Otome Game News 11/2012

I feel sick while writing this post so if I make typos bear with me \(^o^)/

Rather than focusing on B’s Log & DGS news only I figured it’s just easier to post news around the web in the past month. So starting with the graphic above, in case you thought Otomate was done milking Hiiro, they’re porting it to Iphone & Android. The price is cheap but actually the PSP port is almost the same price so without any new content I don’t think its worth it (unless you just don’t own a PSP?)

Storm Lover 2nd website is up and above are the 6 guys we get to be bakkaple with. Also the guy on the left is some gaijin from Spain xDD lol.

Natsuzora no Monologue is getting ported to PSP. At first I was like yay but then I saw the web demo and I get the feeling that stupid on screen text isn’t going away anytime ever.  Oh well those who couldn’t play it on the PS2 have a chance to play it on the PSP. Despite the annoying as fuck text the dude above’s route made me baww.

Along with Natsuzora, Otomate is also porting Desert Kingdom. (∩´∀`)∩ワーイ I’ve always wanted to play this game in my Ps2 backlog but now I’ll just hold off for the port because I’m sure there will be new content. For those who didn’t know the artist for this game is the same one who drew Amnesia.

As I had called it, Quin Rose’s new game is 0ji no kane to cinderella. The 3rd sister Elise is the heroine but now Reynald and Spencer get real routes. Roy & Oswell show up as side characters and looks like there’s 3 new guys for Elise to get with (one look like a possible cat monster.) Though I think it’s cheating by putting 2 meganes into this game! You know that’s my weakness QR but I don’t want your watery plot filler game before your real release! (Arabians Doubt.)

Konami’s newest Tokimeki Memorial game is called Tokimeki Restaurant and its a cell phone game! It will be for Android & iOS but omg that cast Kakihara, Kishio, Namikawa….(゚д゚)! I’ve yet to play a single tokimemo game but if it’s not too expensive I’m willing to give this a try.

In case you haven’t had enough of this, Sangoku Rensenki is getting REported to PC with all the new content from the PSP. Sigh. Lol. Stop it DaisyDaisy make a new game already ( ´_ゝ`).

KuroKin anime designs have been revealed and ….∑(゚Д゚)ガーン wtf Kanade’s legs. Lol D grade porn animation etc.

●Delayomate Delayed Black Wolves Saga by a week.

In case anyone didn’t catch this game under the radar, it’s an upcoming R-18 game by Mead. They just announced the cast which includes Sugiyama Noriaki, Ichiki (the kokoro connect bullying guy) and some others i don’t know. Praying it won’t be a rape marathon, I’m actually interested in playing it.

Quin Rose’s Shinigami Kagyou cast has been announced:

  • Nakai Kazuya
  • Hoshi Souichiro
  • Kosugi Jurota
  • Ishida Akira
  • Suwabe Junichi
  • Okamoto Nobuhiko
  • Asanuma Shintaro

That’s all the new stuff. Prince of Stride & Tiny x Machinegun seem to be making progress but I haven’t been able to load TxM’s website cause of their buggy ass flash. Sorry it’s so short  this time around. (;^ω^) I’m still waiting for a reason to buy a B’s Log or DGS issue so I guess it’ll be like this until I do!


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  1. Tokimeki IOS versionO(≧∇≦)O~ !~! woohoo~! Im going to play this for sure! they’re also going to have a voting campaign… summin’ about putting the most voted character in the center cover pic of Tokimeki’s new game debut > wah~ so excited( ゚▽゚)

  2. LOL Yay………………………………… porn ovaaa pfft lol I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised, although I guess I was kind of surprised to see an R18 game out of all the games out there getting an anime adaptation? Lol like, they could have animated cooler games and prettier games with less raep lol that are also general audience? Idk hahaha xD LOL I wish… if only my psp weren’t broked hurgh >_>
    I’m also glad OZMAFIA finally got a release date haha I mean when did they put the OZMAFIA website up? Ten years ago? lol

  3. the kurokin anime i found out after making this post is posting all the seiyuus under their porn star names so I think that confirms that it will be a porn ova like I joked lol
    haha I take it you also liked Juuzaiengi then? 😛

  4. I always come to you for my info ^^ I suck at keeping up with otome game news lol. And wow, another Storm Lover… woohoo can’t wait to play it /o/!!! Also TOKIMEKI RESTAURANT OMGGG I WANT IT SO MUCH. I hope it isn’t too expensive cause if it isn’t I’m definitely going to try and get it. It’ll be perfect for the bus ride to class haha~
    And I forgot KuroKin was getting an anime adaptation thing… those designs look soo bad. I don’t really like them lol also wtf why did they draw her legs like that lmfao
    Ohh, excited to see Desert Kingdom for PSP, I definitely want to play it! And DaisyDaisy…. why won’t you release anything new lol stop trying to milk Sangoku Rensenki for all you can and give us something new!! …Knowing me though, I’ll… probably get the report. |D I just love historical otoges… especially Romance of the Three Kingdoms…. >_< Why are you exploiting my weakness DaisyDaisy?

  5. @boizanveri: Nice to know that I’m not alone in my thinking, haha.

    @Hinano: Very true. Maybe I’m just too optimistic, or expecting too much. Why do I get the feeling that Kanade’s “dream” orgy will be animated, LOL? xD

  6. i think this time will be BloodXAlice. That what i though from 3 volumes so far and vol 4 cover will be BloodxAlice again.
    this is my first time posting here so i just want to share something ^^
    thanks for all of your great otome review and news (◠‿◠✿)

  7. are you referring to circus to usotsuki no game? I’ve read the first volumes and I wasn’t really impressed? XD I mean the art is great as you said but I didn’t feel there was a cohesive story. Alice kinda kept being bounced around between characters. I guess I prefer when they stick to 1 persons “route” in these books so I’ve been buying the English releases of Cheshire Cat Waltz instead :3

    Thanks for reading!

  8. 2 ((ヽ(๑╹◡╹๑)ノ)) i really love your blog
    don’t know if u already knew but i just want to share that wonderful news: joker no kuni no alice 4 will on sale on 25/12/2012
    yay ♫ヽ(゜∇゜ヽ)♪ ♬(ノ゜∇゜)ノ♩ more fujimaru’s artwork (´◠ω◠`)

  9. If you like a school environment, clean character designs and art, and generally rich back stories (although minimal plot), then I’d recommend them. But… yeah… they usually have at least one real fruitcake, lol.

    Judging from the screencaps though it looks like it’s going to be a social game similar to Ameba’s Pigg Café, which really disappoints me. I’d rather pay money up front for a real game than be constantly dogged for money to make a crappy game go more quickly.

  10. Sorry I haven’t checked those sites before asking. (A bit embarrassed. (/。\)) Thanks for the information by the way. :3

    Now I see what you mean by that about 24ji Cin. Sounds like the staffs were in a hurry to release it or something. Hope 0ji would not cheat on us. Oh, if 24ji is that short, I should pick it up sometimes. I mean I’ve never touched it yet at all. All stuffs are piling up and I can’t manage myself even to touch my PSP. (But free enough to read otoge news? OTL) It’s like once I start, I don’t know if I would be stuck with game rather than work, you know.

  11. you’re welcome! definitely finish storm lover (and the fandisk) it was really a great game. hopefully the ingame tokimemo content won’t be something that requires you to buy in order to even get a good end!

  12. I only buy it if it comes with a poster or something I want. I don’t really care for the diabolik lovers stickers and as much as I like the Alice card I don’t wanna pay $20 just for it 😛 My subscription ended so I guess I just wait till an issue I like comes out and if I do I’ll buy it!

    (also I live in a small NYC apartment and my bookshelf is running out of space lol)

  13. android phones nowdays are almost free anyway so i’m sure by the time it comes out you can think about it. plus we have yet to know if it will be an app or a stupid social game (like gree *puke*)

    i havent confirmed if the ova will be r-18 or not but i imagine since the company makes a lot of BL porn it will be R-18?

  14. Of course they’re gonna portray him like some typical gaijin and have him blabber “Seniorita” or something over and over orz. They’ve done that for every spanish character I’ve ever encountered (Arcobaleno etc XD)

  15. Well it’s gonna be an ova so I figured they probably don’t care as long as you see porno cause they assume that’s what you came here for. I wouldn’t really hold my breath for quality in a porn OVA 😛

    I think ports of really really old games are okay but there are some games getting overported (like sangoku rensenki and hiiro). A lot of the new port stuff doesn’t even add new content (like the starry sky FDs) so unless you plan to add new stuff I think porting is really pointless xD

  16. 24ji is kinda short and you can jump to next choice so you should be able to speed through it :O
    I mean i think the series is nice but I don’t feel like quin rose is taking it to its full potential T_T (why no childhood friend scenes with Louis etc)

    QR Under Garden is their “label” for any fairy tale games they do…if you look all the Alice games, Grimm etc are all labeled as undergarden. Stuff like Ouma or Continent series are not. Since the anime will be coming out in March I figured I’d get Brocon out of the way. I’m pretty much flying through it now and with the upcoming holiday weekend I should be able to finish it very soon 😛

  17. Thank you for the news!

    Ugh, I have not enough time to finish 24ji Cinderella yet. Now another one is planned to come out!? I’m really addicted to this series since its system isn’t so complicated and I love the art. Aw I can’t wait, I can’t wait. (By the way, does QuinRose change its trademark or something? (Please excuse me if I use a wrong word.) I mean in the 0ji Cinderella official site, it’s labeled as “QuinRose UnderGarden”. (=.=)a)

    I never own PS2 so I don’t know any game on it. Desert Kingdom kinda catches my eyes and the characters (including the heroine) look lively. Hope this one would be fun too!

    I notice that now you’re on Brothers Conflict, I assume that you’re getting prepared for Brilliant Blue? x3

  18. BTW, am I the only person getting sick of ports? Maybe I’m biased because I prefer PC games over PSP (I’m a regular shopper for both sides, but still). It’s justifiable if the first release is quite old (so they’re appealing to a new “wave” of otome gamers) or they’re adding a slew of bonuses.

    Anyway, since I’m an undying pervert, I’m looking forward to Sakuragatari. At least it’s not a port, remake or re-release, and if it does suck, I’ll just focus on the seiyuu and their smexy voices. =/ Nice to see Ichiki more- I always hoped the poor guy will end up getting more work.

    As for the Kuro to Kin anime, I’m disappointed in the quality, though I’m pleased that it’s better than Enzai’s anime art (also by Yura). Since game-to-anime tends to go awry (e.g., Starry Sky, Arcana Famiglia), I hope they’ve worked it out.

  19. Yes, he has. He’s Naran in an R18+ otome game called “Koezaru wa Akai Hana” (credited as Noriyuki). He’s also Elizabeth in Trick or Alice (just a side character; doesn’t have a route). Finally, he’s in Hoshi no Jouou, but I don’t know as who (i just remember seeing his name floating around in a cast list). He does some R18+ BL stuff too, if I remember correctly.

  20. OMG SL2!!
    I’ve just finished the first one and I’m like (*///*) Plus, there’s a spanish guy!!! I wonder how they will portrait him, I hope he won’t be a “walking cliche”, please D3P don’t mess with my country!! ;____;
    And that tokimemo game…. GRRRRR *0* me want. NOW.

  21. Btw, is Noriaki voicing r-18 games before? I don’t recalled him being one.. But yay,I’m waiting for this game too ❤

  22. Ngee,Tokimeki Resto. I really love the Tokimeki series so I’m happy for this.But I don’t own any Android or IOS phone( despite having a PSP and NDS lol) so I’m stuck. I might buy one though if the game is super awesome xD

    I’m actually very excited with Kuro to Kin anime,even though it’s poorly designed.Simply because I’m a pervert and I’m interested with porno animes made for girls. Or is it just a non-18 OVA?

  23. Forever excited with Storm Lover 2! I hope that the characters are good or on par with the ones from the 1 ^^ I’m kind of dissapointed about the Kuro to Kin anime design, they look very cheap compared to the game artwork :/….Are you not buying anymore B-Log ?

  24. Thank you for the info. Storm Lover 2nd? Yay I can’t wait for this game, I don’t finish the 1st one, so I need to clear all my backlogs orz. Desert Kingdom’s story is good, I only played 1 route but so far I enjoy it ^-^/ Glad it will be ported to PSP hopefully with new contents xD

    Lolz Sangoku Rensenki…. as much I love this game but ported from PC to PSP to PC again is lame www.

    I’m pretty interested with Tokimeki Resto too, need to borrow my sister phone lolz. Hopefully the in-game content is not expensive ^-^/

  25. I’m surprised and impressed that the Tokimeki Memorial GS game doesn’t have a really fruity long-haired character–I’d always thought that was a mainstay of the series, lol.

  26. So do I, I’d actually pay for *some* microtransactions if it’s an app. But GREE is the fastest-growing platform in Japan right now with everyone wanting to make games for it (Japan you have no taste) so hopes seem to be pretty slim…

    Who knows, though? D3P seems to be going for a ‘not GREE’ route, so maybe otome game makers are figuring out how the monetizing bit works. Konami’s Love Plus Team is pretty good at that kind of shit.

  27. I finished it while raging! 😆

    I hope it will be an app rather than Gree or some stupid social game shit. I can’t deal with those blah. Whenever any mobage makes me like “click on your friends” or “take your friends on a mission” I immediately quit it. I Only play mobages where I just read 5 chapters a day lol. I plan to get on with the tokimemo games eventually but I know they will take forever so I’d really have to have cleared most of my backlog and with so many new more appealing releases (cough quin rose) my progress has slown down a bit (though I still try to clear at least games a month XD)

  28. wait for the port they’re already announcing a bunch of new CGs and scenario so you’re better off not missing out (like me orz)

  29. Wait, you actually finished Natsuzora? I thought you ragequitted.

    Also yes QR NO FAIR WHY ARE THERE TWO MEGANES. They could’ve given 24ji a proper one for a proper spread, I could’ve been able to put my brain aside and enjoy the game more. Grumble grumble.

    (I’m not sure I’d put money on AraDoubt being great, though. As you might tire of me saying by now. AraLost’s actual content was from Long Ago In Better Times, after all, they barely had to write new things for it.)

    Lastly, Tokimemo Restaurant…..not sure if want, but I’m always Not Sure If Want with Tokimemo before I play it and get hopelessly hooked. Now, if they don’t use fucking GREE……but what are the odds of it not being grindy as hell? Tokimemo’s already a bit grindy on consoles, I’m afraid of what will happen with possible microtransactions. (And if you want to give one a try, honestly, Tokimemo GS3 PSP is as near perfect as the stat building dating sim genre gets. I like the chars better in 2, but 3’s system is incredibly polished. It’s not really a game you can enjoy by rushing through for full completion, btw.)

  30. Natsuzora no Monologue and Desert Kingdom look interesting (lol I got a thing for Otomate afterall XD). I’m wondering if I’d better wait for them to be ported to psp or play them on PS2 >_<"

  31. lmaoooo vibrator ahh oh got i hate that kind of kink usage in games it comes up more often than I want to remember x_x;

    I know they were doing a new system with cinderella but i think Hyakki has no excuses..i guess school wars & diamond alice will truly be the decision makers for me

  32. Thanks for the efforts!

    I think QR learned already and the only reson for the little plot in their recent games was that they were mostly to check how the system worked and how people received it, I mean Shinigami already looks like it will have a decent plot and so does 0 Cinderella. So maybe now that they know what works for their games they finally will put the nedeed amount of thought on the history.

    Desert Kingdom seems cute I may try it too.

    And when the Kurokin web was launched I joked how the only way for Kanade to have her legs like that was if she had a vibrator stuck in there XD, which doen’t seem like a strech considering the original material -.-U

  33. i imagine d3p will make them appealing like how they manage to make most of their cast pretty appealing lol
    and yea hopefully it just uses the same system as Kai!! and not crap like Custom Rage orz

  34. well i think nowdays you can get free android phones with most plans (at least in america) so maybe you can buy a cheap one eventually 😀

  35. oh right I forgot about this but I kinda dismissed it to the back of my head cause the heroine reminded me of Chizuru from Hakuoki Zuisouroku orz

  36. Thanks for your post! 🙂

    Hell yeah! SL 2nd!!! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ Even though the boys are not THAT appealing to me… I think it will become a funny game?! 8D Hopefully it’s not like “Crazy Drive”… 😀

    And Tokimeki Restaurant looks so AWESOME!! And THAT CAST!!! I want to lay my hands on OTAWA SHINNOSUKE BADLY!! |D Sadly, I don’t have a android or a iOS… -.-

  37. Damn it! Cell phone game this Tokimeki Restaurant and I don’t have a cell phone which I can play D:
    I wish I was rich =P
    Desert Kingdom seems very nice *–*
    Thanks for this =D

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