Girl’s Style Premium February 2013


This is actually a bit old and came out in December but I picked it up in Stellaworth because I really enjoyed the GHP game. Unboxing gallery after the jump!

It comes with a pink scrunchie, a small desk calendar, a large poster and a GHP book with cast interviews, some character profiles/stills from the game as well as helpful hints for the system & walkthrough. Definitely a must have for any GHP fan and you can still grab a copy at CD Japan.

3 thoughts on “Girl’s Style Premium February 2013

  1. *A* GHP, I’m still have 2 guys left but so far really enjoy this game ^-^

    AJFDKSLSL Yukito is on the cover xD and that small desk calendar looks yummy, Tenma & Yukito *A* I’m forever biased xD

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