Otome Game Review: Shinobazu 7 -06.Taku- + -07.Segashira-

Taku is Nanako’s boy next door neighbor since they were kids. He’s an otaku and PC nerd but lo and behold by night time he’s apparently a giant manwhore. (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!!  Needless to say, this volume was rather disappointing as well and although it wrapped up some of the mysteries regarding Nanako’s family murder, the romance and stuff regarding Taku was done rather sloppily. I’ll talk about more in my final thoughts.

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Isshoni Gohan Animate Set Unboxing


Now that I think in retrospect unless I had been in Japan, the animate set wasn’t really worth it? The booklet that came with it I thought was original illustrations but it’s a short story. I don’t care much for drama CDs so I could have done without the animate original CD too. The lunch set is really cute and handy but that comes with any limited edition so I coulda gotten this from CD Japan with a discount. I swear all those 書き下ろし・描き下ろし words are so freaking misleading I can never tell what you will actually get. Still hoping some day otome game makers will consider more illustration items than drama CDs…or we can get like the eroge makers do and start giving out B2 posters and dakimakuras. 🙄 Full gallery after the jump!

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