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Ozmafia doesn’t have a limited edition but I instead opted to get this from Seagull shop so I could get my hands on the cute mouse pad (cause the Rei Ayanami mousepad I got from Neowing got…erased after 3 weeks of use lol.)

To be honest I didn’t have that much interest in Ozmafia and I never even played the demo. I also am aware that it’s not even fully voiced 😆 STILL I wanted to support the creators of this game because it was a 3 year effort of 2 people  and I really like Satoi’s artwork. Also they said they’d consider an English release if Ozmafia did well in Japan and last I checked it was a best seller on Amazon Japan. I hope they do well because in this day & age Otomate pretty much dominates everything and there’s very little room for new companies to make a dent. I’ll probably get to this game once I finish with Storm Lover 2nd!


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  1. sadly since I never had a rating system I can’t really go back and make one now since as you mentioned I played so many.
    Just look at it this way, pretty much all new otome games are for PSP so if you want something newer just browse the PSP section.
    Anything in PS2/PC is mostly old stuff. (there’s a few new PC games but they’re very few & far between)

    Also I figured if I just have star ratings people would just look at that and never bother reading my review 😛

  2. Hi, I’ve just recently started getting into Otome games and I love you reviews! They’re so detailed and informative. But you have a LOT of them…as a newbie, I’m finding it hard to sort through all the bad/mediocre games to find the good ones. Have you considered using some kind of rating system (5 stars, 1/10, etc.) to list/sort the games in order of good-ness?

  3. Suffering through storm lover atm >< It's more blah than the last game and the system is buggy so I'm always missing CGs (especially since I'm mostly playing without a guide cause I couldn't really find a decent one) so I'll be on SL for a little while T_T

  4. Ahhhhh~ I can’t wait for you to review OZM! Have always been craving to see you play this game ho-ho! Hope to see your post for Storm Lover 2nd too. :3

  5. ah yea I have but…yea not buying a completely silent game. I don’t mind if it’s part voiced or full voiced by newbies like Ozmafia but a completely silent game no thanks. Mostly because it may be 2100 yen but after shipping it becomes like 4500 yen for me and not paying $45 for a silent game sorry (´・ω・`;)

    also I saw the premise/setting etc and it didn’t really catch my eye. I don’t really have unlimited money so I really need to pick & choose where it goes.

  6. Have you heard of 赤い砂堕ちる月 by doujin company Landkarte? It’s also a game which has taken many years to be completed (since 2009!) and was released this year. The creator is the scenario writer for Moujuutsukai to Oujisama.

    Unfortunately the game isn’t voiced, hence the game is so cheap (¥2,100 normal edition and if you buy the version with a signed photo plus other postcards ¥2,625), but the demo I played was enjoyable with interesting plot and badass heroine where you can choose her personality (there’s 5 personalities). I received my copy 2 months ago but still haven’t played it.

    Thank you for these unboxing posts, I really appreciate them and looking forward to your review 😀

  7. (●´ω`●)ゞ Hey Hinano, I’m trying to decide to buy OZMAFIA or not, since the art look really appealing but I’m not really sure about the content. Anyway, hope you review it soon, your review always helping me in buying game. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ありがとう \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

  8. Lucky, I dished out 23 for shipping. T^T Terrible. The games are pricy themselves.

  9. Only two people made it over the course of three years? WOW! That is dedication! I really like how the guy characters look. If there’s an English release, I’ll play it. I hope it’s not insanely long.

  10. well I’m used to makers pushing the rating (aka Quin Rose’s CEro B LOL) so I guess I wouldn’t be too shocked? We’ll see though 😆

  11. I really want that mousepad, I hope I’m able to buy these when I get a job lol.

    I’m currently playing it, and I’m loving it! The partially voiced thing didn’t bother me much, actually. also I haven’t heard the protagonist talk even ONCE even though I’ve finished a character’s full route. I’m suspecting she’s only voiced during the main story route to get the grand ending or something.

    Also I gotta say Axel’s a CUTIE, and surprisingly there is some stuff which I’m not sure if they belong in a 15+ game (specially during the borthel route, but I guess it IS a brothel so its to be expected but… this game seems just so fluffy its kinda unexpected).

    Looking forward to your review and stream 😀

  12. oh thanks for the info!
    I knew there were grimm tales characters in there (like Scarlet and Robin Hood) but didn’t realize it was for wizard of us.
    Well I’ll probably get to it late next week and find out for myself =3

  13. Hence I get only quality mice, ie Microsoft mice as they have a nice mice look. Logitech’s 5 button mice don’t look as nice.

    I should do an unboxing post when I get my HENtai NEKO.

  14. It’s called Ozmafia because the game is based on The Wizard of Oz, along with other fairy tales. Also, without spoiling anything, the three main love interests are from the Oz Family.

  15. well if you picked EMS you should be able to track it?
    if not then just wait 2 weeks before panicking 😛 I paid like $16 or something for my shipping rofl

  16. Mine hasn’t shipped in yet….. I have this sinking feeling they lost it. T_T

    I still can’t believe it’s all two peoples work! The pain of making a visual novel……

  17. I don’t think so?? I’m not really sure why its called OZmafia lol
    The KENT mousepad I got in Japan in february has lasted me for a while actually!
    I think it all depends on quality of the mouse

  18. Is this game about Australian Mafias?

    As for mousepads, there really isn’t a point in getting a beautiful one (aka limited edition) because it will wear out rapidly after strenous clicking. I just use pieces of paper as i) they are easily to replace and ii) cheaper.

  19. Thanks, I always figured hey I have a new camera may as well use it for something xD Plus I think it’s nice sometimes to see what’s in the box of a game because that can be motivating on whether or not to purchase it!

  20. I actually asked Seagull nicely if they could send it to me via EMS and they did so I didn’t even have to use a fwding service! It’s really nice of them because most other stores just say “we dont ship overseas” and that’s the end of that.

  21. I’ve recently started to like Ichiki a lot too! I loved his roles in Desert Kingdom and Sakuragatari and I think he has a great voice. To think that he was bullied last summer because he was a “noob” annoys me because I don’t think he’s any worse of a voice actor than Terashima but anyway 🙄

  22. I always liked viewing UNBOXING posts or videos it gives me a sense of pleasure its like i’m opening one myself. When it comes to shoujo i like watching and reading the manga where i can see the main character, playing AS the female lead.. not much of a fan. Anyway goodluck with your game and have fun ^_^

  23. I ordered this too 😀

    Still haven’t gotten mine though >_< I paid my forwarding service so I hope they ship it out to me soon. I played the demo and it was so pretty! I can't wait to do the 3p mode for the main guys LOL

  24. I also bought this, but mostly because Ichiki’s in it and that guy deserves to have more successful roles. That and the art is super lovely and I like the idea of the game’s system, which should give more variety than usual.

    It’s still sitting in Ye Olde Warehouse, though! XD

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