Mobage Review: Watashi no Kareshi, Hen Nandesu!

So we have “my bofyriend is a weirdo”. It looks like its by the same makers as the Tulip game since the system appears to be identical. Story is you’re a college student (whose name I made Iijima Ami using a name generator) studying psychology, and you get to pick from 4 weirdos to get with: a siscon, a yandere, a sports hetare and your psychology professor. Let the games begin!

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Otome Game News 11/2012

I feel sick while writing this post so if I make typos bear with me \(^o^)/

Rather than focusing on B’s Log & DGS news only I figured it’s just easier to post news around the web in the past month. So starting with the graphic above, in case you thought Otomate was done milking Hiiro, they’re porting it to Iphone & Android. The price is cheap but actually the PSP port is almost the same price so without any new content I don’t think its worth it (unless you just don’t own a PSP?)

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Otome Game Review: Hyakki Yakou ~Kaidan Romance~

And so this is the next game in Quin Rose’s Kaidan Romance series. The game is pretty much similar to Oumagatoki in setting but takes place at a school a few miles away with a different cast. This time our heroine is Tatsuta Ui who is the daughter and heir of a very powerful dragon youkai family. Unfortunately her parents wanted a male heir so now to them she’s just a baby maker until they find an appropriate suitor. Due to this Ui’s been pressured to act like the “proper daughter” being miss perfect, getting good grades and acting like a “princess”. Her parents married for political reasons and most of the time her father ignores her existence so she wasn’t exactly raised with a loving family. This has caused her to basically develop a fake personality but deep down inside she just wants to be a badass. On top of this, she broke a rule by taking a human and turning him into a zombie. For this she has received punishment which causes her to to suffer fevers, on top of the fact that she can’t control her strong fire ability. Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Hyakki Yakou ~Kaidan Romance~”

Galge Review: Love, Election & Chocolate

Since elections in America happened recently I figured this would be an appropriate game to play (plus I saw the anime so I was curious!) Oojima Yuuki attends a rich elite Takafuji Gakuen where it’s pretty much guaranteed that if you go here you’ll get into a good company to work. He is in the food research club but all they do there is eat candy and slack off (along with the teacher who handles it.) Yuuki’s not the strongest of protagonists since his father passed away and mother is almost never home due to work. He’s always getting the run around by his childhood friend Chisato and is pretty much your average Gary Stu. When the student council elections are coming up, one of the candidates Shinonome Satsuki wants to shut down any clubs without any real purpose. Since the food research club is a bunch of b/s they’re on the chopping block. To combat this, everyone in the club shoves Yuuki to run for president. Yuuki runs away crying like a little pansy until Chisato yells at him convincing him to be a man and win that election! Unfortunately running for president isn’t all it’s cracked out to be especially when there is a huge issue of bullying that plagues the school.
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