Otome Game Review: NORN9 -Norn + Nonette-

It’s the year 2015 and in 2060 there was World War 4. A shota named Suzuhara Sorata finds himself at a research lab facility that he’s visiting with his classmates for a special tour. Suddenly he starts trippin’ balls hearing some kind of music and seeing a ghost girl talk to him.  Before he knows it, he falls asleep and then finds himself awakened in year 1919! He thinks he’s jumped back in time to the taisho era and then he runs into a girl who can’t even remember her name. She’s babbling nonsense and suddenly a giant alien space ship comes down to them and takes them both on board. On the ship Sorata meets some kids who all have psychic powers and he finds out that they’re on a journey around the world until they reach their “destination” – which is supposedly America. The game then switches to the points of view of 3 heroines and their relationships with the other psychic power users there.. Anyway this intro makes no freaking sense so if you want to make sense of anything you’re gonna have to read some spoilers after the jump :lol:. As usual you can avoid spoilers and skip to my final thoughts instead!

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