only got a bit better towards the end (but still annoying as always). I always liked kuudere characters because they are definitely cute + cool and less annoying at times compared to tsunderes (which is why I picked Tsubaki first) but this one totally ruined it for me. DX I think Irino is better off as Est in WoF, honestly. Yea, I’m just gonna wait for a few more days for the WoF2 FD to be out and brainwash Hyakki out of my head. (For the time being I shall just vent my frustration on FF Type-0.)

    I am never a fan of the art Quin Rose games because they are far from appealing to me when compared to some Otomate games like Amnesia and WoF, but this game makes me shudder and cringe at the horrible CGs.

  9. I almost feel like in the past with all their stupid turn event systems QR didn’t need to worry about a cohesive story. You’d be too busy counting turns and then bam – event that’s hot and cute etc so you didn’t notice that between each event there wasn’t really anything. In the end you felt like you accomplished a lot with all the grueling effort and you got the nice scenario as a reward.

    With the grueling part gone, you’re now just seeing the scenes smushed together with no cohesion and no interesting “flow of story”. At least that’s what I think happened? But then again I thought OUmagatoki was okay. It felt a lot more satisfying and fulfilling than Hyakki. In regards to 24ji, at least it had nicer art to make up for it. There is nothing that will make up for the terribad QUARITY of Tsubaki’s route -__-.

    I feel you on being burned. I got school wars & Alice but I’m now starting to have 2nd thoughts about anything next year except for Arabians Doubt (which they now pushed back in order to poop out another kaidan romance & cinderella game :S)

  10. Hibiki’s and Shinji’s routes felt the most “satisfying” as far as end. The others not so much. Just leave Shinji for last so at least you can end the game on a nice note lol.

  11. You know, I agree with you. There’s a lot of interesting settei here and so much they could do with it, but the story just….didn’t. It feels like reading a crappy/average cell phone romance novel, tbh. Routes don’t have that much to do with each other, mostly balanced in favor of dokidoki timez, and so on. Which is a shame, because I was honestly intrigued by all the settei they have for the characters. People who didn’t like Ouma did so because It has higher porn focus and shafted a few characters, so I’m not sure what QR is thinking by upping thr amount of stuff that divides people here. (disclaimer : I am generally okay with porn)

    IDK man. In the past, QR was your go to guy for a company that tends to take every bit of its Chekov’s gunnery to its logical conclusion and wrap everything neatly. Their games started getting shorter since 12ji, yeah, but their stories were still okay overall so I didn’t complain. Starting from 24ji, though…….

    Whoever pushed the ‘one game a month and cut stories up for fandisks” policy should get a talking to. (I Loved ouma, but parts of it felt short and incomplete, even if I really really loved what it did with its main dudes and True Route) It earns money, yeah, but not fan goodwill. And tbh without Otomate’s artists fan goodwill and strong stories are their best assets.

    Crossing fingers for School Wars. It looks really interesting, but I’m somewhat burned by this to be trusting QR to know what to do with their settei right now.

  12. Ahaha I totally agree on how at the end of the route, I was like whut that’s it? So far I only played Kyosuke’s route. I was playing assuming there was more but nope. I felt that the plot wasn’t as good as Oumagatoki, it felt rather empty than I expected. I thought his tsundere was cute, but still…haha And I was thinking how come Shinji is practically gone all of a sudden too. Oh well, but I still plan to finish the game since despite the plot being unsatisfying, the characters are pretty adorable. Maybe next, I’ll play according to your order. I only played Kyosuke firs bc Tsunderes are fun ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

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