Dengeki Girl’s Style March 2013


Picked this up at Stellaworth as well since without shipping hey it’s only 800 yen! Oh look Douchebag Senpais on the cover!



This month’s specials are the Nikushoku Danshi drama CD and the Norn9/Utapri poster. I hung up the Norn9 side cause my Sugiyama tsundere is on there ;). I’m listening to the CD as I write this post and it started with Kimura Ryohei telling the listener to spread it or he can’t stick it in rororor of course he was talking about opening your mouth so he could give you powdered medicine rororor. 🙄 Sadly as I mentioned before this is a GREE game but the seiyuu cast is really nice…I hope they bring it to a stand alone app or at least mobage. Also Hirarin said he loves curry and Toriumi said he’s allergic to cats.


The prince of stride heroine is gonna be voiced by Hanazawa Kana. Man she’s everywhere nowdays.


This issue seemed like it had a lot of Valentine’s Day specials and one of them was messages from the Utapri dudes…I took a photo of the only one that matters to me anymore (´;ω;`).


Apparently the senpais will be in the anime which tells me that they plan to pretty much throw in all the ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ from Debut into season 2…which is not surprising seeing how season 1 was. Funny enough the Natsuki episode was on TV while I was in Japan and when I watched it again after having played the games (first time I saw the series was before playing) it felt like the anime was on another planet. The characters I grew to love from the games were not the ones on my TV screen. ( ´_ゝ`)


Hirarin just because 😉

So I’m sittin there flippin through the magazine when I run into Arcana Famiglia too and…..

WTF ELMO (  Д ) ゚ ゚
some new oresama douche
some other new guy
ASH (*´Д`)/ヽァ/ヽァ
Jolly is forever 21.
Luca ぺろぺろ(๑´ڡ`๑)
PACE YOU CUTIEPIE |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑
Liberta looks strangely the same.
DEBITO YOU SEXY BEAST (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ

Pardon me but I’m really excited for this game and now I’ll actually play Dante’s route cause he looks 20 years younger lmao xDDD


Apparently Hanasaku Manimani heroine has a regular form and she’s a plain Jane who thinks it might be nice to dress all wafuey…guess it’s one of those “thrown into the old timey land so I must dress old timey” kinda games like Sangoku Rensenki.

Whoa Sugitan's chara is randaaay
Whoa Sugitan’s chara is randaaay


Valentine’s Day special for Karin’s newest game…for some reason the more I look at the white haired guy the more I keep thinking of Inukai from Princess Nightmare.


Moeyaji you cutie pie 😉

Hatsukare Valentine's Day illustration
Hatsukare Valentine’s Day illustration
Woot beach scenario!
Woot beach scenario!
Wow damn why are you making the brother more appealing that the main guy when I can't get with the brother щ(ಥДಥщ)
Wow damn why are you making the brother more appealing that the main guy when I can’t get with the brother щ(ಥДಥщ)

getsuei01Suddenly this game is becoming more and more appealing. I really wish they put more sample images in the official site because the weird font and funky textures kinda threw me off but the magazine illustrations are lovely.

Oh sheeit Ukyo (◉◞౪◟◉ )
Oh sheeit Ukyo (◉◞౪◟◉ )
Hana looks kinda drunk there
Hana looks kinda drunk there
Is it sad that I only remember this guy's seiyuu rather than his actual name? lol
Is it sad that I only remember this guy’s seiyuu rather than his actual name? lol
Cover for next Double Score game
Cover for next Double Score game
Laito pls.
Laito pls.

So the magazine listed readers favorite lines by the Dialover boys and I guess I agree for the most part…at least I do for Subarun:

|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑
|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

Sooo the Vitamin R cast has been announced and I got all excited until I looked at the actual names and…




WTF IT’S ALL THE EXACT SAME CAST AS VITAMIN X INCLUDING THE TEACHERS エエエェェ(・д・)ェェエエエジソン!! Why the hell would you do this Rejet?? Are you pretty much abandoning your original X cast and doing a remake? Is that what the R in VitaminR stands for……I know the art was pretty bad in the X series but they still hold a special place in my heart…… What’s weirder is the charas who look similar to the original cast aren’t voiced by the same guys. For example the blue haired guy who looks like Kiyoharu is actually voiced by Kishio who voiced Goro.  The guy who looks like Tsubasa is voiced by OnoD who voiced Hajime…also now they made Miyata Kouki’s character the trap sensei instead of one of the students being one.. 😯 I’m not really sure what to think.


I guess new fans won’t really care and will enjoy this but I can’t help but make comparisons orz…I hope at least it will be a good game since the art is already significantly levels better.


Since Tiny x Machinegun will be a PC game, the limited edition price is going for 9000+ yen….( .;´;_ゝ;`:,);゙;`;:゙;`;:ヤメテヨ Also manthong fans, Rejet has not forgotten you:


I try to play every Quin Rose game that comes out but this…….this…..



I got all excited about the Hyakki FD since Wakaba finally gets a route but then I saw this:

I think Quin Rose has discovered the uguu cage of love.
I think Quin Rose has discovered the uguu cage of love.

Quin Rose, I support you, I support you as long as you don’t stoop to Otomate’s cage level. Stahp pls.


At least the School Wars FD looks promising.

So remember how I mentioned that the Starry Sky characters will be in Seishun Hajimemashita…well aside from Suzuya & Kanata apparently Tsukiko herself will make an appearance.


I wonder if she will have the same voice as she did in the anime?

Solomon's Cock Ring
Solomon’s Cock Ring

Lol this series is such a joke. I’ll have to marathon it as some kind of April Fool’s celebration 😆

I think someone recently on my blog said they had trouble with Shinnosuke’s route…well this scan is just for you:


Yukki ε-(*´∀`|萌|
Yukki ε-(*´∀`|萌|
I haven't played BWS yet but this cat appears to be some kind of inside joke lol
I haven’t played BWS yet but this cat appears to be some kind of inside joke lol


So I started playing this game a few days ago and whoa this guide is EXTREMELY useful. It lists what ingredients you need for each recipe and which “spice” to add to succeed. It also mentions to get new recipes you can keep feeding the owl the same stuff over & over because apparently him pooping out recipes is random though I’ve had better luck getting recipes from him by giving him higher star rated ingredients. I’ve only managed to win 2 duels with Liberta so far so don’t expect a review of this for a while as I go at snail’s pace while I play it on the side.

Aoi is that you?
Aoi is that you?

DGS had some rankings. First is the best selling game rankings. Sad SS is no 1 but glad Diamond Alice is no2 and GHP is no4 and Unko no Homo Sama is no 6…but wtf Solomon’s Cock Ring at no8…why are people buying this 😆


Secondly is favorite anime and looks like Amnesia is no 1! Kind of annoying that Utapri Season 2 is at no 2 before it even aired. How do you know it’s gonna be good! Or are you assuming it will be Maji Homo 2000% so it’s automatically good eh!? ( ・´ー・`)ふ━━━ん


Well anyway that concludes DGS. Only thing left now is the unboxing posts which I will get to once I actually play the games. I’m hoping to get back to broadcasting tomorrow or Wednesday starting with the WOF fandisk since it’s pretty short.


73 thoughts on “Dengeki Girl’s Style March 2013”

  1. Probably because the heroine is Keiji Inafune’s niece in the game?

    Pretty much answered your own question.

    I think Aksys picks up games that may have already SOME kind of following. Hakuoki had the anime and this one has the Gyakuten Saiban or w/e games.
    They will never dare touch anything without any kind of overseas following (so they will never touch any QuinRose, or Rejet stuff)

  2. Oooh, that’s good! I’ll be waiting for your review too 😀

    Actually I do wonder why Aksys pick this game?The art style isn’t that amazing compared to other games. Probably because the heroine is Keiji Inafune’s niece in the game? lol

    Yeah, I was surprised too looking at the translation. Aksys is pretty good in other games so I wonder they did that in Hakuouki just to appeal to westerners? I dunno. But since otome game localization is rare, I might as well as try it out.

  3. As far as new releases, scroll to the bottom of the blog, I have links to the ones I intend on buying/playing 🙂 Also in my sidebar all the images near the bottom are links to CD Japan for the releases if you want to preorder. I hope you find both useful! I update the release links at the bottom every month so you can always use it as a reference.

    As far as myself I’ve preordered Hatsukare, and I plan to order Amnesia Crowd (since I Played the first 2 games), Tiny x Machinegun and Norn9.

    Karin’s Mysteria looks good but they have a track record of releasing PC ports of their games with extra content so I’m wary of buying any of their “initial” versions.

    If you really like Utapri as I said I recommend Repeat and the 2 FDs (sweet serenade and amazing aria)
    After Debut I’ve pretty much lost my faith in Broccoli and kinda lost interest in the Utapri fandom. If you didn’t really like the anime then I highly recommend against buying All Star. Debut & All Star feel like they’re trying to be more like the anime than the original games were.

  4. Ah ok I see what you mean. You have a good point about how the routes will turn out with that many characters.
    I haven’t played any of the others. Initially, I had planned on starting from the first one after finishing this one, but now I know which ones not to waste time and money on.
    Honestly, the reason I was getting it is because I love the anime, drama CDs, and music. I never enjoyed an anime so much, so I thought I want to buy the game and assumed this would be great too, especially because Utapri started as otome games; so I thought it’s something I need to do.
    So thank you for your thoughts on this.

    Is it possible that you can link me to some of the new otome game releases in the upcoming months? I’m curious about them now.

  5. I sure as hell will, I loved school wars! it’s even my PSP sticker now! 😀
    I heard about Bakuhan but I don’t know much about the game? I didn’t really like the art style so I never bothered. Amazon JP gave it 4 stars but their reviews are always skewed so….a few friends who played didn’t really rave about it so its OK I guess? Also I have little faith in Aksys translation “quality” after all the hakuoki barking

  6. Haven’t play School Wars yet but now there’s FD?Oh, rejoice!! I hope it’s good. Are you getting it?

    And oh god, Dante and Debito looks so hawt~~ I always love it when there’s a grown up version game, just like WoF 2 FD.

    By the way, Bakudan Handan will be localized by Aksys this year. Do you hear any comments about this game?

  7. I’m probably not going to buy or play it.
    If this is your first otome game I highly suggest you cancel your order.
    Have you played any of the previous games?
    In my head UtaPri’s best games are Repeat, and the 2 fandisks that came after.
    Debut and All Star are just money milking cows. Think about it, how can they fit 12 characters on a UMD and not have half assed routes for them?
    They’re giving the 4 douchebags full routes + I guess full routes for Ringo & Ryuuya. The regular utapri guys get some shit route (with very likely homo intonations.)

    There are so many better otome game releases coming out in the next 3 months that out of all the games you could buy, All Star should be the last on your list.
    Anyway that’s just my personal opinion so if you really love all that is utapri then well I hope you enjoy the game.

  8. lol yea I knew you’d be pissed soon as I heard the news. I will still buy it. You don’t need to bed, the magazine actually confirmed it will indeed be routes for Nightmare, Boris, Julius, Ace and Gray. Joker has no real route as usual and I get the feeling it’s gonna be like that forever (like Meisen from the continent series.)

    I’ll still buy the game since I like the new artwork and well its my favorite 5 so xD;;

  9. Do you plan on buying Utapri All Star? I saw your review on Debut (and others but I want to talk about that one since it is the latest) and with that review it felt like it was your last straw (also with the senpai seeming to be the push for this one I don’t see that improving the possibility of you giving it a chance). Actually, your review kind of made me nervous. I pre-ordered it and it will be my first otome game. Of course I will go into this game with an open-mind, but still it’s a little nervous to see maybe it is BL. But at least if it is I can expect it and not be so surprised, but if it is not BL I can be very happy.

  10. So I just found out about the sequel to Diamond…and given the images in the magazine scans, I’m willing to bet one of my kidneys that the routes in it are they guys they cut off from Diamond. Oh how awesome, I gotta pay again to get the routes I thought I was gonna get in the first game, but was lied about! Oh, I’m so excited QR, I’m totally gonna help make diamond mirror get the second place on the best sellers list like diamond was, for sure!

    Fuck Quinrose. Fuck Quinrose right to hell. In my eyes they are the worst otome company ever now.

  11. while watching amnesia my brain was gonna explode ._. untill i found your review which helped me alot to understand anime.

    is that really nova *-*?i always hated him but now i think ill play his route mhmm dante still not interested do you know when this game coming in?

  12. yeah it’s better to give up hope (´・ω・`)ショボーン

    I dont mind Kosugi voicing older dudes like in Ojisama Senka. But his character in Shinigami looks NOT LIKE AN OJIISAN, so nope.jpg

    So far Shizuka is the only KR heroine with no cages? I haven’t touched Hisoka’s route in the FD yet so it’s still an option…

  13. I seriously doubt we can get with the teachers so I’m giving up hope xD

    Kosugi voiced the husband in gin no kanmuri and me and my husband still make fun of his voice to this day lolol.. yea that cage shit needs to go.

  14. Hatsukare needs to tell us whether we can get a route with the subcharacters gdi~!!! I want Onee Sensei and furyo brother PLSSSS

    Yeah I saw the cage CGs on Shinigami site and I’m like “…. wtf” Thankfully he’s voiced by Kosugi Jyuurota and he sounds like he’s pushing 60. Such a voice mismatch so I can just ignore him or something lol
    Then I see Hyakumono has cage CGs too…. QR, stop copying Otomate.


  15. yea well I guess it’s a good thing there are other makers/games to keep me busy as I don’t plan to buy Shinigami or 0ji (though maybe stuff them in my backlog for the sake of continuity lol)

  16. Well now Dante’s route is totally playable, I guess Jolly is sharing the secret to always be young or something.
    Too bad for that… I really think they over did it with the old guy he really is WAAAAY to old especially for the protagonist.

    OMG this guide is awesome… thanks.
    And yeah, or MAYBE just maybe QR noticed how all their games for this year are spin offs and sequels so maybe the only original game of the year… ok I’m just getting delusional now, let’s hope QR stops this anoying trend next year.

  17. I was scrolling down and then I saw arcana and I thought it was never gonna end… and I liked it LOL except the part when I got to nova… (he looks weird turning suddenly like that)

    yukito’s blushing face (*´∀`*)

    and I really thought it was gekka too!!! then I saw the comment under it… hahaha!!!

    and that MAJI Homo 2000% nice~~~ d(-_^)

  18. I couldn’t tell all of it was in Japanese but it did say something about spring 2013.>.< Im so Hyper there so many good games coming out this year.

  19. oh is it the one from the ending of the game? the one where she becomes a donna? that one I’ve seen from the original game 🙂 I was hoping there would be a newer illustration

  20. It not in the magazine,I found it on google on some blog.Basically Adult has her vest showing and you can see her lovers arcana showing.
    I can tell you the website if you like.

  21. yea same here but it’s Otomate so I’ll be happy if we at least get Cero C lol

    I’m kinda crawling through regalo but I’m at least halfway to getting Liberta’s ending? lol It’s a cute game but very time consuming.

    I haven’t played BWS so I can’t comment on it. It’s not that it sucks I just didn’t want to constantly see the heroine being abused which is why I stayed away from it. Solomon’s ring is a joke lol

  22. yeaaa he finally shaved that stupid goatee xDDD
    I think older sexy nova will be awesome ;))) Yonaga can do good deep voices ;3 ( which i prefer over his boku shota voices)

  23. the only kamigami coverage that they’ve shown so far is just like 1 character sprite, sometimes a CG and a short story. there’s been nothing else. they’re really dragging it out to the point where I no longer care anymore.

  24. I don’t mind the current AF designs EXCEPT for Dante. Seriously if they just made him look that hot in the first place I wouldn’t constantly be skipping his route.
    Didn’t know Norn9 had a release date already but cool beans, I need to update my calendar. I actually listened to Hirarin’s DS CD and I really didn’t like his character so I’ll be passing :S I loved Kenn’s CD but he’s on the same game as that nasty erojiji T_T_T_T no thanks……

    I liked Momokan’s guide for GHP the best so I’d go with that.
    I have a feeling new QR game will be the Alice continuation since it seems too early to do anything for Shinigami FD

  25. Whoa. This magazine was definitely a good buy. My hopes for Norn9 just went up a bit after seeing that Randy pic. The rating is not out yet, but I hope 17+ pls hehe. I want that poster too…

    Despite the Utapri Home raging, I know Im gonna end up watching the anime anyway :-p

    I lost interest in Arcana Familgia but those new character drawings are darn good that I actually might follow it a bit more.I see youre playing the Festa Legarro one. Im gonna wait for your review. Tanoshimi (*^o^*)

    And is Black Wolves Saga good? I mean 3rd place? I thought you mentioned somewhere you were staying away from it coz it sucks? lol But then again Solomons Ring is also in top 10.

  26. probbably coz of the glasses lmao, though his hair is a bit shorter, again that’s just me
    well I do expect someone else but I guess using the whole casts again is kinda off. maybe that’s what rebirth means? =|

  27. OMG not only did he have hair he also has a visible jaw (In arcana famiglia he looks like he had a round head with no jaw line LOL) I’ll miss the chibi Nova though TT but I don’t mind since he look so hot in the sequel ^^ The second new guy looks hot too XD are you going to get the game? I look forward to your review if you do. I didn’t play all the guys back in the first game but now I’ll spend the whole month if I have to to complete the game XD

  28. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing though since ReynaldxElise was pretty much my condition to get it and well I’m happy about it, but I doubt I will feel bad if I end up liking any of the other guys more (Austin or Elmer for example especially since Midorin keeps appearing in everything I play/listen/watch and is starting to grow on me)

  29. >.< what the new Arcana Famligia game called and why is everyone so hawt now.
    0.0 I wonder how they made Felicita look like.

  30. *Gladly takes the “Hirarin just because”*

    My god those designs for AF2 are awesome, nova is right on his way to be a wine man, and damn does Dante’s hair make him magically in his twenties or something? and the new characters…. AF should have started with these designs instead of the others, this amount of hotness seems illegal (sasuga Mafia!!)

    And well I’m glad Norn9 goes out the same day as 0ji since now I can buy them toguether! Now if one sucks I can fall back on the other.

    Also I’m waiting for a release date for CattleyaxNarcissus since that’s the only DS I’m really interested in (Hirarin being an awesome nice guy at day and using that sexy beast voice at night).

    And srsly Shinigami got me interested thanks to how pretty it looked and then the more info I got about it the less I wanted to play it, I guess other than Ouma QR just can’t get a Kaidan romance game to be as good… or in this case good, like there’s red flags all over the game, and thanks to these scans I’m pushing waaay back Hiakky in my backlog probably until Hiaku is released to get done with it fast since… first incomplete and second QR discovers uguu cages ugh… At least SW fd seems to be looking good (and is an actual FD).

    I want to play GHP but I can’t settle with any guide, I guess I’m too picky.

    That black cat is the butt of jokes all over this game, at least for the staff it’s like that, but you only get the joke if you play BN, and I’m thinking that BN is actually less dark than LH branding and torture seem pretty light to me if I stop to think about some of the stuff that went down in LH… at least the good endings are really mostly good(as in they give real closure to the characters) and not grey areas like in BN.

    Let’s see if QR shoots itself on the foot anouncing the new game being an Alice game with the rest of diamond… right there I’m leaving after 0ji and AD, because they need to stop pretending those are fandisk instead of segmented games.

  31. Even if you take into account those excuses, the least they could have done was tell us about it and announce which characters were in which version, instead of spitting in our faces. I know I would have just skipped diamond, bought the version with Boris and Julius, and if I liked it enough go back to buy diamond. That way I wouldn’t feel so betrayed and could go like “well, at least the other version was good”. Instead I was so angry that even if Diamond was good, I’d still be biased against it. And now not only will I not buy Diamond 2.0 if they do make it, I won’t buy another game from them again.

    They can try to excuse it all they want, but this whole thing just showed how little QR thinks of their fans. Otoge fans are very forgiving, look at how we tolerate all the delays, so they can’t say they were scared they wouldn’t make a profit otherwise. If they do make another Diamond, I’m dying to see at which spot it will end up on the best selling list. Not on the second one, I guessing.

  32. yea they did apologize and 2chan was pretty pissed lmao….clearly a UMD has limited space, which I can understand but they could have made it more balanced like Toybox or at least make the full routes DECENT Enough to make up for it (like Elliot/Twins shit routes were soo not necessary, I woulda preferred a Julius or Boris route instead)

  33. Yeah, didn’t you mention that they apologized for the game in some booklet and wanted to make another version of it in the future?

    This just makes my initial theory that when the first magazines came out that said all the charas had 5 endings, all the cast was in the game, but then they saw the trend for segmented games and went “hey, we could make way more money if we did this and didn’t tell them about it until it is too late!”

    Well, screw that QR, the only merchandise I’ll buy from you for now on is the translated Alice doujins.

  34. 2ch has a feeling that will be their next game that they just posted a slot for …pushing back Arabians Doubt even further along with Hyakki FD =_=

  35. Yeah, I’m not trying to pressure you, it’s just that I was expecting Mejojo (aka one of the branding dudes) to win, but it was the mostly sweet guy that won by such a wide margin. There’s hope for the otoge fandom yet!

    All I have to say about QR is this: after that lying crap (AGAIN!) I will never buy from them again, Alice or no Alice. I will be especially mad if they release another version of Diamond with all the characters they cut off. Like, busting a tit mad.

  36. I will play LH I swear but I’ve bought so many new games and have new preorders sitting around me + my newfound Wand of Fortune fandom…yea hm not for a while lol 😛 I will get to it though since Kaji Yuki is my newest seiyuu interest.

    I don’t really have high expectations for Cinderella tbh….QR keeps milking out their games and releasing games “split” so they can intentionally then release a fandisk…its gettin kinda tiring and now that I”m enjoying Otomate games again QR’s “priority” isn’t that high for me anymore.

  37. ~Seriously happy that LH is number 3 in that best selling list~The cat is supposed to be the black cat in the pretty picture. You won’t get it if you play only LH, but he is horribly abused by the other 2 cats. Rejet made some funny comics of them on their blog making light of it, with all the cats in those deformed forms. BTW, Kaji Yuuki’s character won the popularity poll by more than 500 votes over the 2nd place guy.

    Wow, Dante is one sexy beast when he has some hair. I just hope his size difference with Felicita won’t creep me out during the romance scenes, like it did with Jericho and Alice. Hanasaku Manimani has some really nice art, but the story doesn’t pull me in at all, unfortunately. And personally, the white dude in Karin’s new game reminds me of the dream demon in Grimm.

    “why are you making the brother more appealing that the main guy when I can’t get with the brother”<- me when I played QR Wizard and Master. As for new QR games, I just got worried for the new Cinderella game, since AkruIsh just pointed out on twitter that they make the OTP obvious everywhere so far, and she's right. I'm wondering if it will be like Asaki Yumenishi now and if it'll make you feel guilty if you don't go for the main guy.

  38. well assuming you’re staying in a hotel – most online stores don’t ship to hotel addresses so you’d be out of luck anyway. if you’re doing a homestay though you’d be ok!

  39. ACtually I did go to BookOff in hopes of getting older games but their otome game section only had like….2 games lol. I was so disappointed but then again I also went to Hokkaido and maybe there’s a higher chance of a better selection in a larger city like Tokyo.

  40. Since you were in Japan just recently… Is it likely to get older otome games in the stores too or do they just sell the newer ones? I’d like to buy some games from 2011, so I’m not sure, if the stores will have them if I’m in Japan… Well… I guess it’s luck, huh?

    Hmm… I’m not that fond of limited editions/special tokutens so much, so I think I can live with just buying the regular edition… ^^ At least Otomate’s LE’s are not worth the money…

  41. Takuyo’s new game is Getsuei no Kusari (moonlight chains)
    Haha save up for your Japan trip and buy all the games then since you’ll save for shipping :3 Though the down side is you might miss limited editions/special tokutens

    The gekka thing is some new character song CD they’re releasing. I wish they’d release an FD 😦

  42. Too many good games are going to be released this year: Norn, SL 2nd, Eikoku Tantei Mysteria, Hatsukare, Takuyo’s new game (what is it called anyway?!), Brothers Conflict BB, etc… It’s hard to resist DEM IKEMENS, even though I’m saving up for a Japan trip… orz

    What does the artwork of Gekka Ryouran want to say to us?! Does Rejet plan to release a FD or what??!! 8D 8D Or is DGS just promoting the new character CD?

    AND THOSE IKEMEN in AF… Holy shit!!! o.O When did they become so SEXY?! (*´▽`*)

  43. UtaPri *–*
    Omg Nova, he’s sooo gorgeosu *want him*
    There’re so many games I wanna play =3

  44. I thought Sugita’s hair was shorter though so maybe not?
    I’m kinda disappointed about VitaminR it makes me feel like they’re pretty much abandoning X and going “oh check out our shiny new better drawn game!”

  45. I’m only looking forward to Hanasaku Manimani because redjuice illustrates it, but who knows what happens to the plot…
    as for Sugita’s chara in Norn9, is it me, or it kinda looks like him…
    also expecting something big from VitR casts, til they posted the videos on youtube and I realized the casts are the same xD (evehtough I never touched any of the series before)

  46. I love Pace’s longer hair its so adorable (*´▽`*)
    I love Nova’s new design he’s so hot lmao xDDD
    I’m guessing in Brilliant Blue it takes place maybe some time later so the guys will be older? Who knows. Seeing how this is the March issue most likely the ranking is from January 2013.

  47. i think Liberta looks the same, too as well as Luca and Pace just got a bit of hair change. Guess we’ll have to wait to see more and I don’t think i like Nova’s new design. Debito’s as sexy as ever o(≧▽≦)o and Elmo, not a cute shota anymore ⊙ω⊙. But the most surprise is Dante, he’s a real ikemen now XD I wonder did he get on a time machine lol.
    The new guys look good. Hope they and Elmo will have routes, but that ‘ll make 11 guys @@…

    OMG Ukyo(゜▽゜) the CG seems better than PP. Well the art in the novel look more better too, all the guys have level up XD.

    Glad that Diamond Alice is no 2. Did that ranking is in 2012 and early 2013 ?
    Thank u for the info ^^

  48. IDK… I checked her blog, she posted it on December 2012 and she mentioned that she collected the recipes with her friends that played the game 🙂

  49. lol I see though I wonder if maybe she just got them from the magazine as well? Who knows but I put bookmarks into both issues and threw them on my couch for reference lol

  50. Thx for the info! But I’m still posting my guide anyways, cause I’m almost done with it. Just a few more ingredients left and I’m ready to post it. For the recipes, I’ll just copy-translate-paste them from the blogger who collected all 300 of the recipes 😀

  51. yea I expected Utapri or something lmao I think most of the complaints were from the US fandom not knowing wtf the deal with the story is. If I hadn’t played the game prior I might have been feeling that way myself as well

  52. yea I”m playing Festa Regalo now so seeing this was like dafuq!? o_O I think Liberta looks the same too actually lol XD But omg yea Nova and Elmo o___0 and sexy beast Dante lmao

  53. I knowwww Nova is like such a sexy beast and Dante wtf why couldn’t he just look that hot in the first place instead of being some bulky bald ossan orz

  54. OMG the moment I saw the Arcana Famiglia 2 picts I died :0 I checked the official site saying that they’ll probably be releasing it this year. I can’t wait!! OMG how did Nova become THAT Nova?! And ELMO?? And DANTE OMG DANTE!! Thanks so much for sharing this!!

  55. SO I checked the last dgs as well and its 300 recipes total. Both issues have recipes and walkthroughs for the love routes so I’m gonna sit with these 2 fat books in my lap while I play the duellos but I’ll gather ingredients on my commute xD so yea you don’t have to try to write a walkthrough for everything since dgs pretty much took care of that for you!

  56. >Dellz
    Uwaahhh~~ me too me too!! I want AF 2 now 😀 It’ll have sooo much guys to boot by then. *drools*
    Wha… they had the recipes and the best “spice”s listed in the magazine!? TT3TT Oh right… I have one question. Did they list the total number of recipes in it?

  57. I’m so hype about Arcana 2, gosh most of the guys becomes so hawt though Jolly and Luca looks the same xD But Nova my bby has grown up and Elmo *A* and dude is tat Dante? He looks 100% better without his goatee ^-^/

  58. AMNESIA is no.1? Lol I thought a lot of people complained how bad and confusing the anime was…(personally i think it is pretty good….well considering the fact i never played the psp game of it)

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