Otome Game Review: Vitamin Z

So continuing from the previous game Vitamin X, our former heroine Minami Yuri decided she wants to teach the fuck out of the entire world so she decides to go traveling. Due to this her position opens up, and a girl who just graduated college and is looking for a job gets an offer from her. This girl’s name is Kitamori Manami and she’s now the new teacher in charge of the reject class at that school. Fortunately for her there’s only 4 idiots this time, the Aho-4 and our favorite B6 (beautiful 6 now 😆 ) guys from the last game are back as teachers to help her out! プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ On top of that she has the 3 senseis who form the GTR – Great Teachers R (all their first names start with R) that help her with the crazy principal who looks like a vampire, with his little butt kissing assistant to drive her crazy. If that wasn’t bad she also has 2 twins from the student council to deal with. Manami’s got a lot on her plate, so will she be able to fill in Yuri’s shoes?

Narumiya Tenjuro – Ten is basically the Tsubasa of this game. He’s a rich bocchan but unlike Tsubasa, rather than being obnoxious and having someone serve him left & right, he’s just a dorky surfer dude who’s running around looking for his future waifu. He’s a tsundere who’s good at sports and is often asked to help out in various game matches which he gladly does. He began surfing because while everything came naturally to him, surfing actually required him to work hard & put effort into learning how to do it right. Sadly the other thing he sucks at, of course, is studying. Needless to say he’d rather hit on every girl he talks to and ask her to marry him than stay after school with Manami and learn about history & geography. He’s the leader of the A4 and built the new “Ahosayu” next to the school where he and the other A4 guys hang around. His best friend, one of the A4 members is Chisato, who Ten refers to as Sen (because of the kanji.) Chisato while his best friend is also kinda like his bodyguard/servant. The reason is because that’s how Chisato & Ten’s families have been for generations and even though Chisato was raised to lookout for Ten, Ten isn’t a snob like Tsubasa and usually sees himself on the same level as Chisato and so the 2 are best friends since they were kids. Chisato’s sister traumatized Ten as a child because she’s a major brocon and was jealous that Chisato spent more time with Ten than with her 😆 Due to this he’s scared of ghosts and so when they have a summer kimodameshi he ends up clinging on to Manami when the 2 of them walk in the forest xD. Ten offers to teach Manami surfing since she always teaches him after school and he turns red like a tomato when he sees her in her (really plain) swimsuit.

I’m surprised he was turning red there but was like totally okay when he was nearly on top of her during the surfing lesson lol. She like hit her foot or something and fell off the board but Ten rescued her and apologized for not holding on to her well enough. (Damn you Rejet, you coulda done one of those mouth to mouth scenes here (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻). The student council president (one of the P2) Kei creates stupid rules for class Z and so Ten gets angry and holds him hostage at the Ahosayu. Unfortunately Kei’s twin brother Nachi is a massive brocon and he comes to smack the Ahosayu with a bulldozer. While he starts demolishing it stuff begins falling and Manami gets in the way to save Kei and injures her leg. Ten almost rips Nachi’s head off but Manami tells them all to stfu and to take down the barricades and to get rid of stupid rules. Since she saved his life, Kei listens to what she has to say and the whole thing is settled…and then Kiyo slaps the twins with a slipper. XD Ten gets all deredere and comes to Manami’s house for a week picking her up in his mikoshi since she’s inured lol. During the school play Manami ends up becoming Juliet while Ten Romeo and the other A4 guys (except for Chisato who doesn’t give a damn about anything really) get jealous. They also ask that she call them by their first names as well. Ten then uses some excuse that he needs to “practice dating for his future wife” and asks Manami to go on a date with him to the amusement park. He loves rollerocasters which make Manami sick but at the end of the day they both ride in the ferris wheel but since this is Vitamin Z…NOTHING HAPPENS. Yes lost opportunities, GJ Rejet.

For the winter ball Ten runs around asking everyone to go with him (and be his wife) and as usual everyone rejects him….except 1 girl who says she will go. Ten then realizes 1. I can’t believe someone accepted and 2. I don’t really like that girl like I thought I would. He apologized and turned her down and instead asked Manami to go with him. The vampire principal Kagetora then gets bitchy and cancels the winter ball so Ten instead hosts it on a nice boat by the Narumiya zaibatsu. He comes dressed in one of those old fashioned Japanese kimonos lolol. During the winter break Ten & Manami go shopping and he ends up buying her everything that she thinks is “cute” which includes a pair necklace set as a “thanks” for all she’s done for him (lol nice excuse Tenchan.)Kagetora then threatens the A4 will be expelled if they don’t pass next week’s exams. Ten is ready to throw in the towel but Manami works hard to prepare study material for him anyway. It’s now time for Tsubasa to intervene and smack some sense into Ten and show him how hard Manami is working for him. The principal then throws at you like 20 questions relating to Anime & Entertainment or something lmfao. Thankfully a lot of them I was actually able to guess from the first try but yea without save state I woulda rage quit like whoa lol. So then just when we think everything is ok, Kagetora threatens Manami that if she doesn’t marry his bitchslave Kamijo and become bitchslave #2 then he will make sure Ten can’t graduate.

Manami refuses and thanks to Tsubasa and Ten being rich as hell all of this is somehow resolved as usual. So in the both ends Ten asks Manami to be his yome because she’s the only one for him~ ♡. In the perfect ending he goes to college to prepare to take over the Narumiya zaibatsu while being all raburabu & fending off fangirls because he’s got his yome lol. In the dream ending he confesses to Manami on the soccer field while a bunch of dudes cockblock and tells Manami he wants to become a professional surfer and not take over the company. Tens’ dad is like “Oh no problem cause I just knocked up your mom with another baby boy who will be the inheritor instead OHHOHOHO!” So then Manami and Ten make out while Chisato’s like ( ´_ゝ`) hey guys I’m still here 😆 In the normal end Ten says he’ll find the woman of his dreams some day. Tsubasa’s special story they just go to some ballet and in one of the special stories that unlocked Tsubasa & Ten have a battle over taiyaki or something. In Tsubasa’s special story apparently if you do a suru~ one of the lines, it splits into a different story where they all go to the movies instead – where Tsubasa cries a river 😆 In TenTen’s append 1 story he finally gets his yome and marries Manami. In Append 2, he first wins a surfing competition and immediately is like “ok we’re getting married now on the beach HELL YEA”. At least here he finally got his long overdue kiss Cg xD. (*´ω`*) I loved TenTen a lot during his route. He was really cute (especially his love sfx “Sonnnajaneezo!”) and it’s just funny to see this surfer guy in like these shorts yelling out edo phrases like “teyandeei!” XD In the character mania Ten admitted that he doesn’t wear underwear… プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Fuwa Chisato – Chisato’s route was more amusing simply because the teacher combo here was Hajime who as you recall has a lot of trouble remembering people’s names. He’s called Chisato by every wrong name you can think of but this one particuarly made me burst out laughing プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵As we already know from Ten’s route, Chisato is Ten’s bff but also like his “servant”. He often disappears like a ninja and at first Manami has trouble tracking him down to do the extra lessons but because she gives advice at Ten’s “oreyomekai” 😆 Ten helps her catch Chisato. So then to make sure he’s not late for school, Chisato sets up a freaking tent behind the school building and lives in it like a hobo (I’m surprised he doesn’t stink like one either xDD) Chisato also loves to cook and when he goes on a date with Manami to the aquarium, rather than enjoying the fish, he whips out a frying pan and imagines how he could cook them on it. Fortunately unlike our last game’s heroine, Manami is actually a pretty good cook and I guess that’s one of the things that catches Chisato’s heart. When Manami goes to talk to Chisato’s dad about his son sleeping in a tent like a hobo, his dad is some kind of crazy edo idiot who’s like “I’M SO PROUD MY SON IS SLEEPING OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL AND PROTECTING IT!” Chisato’s like “See my family’s stupid, I’m going back to my ghetto tent.” 😆 He also then spends time fishing at a pond near his tent which is how I guess he makes his meals too lol.

They go to see a movie together but walk into the wrong theatre and end up in some romance movie instead of a kung-fu one. Chisato falls asleep and says he doesn’t get the whole love thing. He then puts his hand on her face and says “maybe if we kiss then I will understand!” Manami’s like ( ´゚д゚`)エー. Chisato’s grandpa dies and so he ends up returning home for a while. When Manami visits, his sister Sayaka asks Manami to treat him like a regular high school teenage boy because everyone else in the house treats him based on his status and he cannot freely act on his will. For the school festival instead of a play they do a cosplay cafe and Chisato’s forced to dress up as one of the Shinsengumi. A couple days later Chisato returns to his ghetto tent because apparently since his grandpa died his dad’s been forcing omias on him. I mean FORCING like plastering pics of the candidates all over his room, and toilet 😆 Chisato says the only way to stop this is to have Manami become his wife and again she’s like ( ´゚д゚`)エー! In the end though Manami talks to Ten about it and Ten goes and rages to Chisato’s dad that “How DARE they have a wife for Chisato before he gets one!” xD So yea thanks to that everything is resolved. For the winter ball, for some reason Chisato has like no idea that its a dance…not a “battle off” and so he comes ready to like fight…and when he gets there he sees people dancing. He whips out his harisen and smacks Ten repeatedly for tricking him. I mean all this time Chisato seems like this smart guy but he can’t tell a difference between a dance party and a fighting match…? XD

Since he’s there in his tux he asks Manami to teach him how to dance. So then suddenly the drama kicks in when Chisato and Ten have to undergo the official “master & servant” ceremony. Chisato of course does as he’s told and calls Ten “Tenjuro-sama” but Ten isn’t having any of this. He wants Chisato to be his best friend before his servant and during the ceremony he’s like (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻ fuck this shit. So then because of this apparently the thousand year relationship between the Fuwas & Narumiyas is broken and Sayaka tries to save it by offering to become Ten’s bride (to which he’s like (#゚ω゚ ) お断りだぜぇ). During all the commotion Chisato’s dad passes out lol. So then Chisato leaves his home and sorta goes off on his own to cool his head off. He then meets up with Manami who tells him that he should work things out with Ten  and so he then goes to see Ten, and has to fight off with his dad first (who he easily defeats lol.) When they get to Ten the first thing he does is bitch about how hungry he is because he’s been beaten around by his sister & grandma for being an aho and then he & Chisato become bffs by beating each other up with Harisens lol. Manami then makes dinner for both of them as they eat up with bandages all over their faces. When Chisato returns to school Kagetora of course bombards us with his last-boss 20 questions about anime & entertainment exam and then for Valentine’s Day Manami gives Chisato a harisen-shaped chocolate lol. Chisato & Ten then redo their ceremony and they both agree that friendship comes first. After graduation Chisato confesses to Manami.

In the Perfect End Manami cries a river and then Ten shows up with his trumpet parade to congratulate them. Chisato’s like “oh fuck it I don’t care” and makes out with Manami in front of everyone ヽ(= ´ ェ `=)ノうふふ♪ He gets into the same college as Ten and makes out with Manami in front of everyone to “mark his territory” or something lol. In the Dream Ending Chisato gives her traditional fans from his family as a symbol that he loves her. He doesn’t get into the same college as Ten but instead intends to go to cooking school. They basically end up being raburabu. Normal ending he thanks Manami for being there for him during all the family crisis that went on and in the special omake he trains with Nagata lol. In append story 1, Yakumo & co come to Chisato’s place and let them know that they’re having a high school reunion (even though it’s only been like 3 years). After that Chisato & Manami go on a picnic date and he lies in her lap (*´ω`*). In Append Story 2 Chisato’s dad & him have a misunderstanding on his & Manami’s relationship but his dad actually wants the 2 of them to get married 😆 He had no idea that the 2 of them were already dating lol. He passes out & Sayaka drags him away. Chisato then proposes to Nanami and they have a badly drawn kiss CG on the couch. In Hajime’s omake, he, Kirioka sensei and Manami are in charge of watching the kids at the summer festival. Kirioka leaves them to go to the festival with his 2 shotas and so Hajime & Manami get some alone time. Or so they thought because then Hajime’s cat Tama came to cockblock and Hajime accidentally kissed Manami on the nose. He also said that Manami looks sexy in her yukata and Manami ran away flustered saying she’ll never fall for Hajime. Tama then pointed out that Hajime will never find a girlfriend like this. xD Poor guy. Anyway Chisato was a lot of fun. He seems like the serious guy who knows everything but that’s just because he’s with stupid, and of course anything he does in comparison seems amazing. He’s really a baka just like Ten though it’s not as obvious but since his & Ten’s stories intertwined his was just as much fun as the previous. In the character mania Chisato mentioned that he can tie a cherry stem in a ribbon & braid in his mouth…⊂((〃/⊥\〃))⊃いやーん

Tachibana Yakumo – Yakumo is the token shota (to replace the token trap?) in this game. Since he’s an idol singer in some idol boys group (that looks something out of Johnny’s Entertainment) the sensei that compliments him is obviously Shun, who Yakumo also sees as his rival. He’s in a group called GE – Gold Experience 😆 He refuses to study as usual at first and at home his house is like a yakuza place and while his dad seems all grumpy the moment Yakumo comes in he’s like “Yakkun let’s play~~” and his mom is all yandere…just like Yakumo lol. Since Yakumo is an idol the fangirls at school get out of control and often Manami has to actually rely on Kiyoharu’s stupid pranks to get them all to go away 😆 At one point when they all go study at the beach there’s some kind of contest where the guy who brings the swimsuit to Manami first – she will get to wear it. Yakumo ends up winning because he’s the only one who came prepared with beach sandals to walk on the hot sand. Kei makes his stupid rules about class Z again and starts a fight with Ten like in his route as usual. This causes some kind of crazy warzone and Yakumo gets hurt protecting Manami. He then pretty much snaps and then bursts into the classroom like rambo with machine guns threatening to blow their heads off if they don’t stop fighting with each other プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵Thanks to this Kei gets completely traumatized from Yakumo and Nachi has to ask him to stop coming to the student council office xD.

During the cultual festival he performs his live and Manami yells his name out and waves her hand. She figured he didn’t see it because of the huge crowd of fans but later he told her that he did and then he says that he likes her….but instantly changes it to “j/k hehe!” So then Manami has to deal with some rabid fangirls who start throwing stinky gunk into her locker and then pretending like it’s her fault for being all 迷惑. Yakumo rages at them but Manami takes the blame on herself until the stupid bitches admit to being jealous that she’s always with Yakumo. For the winter ball Yakumo gets all bitter because Manami is taller than him when she wears heels so she takes them off. A few weeks later Manami finds out that Yakumo has stopped attending singing rehearsals and refusing any kind of singing jobs. His manager Elizabeth has had enough and tells him that he can leave the group while she prepares the next new single for the other 2 members. Turns out Yakumo’s been losing his voice due to overwork (and too much soprano). Manami and Yakumo go back to Elizabeth and along with Shun & the other 2 GE members they beg her to let Yakumo back into GE. Elizabeth is like “sigh god damnit how I can say no to all these ikemans!” So then Yakumo’s back in GE and for Valentine’s day since the A4 got so many chocolates, Chisato makes fondue out of them 😆 Because they got some delicious “mystery” insects for Toge, Mizuki offers some health advice to Yakumo to recover his singing voice.

He has to eat these magic cough drops once a day and with this eventually Yakumo’s health recovers and he’s able to sing again. As usual Kagetora pulls his last boss exam bullshit about not passing it and not having the A4 graduate. In the graduation ceremony Class Z is like “This sucks let’s leave” and so they all run out while Yakumo carries Manami away \( ^o^)/ When they go outside he tells her he likes her and she’s like “you gotta go back to the ceremony! and stop singing!” Yakumo’s like “well you gotta stop crying…oh I know *makes out with Manami so he stops singing and she’s so shocked she stops crying*” \( ^o^)/ In the Perfect Ending, Yakumo is busy being an idol as usual and calls Manami “Usagi-chan”. He hogs the building next to the school and Tsubasa & Shun baww that Yakumo’s hogging it and asks Manami to make him stop using it. Manami sadly has no luck and instead gets pulled into the building to make out with Yakumo rofl.  In the dream ending, during graduation Yakumo sings a song asking Manami to become his waifu in 3 different word descriptions. They get all ichaicha in front of Shun and then one day when Manami’s watching Yakumo on TV she hears him say stuff like “I miss you so I’m gonna move in with you so please leave the door open today!” She’s like “oh wow it’s like he’s talking to me” and then 5 min later she hears a doorbell and in comes Yakumo with all his stuff. He litters her room with his stuffed animals while he makes out with her on the bed.

Normal ending is just him apologizing for interrupting the graduation ceremony. Special story is during one of his lives, Yakumo puts a spotlight on Shun & Manami thanking them for being great teachers for him. In Yakumo’s Append 2 ending, Yakumo asks Manami to marry him. Elizabeth tells Manami to quit her teaching job and instead work with her at Yakumo’s agency. In append ending 1 Manami gets harassed by Paparazzi so Yakumo then brings her on stage during one of his concerts and proposes to her in front of everyone. BUT NO KISS CG. That leaves Yakumo without a single kiss CG..poor shota. In Shun’s special story he wins 2 free tickets to the amusement park but it’s winter and most rides are closed. They’re so bored they do some kind of stamp rally and they end up being the 100,000th people to complete it so they become King & Queen of the amusement park and ride a carriage wearing dorky crowns together. Shun also admits that this is the 2nd time he’s ever been to an amusement park in his life. Ah Yakumo kinda grated my ears. It sucks that they always throw Yonaga Tsubasa into these shota roles. His constant “tehehe” and probably the worst offender being his voices during all the monthly exams. “Homete homete!” UGHH SHUT UP DUDE ( ಠ益ಠ ) Ugh anyway yea I was kinda hoping he would be all cute shota but then be kinda hot later like Eric from Beastmaster but he really wasn’t. He was kinda shotey until the end and his deep voice scenes were few & far between…mostly when he was angry :s. Ironically enough Yakumo’s CGs were actually really cute and probably better drawn than most of the CGs in both Chisato & Tens routes. Oh well I guess unless you just love Yonaga’s squeeky shota voice there really isn’t that much greatness about Yakumo. Most funny scenes in his route were scenes that included other characters  (like Kei and his fondness for reindeer girl cosplay 😆 )

Mine Arata – Well I kinda had high hopes for Arata because he’s my favorite セクハラ魔王 but sadly all he ended up being was just a freaking Oedipus complex マザコン(ಠ_ಠ). Anyway as usual he refuses to study at first because he’s too busy entertaining his harem of girls. He also is the king of nicknames because from my recollection he’s called Manami as Tinker-chan, Sweet Pea-chan, Mermaid-chan, GranTea and Teacher-chan. Goro helps Manami out by helping her disguise as a “transferring out” student named Hanako to get him to be alone with her so she can convince him to study. For some reason this works and eventually he does end up coming to study but it takes some time before Manami can make all his fangirls stop sitting there and flipping pages for him 😆 Arata’s also a pro tennis player and has won some high ranked championships. Needless to say with all sports stories you always have that jealous guy who just can’t stop stalking the hero about said award sigh. Needless to say Hikaru pretty much stalks and annoys Arata pretty much the entire route. To try to avoid fangirl interruptions, Manami lets Arata come study at her apartment but he ends up flipping through her photo albums instead. Plan B, Manami takes Arata hiking while she asks him questions. Turns out Arata’s also lived in America until he was in middle school. Arata doesn’t exactly get along with his family which consists of his father who owns a hospital and his younger brother Isao who looks like an old man.

Arata’s only friend appears to be his pet cat named Loa. As all “father owning hospital” stories would have it, obviously Arata’s dad wants him to take over the hospital when he retires but Arata is not interested in anything….EXCEPT HIS DEAD MOTHER \( ^o^)/ So yea pretty much every issue associated with oedipus complex + dead parent is pretty much in this route. Since Arata hates his family instead of being at home he often spends time at one of his apartments with his gaijin assistant Catherine who’s there at his every demand (YES ARATAAA!) Sometimes he sleeps at the Ahosayu or goes to Yakumo & Ten’s houses. At one point Manami gets confessed to by Arata and then he’s like “I confess to girls like once every 3 days nfu~” and so he gets slapped for that. When Manami gains some weight after eating Chisato’s desserts, Arata offers to help her exercise by playing some tennis. Manami ends up hurting her foot and so Arata carries her to the nurses office where he kisses it and makes it all better 😆 During the anniversary of his mother’s death Arata stops coming to school and stays in his apartment alone so to make him feel better Manami lets him come over and put some make up on her to make him feel better. For the winter ball Arata first asks her to go with him to avoid the angry mob of fangirls but then says he won’t escort her though he leaves a dress for her. Manami ends up going together with Goro but in the middle Arata shows up and dances with her. So just then Isao shows up to cause some drama saying that Arata plans to go to America to get away from his family.

He asks Manami to talk some sense into him and Arata thinks that Manami & Goro have been abducted or something?? Lol this entire scene just felt so pointless to me. So then Manami convinces Arata to do the tennis tournament that he unwillingly got signed up for. Arata bitches but then gives in and makes a deal that if he wins he won’t go to America and he will continue tennis. Needless to say pro-Arata wins and the first thing he does is say “Sensei I love you!” 😆 After the center exam Arata comes back to Ahosayu where Manami is waiting for everyone’s results and since he’s the first one he falls asleep on her lap (CG NEEDED HERE PLZ (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻). So then the drama climaxes when his dad rages at him for playing tennis and not focusing on his future doctor career. On top of that Kagetora pulls his b/s final boss exam and says that Arata should be expelled because he’s created a harem and littered the school with his flower petals when some people may be allergic to flowers 😆 (Okay he has a point.) Somehow this drama also unfolds the fact that Ginji-chan was the previous principal (Nooo I’d rather have him than Kagetora lol) and Kagetora ousted him from his position. Anyway after all that Kagetora, Kamijo & the spy-bears all leave the school. Arata admits that he was a mothercon and that his mom was his first love. He then takes all this weird memorabilia he had of her and burns it. He says that from now on he wants only memories of the person he will truly love. So in the Perfect Ending, Arata confesses to Manami and asks her to be his “Lady Knight”. He got into college and also became a famous tennis player but his personality doesn’t change..as he calls Manami “Erotic” in front of his dad & brother 😆

They go on a beach trip together where he apologizes for being a セクハラ魔王 and then Manami gets drunk and passes out while he carries her on his back. In the Dream ending he calls Manami “Female Fatale” and doesn’t take the college entrance exam saying he wants to pursue tennis. The ending is raburabu as most dream endings are. In the normal end he says he will be visiting his mom’s grave with his dad & bro. Isao enrolls in seitei gakuen and says hello to Manami. Arata keeps stalking & visiting her saying to let him know when she gets a boyfriend so he can go kill him プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ This is probably the best “Normal” ending I’ve seen so far lol. In the append 2 ending Arata wins some competition and then proposes to Manami in front of everyone as he lifts her up ohimesama dakko style.  He then yells into the live camera that Manami is his lol. In append story 1, Arata is doing well in medical school and Manami is worried that they’ll grow apart because he’s such a high standard for her. They go waking in the forest in the summer and sit by the lake & watch the stars….while he kisses her HAND and asks her to marry him. Poor Arata, also gets no real kiss CG either (´・ω・`;). In the special story Goro, Manami & Arata go watching cherry blossoms and in the Goro special story Manami & Goro go shopping for clothes at one of Tsubasa’s stores. I was kinda disappointed that we didn’t get to see manly Goro in this game. He was still xdressing in his CG and in his story even though Manami said Goro would look “cool” as a normal guy. ショボーン(´・ω・`) Anyway Arata’s route had its moments but the whole mother complex thing …yuck lol. I would rather him just been a plain ol’ hentai maou. Also that beehive hair has got to go Aratachan. ( ´_ゝ`) Also, Arata’s the thong man in this game. Oh Rejet.

Houjou Kei – So unlike Vitamin X instead of having 6 idiots, Z takes in up a notch and instead has the P2 which are the 2 princes from the student council. Basically when you do Nachi & Keis routes, you pick one that will help you get the Aho-4 in shape and assist you with the after school lessons. Additionally Manami was asked to help out the student council by Kamijou. So with Kei, the first time they attempt to lecture the A4 they get immediately kicked out of the Ahosayu. Kei however will not give up because 俺には不可能はない! 😆 The accompanying B6 teacher this time is Mizuki and somehow Toge is still alive 5 years later even though lizards only have a 3 year lifespan. Mizuki tricks Kei into taking the monthly exams because 俺には不可能はない! Kei & Nachi’s dad is a chief policeman so he’s very strict and is a huge role model for Kei. While Kei is quite the tsun, and is very selfish at times, he does have his dere moments (although they take a while.. lol) He’s also got a lot of |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ moments like when he freaks out when a dog starts licking his face at a mall pet shop. During the barricade event Manami protects Kei as usual. Kei may seem like he’s smart but he’s easily fooled and is probably Nachi’s biggest target.

Nachi loves his oniisan (even though they’re twins I guess Kei came out first) and he loves fooling his oniisan. So when Nachi & Kei were young, Nachi made up fake fairy tale picture books and Kei believed them….so he thinks there’s a story called “Arita-kun in Wonderland” and “Tsunderella – a story about a girl who was tsun and then was taken to a castle by prince and became dere 5 years later.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ In this route we’ve also discovered that while Manami can cook, her singing quality is on par with Yuri’s cooking. At the cultural festival Kei starts to like Manami and so he has a competition with Ten on whose Juliet Manami will be. He keeps having this weird rivalry with Ten and he comes to Manami one day demanding she go on a date with him…just so he can prove to Ten like “HA! SEE IVE GONE ON A DATE BEFORE!” 😆 They go to the aquarium and by now Manami’s pretty much like |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ at Kei with me and she pulls his cheeks at the dolphin show. For the winter ball Kei says he’ll pick a partner for her and he ends up picking Toge – since Toge is not an object of jealousy! He later shows up & dances with her being all tsun as usual. When she says he should just go to hatsumode instead of staying home he thinks she means “with him” and is like “bu..but…but..that would be like you’re proposing to marry me..!!!/////” |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Manami was like wut? I think there was some convo about him wanting to see Manami wearing a school girl outfit too rofl.

They go to the movies together and gullible Kei takes Arata’s advice and sits in the couple seat rofl. He falls asleep on Manami’s shoulder though halfway through. Kagetora starts shit again and Mizuki sends his ninja lizard to spy on them. The whole Nachi in a gang plot is brought up here but since this is Kei’s route we don’t really get the details until we do Nachi. Kei takes responsibility for everything and Manami’s like “nooo!” and then A4 comes to his side because while Ten & Kei fight a lot, they’re like bffs now lol. Taking the last boss exam prevents Nachi from getting expelled and then during graduation Kei gives an apology speech about it all. In the perfect ending, Kei says he fell in love with Manami’s ‘plainness’ and they make out in the seitokai office. Mizuki comes back from America to visit in the epilogue and tells Manami she should stop giving a damn what fangirls think about her dating Kei. Kei doesn’t care either and kisses her making all the fangirls cry. In the dream ending gullible Kei-chan comes to pick up Manami on a white horse that he’s had specifically for the day he would confess his love to a girl (oh Nachi why you do this) プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He confesses to her and they make out on his horse. In the epilogue they’re on a date and he brings her a huge boquet of a flowers to use to hide the 2 of them kissing…and YAY WE GOT A KISS CG! Omg first kiss CG in the whole game! In the background is Nachi spying on them being the bro-con that he is. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ

In the Normal end Ten & A4 show up saying they’re taking Kei & Manami on a trip around the world. They all go to the beach on Ten’s private island and Yakumo pushes Kei into the sand out of jealousy for talking to Manami. Arata & Kei then talk about being oniichans while Arata buries him and draws weird sand images that make him look like an octopus 😆 In the special story Nachi & Ten are fighting (probably over Kei) and Kei has to break it up. In append 2, Kei proposes to Manami to marry him and she agrees. However somewhere else Nachi is spying on them through a telescope while Yosuke calls him a hentai 😆 In append end 1,  Kei says that in 4 months he’s gonna move in with Manami and wash her hair every night whether she likes it or not. Lol I didn’t know Kei had a hair washing fetish?? @@; In Mizuki’s story he helps Manami pick the aquarium as the place for the field trip and while they look at fish Mizuki leans his chin on top of Manami’s head while Toge sticks to the glass & watches the fish float by. Anyway Kei definitely had his moe moments rofl. The first half of the route he was really quite annoying though. It seems like he’s the shikkari seito kaichou but he’s really kinda gullible and lacks common sense that you can tell Nachi has. Still once he started getting dere the route became a lot more fun XD.

Houjou Nachi – Nachi (*´д`*)ハァハァ I recommend playing Nachi’s route last. See I always say I don’t like yandere chars but I like THIS kind of 2faced yandere char. It’s like if you give me some yandere rapist voiced by Yusa Kouji I’ll probably flip a freaking table. However chars like this or like Hiroya in Panic Palette I am awwwwright with. Nachi is the “younger” twin because Kei came out first – although in my eyes, twins are twins but you know how Japan is with their hierarchy crap. Nachi is like a major MAJOR brocon. He just loves his oniichan Kei and he will do anything for him, including pretend that he’s stupider and purposely get worse scores on exams just so that his oniichan is #1. Nachi is also quite the yandere but he often fakes it and acts like the light hearted sweet guy and NOBODY CAN TELL – except for our super sensei Manami. At first Nachi is in cahoots with Kagetora about spying on Manami but obviously when he starts falling for her he stops giving a shit about what Kagetora wants him to do.  On their first date he gives Manami a shoulder massage and says that he likes idiots so he enjoys doing the extracurricular lessons with her and the A4. (Also why he loves his stupid Oniichan.. 😆 )One night Manami’s coming home late and she gets attacked by some delinquents but Nachi helps her escape. She then runs into Kiyo a few days later and he warns her about who Nachi really is without giving her details.They キャキャうふふ at the beach and during the barricade incident he only breaks down the classroom door to get to Kei.

However, Manami is still injured and Nachi takes her to the nurse’s office. Turns out Nachi is the one who egged Ten on, knowing he’d do something stupid but it wasn’t just as keikaku for Kei to get trapped & for Manami to get hurt. Manami starts getting suspicious of Nachi’s “other” personality so she goes to spy on him in that gang area that she got attacked in  (oh sigh.) She seems some guys talking about a gang called Diamond Sign and when Nachi gets there she finds out that he apparently is not only IN that gang, he’s the LEADER! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ So after she finds out who he is he tells her to come out and she’s like “wryy!?” and he’s like “Cause I’m bored ( ´_ゝ`)”. And so from then on anytime Nachi wants Manami to hang out with him (because he obviously likes her/is extremely entertained by her) he’s like “WEeeeell sensei if you don’t come with me, who KNOWS what trouble I’ll get in to!” Needless to say Manami lets him take her on dates. このドSがっ! One of the dates includes them going to the amusement park and the token licking-icecream-off-face scene (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ The one thing that really pisses Nachi off is when he’s compared to Kei. He always wants Kei to be above him but because Nachi is limiting himself all the time, this is what causes his boredom and involvement in gangs. Kiyo gives Manami some advice saying that until he went to play in the NBA he was bored in the same fashion. Nachi asks Manami to go to the winter ball with him but he does it loudly in front of everyone & makes it seem like Manami is forcing him to go with her. Because of this some of her students lock her out of their classroom for English lessons lol. At the winter ball Nachi’s in a shitty mood because he’s jealous that his Oniichan relied on Ten for the ball location! How scandalous!

Manami has had enough of his brocon shit and she’s like “then why don’t you stop pretending nothing’s wrong and fucking say what your problem is!” So Nachi then pours his rage on to Manami  and when they go on their winter date at the aquarium he asks to hug her cause he needs a shoulder do baww on. He almost kisses her too but damn Manami damn you! 😆 So then this detective named Takizawa who pretended to be in the Diamond gang decides he will try to make money off Nachi since his dad is the chief policeman and he could easily blackmail him. He gets a bunch of evidence but Manami jumps into his car’s trunk and follows him along. Halfway there she realizes she’s an idiot and short on air so she bangs on the trunk for him to open it. He’s like “wtf you doing here!?” and in the meantime everyone’s like “omfg where’s Manami ( ´゚д゚`)!!” and so B6 & Nachi go looking for her. Nachi of course has a great idea of where she is and he asks one of his gang members to find Takizawa with the condition that he’ll quit Diamond and let that guy be leader. The Diamond gang catches Takizawa and destroys all the evidence of Nachi being in the gang and Nachi quits it saying that he’s got Manami to keep him busy ヽ(= ´ ェ `=)ノうふふ♪ However Takizawa somehow manages to get into the school and he finds evidence in Manami’s desk about Nachi but is caught by Kamijou’s bears. They find this info and then announce to the entire school that Nachi was in a gang and they blame this behavior on Manami. Nachi’s like “wtf no” and he says that he created this gang way before he ever met Manami and so he accepts the expulsion and leaves the auditorium. Manami is worried about him so she goes to his house but he has his dad yelling at him so they go to Manami’s place to talk. She thanks him for protecting her but he just says all he did was tell the truth. He’s obviously upset that Kei is mad at him and he hugs Manami for comfort.  (Man he just gets to hug her and hug CGs more than like everyone else in the entire game combined!)

So then he returns to being a NEET but Manami will see things through till the end so she goes to Kei’s & Nachi’s house and tries to get Kei and Nachi to talk things out. Their dad comes in bitching that this is none of her business but then Nachi’s had enough of everyone’s shit and he admits that he’s been purposely failing at life just so Kei would be #1. He did this because when they were younger Kei’s & Nachi’s dad expected Kei to be the reliable older brother and when Nachi was better he’d get yelled at and cry |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  Oh Kei you darling lol. Anyway needless to say Nachi would never wanna see his oniichan cry so yea for like 18 years he’s been holding himself back which caused him to be SOOOO bored he became a delinquent. So then Nachi takes Kagetora’s last boss exam to not be expelled from the school and he passes but both he & Kei are kicked out of the student council. Most of the school now doesn’t really like the P2 so Ten invites them over to the Ahosayu to have lunch together. In the perfect end after graduation Nachi’s like “I think I forgot something” in the student council office and that something is to make out with Manami and tell her that he loves her. NACHI GOT A KISS CG TOO. LOL WHAT GIVES DUDE I CAN SEE SOME BIAS HERE 😆 Well actually Nachi got like the best CGs in the game I think… (。・ω・。) Nachi goes to college and gets ichaicha with Manami in her apartment and he has Kei move in…next door. The reason? To make sure he can still be a brocon and to make sure he can keep an eye to make sure Manami doesn’t cheat on him with his brother because they have a lot in common! 😆 Kei’s like “I would never do such filthy thing!” but yea you know Nachi’s jealousy level is like over 9000 xD. So jealous that in his character mania he admitted he once drew a birth mark on Kei’s butt with a ballpen because he was jealous that only he had one on his…プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Also apparently Nojima Kenji’s favorite food happens to be Nachi’s least favorite lol.

In the dream ending Nachi makes out with Manami in front of everyone and then gets all ichaicha with her in the student council office because while he & Kei graduated, she still does student council activities with Yousuke and Bomber. In the special story Kiyo is pulling stupid pranks on Kei and Nachi has to lug him away. In the Normal end Nachi thanks her for everything and decides to go to America to find the meaning of life or something. He then comes back to Japan and pulls a prank suitcase on her pretending that Kei was inside it…and the password to the lock was Manami’s 3 sizes アッヒャッヒャ!ヽ(゚∀゚)ノアッヒャッヒャ! Turns out while in America Nachi’s been learning the arts of annoying pranks from Kiyoharu WRYYYYYYY /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ In Nachi’s append 1 he lives with Manami and rolls around in bed with her while apparently the A4 also moved into the same building and they harrass Kei & Chisato for breakfast every morning. Kei of course has to deal with it to make sure Nachi doesn’t get cockblocked because he cares so dearly about his otouto kun 😆 In the append end 2, apparently Nachi intends to be a defense lawyer while Kei wants to be a righteous policeman so the 2 of them argue about some kind of ongoing case while at the same time then arguing about the tea they are drinking プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ This was also before Kei cockblocked on Nachi about to stick his hand up Manami’s shirt. \( ^o^)/ In Kiyo’s special route he’s うぜぇ as usual and he and Manami go to do some pool lessons with some lolis & shotas. They have a watergun fight and it seems like Kiyo’s picking on her but it was his way to get the kids to not be scared of water. Whatever Kiyo, YOUR SHAVEN HEAD IS UGLY SO NOTHING YOU DO CAN MAKE UP FOR IT. Ugh he even brought up the fake story about having a sick younger brother やかましい!(ノTωT)ノ ┫:・’.::・┻┻:・’.::・おらっ~ Anyway I just loved Nachi’s route (I think it’s obvious from my novel here.) He’s Mr. Touchy Feely so when he had the opportunity he’d be carrying Manami ohimesama dakko style or hugging her from  various directions or holding hands. It was all so |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  and all of his CGs were just adorable. It’s like the artist put the most effort into all the Cgs in this route rofl.

GTR, Kagetora & Kamijou – The guys here all have a common route but each chapter sorta focuses on each teacher. In the first one it focuses on Kirioka sensei who btw has the same birthday as my husband 😆 He’s the home-ec teacher and has 2 kids but he’s currently single. I have no idea if his wife died or left him or what – if they covered it I must have missed it. In his chapter she hears the GTR complaining about how incompetent Manami is but she overhears it because she falls into a hole (probably made by Kiyo) nearby. She tells Kirioka that she heard everything and that she will do her best with P2 and B6 to get the A4 in shape. A few days later Kirioka’s making sushi for the A4 as a reward for finishing up their extra lessons at the Ahosayu. So then Kirioka’s 2 shotas fight over Manami and he’s like “I can’t let my sons get ahead of me. Now excuse me sensei how about dinner?” Lol. Manami was like ( ´゚д゚`)エー. Eh Kirioka was alright I guess but he’s still a bit ossany to me xD. In the 2nd chapter it focuses on Ranmaru who’s the music teacher and likes to blab Engrish randomly like Tsubasa (HEY YOU! 答えちゃいなよ!) He also enjoys playing video games & manga and while he acts all loud & flashy he’s really just a cute little dork on the inside ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

He was in the same college as the other 2 GTR dudes so he’s their kouhai since he’s the youngest (but he’s my age so he’s not that young orz)When Manami gets hurt from Ten’s crazy adventures, Ranmaru tends to her wounds in the nurse’s office. He says that he would never go that far for a student like she did. She says she will call him her senpai and he gets all embarrassed and stutters. Then accidentally she falls on top of him and he’s like (〃д〃)and runs out of the nurse’s office. Apparently he has some kind of fear of women even though he wants a girlfriend really badly lol. Tendou sensei is the religion teacher so he’s always babbling about god and holding on to his cross. He’s also kinda narcissistic to the point that he has a sparkling jacket and a きめポーズ. One of his hobbies & specialties is also swimming! To discuss the exam questions he says Manami has to go on a date with him, but his “date” is basically going to the church where they get cockblocked by Ten & co. Manami asks him why the previous veteran teachers (T6) were kicked out of the school and he says it’s because their ideals were different or something. Manami yells at him like “screw your ideals what about the students feelings” and this like turns him on so much he kisses her hand lol. So then there’s the K6 (bear 6) arc where the bears swim to the boat during the winter ball but most of them fall asleep because it’s cold and their hibernation tendencies kick in.

The only bear who doesn’t fall asleep is Chamomile who apparently doesn’t hibernate and she has telepathy powers so she’s able to talk to Manami in Japanese lol. She asks Manami to help her get food for all her bear comrades. Also apparently Hazel is a tsundere bear who has a crush on Chamomile ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ The bears actually are owned by Kamijou sensei and they are at his every command. Kamijou on the other hand is Kagetora’s shadow and is at his every command. I wish they went into more detail about this but basically he “threw away” his emotions to forever serve Kagetora for some reason. The GTR start doubting Kagetora’s ways and Kamijou blabs out that the A4, GTR, P2 & B6 are now all of their enemies. He realizes he said what he shouldn’t so he hypnotizes Manami into thinking it was all a dream and before she snaps out of it Kamijou regrettably says he wishes he had met Manami earlier. Kagetora is just blah lol. I mean he’s 35 but like his char design makes him look like a vampire. I looked into the char design pics in the game gallery and I liked his original design much more. Why do you have to keep making everyone look like they came out of Lucian Bees, Rejet!? (ಠ_ಠ) Anyway Kagetora is basically Joseph Stalin and he wants to have the “ideal school” which means “cutting off” any rotten apples which is basically A4. Manami babbles to him some crap about not dwelling on his past and so suddenly he sees the light and is like “ok then I will be leaving the school now take care bye.” He says he will return when he reanalyzes himself or some crap.

So then in the Perfect end they create some Kitamori Manami Gakuen on a beach island and it’s basically a harem ending for Manami cause everyone wants to hit that shit 😆 In the Normal ending B6 all return to their respective occupations, and GTR fight over her since its just them & Manami now. Kagetora returns as principal once more because he trained in France at a sister school (possibly the same one as from Vitamin X in Tsubasa’s route?) The bears all see Manami and glomp tackle her. In the dream ending Kagetora returns but this time as a teacher not as principal. Apparently he was GTR’s college senpai and he hits on Manami making GTR rage lol. Ew he’s like 12 years older than her (ಠ_ಠ). In Append 1 if you fail the final boss exam with any of the A4, you get thrown into some scenario where A4 are gathering food for some bon fire with the 6 bears. In Append 2 if you fail the final boss exam with any of the P2, it’s like the same thing but with the P2 being there as well. Ahem anyway, I kinda wish the CGs were better for Kirioka and especially Ranmaru especially since they only each got 1. Like what the hell do they think adding THOSE kind of CGs. Like do we really give a shit about a scene of Ranmaru sitting in a nurse’s chair while Manami yells at him? How about a CG of the scene where Manami falls on top of him? Why doesn’t Rejet ever think of these things? It’s like when it comes to humor they’ve got it down perfect but when it comes to romance and good CG direction they’re thinking with their ass or something.

Unbelievable as it may seem I actually fully completed the game lol. Well I guess it’s kinda believable seeing how it took me nearly a month. I mean it had a lot of positives over X which kept me going. One thing the stand in pics were much better. In Vitamin X everyone looked like they needed to go on a diet but the artist realized that fat gachimuchi dudes aren’t attractive so he made everyone skinny this time around! The CGs were an improvement as well but a lot of them seem to have been this weird “from the top” view. Why? Do you like drawing people’s heads or something xD. But at least there was a good amount of CGs that were decent enough that I let it slide.  Not having kiss Cgs for Yakumo & Arata was a disappointment but they were my least favorite characters so I guess I’m not that upset? The VAs this time around did a great job. Even if Yakumo fucking grated my ears and Arata kept going NCHU~ every 5 seconds they still did a great job portraying all these extreme character personalities. I’ve never heard KENN in anything but Miracle Train but I think he did an excellent job voicing Tenjurou. Nojima Kenji and Nachi..ugh such a delicious combination. It’s like in LE2 I wanted to shoot Makoto in the head but that just means he’s great at voicing every type of character. I hope to hear him in more games! The music this time around was a lot better in my opinion than in X. Then again I guess I’m kinda biased to these edo-ish Japanese like bgms than the technoey ones of X. To be honest though, this game was actually HARDER than X! This is I guess the biggest surprise like “Oh you didn’t fully complete X how the hell did you make it through Z?” I tell you how. Because Nachi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kiyoharu. Yea I know Kiyo was in here too but there was a hell lot less of him! But no honestly for example the action lines in X were a million times easier. Most action lines in X were just answers to questions from the sensei. In Z a lot of lines were stuffed in between regular dialogue but I guess after the practice I got from X, I was able to catch them easily. I only remember missing maybe 1 or 2 in the entire game.

As far as heroines go, I did like that Manami wasn’t as boy crazy as Yuri was. Yuri was like “kyaa bishies” in every other scene but Manami really was focused on being a teacher. Sadly this also made all the confession scenes really awkward. Like really? You liked him? Did you really? I think in 1 scene she was even like “I just realized…I like you too!” No you don’t just realize that sigh (ಠ_ಠ). The exams were leveled up a notch when they added Kagetora throwing 20 questions at you all from random subjects. Fortunately I had a guide but the good part was a lot of questions he asked were from anime and manga lol. I definitely remember hearing questions about Code Geass, Full Metal Panic, Kuroshitsuji, Kirarin Revolution, Fruits Basket & Kaichou wa Maid Sama 😆 In the B6 special routes they would always mention them having a crush on “that person” which was obviously Yuri. That made me smile and shed a tear. Z also didn’t have the accessories like X did. Well most accessories in X were just ridiculous to the point I turned them off but I liked how you could see the visible blushes in X. In Z you could hardly tell the character had any emotions besides happy confused & angry (´・ω・`;). What they did in Z during kiss scenes since they didn’t use CGs this time, is they zoomed in on the stand in pic. For some reason they didn’t think their cunning plan all the way through and you saw this blurred jagged zoom in which looked really awkward and made the mood of the scene pretty much null. In the seiyuu talks most of the guys mentioned that the game is LONG. Yes it is long. I also raged when I did all the zapping for append 1, but since I didn’t go into the individual chapters to “open them up” and then save, I did the zapping for append 2 and append 1s never got opened (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ Had to go back to redo the append 1 zappings so I could unlock all the bonus voices. For some reason the bonus voices were kinda mediocre this time around? I liked how in X they would pretend to be someone else in the cast. The only person who did that this time was Tsubasa saying he’s a Japanese monkey but he was really making fun of Ten プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ It was a nice spin to have only 4 idiots this time and 2 guys from the student council.The whole twin personality thing reminded me of this song. (*´ω`*) In his seiyuu talk, Suganuma sounded like he was gonna burst because he was so tired of voicing ダルイ声 Mizuki and he said everyone should email D3P and tell them to make a fandisk for Vitamin X and Z! Apparently it worked…and it’s the game I will be playing next to conclude my Vitamin adventures. Thanks for reading!

P.S. I don’t really recommend this game without playing through X first. X is a great way to get used to catching action lines and it’s a lot easier in that sense. Additionally since the B6 grow up sometimes they will refer to the past stuff they did in high school and without playing X it’s just not the same. It may seem hard & challenging but I think the character interactions & scenarios are worth it, even if the CGs are poo and Rejet fails in the romance department 😆


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  1. I guess he shaved it cause he’s a basketball player in the NBA? XD but yea he looks like crap rofl. Lol I was more thinking of the Nice Boat from School Days… 😆

    Aww X to Z is really fast! I’ve already done 3 guys within 24 hours lol and there’s no exams so you just fly through it 😀

  2. 8D you finally finished it!! I remember going into the live and the first thing that popped up was Kiyoharu’s laugh and I was like “FUUUUUUUUUUUU KIYOHARU Y U BACK?????” and then I saw his hair xD oh god lol or lack of it wtf did he do to it!!?? Lol

    “so Ten instead hosts it on a nice boat by the Narumiya zaibatsu.” when I read this I thought of your boat picture and then I thought of the song “I’m on a boat” xD

    This game lol CGs, characters, music, plot etc just leveled up by like a gazillion xD except for maybe the romance lol I can’t wait to see X to Z!! I have the PSP version of this game but I… never got around to starting it xD LOL (as usual)

  3. It’s a lot easier with guides now so I recommend a revisit. Even the guide for the questions with the principal. The questions aren’t complete. I did run into 2-3 that weren’t in the guide but with save state who cares right? Yea I admit Yuri was more fun simply cause she was like Ikemens ♡_♡ While Manami was like “STOP BEING A DUMBASS! *smack*” XD

    X to Z is so nice now! No exams, better CGs, more romance (*´ω`*)

  4. Congrats on finishing Z. Finally you full-comp’d the game! xD
    I only played Ten’s route before quitting since there was no guides back then, and it was hell to go through all the exams.. but your review convinced me to go back to the game soon lol. There’s the PSP version but I’m just gonna follow your footsteps and do the PS2 one since it’d be easier to cheat go through the exams.

    Heroine-wise I liked Yuri more than Manami. Even though she’s kinda dumb sometimes, her ikemen mousou are entertaining. 8D I didn’t remember much romance growing in Ten’s route, but.. as long as the game’s fun I’ll play it anyway lol.

    Have fun with Vitamin X to Z xD

  5. lol thanks XD
    for some reason I think you’d love Nachi’s route too so I definitely recommend playing him if you ever decide to revisit the game. the tests can be annoying but with peche’s guide it was just a matter of ctrl F so it wasn’t so bad xD;

    yea Manami is a bit …smarter than yuri lol but I still like the B6 and I just don’t think its the same playing Z without playing through X first. Regarding the skirt line: http://twitpic.com/4zctod XD

  6. lol CONGRATS FO GETTING THROUGH THIS GAME XDXD i onli played ten’s route and though i loved him so much (frickin hilarious BAKA), it killed me with all dem tests and shiet so i took a …really really long break from it haha

    I liked this a lot more than vit x anyway though cuz manami cud cook and was so adorable ehehh. one thing i rmb abt Ten (i think it was him anyway) was when he was like “ARE YOU MAH スカート??” to manami and she’s like ” WTF U MEAN ストーカ?!?!” XDXD

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