Unboxing: Yunohana SpRing Animate Set


Woo my hot spring mans finally arrived ヽ(`▽´)/

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Music Game Review: Taiko no Tatsujin V Version

I love music games (that aren’t by Otomate) so needless to say I had to pick this one up. Since the postal service is playing volleyball with my next otome game, I decided to spend the weekend getting through this, and had a lot of fun doing so!

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Otome Game Review: Queen of Flowers

Let’s see how many people dismiss this post because I translated Reine des Fleurs from French to English :lol:. Honestly, I cannot take this game seriously. It was very difficult for me to write this review. As I am writing this post after finishing the game I wish I could jump back in time and cancel my preorder. I’m not even gonna bother summarizing the story here because the entire thing is a sham and coverup for the real truth behind the whole game. If you wish to see the truth behind what really happens, read after the jump at your own risk. Warning: Extreme rage and sarcasm ahead. Though honestly, you should just spoil yourself to give yourself a reason to never play this game and just buy the artbook for Kagerou’s pretty artworks….as that is basically this game’s only SAVING GRACE (PUN INTENDED) (;´Д`) Everyone else feel free to skip to my final rage thoughts. But remember folks, just because I didn’t like it, doesn’t mean that YOU shouldn’t like it. This is after all just my personal opinion and experience with the game! Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Queen of Flowers”

Android Otome App Review: My Pimp ~I picked up an Ikeman~


One day after work you run into a homeless ikebum on the street and decide to take him home like your pet. He ends up being a freeloader in your house but after all the kindness you give him, he falls in love with you. Feeling bad that he’s a freeloading loser, he decides to man up and get a job to be your ideal ikemen.

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