Final Fantasy 14 Beta Phase 3: Weekend 2 Impressions

Has anybody seen my pants?
Has anybody seen my pants?

Alright so there was another FF14 beta this weekend so since stuff wasn’t wiped yet I decided to continue on and try out more stuff in the game.

After hearing all of the suggestions from everyone here as well as reading the forums, I did finally manage to beat the level 14 scenario quest as well as my level 15 Conjurer quest. A strategy is indeed necessary to overcome this so basically this game is almost a Darwin effect of “no stupid people who can’t read allowed” 😆

Anyway since White Mage requires level 15 Gladiator, me and my husband finally made our way to Uldah because we completed the airship quest. He switched over to Puglist while I went the Gladiator way. The first thing I’d like to note is once you switch classes, usually your armor will not be wearable from your other class (especially if the level are far apart.) So probably until level 8 or so the both of us ran around like members of a nudist colony ┗(^o^ )┓三.


Eventually though we leveled up, I got to 14 and he got to 13 on our 2nd jobs. Still though, aside from the quests being capped at 15 (which is why we ran out of quests last week since this is a beta) I ran into a 2nd roadblock – The level 10 Gladiator quest. Basically, this quest requires a strategy. The strategy is, you’re partied with an NPC version of Leeroy Jenkins. He runs ahead, he aggros the mob on himself, he can’t heal himself let alone you, and he fucks up your boss fight. This quest basically trains you to deal with FUCKING ASSHOLE PLAYERS in your party. Of course, my reaction is lol pls final fantasy if I had this idiot in my party I’d quit the party or kick him out! But no the game wants you to learn how to deal with this idiot and while I managed to deal with the mobs, it’s the boss that screwed me over. He’d do a really powerful attack that when I would run away, it would kill the NPC and if I stayed to protect the NPC idiot, I would die. There was only 1 method of defeating this guy but it involved moving with WASD and using the mouse to turn your camera. WHOAA excuse me I’m used to 2D sidescrollers circa 1996 where I move with the arrow keys! I’ve used arrow keys to move my whole and now I gotta move with WASD whut.


Needless to say, anyone in my position is unable to do this quest and there were multiple complaints about it on the forum. Also seeing how I’m playing a healer class who mainly stands and just shoots heals, the fact that I have to now run around the enemy and attack that way, is completely the opposite way of my usual play style. So basically this game forces you to do a play style you aren’t used to and forces you to do it alone since you cannot bring any friends to help you out. A friend who was used to WOW playstyle did this quest in like 1 run and my husband did it in two. Me? I failed about 12 times before ragequitting 😆 I think Square Enix really needs to consider players like me who get so frustrated and really either give more directions and guidance OR allow you to bring at least ONE person to help you out. If I didn’t have my husband to help me, I probably would have quit the game right then and there. Obviously this isn’t the first time this has happened and I really think SE should consider all the complaints about these solo quests. I can see their “good intentions” to help you learn, but if you don’t provide enough guidance you’re basically making it out to be a giant クソゲー.


By being a Gladiator though, I learned about skill combos which Conjurer does not have. Sadly I learned it at like level 12 which is a bit too late but I don’t feel like it was thoroughly explained anywhere. Maybe it was when I was a conjurer, but seeing how conjurer at the moment has like no combos what so ever (at level 16 anyway) I probably forgot so by the time I got to gladiator I had no idea. We also did the dye clothes quest which we found in Uldah which I didn’t see while in Gridania. If that’s the case wow talk about unfair? Why not have a “dye person” quest in every single area?


We also visited Limsa Lomnosa (SP??) where the only class at the moment is marauder. I really feel bad for that area because it’s practically dead. It seems out of all 3 areas, Gridania was the most populated one, with Uldah being slightly less and Limsa being a deadzone.  Since 2 of our friends managed to get beta codes, we all decided to try one of those guild hests which you need 4 people for. One of the friends is also a PS3 player and she was doing pretty well despite some limitations for that platform. Overall as a conjurer I learned that when you’re in a party like that, all you do is heal. You don’t attack and in fact the 1 pity attack the conjurer gets seems like it’s only used during fetch quests or solo instance quests. In the end, a conjurer just does what they do best: heal the crap out of everyone.


Since we’re in beta 3, Arcanists are still not available. I’m not sure when Beta 4 will kick in but I must say the duty finder feature is great. When we did the first guildhest which was just the newbie one, we had one random tank guy be put into our party. He was pretty decent and once the party ended, the game automatically boots him out and bam done. No need to wait for people to come, no need to be like “NEED TANK” because the game automatically knows which class you are missing and throws people in who fit the requirement. Honestly this is the best kind of party system I’ve ever seen in a game. Overall I’m enjoying the game a lot more and I know that since this is a beta, a lot of content is still missing (like voices during the story scenes).  Only other grip is, when I played with the character maker to see what the Mikote and Lallafell classes look like, I was surprised to see such a lack of customization vs Hyur’s. I hope they consider adding more face types/hair styles to those classes because due to the lack of customization I’m not as motivated to make someone from that race. (´・ω・`) Also, what the hell is up with the damn monster assisting. I finally figured out the “icon difference” between aggro and non aggros but here I am fighting some monster and suddenly a clearly non-aggro monster comes over and starts attacking me for no reason.

And now for some 独り言 regarding other things…
Thanks to FF14, I’ve gone and uninstalled both RO2 and Pangya. I haven’t logged into Pangya in ages so not like it mattered but I heard Korea has a new course now. Lol why is that game still going? I guess it’s so cheap to run that even a few gambling addicts can keep it up. Last time I logged into RO2, I was level 48 and had run out of quests.  We tried to go back and do some khara quests that we skipped but basically found ourselves sick of killing monsters that give no exp (because we were too high level – but at the same time we weren’t able to do those quests at the RIGHT level due to the party finder being forever bugged.) The other thing was, a bug appeared where you couldn’t use your custom keys to move and had to use the default ones the game gave you. Honestly give me a break Gamebryo. Everytime they fix 1 bug, a new one appears, it’s like playing wack a mole with game bugs over there. It’s such a joke in comparison to the BETA of FF14.

Additionally, I am having a major otome game burnout. I made it my own personal rule that if I spend a lot of money on a game, I must finish it but atm, Storm Lover has a random event system and me and a bunch of other friends playing this game have run into road block. Basically the game forces you to play each route multiple times to obtain CGs because some events will NOT trigger for no apparent reason. Due to this I’ve been saving in every single month and if I find a CG missing, I found a blog that lists approximately WHEN the CG event happened for them so I use that as a reference and reload the month once more. Due to this the enjoyment of SL has been killed for me and since the characters are just no as interesting as the first game, it’s been a pretty suffering experience. If that wasn’t bad enough I’ve heard awful things about the system of Koibana Days and I’m just afraid to even touch it even though I got the limited edition il||li_| ̄|○il||liガーン。 So now I’m like damn I just wanna drop everything, disappear into Final Fantasy 14 and only reappear once I’ve fully enjoyed playing the game and reached the level cap and there’s just nothing for me to do. The thing is though, I know I have dedicated readers who look forward to my otome game reviews and it’s you guys who keep me going. Some of you lurk around for years and never comment, but I urge you to say something. Comments are a huge motivator for me, especially when I’m stuck playing horrid kusoge :lol:. FF14 officially opens at the end of August and I haven’t made the full decision to preorder the game or decide how long I want my subscription BUT I’m a lot more motivated at the moment to play it than play all these awful otome games lately. The makers lately just throw in some popular seiyuu, throw in drama CDs and a half assed plot with pretty art. They don’t think their systems all the way through, they don’t care if the price stays the same but the content lessens (quinrose) and they shit out shitty fandisks which have barely any fanservice and are just a huge waste of money. I’ve played and reviewed over 170 otome games so maybe it’s just a personal burnout I dunno but because of my readership I don’t want to just quit cold turkey. Still though, it’s become more and more difficult to sit through some of these terrible games and because now there’s so many games, it’s hard to tell what will be good and what will be blatant shit. (´・ω:;.:…


50 thoughts on “Final Fantasy 14 Beta Phase 3: Weekend 2 Impressions”

  1. Aw man, we can hope XD I’m gonna make a Conjurer -> White Mage, and maybe Arcanist -> Scholar, since I’m more towards healing/support 😀 I finally decided on a ol’ Hyur Midlander instead of a nekomimi because I can already guess every darn server is gonna be overrun with cats..

  2. haha yea who knows! I plan to make an arcanist-> scholar and JP will be a Warrior so maybe some day ;D

    and yea sadly any JP server I’ll be lagging on (I know this from playing Tartaros) so I’d rather stick to NA servers!

  3. Owh ok 🙂 Still a bit sad I can’t play with ya, but I hope both of us enjoy our respective servers 😀 Who knows, we might actually get paired up in the Duty Finder, since it’s cross server LOL!!

  4. ah yea I heard that this morning but I’ve actually planned to move to Coeurl.
    That one seems unpopular enough that no “big community” is going to it lol

  5. I think I’ll go to either Tonberry or Mandragora (MANDRAGORAAA!! Chocobos too mainstream :P) I have no idea what my ping is like for any server, but no matter what, I am gonna get my nekomimi character!! MWAHAHAHAHA

  6. Heya Cheryl 😀
    Cool, great to hear! JP and I have already preordered the game as well but based on the server status I think we’ll stick to USA servers. We get like 160+ sec ping from the Japan ones unfortunately 😦 We’re planning on going to Cactuar!

  7. Heya Hinano! Dropping by to tell you I’ve already thrown all my monehs at Squeenix for FFXIV:ARR, though I’ll probably be playing in the Japanese servers because it’s the one recommended for Southeast Asia players 😦

  8. Oh wow I haven’t seen you in ages lol. Also i had no idea about the class change. I am also interested in making a scholar though so I think I’m gonna try that next beta!

  9. Amazing, you actually played a game that I played. I am almost certain that they redid the class requirements for jobs and so you won’t need to take GLD to get WHM.

  10. well the chars from the first game do make an appearance and technically Kotaro is a tsundere. I don’t think thats the issue…oh well I’ll have my storm lover review up today so I won’t sound like a broken record here xD

  11. For Storm Lover 2nd, when the news was announced I was like D: no Kyousuke. All the characters look boring i.e. NO TSUNDERES. I went for Yamato the other day and well it was bland -___- I only played for a while though. I guess I can only love tsunderes. I saw the videos of the nikushoku mode on the site though and I was like FUCK YES WAIT FOR ME GUYS. Seeing as how you commented on the random events I’m kinda scared now D:

  12. Ah no the booklet actually writes it as Javier o.o
    so I’m pretty much going by D3P’s spelling even if it’s probably wrong lol

  13. Your welcome ^w^
    I’ll have to watch that, since you say it’s hilarious xD Also, I’m pretty sure his last name is spelled Xavier, not Javier x3
    Aww, that’s too bad. It’s pretty entertaining if you can do it x3.
    The cg direction just makes the cg worse >_< At least some of those cheapo cell phone games have more than one cg per route, some voice acting, and music ¬_¬

  14. wow really you failed to trigger the xmas CG? that’s actually one of the ones that always triggers for me.
    the holes I always have end up in weird places like in November or August or something.

    I’ll still try to force myself to do at least ONE review a month once FF14 starts up. A while back I had an otome game burnout (in 2007 or so) and I ended up just not going back to a lot of the games in my backlog. I tend to drop things and rarely return to them so that’s why at least 1 review a month will keep this hobby afloat x3

  15. Hi Hinano! I’m one of the lurkers who’s been following your reviews since i hopped onto the otoge bandwagon about half a year ago. =D It’s always amusing to read your rants about scenes and characters. I always find myself lol-ing along and nodding in absolute agreement to those moe-events and stuff. =3

    I’m also currently playing through SL2 and after 4 charas’ routes, finally realized that the events are totally random. No wonder my CG album has quite a number of holes, esp. for the x’mas CG which i always fail to trigger (managed to get Riku’s though! =D).

    It’s fine if you want to take a break in otoge-ing. I’m sure everyone would understand that you have no obligation to churn out reviews after reviews non-stop. Once you feel the drive to pick up otoges again, your fans will be here to ravenously gulp up the new reviews! ❤

  16. yea I do that sometimes, play old as hell games on the PS2 😆
    but yea I’ll have FF14 to keep me busy when I need a break from crappy otoge XD

    Reason I keep on truckin I guess is I know for a fact that once I drop something the chances of me coming back to it are slim to none so I try to do everything at once ><

  17. Hi Hinano! I understand about having personal burnout, we all have them at times. Actually I’m really impressed how you can finish so many otome games because even though I play them too, I tend to get side tracked and even if I finish most of them, I could never do it in one sitting like you did. ;;; Though sometimes when I have burnout, I look for older games that was made a couple years back because they tend to be a little longer than the recent games, and I’ll just spend some time on them to recuperate. That might help also.

    Anyhow, take a break if you must! Then come back and play the games when you find them enjoyable again. 🙂

  18. hey thanks for suffering through storm lover with me, though in good news, Riku’s route is hilarious. I’ll probably broadcast some of it tonight.
    Sadly I don’t think I have an imagination to insert myself OR to create my own character. I try to sympathize with what I have but not having her in the CGs is just so disappointing. Like I’m playing some cheapo cell phone game (and even those now at least give us an eyeless heroine in the CG lol)

  19. Yo \(^w^)
    I just wanted to post a comment on here, for once, instead of on your chat xD You know, just to help you through your truck load of hate for Storm Lover 2nd’s system, and for your future most hated games :3
    I do enjoy reading your rage and sufferings in your posts, but I enjoy your posts and reviews where you are actually enjoying the game and fan-girling over your favourit characters, like your Storm Lover Kai review :3. I love those posts the most ^w^ So, keep trucking through the bad games to find the games that you just love! ^w^ I also love your reaction to cute scenes and characters that you like during your streams x3

    I don’t know what is it with japan and there cardboard box heroines, but I got a solution…. if you got enough imagination to do it ^w^. Simply create and Original Character and insert her into the heroine. That’s what I do to those cardboard boxes, and it’s a lot more entertaining than inserting myself :3

    And if you ever feel like playing some free english otome games just to take a break from the japanese games, you can always ask me for some recomendations :3

  20. :O I was noticed! I’m not much of a lurker then xD FFX came out around 2001 so that wouldn’t surprise me. Plus it’s considered one of the best of the series and had amazing graphics at the time and lalala~

    It’s true that a lot of recent otome games seem to be pretty lazily put together… I wonder what caused this trend? I don’t think otogamers really latch on to just anything but I think otogaming has become a lot more popular recently (if the new manga-turned-anime watamote says anything…)

  21. yea i know you’ve been on this blog for a while so thank you for lurking with me all these years 😉
    and lol thanks for the warning on FF12, I never played any FF games aside this one here but man that stinks.
    all I know about final fantasy is

    Mostly cause I think that’s the game that came out when I was in college and a lot of people around me were playing it in the student lounge xD

    and yea I should quit shitty games but then I’d end up quitting too many cause a lot of otome games are crappy or just mediocre!
    I guess the solution is to just buy less!

  22. well the system on both games is the same but
    1. you need to make sure you raise your study stats. if you fail, you have to do hoshuu which basically wastes your weekend -> your guy dumps you -> may as well start over.
    2. sending emails/calling the guy is optional but it raises affection
    3. raised affection = bakkapple mode
    4. events wont trigger if affection is too low
    5. you need to work a part time job to buy your dude funny accessories/bday presents (though this was a lot more apparent in Kai than in SL2)

    so yea its really easy, and my complaint with SL2’s system is the events are random and for some reason just NOT triggering. SLKai the events pretty much went in a linear fashion and the only “out of sync” event was the birthday for you that you set the date on which is totally ok.

    also yes I am sick of self insert shit lmao I don’t wanna self insert myself into dating guys half my age orz

  23. ………….Did Storm Lover KAI!! really have a stat system, though? I mean, there is one, but it is SO EASY to manipulate that there might as well be none. And IIRC the heroine wasn’t around much in the original anyway, or am I conflating with the non-KAI Storm Lover?

    Sometimes it really sucks that the ‘BUT I NEED TO IMAGINE MYSELF IN THE PLACE OF THE HEROINE/THE HEROINE IS ME’ contingent has a loud voice, eh.

  24. I’m one of the lurkers. ^^ I really look forward to your otome reviews. I find them hilarious and live vicariously through them. But I don’t want to force you to play crappy otome games when it’s painful. I used to have the “Well I got this game so I have to finish it” and then I wasted 50 hours of my life with freaking FF12 which was a god awful game with wooden characters, a mile-a-minute plot that had no real connection to said characters, and such a shitty romance that I am STILL confused as to who was supposed to be with who. When I realized I let 50 HOURS OF MY LIFE go down the drain I decided time was more important than money and now if I play a game and think “I’m not really having fun” I just stop. Maybe you could be easier on yourself, too. 🙂

  25. knowing that my suffering makes someone laugh is good enough for me cause at least something good comes out of it XD
    I’ll keep on truckin’ since the FF14 service isn’t out yet but even when it is, I’ll still try to post at least 1 game per month and not completely drop this hobby!

  26. thanks glad you find them useful, I’ll try to see if I can pick up less shitty games to review so you’d only have nicer ones to look fwd to!

  27. aha thanks for stopping by here and in the broadcast =3
    and comments are always welcome! if my rage makes you laugh then it was all worth it 😆

  28. Just tell yourself that doing all the challenges on Earth is impossible and you’ll have to draw a line and cut your losses somewhere!

    I did! I actually made myself a stupid chart to follow lmao

    So at least with this, I pretty much threw out a lot of 和風/戦争 games that make me ZZZzz like Genroh, and Toki no Kizuna.
    So at least I’m trying to kick shitty old shit out of my backlog and focus on any new stuff that I buy instead.

    Also the original storm lover KAI!! was good too. in fact SL2 the bad thing isn’t even so much the dumb new random event system but more the fact that in each guy 6/16 Cgs contain the heroine. Otherwise its just the guy by himself and that makes the poor heroine almost forgettable/invisible most of the game.

  29. I used to be that way with books, which, admittedly, is a cheaper hobby to do that sort of shit in. XD; Basically, you have a Pokemon Must Get ‘Em All mentality, which is probably why you can stand grindy games better than I can. Just tell yourself that doing all the challenges on Earth is impossible and you’ll have to draw a line and cut your losses somewhere! Might as well start with shitty otome games. 😀

    Oh yeah, I remember just now that you said Hatsukare is pretty good. I’ll have to remember it the next time I argue with people about non-shitty stat-raisers.

  30. Lol Nudist Colony =v=
    And Hey 😀 lol I never commented on your wordpress before lol.
    Usually just a Lurker except I used to hop onto your livestreams alot for awhile :P.
    Its always nice to come onto your blog and see your silly rants on horrible things so we know what we’d be getting into for a ton of games and read your good opinions on alot of things :)! Your blog is always a good pickmeupper when I’m bored or upset!
    I’ll try commenting more lol~

  31. I do comment every now and then but yea i love your otome reviews because im learning japanese to play em and your reviews give me a good idea of which i want to play . i hold your opinions in high esttem on otome games^^.

  32. Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I’ve only been reading your entries for a couple weeks, but I’ve already fallen in love with your witty sarcasm and complete frustration, haha. Now I know that you probably suffer for my laughs, but I can’t help but enjoy myself whenever I read your posts. Every day I get so excited just thinking that you might’ve written a new post! Please don’t give up, I’m just one of your many devoted fans who wish you well and keep on wanting more!

  33. you’re pretty much right about everything. I really shouldn’t force myself through stuff but I have this weird personality that when a challenge is put in front of me (even if a blatant kusoge that nobody should suffer through) I have this urge to resolve it. When I think back to Custom Drive, I like COULDN’T SLEEP because that one missing CG drove me insane lmao. I would get up at 4AM and play the route over just to get that one CG or I just couldn’t go to bed. Pretty sure I recall going to work with like 4 hours of sleep thanks to that once 😆

    From seeing fellow otome game friends, it seems I’m probably one of the only people that actually finishes most of the games they play. Everyone else will drop something, pick up something else, go back & forth. For some weird reason I can’t seem to do that. I always have to kinda like “complete one thing before moving to another”. I’ve also found that once I quit something, I can’t seem to return to it. I have a few otome games where I couldn’t complete it fully (like I couldn’t unlock the bonus voice section in the Miyako FD) and that was over a year ago. I haven’t touched the game since and I have 0 motivation to touch it. IN fact I may end up selling the game without ever unlocking that section. So for me quitting a game is like – that’s it, I’m never coming back to it xD

    As you can see the stuff I’ve rage quit is only about 2 games, while the rest I tried to plow through. I guess it gives me some weird sense of accomplishment because if I quit it then it’s like “damn the time I wasted on this….why did i even bother in the first place!” kinda thing lol. I know I’m under no obligation for anyone but myself but since otome gaming is really my only big hobby at the moment (I used to draw fanarts but due to not doing it for a while i’m pretty much out of practice so I never bother going back to that hobby), I guess I’m still tanking through. But yea as you said, maybe I should lighten the load to games I’ll enjoy or at least stop buying games that will be stat raisers since obviously nothing good ever comes out of those (though I really enjoyed hatsukare!) I think once FF14 kicks into full service I’ll probably take a month or 2 break from any major otome gaming or just keep it to my commutes (cause seriously if I don’t play something on the train I start raging at every fkin thing that pisses me off on the ny subway lol)

  34. The ONLY otoge where the stats/random events system worked was Tokimemo, and that’s because they polish it to a ridiculous sheen. You know the moment you start the game that it has an actual budget and long, hard, loving hours spent on it, with a design document focused on based on the player’s fun. Which I’ve never seen with other otoge of its type. If you need to brain bleach yourself off terrible stats systems, I’d rec you to get it on the cheap and just play it. Don’t play it to review it. Just do it and enjoy your stree-free slice of life, at your own pace.

    At the end of the day, I think it’s nice to remember that you don’t pay money for the privilege of finishing games. You pay for the fun you have. And you’re not a paid game journalist, you don’t have an obligation to finish stuff if you’re suffering for it. If a game’s not fun for you, drop it. 100 dollars spent is not worth the unhappiness you’re giving yourself—-and if you think you’ve wasted your money, just think of all those people who buy multiple $60 console games ALL THE TIME and never finish any. (90% of players never finish a game, or so EA says.) It’s completely normal to stop a venture if you realize it’s screwed up halfway. I’m an ippan gamer most of the time, and not even professional game journalists I regularly read finish everything in their backlog. As a writer used to say, if you’re reading a book and you’re having trouble going on with it, just stop reading it and read something else. You can potentially find books you’re going to love with all the time spent on slogging through something you hate, and it’ll just tire you out.

    So, if a game is unbearable, drop it. If you want to tell/warn us about it, just make a ‘Partial Impressions’ post with what you have. Write full reviews of what you want. You’re under obligation to EXACTLY NO ONE but yourself, and the first obligation you should hold for yourself is your own enjoyment of your leisure time.

  35. Well, I still love reading your reviews…to the point that I even share them with my husband (even though he doesn’t get it all). I’m scared to try Koibana Days…but I just finished Geten no Hana, after reading your review decided to play SL Kai before starting SL2.

  36. yea finding parties on RO is a lost hope. The 2 times I was in a party one guy kept dropping and we had to keep waiting for him to come back. 2nd party they kept stealing the drops and I’m like =___= so yea after that we just skipped dungeons and never bothered. RO2’s problem is its running on a crappy old engine and no matter what they do there will always be bugs xD so yea I just gave up ;D

    thanks for coming out to comment (ノ´∀`*)ノ

  37. omg 1 route in koibana orz lol yea I’ll probably try to get through the whole game..after all I made it through Custom Drive somehow…_ノ乙(、ン、)_

    I played WOF as well and I didn’t think the system was nearly as terrible as Custom Drive lmao. I still think CD is like the worst system I’ve ever played (after Last Escort 1 ww)

    I’m playing only SL2 atm and I have 2.5 guys to go. I’ve gotten the hang of the system since its just like the original SLKAi!! but the random events area annoying because I always find myself finishing the route and there’s all these CG holes =_=; So far only 1 guy I did where there was no CG holes orz.

    I think I will play Ozmafia after SL2 though cause if I play Koibana after it I’ll go insane haha

  38. I too love reading your reviews and other posts, even though this is the second time I’m commenting on one of them. You do such a great job with writing your posts. It’s always fun to hear your opinions. I think that you should take a long break with otome games if you feel like it, it’s not like they’ll go anywhere or anything like that 😀
    I must admit that I too ragequitted RO2 almost two weeks ago for almost same reasons as you. It also seemed to be almost impossible to find decent dungeon parties (or any party at all..) on higher levels thus making you miss essential points of the game’s plot or do a hundred runs. The game could have been decent if they had pushed back the release and fixed all the bugs that where found in beta test.
    Thank you very much for all the hard work you have done 😀

  39. I was interested in SL2 but I was ‘afraid’ of the system and the events-thing. I don’t particulary like games like that (were you have to build up stats or see random events to get cgs), so I went for Koibana Days…and dropped it just after one route. I may have no patience, but I’m one of those who played Wand of Fortune, the first one, with of the most horrible system ever. Koibana wasn’t really worse than that, but was so boring and annoying…Such a waste, the art was nice and the characters, even if not so original, werent’ that bad. But lol you have to take care of a f*cking garden EVERY DAY FOR 9 MONTHS OHMYGODWHY (and you have to do that at least 6 times since you can go after two guys at once and then ‘split’ the route) and the skipping system is so slow XD anyway I hope you can somehow keep playing both SL2 and Koibana Days, afterall it’s like you said, if you pay for a game it’s a waste not playing it. Now I’m playing Gestuei no Kusari and Ozmafia!!, but after those I plan on giving Koibana Days a second chance ;_;

  40. Even if its an obligation to play through a crappy game, readers comments/laughs really make it all the worth while lol
    (like hey I suffered through it but at least I made someone laugh kinda thing)

    I’m not ready to call it quits just yet as I still have preorders spanning into August but I think once FF14 opens full service I may cut down on purchases/games I play lol.
    When I play a GOOD otome game I really do enjoy it but for every good one there’s like 6 mediocre and 4 bad ones sadly.

  41. problem is my whole “i paid for it so i should play it” keeps me going even when I should probably stop so as long as FF14 is still in trickling beta I got nothing better to do but plow through the games.
    once the game kicks in full service though I imagine I’ll be spending more time than there in my PSP 😆
    thank you for reading and commenting though, I appreciate it 😉

  42. Hi, just another one of those lurker readers. I’m always really happy whenever I see a new review or any kind of post from you. It makes me happy to see you squee over cute moments in games and rage over everything else (it’s funny, I’m sorry).
    Of course if you need a break you should take it. Whenever you decide to pick up otome gaming again, I and your other readers will be waiting for you!

  43. I too love reading your game reviews, but understand that due to some terrible games the frustration level is at its max. Plus, to add to your frustration you feel an obiligation to your readers (me too), and then the enjoyment of playing the games is completely gone.

    If you do quit, I’ll definitely be sad and you’ll be highly missed…which means another one gone. I’ve noticed game writers tend to take “me” breaks, or a short sabbatical (as my husband said, “an hour”, j/k). You might want to consider it, just so you remember why you enjoyed playing and writing the reviews of the games in the first place.

  44. Thank you (ノ´∀`*)ノ
    Sorry for my pathetic rant I’m just frustrated with Storm Lover 2nd so it’s like argghh I wanna rage quit but my readers will be sad ;-;

  45. I usually just read your posts, but today I decided to comment. I love reading your reviews! Every time I get an email alert for one, I read it right away. I enjoy reading your blog because you always add your own humor into everything. I just want you to know that everyone who reads this blog appreciates all of the work you do. Thank you!

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