Unboxing: Reine des Fleurs Limited Edition

I actually…forgot I ordered limited edition. I’m really starting to lose track of my Vita backlog orz.

I got a pile of 7 games on my window which is probably the worst back log I’ve ever had. I told myself to stop buying games until I finish what I have but then CD Japans like “you got points that will expire lol ^^” (;´Д`)… So I ended up just ordering a bunch of stuff. Probably won’t even get to half of those games until 2016 which is good I guess since there’s not much till the end of the year for me to buy. Only other thing I preordered is Yunohana Spring and I think that will wrap up my “to buy” games for 2015.

By the way I’ll be posting a poll after each game I complete for what I should play next so definitely be sure to stop by and vote every couple weeks! 🙂


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  1. Honestly I haven’t touched any quin rose games since the alice port so I can’t recommend anything out of there lol. I did get 2 Vita ports from them but they’re kinda last on my priority.

    Otherwise I’d say Binary Star, Code Realize, Shinobi Koi and KLAP

  2. I”m okay with the VN system, just that sometimes I like to have a gameplay to be more challenge.

    What would you recommend to get for the vita? I’m looking at amazon jp but there’re so many games on there and I kind of get lost in it. I’m planning to get Re:Vice (after reading your review) and was looking at Quinrose’s games. There are some twin and triple pack port for Quinrose’s psp titles but I’m searching if there’s any changes or they just put them together on one card.

  3. Sorry I’ve been delaying my playthrough of Crimson Empire due to other games but I do plan to get to it some day. I hated the RPG system though so I think I might have a different opinion on it

  4. too bad I really like the RPG system in the old one 😥 I don’t really know if I should go for the new version of Quinrose games or just play the old one. I’m not really impressed with the port of Hear no Kuni no Alice.

    Btw I”m really happy to found your blog, gonna get some otome Vita games now ^^

  5. Hello! I just found your website recently and really enjoy your review ^^

    Can I ask you some questions? About that Crimson Empire port is it just like Alice game, which is pure VN or is it still just like the old one, have RPG system in it?

  6. I like the Genki (げんき) book series for learning. One of my Japanese classes used it. But for me personally I think immersion is the best way. Watch a lot of Japanese dramas, listen and try to translate lyrics. Forcing yourself to translate/look up words will help you a lot. I learned a great deal of kanji just reading all these otome games lol

    THank you for reading 🙂

  7. I initially found your blog looking for a code:realize review, but ended up laughing so much I started reading your other posts and I’m really enjoying them lol xD. I’m kinda new to japanese otome, and only really know the english translated/fan made stuff, but I agree that Quinrose made a shitstorm of the ‘google translate’ of the Alice game. I’m an english-speaking native and have wanted to play the original since I first laid eyes on it, but was so disappointed in this mobile game port, and didn’t want to spend $40+ bucks on it :/ basically its what made me really want to start learning japanese so I can play the original ones, but I’ve no idea where to start orz. Do you have any suggestions and/or references for a completer beginner to japanese? I’ve tried starting before, but just can’t get a foothold. Thanks (:

  8. 3 star is still pretty mediocre. I heard the bad end plethora + system (and timed choices) are the bane of this game. I guess they wanted you to work hard for Kagerou’s art like they did in Wand of Fortune. Fortunately, I slogged through all the WOF games so I guess CHALLENGE ACCEPTED at this point 😆 (I’m sure I’ll rage about it in my final thoughts xD)

  9. The Limited Edition of Reine des Fluers looks so nice! The art is so beautiful. I’m still on the fence about ordering it (when I first checked on Amazon Japan when it was first released, the reviews weren’t so great, but now the reviews are mixed, but mostly 3 star reviews).

  10. yea I don’t even remember why I ordered limited…I have barely even followed this game. WEll I hope it turns out good so my money won’t be wasted XD

  11. Yay you ordered limited edition, mine regular since yen kinda expensive in my country also my stuff still in custom TAT I can’t wait to get this game w

  12. I guess that’s him? XD I know it’s really bad to buy games based on artist but I’ve been so flooded it’s the quickest thing to make my decision orz

    I’m hoping by the time I finally get to RdF someone will have a guide up so it won’t be as difficult to get through XD

  13. Lol the art itself makes it worth to play the game XD. You mean Orpheus? I KNOW you’ll love him, especially Ghislain. I’m not usually into poster boys, and I was mildly interested in Leon, but playing the prologue now and WOW he is such a cutie. He’s very endearing, so I’m sure you’ll love him as well. I’m not sure if you’ll like Louis and Hubert- they’re pretty cunning guys- but I personally have been hyped about Louis since last year since I love his character design the most (besides Violette) and love his type.

    Also- I take back my words on the ravir system lol- It’s starts off easy but gets harder (but still doable apparently?). What you choose and how you do on the mini-games determines everything route-wise, which makes it a struggle when trying to get certain endings (like where to fail, what decisions to make. ESPECIALLY since there’s so many endings.) Anyways, I hope you enjoy playing the game! So far I am ^^

  14. I wanted to get Taiko no Tatsujin but I haven’t got the chance thanks to other games orz beware of your vita coz that game is one hell of a button masher XDD

  15. Wow, talk about a backlog to get through lol. Good luck! 😀 That limited edition looks nice, but I don’t have the money for that. Is Taiko no Tatsujin good for a first rhythm game? I need to get into music games but I’m not sure I’d see much replay value in it after hearing the same songs over and over again.

  16. I’m going to be honest, I haven’t at all been paying attention to RdF at all. I just ordered it on the base of “I like Kagerou’s art and I liked Wand of Fortune” orz. I’ve been so behind in my backlog I’ve tried to keep up with all the new info but aside from B’s Log/DGS monthly scans I haven’t paid attention at all ;__; I recall taking a character quiz though and I think the best match for me was the guy voiced by Kenn? XD So I guess I’m looking forward to playing his route whenever I get to it!

  17. Ooh nice! I’m still waiting for Reine des fleurs to come to me (ordered the stellaworth set). about the system- I’ve heard that the ravir system isn’t all that complicated or hard as it makes it out to be. Which guy(s) are you most interested/exited in romancing?

  18. Yea I noticed some limited editions now are really skimpy on their goodies…which is why lately I usually get them from places like Stellaworth and Animate for “extra” items. The CD case was so cute like a popup book so that was really creative of them. Yea I hope the games turn out good, it’s always a bummer when you get limited editions and the game ends up suckin (cough possession magenta orz)

  19. Wow, Reine des Fleurs LE is wonderful (*´▽`*) ! I really miss booklets in PSV editions (I think it’s also too bad there’s no one in some LE edition…), so, I’m glad they added one here! And looks a this cute CD case, it’s really pleasant (I’m a goodies person) ! CD Japan portrait set seems pretty too (I found -according to my own taste- that they could print lovelier CG sometimes -but like it’s free stuff, I’m ashamed to complain about this (= ω =);- ) !

    I sincerely think you made the right choice to use your points now. Because some games are Sold Out very fast and everywhere. If you’re really wanted one of them, now, you just have to use proxy services (;ω;)…

    Spite of your pile, I hope you enjoy your games anyway (*´︶`*) !

  20. yea I’m wary about the system but I have other games to play anyway so if it’s too complex I’ll play the easier games first 😛 and yea I love music games so I had to get that one.

  21. That app only lets you view people who stream from their PS4s but it won’t let you stream your vita unfortunately. I’ve looked for ways to stream but there just isn’t one right now!

  22. Oh, um also for your comment you had made before about not being able to stream now, I’m not sure if you know, but Vita has a “Live from Playstation” app. Would it be possible for you to stream again if you used it? The description in the PSN Store is kind of vague though, so I’m not sure entirely how it works :I

  23. Reine Des Fleurs looks absolutely gorgeous! I think that it was a good idea to get the limited edition especially since you had those points to use haha I’ve been creeping on your blog for a while now and reading your reviews has helped me pick out which games I want to play, so thank you ; w; I’m looking forward to your Reine review~

  24. I see you ended up getting Reine coz of the points ^^; as much as I wanted to play it, I still have my doubts about the system ): also you actually bought taiko no tatsujin! it’ll be nice if you gonna do a small review bout it as well but you got piles of backlog there. good luck finishing them!

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