Otome Game Review: Arcana Famiglia ~Festa Regalo~

Cooking otome game double feature starting with Festa Regalo! So one day Felicita’s dad got bored and decided that he’s gonna make his mafia mans have an iron chef battle. The prize is having his powers for 1 day and whether they like it or not, they must participate. It’s up to you and your chosen dude to run around, gather ingredients and make awesome dishes to please the judges. As a reward though, there are some short bonus scenarios & CGs.

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Desert Kingdom Limited Edition Unboxing


I finally sat down to do some unboxing…of all my games. I’m so behind /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ I’ve never been this behind on any games I buy omg ;_;. Hopefully I will catch up in March before Hatsukare arrives in April. This actually came with TYBDC as well but I will do a separate post for that and the games I got in Japan as well. To not flood my poor readers, I’ll just post 1 unboxing per day ;).

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