Otome Game Review: Soukoku no Kusabi ~Hiiro no Kakera 3~ Ashita he no Tobira

In my quest to finally get all the Hiiro games out of my backlog, I decided to finally play this fandisk that I’ve backlogged for a year. BIG MISTAKE. I should have kept it backlogged, or rather, I should have done like Genroh and thrown it out of my backlog forever.  The good news is, this is the last Hiiro no Kakera game I will EVER play. ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ!

A year and a half after all the events, Tamaki and co. are now approaching their high school graduation. Well Mahiro and Yuichi had already graduated but they’ve come back to visit. Tamaki wants to go to the same University as Yuuichi but Ashiya tells her it would be easier for all of them if she went to the college of his organization instead. This way they can keep watch to make sure nothing happens to her since she’s the Tamayorihime and may get ostracised at a regular school. So anyway Tamaki’s like moping around not knowing what to do cause all her guardians can’t be together forever. Sounds like a deep plot! It’s okay, this is a fandisk, I don’t expect a plot I expect FANSERVICE. BIG MISTAKE PART 2. Nothing actually fucking happens except in Takuma and Mahiro’s routes that’s worth even remembering. Seriously I’d zone out during the routes and before I knew it they had ended. I pretty much gave up writing a summary and decided to just mention what I actually remember from any of the routes instead!



Seriously you could have had some awesome 3P scenario here Otomate when O-chan turned into Yuichi. But what happens instead? Nothing. I don’t even remember what happened. I felt like aside from Tamaki’s college moping, the rest of the rout was spent to train O-chan to transform into Yuichi so they could NOT have a 3P. You fail Otomate, YOU FAIL SO HARD. щ(ºДºщ)



Oh look it’s a Yonaga character that makes my ears bleed. Oh look it’s a stupid Hiiro filler character that has no real significance and even if he wasn’t there I wouldn’t have noticed.  Also his sprite really bothered me like something was going on with his right eye. Time to see an Optometrist Rin-kun.

But if the 2 of you actually communicated effectively, then your route would really have no plot!
But if the 2 of you actually communicated effectively, then your route would really have no plot!

Tea Kettle Keteru

This video summarizes Keteru’s entire route. Seriously Otome game makers need to stop this “you must teach him the ways of love” thing crap plot already. It’s a great sub plot but when it’s the main plot I can predict every single line the characters say.


This time, Tamaki’s advice worked a bit TOO well though!

But in the end the poor sap got shot down anyway because he’s not in the Tamaki-bed-sleeping allowed tier. Only Suguru seems to be in there.


So here I’m thinking man Suguru’s one of those Hirakawa Daisuke chars that isn’t some crazy yandere psychopath and it feels weird for a change. BIG MISTAKE NO.3:

That's right Tamaki you tell him!
That’s right Tamaki you tell him!
….WTF!? (ಠ_ಠ)


Shinji’s route is terrible melodrama up that’s lifted up ONE EXTRA notch.


Ok my high school Spanish is nearly gone at this point but it was like one of those dramatic Spanish soap operas where you have no fucking idea what’s going on but it’s all really dramatic.

↑ Like that.


Ryo attempts to get laid in both sections of the game but since he’s not Takuma, Tamaki doesn’t give in so easily. Fortunately unlike the rest of the cast, he has some WORDS OF WISDOM for our moping heroine:

.......Tamaki (ಠ_ಠ)
…….Tamaki (ಠ_ಠ)

Wow what a concept. If someone had told this to Tamaki from the start (or if the writers forgot that she’s not a fucking idiot in the original games) then she wouldn’t moping around bawwing that oh noes I’m going to college an hour away and I won’t see my man harem for a year or two!  I think in the end Tamaki let Ryo screw her, or at least let him touch her since she spent most of the route rejecting his advances. Sigh.


Well if this game wasn’t obviously biased towards Takuma I don’t know what was.



Takuma drinks some potion that makes him into a horny beast and he’s about to ravage Tamaki until Mitsuru gets home and cockblocks them. When Ryo asked her to screw like over and over, NOPE but one request from horny-Takuma and bam let’s do it ladiez! Also Takuma totally gets the wedding end. There wasn’t a wedding CG but he gave her an engagement ring and in the epilogue they’re now a happily married couple living in the village. Guess Tamaki ditched her education to become Takuma’s housewife.


THIS WAS THE BEST FANDISK-ISH ROUTE IN THE GAME AND I’M NOT SAYING THIS CAUSE I’M REALLY BIASED. First of all it’s been a while since I played any Hiiro games so while I “remember” that Mahiro was my favorite the “feeling of him being my favorite” wasn’t really there so I was being as unbiased as I possibly could. Hell even Mahiro’s constantly FUGGING SCREAMING in my ear made me want to throw a chair. STILL this was the best route in the whole game because it basically has Tamaki plotting together with Mitsuru to tease Mahiro by pretending to be a married couple with him. This confuses the fuck out of him and creates a really cute situation WHICH WAS NOT PRESENT IN LIKE ANY OF THE OTHER ROUTES. Seriously this was the only route where I could truly go |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  while in all the other ones I could barely keep my eyes on the screen.


The other reason this route was the best is because it’s the ONLY route where Tamaki felt like she was the same old self as the original games. She had a fun personality and teased Mahiro rather than moping around an whining about some moving away to college bullshit.




CUTIIIEEEE also hell yea Tamaki thanks for being hilariously awesome. So no, you need both a fun scenario and a heroine with a fun personality to make a route work. Just shoving in melodrama and ~bishies~ isn’t gonna fucking cut it Otomate WHEN WILL YOU LEARN. Oh wait you will never learn as long as the under 18 crowd in Japan buys every single Hiiro and Hakuoki game you poop out ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ).


This fandisk was too little too late. Each route took me approximately 2.5 hours to complete including both everyone’s graduation and your graduation sections. The game was clearly riding on the fact that you played Hiiro, you love these characters and you will love them no matter how fucking bad the art and the writing is. Unfortunately this would have only worked if 1. I had actually watched the DEEN QUALITY anime and 2. I had only gotten into Hiiro during the anime boom and marathoned all the games at once. Anyone who played the original games during their release or even played  them during the same time as me, you would have had at least 6 months – 1 year gap between game play. I don’t know about others but as you can see, I cycle through games quickly. The good ones stick in my memory for some time but after a while I move on to new things. I can’t stick to the same characters/fandom for too long because I just want something new. Due to this I barely remembered what the story of Soukoku no Kusabi even was, what the fuck any of the mirrors even were and I barely remembered why I liked/disliked the characters. I do however remember that the story in the original hiiro or at least in the fandisk (ano sora no shita de) made me ENJOY the characters. This game only made me roll my eyes, and go play the FF14 beta to get my mind off it for a few days orz. In my head FDs are supposed to add enjoyment to the game but if you release it so fucking late after the fact, then you better make it engaging enough that it doesn’t depend on your “love for the characters from the previous game.” Also I’m glad they’ve retired Ike from copying Kazuki Yone and are having her draw in her own art style for that other Hiiro game. Seriously the kiss Cgs in this game were so awkward that I would have almost preferred to only just seeing the original Yone sprites the whole time ( ≖Д≖;). Otomate needs to retire Hiiro and Hakuoki, but lol Hakuoki’s still gonna be going for a while since they’ve decided to make a 4(?) year old idea into reality. ( ´_ゝ`)

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  1. Ahahahahaha…. God, you gave me a good laugh here. x’D THANK YOU, HINANO! Well, I hope SL 2nd is able to brighten your mood. 😀 😀 SEXY SHIINA AHEAD! wwwwwwww

    1. omg I was making extremely kimoi faces on my commute today while playing it (◉◞౪◟◉ )うへへへ

  2. Ugh so sick of people writing stupid plots about changing a guy/ getting a playboy or a rockhead to fall in love with the hero/heroine and stuff. But what possessed you to play another Hiiro game? Lol

    1. this was like the LAST hiiro game in my backlog and since it’s a fandisk I figured I’d finally get it out the way. thank god it was so short hahah

  3. Aww I was enjoying laughing at the mess that is now Hiiro but then you had to remind me of the abomination that is schooldays!hakuoki OTZ

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