2 Years on FFXIV

2 years

I know most of my readers here just come for the otome game reviews but FFXIV is still a huge part of my life so I’d like to reflect on the past year. It’s now been 2 years since I started, 2 years since my otome game backlog went to hell but it was definitely a 2 years to remember.

A lot has happened since 2014…probably even more so than 2013. In August 2014 I basically left my static (due to terrible healer drama/no progress) and joined up another one. I was with that static for a few months. We cleared T8, farmed 6-8 for weeks and then got stuck on T9. Suddenly attitudes crept up, people would go try clearing with other groups and all sorts of dramatic backstabbing. Eventually, I left that group, and my friend’s raid group in Final coil helped me clear T9.

See you in a few months Bahamut!

Time passed, we still had no static group, party finder was kinda dead…so we decided to transfer servers. We’d have to start our FC over, we’d be losing our house in the Mist but ultimately I think the decision to transfer to Gilgamesh was worth it.  Before that though, we fantasia’d and got married:

Thanks to all the friends/former static members who came!

Once that was over, a little before Christmas, we transferred over.

So long Behemoth!
So long Behemoth!

We immediately created our new FC and began a fast work to not only grind it to rank 6 but to sell all our transferred items (including those fat cat minions my fisher brought me 😆 )to make money to buy a medium house in the Goblet. All the small houses on Gilgamesh had been sold out so only mediums & larges were left. Fortunately, we managed to scrape up enough to buy a house right by the Brimming Heart waterfall.

A lot of in game stuff had passed as well. The tragic death of a certain childhood friend NPC, the conclusion of the Hildibrand storyline (Or is it?)


We had also found a raid group through a pug in party finder and cleared T10, 11 and 12 with them.



I was forced to switch to White Mage (from Scholar) which I wasn’t really good at playing and it was really stressful for me. By the time we reached T13, I didn’t really get along with my cohealer, her boyfriend obviously prioritized her bratty attitude over the group goals and then we had problems with our DPS ignoring the leader’s requests to stop standing in the fire to “increase MUH DEEPZ”. ಠ_ಠ Anyway the leader decided to just “disband the group” a couple days later although really it was a backasswards way to solve any problems. Honestly, I was already on my way out so I’m glad what happened did. About a week later, we saw someone looking for a scholar & warrior for a static for t13 so we joined up and I could finally return to being a scholar like I had originally intended.

Around this time SE released the Gold Saucer:


I got addicted to collecting triple triad cards and chocobo racing. To this day I have about 76 TT cards though I rarely play anymore because with the new tourney rules, tourney cheating and all these “random” NPCs, it’s really taken the fun out of the game for me.

After a month of dive bomb struggles, white mage aggro struggles, people being sick struggles, main tank being bitchy about her voice struggles….we finally cleared T13.


Unfortunately a couple weeks later the FCOB lockout was removed. That means you didn’t have to be tied to a group to clear it for loot. This basically caused the group to collapse, people being greedy because their weapons/gear weren’t dropping or being lazy because they had relics, didn’t need the weapons….so instead of farming we’d be wiping all night. After me and my husband got our gear (thanks to pugs lol) we and the main tank all decided to leave the group since well the goal was to clear t13 and that goal was met. Once we left, around that time I took a 1 month break to catch up on my otome game backlog, and while I was gone the main tank girl transferred out to Behemoth and we’ve lost contact since. I pretty much stopped keeping contact with anyone from this static, though the scumbag whm tried to get my attention at the start of Heavensward and I pretty much ignored him. 😆  I came back for a bit to finish the 2.5 storyline so I’d be ready for the expansion. By then I had gotten my warrior to 50 and did enough Triple Triad & chocobo races to get my turtle mount:


Weeks rolled by and so came Heavensward! First thing I did was fantasia into an Au Ra female! Trading male for female gear and cleaning out my glamour was a bit of a nuisance but I’m finally all set now (and I have more glamour options yay!)


I had also gotten my new computer, moved apartments in real life and was able to run the game on a 2k monitor with Direct X 11. Heavensward story was amazing, moving and so sad that during a certain cut scene, I ended up crying for the rest of the night. Our FC also finally got to have some bonding time with the new FC workshop feature!


My friend who had been away from the game for over a year decided to return to play with us as well. While I had been maining scholar in 2.0, I decided to switch to Black Mage in order to also help get my retainer some levels for crafting purposes.  Unfortunately, once I hit 60 I realized I really HATED Enochianmage and decided to finish leveling my white mage (for retainer purposes again lol) and then switch back to my comfort zone: Summoner! Also Alexander Normal came out for the me that never wants to raid end game shit with a static again. As you can see, statics just aren’t for me!


I had also worked on getting all my crafters and gatheres to 60 and now I’m both Grandmaster or the Hand and Land, working on my red scrips every week.

The best crafter quest of 3.0
The best crafter quest of 3.0
Just sittin' around waiting for nodes with my Miquitten friend x3
Just sittin’ around waiting for nodes with my cat friends

I ended up getting my Astrologian to 50 and dropping it because of how weak it was. Now that they buffed it I may pick it up again. I started leveling my dragoon to get to 34 for blood 4 blood, but I ended up liking it so much I just dinged 50 on it last night. Working on getting my Machinist to 60 and then will follow up with Dragoon to 60 as well. Probably then I’ll go back to my Astrologian and maybe get one of my tanks to 60 for a change of scenery.


Overall, I’ve taken a more casual/relaxed way of playing the game. I’ve recently gotten into PVP  (particularly Seal Rock) for the glamours as well as quick ways to cap my esoterics. While I managed to clear Bismark Ex in a pug, Ravana Ex still remains a wall due to most people not caring/having already cleared it. I just dropped it for now and I’ll get through it when it becomes steam roll/faceroll content because I simply don’t care to “clear things on time” anymore. I’ve helped FC members get through unsynched Shiva Ex, T8 and T9 and honestly it was more fun to me than any dumb pug I banged my head against the wall with. It makes the game less stressful for me and also gives me more time to focus on what most of my readers are here for: otome game reviews 😉

So thank you FFXIV for a great 2 years. Here’s looking to a great 3rd year! (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・゚

P.S. If you are thinking of starting the game or are in your  trial period, please leave a comment and your email address in the email box (only I can see it.) I can send you a friend referral code so we can both get items! 🙂

23 thoughts on “2 Years on FFXIV

  1. I really need to play this! I’m glad you don’t just talk about otoges. FF is a great franchise, and FF14 seriously has a lot of good things about it. While I haven’t played it myself, my friends have all went nuts over it. I’m glad you enjoyed this game and I would love to see posts on other games you like if you’re down for that! 😀

    1. Yea honestly I used to blog about all these F2P MMOs I played back in the day but most of them are shit and either closed down or are basically a trap for gambling addicts lol. Also I guess based on views/comments I know most people dgaf about my non otome posts so I pretty much keep them to a minimum now lol. I think a lot of people found this blog through otome games rather than through my mmo posts so it’s hard to be like “oh hey guys I also play MMOs like half the time” at this point lol.

      FF14 now just feels like an excuse to say “This is why I can only do 1 otome game review per month” XD

      1. Lol funny thing is, I literally found your blog from one of your mmo’s then saw your otoge reviews. It’s a shame most people can’t branch out in gaming but oh well. I still really appreciate them so you can count on me definitely reading these posts lol

        1. Haha thanks I appreciate it. Honestly if I actively blogged about FFXIV it would just be a spew of complaints about the “fucking bads who wipe in trying clear XYZ” or “my static are a bunch of assholes” or “I capped my dailies/weeklies/leveled up job B” lol..so that’s why I think the yearly post is probably best to summarize everything that goes on with the game for me xD

          1. Hahaha still, that would be entertaining! Have you ever thought of streaming again? I heard you did some before but you stopped. If you’re too busy I understand, but live streams of FF or mmo’s maybe even otoges would be awesome!

            1. I just stopped cause I can’t stream vita games. There’s no way to stream them unfortunately and since I don’t raid anymore I don’t really have anything interesting to stream on FFXIV either XD I used to stream me spamming chocobo races though lol

  2. I don’t want to add to your private comment chain, so I’ll just make a new post lol. You CAN stream Vita games. There are two ways:

    1) The cheap option – buy a Vita TV, an HDMI splitter box and a capture card. Vita TV (or PSTV now) are like $30 on Rakuten, so it’s a no-brainer even if you won’t use it much. The downside is that there are loads of Vita games that are not compatible with the Vita TV, but there is a way around this that is not yet known to the public *wink wink*

    2) The easy option – buy a modded Vita with a built-in capture card. This lets you view your Vita on your PC screen so you can use OBS or whatever to just stream a portion of your PC screen. The downside is that these modded Vitas are ridiculously expensive, but if you have the cash, they’re perfect because you can just play using your Vita instead of using a dualshock with the Vita TV. Plus, fewer cables.

    I’d pick the option 1. It’ll probably cost you $30-35 for the Vita TV, ~$20 for an HDMI splitter and maybe around $80 for an HD capture device (total $140ish). The modded Vita will cost a whopping $500 (including shipping because you have to import it from Japan). And don’t worry about games not being compatible (¬◡¬)ノ

    1. It’s fine however I am aware of both of those “options” and well neither of them are an option for me.

      1) My TV and PC are in completely separate rooms. As you mentioned not all vita games are compatible and I don’t know of any ways to hack it, too much of a hassle to go looking for it. Also have to pay a lot of money for capture equipment, it’s not cheap.
      2) Easy option but absurdly expensive for an outdated Vita model (since it uses Vita 1000 and I’m already using 2000 which I prefer as it’s less bulky).

      Neither of these are an option for me at all. They are both too expensive for something that was just a side thing. I never really got more than maybe 10 viewers at max so it’s not like I was a really popular channel that could pay for itself. Basically I’d be funding everything myself for the “hope” that I’d actually get people to view my broadcast and well honestly that’s not really worth it for me lol. I do miss chatting with the few people who stopped by frequently, but unfortunately not enough that I’m willing to throw out a lot of money to get all this set up. :/ I think they should make an app to officially let you stream your vita games like they did with PS4. THey had plans to let you do so with niconico stream but that option seems to have jumped out the window lol.

      1. Aw man that’s a shame. Me and my friends love your reviews and we were talking about how videos from you would be even better. It’s all good though 🙂

  3. Uhm, hello Hinano! I’m a sometime lurker of your blog. I just had to come out of hiding and comment on this post, though, since I noticed that you had transferred to Gilgamesh. Urm, if it’s not a bother, may I add you in-game? I’ve really enjoyed your blog, and I’d love to meet you sometime, and maybe run some duties together or something. If you don’t mind, that is. ^//^;

    Thank you for your time!

        1. edit: sorry I didn’t talk much yesterday, I’m trying to get through my otome backlog so I just login to do my roulettes and then go on the couch with my vita xD

  4. Your blog, your rules; share everything who pleases and makes you happy (•̀ᄇ• )ﻭ✧!

    I also enjoy reading these posts, it’s a part of you/your life, and it’s interesting too! Games always bring/learn us something, whether it be positive or negative & as well, make us think about many things. But the most important is to not forget to have a lot of fun ✧*。!

    Graphics looks very beautiful and the game epic and fun; kinda regrets to have a mac right now orz (sometimes, I miss my WoW period).

    Hope you’ll make a wonderful FFXIV 3rd year ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و !

    1. Yea they actually had a MAC version of FFXIV but it was a massive failure so they took it down. I think you can still play it if you use some kind of thing to run your MAC in windows? I’m not sure as I haven’t used a mac in years lol. And thank you for always reading and commenting (๑´ڡ`๑)

      1. You’re very welcome ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)!

        I’d love to add more dense comments, buuut, I was very busy this year then my games piled up so hard and as a result: I’m still in Dialovers hell (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚(but I confess that I’m unfaithful and I’m with Oyayubi Hime for now). I really enjoy to read your whole reviews and not only the “Final Thoughts” part because I want to share with you my feelings about theses games too. But at least, I always do the prologue to have a little outset of opinions ( ᐛ )و !

        Oh, it’s too bad, but at least they try to please Mac users hehe! And yeah, I plan to get a sofware like // Desktop, there are so many things that requires Windows in the end and developers have clearly understood this request
        ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ!

        1. so I keep trying to search for you but I never see you online. not sure if it’s bad luck or we just play at different hours lol. I’m usually on between 7pm – 10PM est (though I’ve been logging out a little earlier to tackle my otome game backlog)

  5. I totally forgot that you played FFXIV! I just started it over summer break this year and totally sped through the MQS to unlock heavensward, which I thereafter didn’t get to do too much with because I had to fly back to the US for school and there was no way in heck that I could lug a ps3 with me to college. It’s too bad that we aren’t on the same servers tho!(I’m on Famfrit~)

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