The Great Eastern Snowmageddon: Japan Trip 2013


And so after 3 years I’ve returned to Japan but this time I went up north to Hokkaido!

The flight this time was horrid HORRID each way. We had to do a flight from US to Narita and then one more from Narita to Hokkaido. Each way was delayed and each way had  a CRYING BABY IN MY CABIN JESUS CHRIST WHY DO U BRING A BABY ON YOUR VACATION NOT LIKE ITS GONNA REMEMBER A THING ANYWAY (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻. The trip there was worse because not only was there ONE but TWO crying babies, from the same fucking obnoxious family and they were like taking turns crying via baby telepathy or something. Seriously it’s probably expensive as fuck but I am considering flying business class next time because crying babies aside, trying to contort myself into a sleepable position is extremely difficult…and after I DID fall asleep I woke up from the pain of my leg falling asleep orz. If the plane babies weren’t enough, our hotel put us into a room next to some family with a SCREAMING CHILD who thought it was awesome to wake up screaming at 6:30 AM every morning followed by its mother yelling NO STOP at it every 5 minutes. THIS TRIP REMINDED ME WHY I’M NEVER HAVING CHILDREN. We flew ANA so our food was Japanese which was nicer than the gross crap on United Airlines we got going back (it smelled so gross I just asked for a cup of tea instead.)

But anyway let’s talk about the trip itself 8D.  At the Chitose JR station 2 American dudes helped us get a ticket because we’d had completely forgotten how to use the machines. Once we got to Sapporo though we were greeted with SNOW:


There was so much snow that the walkways were even made of snow. It was to the point that the city had given up trying to clear a path they instead “created” a path on the 1 foot of snow that was piled on the sidewalk. Additionally all around were 8-10 foot walls of snow piled on the sides of every road. IF YOU WEREN’T WEARING SNOW BOOTS YOU’D BE SCREWED but I was so it was no problem (✧≖‿ゝ≖).


We had a nice view of Sapporo and the mountains from our hotel room as well. A lot of people come to this area to skii but I’m a pansy and the most I’ll do is ice skate but due to the business of touring everything I decided to skip the skating figuring I’d probably land on my knees and screw myself with walking the rest of the trip. First day we kinda toured around Sapporo and found a guy feeding ducks & crows. Sapporo (or maybe Japan inaka in general) has really loud crows like the kind you always hear in anime but never really see in real life. This place has a ton and when you look at them up close its kinda scary:

Good thing my camera has 50x zoom!

On the first day the city was still preparing for the snow festival so a lot of stuff was closed off. We had actually arrived 2 days early which gave us time to check out other things first.


And by doing things first I mean…


So turns out the Evangelion exhibit was going on at the time of our trip so along with watching Evangelion 3.0 we went to see the exhibit. Most stuff there was off limits as far as camera but I managed to sneak in some ninja shots with my phone bwahaha.  The nicer photos are the ones taken with my real camera though which was near the end of the exhibit.  Unfortunately I was unable to buy any nice rice to bring back to America. ┐(‘~`;)┌ Click the thumbnails to see larger.

Yes I am actually a huge Eva fan lmao it was like one of the first anime I really liked back in ye olde year 1999 so it will always have that special place in my heart. As far as my thoughts on the movie – SHINJI YOU SUCK BALLS. I actually used to like Shinji but seriously I wanted to punch him in the face throughout the whole movie. There was quite a lot of ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ but the movie actually made me like Kaworu a lot more than in the anime series or manga. Here he was really a true bro and I was so sad to see him go ;_;. Asuka was really awesome as well and you can definitely see her growing up mentally (even though physically everyone looks the same because of this Eva curse or whatever that is.) Ritsuko’s new hairstyle…ew lol. Also while I don’t really like Marie I think she was awwright in this one. Rei on the other hand…….ror pls go away. I enjoyed the movie so much I think I will buy all the movies if they ever release a box set in the US (though I think I need to also buy a Blue Ray player for my computer finally lol still playing DVDs like it’s 1996!)

Our next stop was to blow my moneys on otome good at Animate:

There was a MASSIVE AMOUNT of Kuroko’s Balls, Prince of Tennis, and Magi. It was like 70% those 3, and 30% everything else. I kinda feel bad for fans of any of those series they probably spend thousands of dollars on merchandise (lol like I should talk after how much I spent on this trip :lol:). I bought games and goodies but the games I will do unboxings of in separate posts and the goodies photos will be at the bottom of this post. It’s so funny that animate was like FULL OF GIRLS. I remember going to the Akihabara animate and it had mostly dudes in it but this was like 90% females. I mean they did have some guy merchandise at this animate but even in the cosplay section all the sizes were for girls, even for male costumes. While I was circling in the otome goods section a bunch of squealing girls came in a huge mob and it became difficult to walk through the store lol. Since I spent so much money they gave me free stuff to choose from but none of it was really anything I wanted so I settled on a Chuunibyou screen cleaner and a Psycho Pass clear file.

The following day we headed to a zoo where we saw animals you’d never see in the winter:


Seriously poor giraffes why are you out in the snow!? (´;ω;`) They did have some REAL winter animals though:

We then headed to another town which felt like we had gone back in time 60 years.


Additionally we headed to a sushi-alley and stopped by a place where we got the entire 2nd floor to ourselves though it was brutally cold and we were huddling around an old-timey heating lamp lol. (Oh Japan and their lack of decent indoor heating.)  This place is also famous for its glass and music boxes and though I was tempted by the music box playing Shoujo Jidai songs and bgms from Swan Lake I decided I had already bought enough crap 8D;;.

Since by today the Snow Festival had started it means THIS has started:


That’s right, Sapporo is the home of Snow Miku and now all of Crypton’s HQ!  So all the Family Marts were full of Miku goods along with Animate, the festival itself and the Chitose airport participating! Since I’m also a huge vocaloid fan, this was another huge blow to my wallet ^q^;;;;. We also got to ride on the Miku light rail car up to a mountain (where it was cold as hell but the view was awesome.)

And finally the main reason for this trip:

While I enjoyed all the snow sculptures my photographing was interrupted when I was attacked by a bunch of lolis and shotas whose assignment it was to interview/get autographs of all the foreigners at the festival. I was like ok sure why not I’ll sign a few kids papers but a few turned into like….20 at which point I had to be like THIS IS THE LAST ONE SORRY SORRY *runs away* ┗(^o^ )┓三.  Then some granny started a conversation with me (in Japanese) about how she can learn to speak English fluently and how they learn it in school all the time but nobody is ever fluent. I had to explain to her that her school knowledge is useless and that she should go watch some American dramas or TV shows to learn real natural conversation. Not sure if this was a good idea but I hope that granny learns how to have a basic conversations with the tourists who visit her town every year some day. 😆

On our final day we decided to check out the beer museum even though I don’t drink but it was still interesting to see all the historical stuff.

So as I mentioned before all the Miku stuff was happening at the airport…including a gallery of the artworks for the festival! Btw the Chitose animate is really tiny and ghetto and for some reason had a lot of Starry Sky merchandise in it lmao.

So anyway we’re making our way through clearance when suddenly

This pussy ass storm comes northeast, dumps 2 feet of pathetic-snow (compared to how Hokkaido has like 10 feet daily) and my flight to America is CANCELLED! \( ^o^)/  I had to think fast and the only thing I could think of was:

Otome Games! www

So seeing this as a blessing in disguise, I quickly booked some ghetto hotel nearby and the following morning we headed to Stellaworth and Animate in Ikebukuro! Stellaworth was a small 1 floor store while Animate had grown to 9 floors and was so separated now it felt like there was nothing there. Most floors felt more like “galleries” than a place to buy anime goods and there were now 3 floors dedicated to cosplay items. We also stopped by Namja Town since it was mentioned in TYB games but sadly it’s closed for renovation while they turn it into Shounen Jump land or something. Also at Stella a bunch of girls were screaming over the button machines..I managed to squeeze my way into their rabid pile and do 1 spin on the Clock Zero one and get a cute Rittan yay! 😀

Other notes:

  • Unlike Tokyo, every bathroom I went to in Hokkaido had toilet paper in it. I expected needing to carry my own tissues for toilet paper but nope, every bathroom had one. So really it’s only Tokyo that’s a bunch of d-bags who don’t give you toilet paper.
  • Due to there being no Melon Soda in America I drank it at every restaurant I went to that offered it. SERIOUSLY AMERICA GET WITH THE PROGRAM (and no bubble tea doesn’t count.)
  • I thought Asian airlines were “better” than American ones but after all the delays and screaming babies and shitty movie selection I’ve concluded the only thing ‘better’ is the food. Otherwise everything else is pretty much the same but at least I got to watch Alice in Wonderland on the American airline (and sit there comparing it to the Quin Rose games lol.)
  • Melon Books is FULL OF PORN. I thought that it was kinda like K-Books or Mandarake but turns out it’s really an ero-doujin/game shop and nothing else. There was like maybe 1 tiny section of girly porn but everything else was for dudes. I walked in and walked out within a span of 3 minutes lol. No thanks!
  • I was asked twice if I wanted an Animate members card but with a heavy heart I had to refuse because it’s not like I will be visiting back anytime soon orz. (|||❛︵❛.)
  • Hokkaido has some FRESH sushi. It’s so fresh that when I think of the sushi I eat in NY I squirm :s. I thought that sushi taste didn’t really matter to me but after eating actual fresh sushi, it may take some time before I can eat crappy sushi again.
  • Soup Curry is a craze in Japan right now, but it’s really not that great. It tastes more like Indian curry and I actually prefer the sweet Japanese curry more so yea no thanks lol.
  • That mousse I got at one of the department store basements was DAYUUUMM good and I regret that I didn’t spend more time down there getting fat from all their cakes *q*.
  • I went to a really awesome 100 yen store at Sapporo Factory and if I could only fit more stuff into my suitcase I would have gone back a 2nd time and bought more crap. Seriously it’s like a million times better than the POS dollar store in NYC =_=;.
  • There’s a store called “LOFT” in Japan but it doesn’t sell clothes for old ladies, it sells random household junk goods and things you don’t really need (like a animal shaped cover for your spray bottle or a thumb cover for flipping pages in all sorts of designs and colors rather than an ugly yellow lol.)
  • BIC CAMERA is awesome as always and now that I finally got to browse the whole thing, I have the urge to buy that automatic scalp massager and blow dryer with a brush attached to it.
  • I bought WAY TOO MUCH omg. When going through my goods I was like man why the hell did I buy this orz lol.
  • As always, Japanese clothes are SUPER CUTE and I bought a few dresses and now I can’t go back to buying American clothes omg ~_~;. My favorite store was Axes Femme and me and the girl there had a chat about how I’m from overseas and I told her to come visit NYC some day (´^ω^`). Also in Japanese dressing rooms, they have “face covers” which you put on your face while you put the outfit on yourself so you don’t smudge your makeup all over it. What a brilliant idea! Only Japan would be polite enough to do this. In America you’ll be lucky if the slobs even bring their fucking clothing out of the fitting room (/former retail rage.)
  • LINE is awesome. It let me keep in touch with all my friends throughout this trip without me racking crazy text charges since it uses data and I had a fairly decent global data plan with me for emergency uses as well as wi-fi in my hotel.
  • My first night in Sapporo there was an earthquake 10 minutes after I got into my room. It was a strange feeling but  felt like you were rocking on a boat or something. Must have been a 3.0.
  • I miss how on time and clean Japanese trains were. When being back in NY I’m stuck waiting for a train that never comes on a platform that’s covered in old gum stains and garbage.
  • I barely played any otome games on this trip. I started the WOF fandisk at the airport and on the plane but then kinda stopped after finishing part of Est’s route. I was so tired from all the walking around in the cold every night that I’d just be out cold by 11PM. On the way home I started tinkering with Arcana Festa Regalo and I don’t really get it that much and I managed to win ONE duello with Liberta so far but I think it’s a game I’m gonna leave to subway commute since I’m just playing randomly without a guide. It’s cute but I don’t think I would have the patience to sit at home and broadcast my playthroughs of it like I do of other games. Hopefully I’ll get back to otome gaming this week since I bought a ton of games XD.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, what the hell did I spend all my money on that made my suitcase full to the brim! Also for the games and magazines I will do separate posts for those so stay tuned and thanks for reading!

And here’s the video:

57 thoughts on “The Great Eastern Snowmageddon: Japan Trip 2013”

  1. That is some awesome serendipity! What luck you were able to find other cool events while you were there.
    If you’re going to Kyoto and Osaka, I recommend you leave a lot of time! A few years back I spent 2-3 days in each city, and I ran out of time just visiting temples, shrines, and other historical monuments. Granted I’d rented a bicycle instead of using public transportation, but still xD There’s so much to see.

  2. a lot of stuff we didn’t expect we would do (like the Evangelion exhibit) or a lot of the Snow Miku stuff but when I found out it was happening I was like whoa niceee
    I had a friend in Japan find a lot of things and post me info on google+ as well while I was there so that helped as well 😀
    Whenever I go somewhere this far I always try to do as much as I can to make sure I get the value for my money and time XD That’s why I always visit “1 area” when I go to Japan.
    My next planned Japan trip will be Kyoto/Osaka area 🙂

  3. Haha yeah I was wondering how you were able to coordinate some of those things! Nothing but respect for someone who can line up so many great things into a short trip.

  4. yea we spent 3 days together which was nice since she helped us to go places that might have been hard to get access to on our own outside Japan.

  5. Wow, looks like it was a great trip! (Aside from the children, anyway)
    Did you meet up with Japanese friends of yours?

  6. it’s been like an ongoing 12 year process? I didn’t really study as hard or take classes though so while my understanding is almost 100%, I can’t read all kanji and can barely write more than a handful. So I think if you really study your butt off with proper classes you can prolly be fluent within 2-3 years. I guess it all depends how much motivation you have to learn etc? I know people who took more classes than me but speak a million times worse lol.

    If you go to a place like Tokyo though, you can know very little and still be ok. A lot of times you just need to know basics like saying “sumimasen” at a restaurant to call someone over and you can always just point your fingers to things on the menu. At Tokyo a lot of places have at least 1 person who can speak English or know enough basic English words to help you.

    Then again since a lot of my dialogue was in Japanese maybe I just didn’t notice the difficulty? I do recall more English speakers in Tokyo than in Hokkaido that’s for sure so until you feel confident in your skills I’d stay away from the inakaish type areas like that 😛

  7. Can I just ask how many years of learning it took you to become this fluent in Japanese (or if you were born Japanese etc). I’m planning a trip to Japan in the future but haven’t learned the language yet so just wondering how much time it’d approximately take to be able to understand otome games. 🙂

    I absolutely love the pics btw!

  8. i gave up getting the nendo since i have games to pay for and plus, the nendo isn’t worth the hassle of ordering since the fanboys are clamouring over it 😛

    the gacha figure u got is certainly the better one lol

  9. yea sadly most of my spending was done 6 months ago so the low yen didn’t help that much except when I bought stuff with my credit card at Stellaworth XD

  10. It seems like you had a really wondeful trip (sans kids with uncapable parents), I really want to see animate now if I ever go to japan just because it seems interesting.
    Glad you enjoyed it, and that you were well prepared. (and the yen was low at the time that surely resulted helpful)

  11. I’m not quite sure why they decided to move out and have two buildings like that lol. From your photos the other floors the stuff do look really spaced out. ;;

    Yup lol. I couldn’t recognise it at first from your photos till you mentioned that it was famous for glass work and saw that Anpanman statue photo. XD

  12. thanks and yea everything I said about trains being late to fitting rooms being a pigsty is totally true :S Disgusting pig americans etc.

    I’ve grew up in snow being from Russia originally so it’s nothing new but I guess I haven’t seen THIS much snow in a few years lol

  13. Ah, so much snow~~~. I’ve only seen snow once in my life, when I was like 4 and visiting my aunt in Germany, so if I were in your place I wouldn’t resist doing childish things like making snowmen.

    Glad you had a nice trip, and I’m especially glad to hear animate was mostly for girls. It’d be nice if that trend started to pop up in the rest of the world too, but that seems light years from now. My favourite thing from your goods haul was the hello kitty scorpion mug, oddly enough, and the stationery items. If I lived in Japan I’d blow so much money every much on cute stationery I’d use as art supplies.

    “In America you’ll be lucky if the slobs even bring their fucking clothing out of the fitting room (/former retail rage.)” Is this seriously such a recurring deal? I’ve never seen this happen or have an employee complain about this in Portugal, and my sister who has worked retail a couple of times never complained about it either. Then again, our trains and buses are mostly on time and mostly well kept and clean too. I like using public transportation (especially since a lot of buses here have at least one or two single seats and I always manage to grab one), but I get the feeling that would change in America very quick.

    Welcome back~

  14. I didn’t take a photo but the other side of the HK cup actually has my birth day on it. They were selling cups for every day of the year which was really neat so I figured I’d buy one! 🙂
    And yea I blew a ton of money lmao 8D;;;

  15. wow! You sure blew up a lot of money XD but everything looks amazing.
    That Chuubou’s dou look great, the art’s cute ^^
    All the snow sculptures looks fun.
    i see you did buy Tasogare, look forward to your review ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
    Oh that hello kitty cup, i’m a Scorpio too (^▽^)
    The penguins and the wolves look really cute in the video (*≧▽≦)

  16. Ooh that’s why I couldn’t find anything there. Strangely I didn’t see an Animate near the station but then again I also didn’t look for it assuming that the animate I went to was the only one there. Would make sense but seems like a weird waste of space. The cosplay floors are okay but the other floors had so much space it felt like they could have dedicated at least ONE floor to actual purchasable merchandise.

    Oh you went to Otaru as well? XD I guess it must be a different experience when it’s not covered in layers of snow.

  17. Welcome back! I’m glad to see that you had more fun than pain (?) 8’D Oh you went to Otaru! I recognise the Anpanman statue lol. I believe that Animate Ikebukuro shifted to a new location closer to the station late last year, and its old milk carton building was changed to hold all those exhibits and cosplay stuff so that may explain why there’s less goods over there…? Your mentions of squealing girls lol. A few years ago I didn’t really recall such experiences in Animate, but I agree that (on my last trip too) there seemed to be more such fangirls now.

    And hnng fluffy wolves. ❤

  18. Lol yea it’s like god all of you stfu!!! haha oh right you guys have summer all year round! The snow we get in NYC is pathetic and usually melts within a few days as well.
    I love Kentttt he’s my waifu

  19. Yess Kent is my waifu 😆 The Amnesia thing is actually a clearfile xD
    The most hilarious thing was probably being attacked by the lolis and shotas asking for autographs :3

  20. Aww I envy you Hinano san xD Need to work my ass off so i can afford trip to japan lolz. Screaming child is already a torture but the mother is yelling too? I feel for you :w:

    Btw that snow scriptures are looking good, I kinda wish we have snow in my country too haha.

    PS: I see lots of Kent’s goodies there xD The key chain one is really cute 😛

  21. Everything is so beautiful :’D I just want to cry. Is Kent your Bias? AND OH HOT DAYUM That Amnesia poster be lookin fine~ Japan seems to be like such a civil, nice place 😀 Maybe I should go there one day ^^ Did you see something amazing or hilariously odd there? xD

  22. I’m such a big fan of this website >.< I read every review.I like to ask one question?Where do you buy all your otome games I really want to play them especially Arcana Familigia. I live in America so I like to find other ways to get them.

  23. it’s a mouse pad actually XD My metro card one was getting gross so I decided to get a new one! :3 They had anpan man snow statues as well he was everywhere! Well I’m a white person in a sea of asians so yea naturally I stood out 8D;;; Also it’s like pigeons, they see something going on so they keep flocking into the same area lol XD;

    LOL I felt bad for her trying to speak in Japanese to me that I didn’t mention it lmao XDD I hope she doesn’t follow those videos to learn `;:゙;`;・(゚ε゚ )ブッ!!

  24. OMG that Kent’s mouse pad (or is that a table mat lol) is LOVELYYYYY! AND LMFAO THE HOMO. Wow they even have an anpan man statue?? Anpan man is my childhood! The trip sounds like a lot of fun minus the terrifying babies I see… I was stuck on a plane to Narita with a year-old baby sitting across the aisle and he wouldn’t stop crying for the whole fucking day. God bless he actually slept at night if not askfndkasnfaksf.

    I can imagine my dad surrounded by a bunch of kids, waiting for his signature or pictures already. Did you stand out too much wwww hey btw did you ask the granny if she ever had a BAD CASE OF DIARRHEA because if she did that’d be so funny. LMFAO. SORRY GRANNY.

  25. he’s an anime fan so we both enjoyed the Evangelion movie but he’s not really into otome games for obvious reasons 😆
    American clothes are hideous and since America’s getting fatter a lot of clothes are too big for me to wear anyway *coughJCPenney

  26. May I ask you if your husband is also a Japan or anime fan? That would be quite awesome. 😀 My boyfriend doesn’t mind me playing otome games while fangirling, but I doubt he would ever go to Japan with me. LOL But I don’t wanna go alone… 😦

    Oh yeah and the clothing in Japan is so much cuter than here in Europe too… I wish they would sell a bit more cute things…

  27. Actually in fact there was a titty and also a gilfy in 4pla wwww xDDDD I didn’t go into it because all the clothes looked like they were fit for a 10 year old American child and though I can wear SOME Japanese clothes, I can’t go that small 😆

    Yea I mean like I said blessing in disguise. It’s like because I couldn’t buy Shinobutts 7 Taku at the Chitose airport, Nemo came around delayed my flight and let me buy it at Stellaworth instead! 😆

  28. baby telepathy lmao Good to hear everything went mostly as planned, except for surprise Nemo at the end but at least it gave you a chance to check out a few more stores. Nice pics btw! You sure got a bunch of goodies this time! Also I’m gonna assume there was no Titty in Hokkaido.

  29. Welcome! Lol, I guess I’ll grit my teeth and continue this because I really want to complete the whole AF series… Anyways, I’m definitely looking forward to your other Otome game reviews and your broadcasts.

  30. no problem thanks for the heads up about the Rila thing makes sense now. Mine’s been red and stuck at 1400 for a while lol I guess I’ll buy random shit so I can sell it. I have so much basil in my inventory orz

    but yea maybe I’ll just download a CG pack later even without a guide the game’s kinda boring lol, the short chibi chara scenarios are cute but yea I can only go so far before giving up.

  31. Oh, your storage… You need to constantly go back to your room to clear your inventory after hunting for ingredients by pressing the ‘start’ button(it auto clears all the ingredients into ur storage in the room), triangle button to move the ingredients up to fill the places in your inventory. FYI, maximum no. of ingredients that cn be stored is 9. I wrote it into my guide and is currently compiling every ingredient I can get from foraging in the wild or doing requests in the office. I’ll just copy-paste the recipes by the blogger(since i’ve asked her for permission) because I want to release the guide quick >< About getting rid of the ingredients, I think the reason is that you've reach your Lila(the currency) limit. Is it red in colour? If it is then you cannot sell any ingredients anymore unless you spend the money in the market by buying other ingredients you hvnt get yet OR cook like a freak in the kitchen to increase your Lila limit by 100 per recipe made.
    I've almost cleared Ash's route. The repetitive gameplay is killing me too, it overshadows the otome element of the game and is making me very bored. They did great job in the first two games but this… I'm kinda disappointed in it OTL I want to play other 'Otome' games…. Fortunately, I'm switching between Moujuutsukai to Oujisama(Klaus, last route now) and later on its Fandisk and Koi wa Rule ni Shibararenai(Okamoto Nobuhiko <3)
    BTW, Sorry for the long reply…

  32. Yea the gameplay is sooo repetitive I get bored quickly but yea that’s why I leave it to subway ride playtime lol. I think I’ll play WOF FD and Shinobazu 7 first lol

    wow wtf 300?? I’ve been feeding the owl a few things to get recipes but I mostly find myself lacking the right ingredients and constantly my inventory is full. And then I try to put stuff into storage – and my storage is full. Is there ANY way to get rid of items besides feeding them to the owl? I try to sell shit and it never lets me sell anything so I’m really confused e_e

  33. I knowww its like STFU you stupid baby stuff a pacifier in its mouth or something (# ゚Д゚)

    Lol yea I went to 3 different animates but hey it’s nice to have a comparison since it seems like there were a few different items in each one of them. I hope you get to return soon!

  34. omg I know it’s like I’m cursed to be surrounded by then argh (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    I’ll try to work on the video tonight, I’m so behind everything 8D;;; And yess I bought like every Kent thing I laid my eyes on lol

  35. lol yea I really did, blew way more than last time that’s for sure but I guess my otome game fandom is mostly to blame 😆 The trip this time was more expensive because we had to transfer flights so our trip to Tokyo was way cheaper since it was a direct flight and we stayed at a cheaper hotel. And yes I was there with my husband and some friends for some of the days! We stayed for about a week.

  36. yea it was really nice though it actually had ended on Friday because immediately after was the Snow Miku exhibit which sadly we didn’t get to go to. I love the axes femme clothes ;3; I wish I could find something similar in America but lol yea right fugly jeans and sweaters here

  37. 楽しかったよ!!! なんだか東京より札幌の人々がもっとフレンドリーと気がした!
    ミクパじつわ行ってないww 8日は出発で結局フライトキャンセルされて一日東京過ごすことにした。 甘納豆じつわ好きでした!甘いのほうがいい!(・∀・)

  38. Wahhh~~ I want to go to Japan too >3<
    I saw that you already tried Festa Regalo out. Seeing the repetitive gameplay of hunting food-cooking-hunting food-cooking, I agree that the game is absolutely not suitable to be broadcasted.
    BTW, I saw a Japanese blogger saying that she accumulated about 300 recipes(OMG) in the game. Just how many recipes did they stuffed into this game orz(/vomits blood)

    ZOMG I feel you sister. I can’t stand young kids, I’m never having em ._.

    And wow, so many Animates, I’m jelly :3 I need to go back to Japan soon~ > <

  40. Woaaah it might’ve been fun but these flight with the babies…. you really have no luck with that xD

    Looks like you enjoyed it a lot tho!
    It’s good to see you had fun and thanks for the advices www
    That KittyxMiku and Kentw

    Can’t wait for the videos!

  41. Woah… You sure blew an amount of money on this trip… xD
    I’m so jealous…. I want to go to Japan too…!! But I can’t afford the trip, as I’m merely a university student… 😦 😦 I’m gonna work off my ass after graduating, so I can afford it. 8D 8D

    You didn’t go on this trip alone, did you? I heard a “we” somewhere between the lines. 😀 So how long did you stay in Japan?

    I’m looking forward to the rest of your goodie pictures. 😀 Heheheh…

  42. Wow! That’s a fun trip!
    That Evangelion exhibit sounds interesting. I wanna go there.
    Oh yeah, I clicked the Axe Femme link and looked around for a bit. The clothes they have are pretty cute.

  43. ひなのさん 北海道楽しかった?わたしもミクパのために札幌に行ってました。どこかですれ違ってたかもw

  44. 大好きな二人は一つにKittyミクだ!!!(✧≖‿ゝ≖)

  45. うひょ~すばらしいアイテムの数々!!kitty+mikuにはわらったww

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