Galge Review: Love, Election & Chocolate

Since elections in America happened recently I figured this would be an appropriate game to play (plus I saw the anime so I was curious!) Oojima Yuuki attends a rich elite Takafuji Gakuen where it’s pretty much guaranteed that if you go here you’ll get into a good company to work. He is in the food research club but all they do there is eat candy and slack off (along with the teacher who handles it.) Yuuki’s not the strongest of protagonists since his father passed away and mother is almost never home due to work. He’s always getting the run around by his childhood friend Chisato and is pretty much your average Gary Stu. When the student council elections are coming up, one of the candidates Shinonome Satsuki wants to shut down any clubs without any real purpose. Since the food research club is a bunch of b/s they’re on the chopping block. To combat this, everyone in the club shoves Yuuki to run for president. Yuuki runs away crying like a little pansy until Chisato yells at him convincing him to be a man and win that election! Unfortunately running for president isn’t all it’s cracked out to be especially when there is a huge issue of bullying that plagues the school.

Sumiyoshi Chisato – Chisato is Yuuki’s childhood friend ever since they were lolis & shotas. She feels like the main heroine to me but for some reason the game kinda forced me to play her route first whether I like it or not. (ಠ_ಠ) She’s very straight forward and is usually the domineering of the pair, constantly teasing Yuuki and jumping into his room through his patio door. However Chisato has a weakness: her dead brother Daiki. When Chisato was younger, she got into an argument with her brother Daiki over a chocolate bar that their mom said they’d have to share. Chisato was like NO MINE and ate it herself. Moments later Daiki got hit by a car and died. Needless to say Chisato received survivor’s guilt and PTSD from the incident. She thought it was her fault for not sharing the chocolate with him and since that day she began to hate chocolate. Just then she ran into her new neighbor Yuuki who she gave chocolate to and he happily ate it. Seeing another shota eat chocolate in the place of her brother made Chisato so happy they became BFFs. And so ever since that day, once a month Chisato will buy a chocolate bar and give it to Yuuki to eat in front of her. For the election part, Chisato becomes Yuuki’s campaign leader always trying to push him forward because terrified of being in front of a huge crowd of people at first. Eventually Chisato keeps hitting on Yuuki but she’s upset that he won’t react to her and asks why he always seems to care about other girls but not her. In the meantime Yuuki keeps telling himself that Chisato only sees him as a replacement for Daiki. (´・ω・`;A)

After Yuuki accidentally almost gets hit by a car Chisato freaks out saying that he’s going to leave her and her trauma surfaces. She then walks around holding hands with Yuuki at all times until the class president Yakumo tells her that it’s bad for his image. She also then says she’s going to “live” with Yuuki but that really only involves her sleeping in bed with him and stuff as he made a rule saying she must bathe and do her laundry at her own house. While the election issues heat up, Yuuki is also forced to figure out what to do about the bullying of the financial aid students. While Satsuki says they should cut the program and Tatsumi says they should have more financial aid students, Yuuki just says they should punish the bullies case by case. They eventually come to the conclusion that they want to get rid of the 8th amendment which basically sweeps all of the school’s “bad incidents” under the rug but Yakumo’s like NOOOO HOW DARE U. And so because of this, the student council uses ways to try and threaten Yuuki to drop out of the race. To take a break from the elections, Yuuki and Chisato decide to visit a nearby town where they used to hang out back in the day. They visit a wedding shop where Yuuki used to be a ring shota when he was little. They recall when they were little, they went to the wedding of Yuuki’s house keeper and she said that someday Yuuki & Chisato will fall in love & get married. JUST THEN Yuuki realizes ZOMG I LOVE CHISATO AND THIS DAIKI CHOCOLATE SHIT HAS GOT TO STOP. Needless to say when they get back to his house and Chisato buys the chocolate Yuuki refuses to eat it.

Chisato starts crying but Yuuki tells her that it’s either him or the brother and she bawws saying that if she picks Yuuki then she’ll forget about Daiki’s existence just like her parents have. Yuuki offers to help her get over this by having her eat the chocolate by kissing her while passing it through to her mouth. He also tells her that she doesn’t have to forget about Daiki and he will visit Daiki’s grave with her etc. And so when Chisato manages to eat the chocolate they have some happy secks and are officially a couple the next day. When everyone in the club hears about this they start bawwing waterfalls for some reason lol. (Loser tears idk?) So the stuff against Yuuki escalates to the point where this local shop they used to go to called Tacos goes & abducts Chisato. The old BBA working there threatens to cut Chisato’s throat with a box cutter unless Yuuki drops out of the election. Yuuki rushes to save Chisato and with the help of Nozomi’s inventions and Kii & Ai’s bikes, they save Chisato and rush back to the final speech ceremony. Yakumo allows Yuuki to give his final speech but sadly he ends up losing to Satsuki anyway. She offers for him to be vice president, but he declines the offer because he wants to spend his free time with Chisato. (*´ω`*) In the ending, Yuuki and Chisato visit Daiki’s grave where they eat chocolate in front of it. Yuuki says that from now on it’s not them being 2.5 but now 3 people and that Daiki doesn’t need to be forgotten. Comparative to the anime Chisato seemed a lot less….psychotic? Also lol wtf puking chocolate in the anime scene was just….yea not in this route for sure o_O. I was expecting something horrible but it all turned out better than expected! Though a lot of the route I was like YUUKI YOU DOLT and I felt really bad for Chisato along the way but I’m glad that they both realized each other’s feelings.

Morishita Michiru – I wasn’t a fan of Michiru since I’m not really into quiet girls but her story is DAMN SAD. ( ;∀;) She starts out as the newcomer to the Food Research Club and Yuuki’s stalker. Yuuki even fixes her harmonica that she keeps with her at all times. During a test of courage at night, something scares Michiru and she freaks out saying sorry over & over and that she’ll be a good girl. Yuuki lifts her up princess style and calms her down. After this Michiru gets really clingy to Yuuki. She ends up staying at Yuuki’s house but Chisato will not have this so she says she’ll stay with the 2 of them. Chisato says that Yuuki and Michiru are like she and Yuuki in the past. When Chisato was suffering from PTSD, Yuuki was there for her. She then says its time for her to graduate and says that she’s too late with her love for Yuuki and starts crying 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。. She then tells Yuuki that Michiru’s completely in love with him. Michiru has a special ability to read the “color” of a person’s heart (so if its pink its love, if black its evil etc.) Eventually Michiru calls Yuuki saying she wants to see him and then she says she loves him. Yuuki tells her he loves her too and they smooch. Yuuki asks her about the “Kana” she knows who taught her that harmonica song and that she wants to meet Kana again but now it doesn’t matter since she has Yuuki. They go on a date where he buys her a cat necklace and afterwards she gives him some chocolates that she didnt realize were only to be given for Valentine’s day. At the end of the date Michiru then says goodbye to Yuuki saying that she’s a spy for the student council aka the “Security council”. The reason she told him the truth is because she realized he was doubting her and doing research on her behind her back. She runs off but when Yuuki goes after her he gets pushed down by Yakumo’s security team guards. He’s taken to a separate room where Yakumo basically explains all the details to him in private. Yakumo tells Yuuki that he once had a security team senior to him named Kana. Kana was an S rank spy just like Michiru and was like Yakumo’s senior in the organization.

Kana then got into an accident when Yakumo was inaugurated as president. It was intentional but they have still not caught the criminal who did it. she’s currently in a coma hospitalized. Michiru came to this school to see Kana but Kana didn’t want Michiru coming here because she didn’t want Michiru becoming an S class spy. Due to this Yakumo has tried to keep Michiru from doing any serious missions. He was happy when Michiru met with the food club so that she’d have something better to do than try to meet Kana. He wanted her to enjoy the club like a regular girl. Yakumo tells Yuuki he’ll let him visit Kanna if Yuuki wins the election. So then Yuuki finds out information about Michiru’s past. Michiru was picked to be in the S class spy group when she was in elementary school because at home she was living with parents who abused & neglected her. Due to this Michiru supressed her feelings which is why she became so quiet and emotionless. Her abusive father then vanished and the mother took on jobs to support them and began ignoring Michiru an going off to sleep with her new boyfriend. Eventually she stopped paying the gas/water bills leaving Michiru who couldnt bathe or wash her clothes. Because she began to smell the other adults noticed it and they rescued her. Her slut mom didn’t wanna live with her so Michiru was thrown in an orphanage and since she was emotionless she was a loner. That was until she met Kanna there, who she became friends with and the only person she opened up her heart to. Since Kanna became a spy Michiru wanted to follow her to this high school so she enrolled as one as well. The harmonica Michiru has was the “bond” between the 2 of them. And so Yuuki wins the election and goes to see Kanna and basically she’s been in a vegetable state for 6 months. Her medical care is being provided by the security force since she was their sacrifice. However due to them planning to disband the team and since the original leader is gone, Kana is going to lose the funding to continue life support. Yuuki promises that he’ll try his best as president to convince the school to continue Kanna’s treatment.

To try and wake Kanna up, Yuki plays the harmonica Michiru left him (idk when he learned to play it) playing the melody Michiru always played. Kanna starts moving her eyes so they decide to get Michiru to come and play while Yuuki hides and watches via webcam. As Michiru plays the harmonia and Kanna manages to speak Michiru’s name but then she falls asleep. The doctor tells Michiru that she should come back another day but she refueses to leave Kanna saying that the doctor is evil and then she breaks the cam Yuki was watching through. That night Yuki gets a phone call from a pay phone but no one answers. He asks if its Michiru and hears her gasp and hang up. He then runs around and manages to find her and hugs her. He tells her he doesn’t hate her for “lying” and in fact he still loves her. Michiru cries and says she was scared he’d hate her. She then comes to his house and plays a recording she recorded of the doctor talking saying that they plan to try and kill Kana or to keep her “sleeping” so she never wakes up. Michiru & Yuuki then both rescue Kana out of the hospital and bring her back to Yuuki’s house where Michiru plays the harmonica and Kanna finally wakes up. Yuuki tells Yakumo over the phone that Kanna’s woken up as well. She talks to Yakumo on the phone saying she has memories of when he visited her and talked to her. She also says she knows they were trying to kill her. He then asks to do a video call and tells Kanna he loves huer an Kanna’s like yea I know I heard it many times in the hospital ;). BAWWWW ( ;∀;). And so in the end, Kana gets better and Yuki takes over the student council office while Yakumo goes off on a journey. Some time later Michiru, Yuuki and Kanna go out together with Michiru playing the harmonica for her. They all hope that Yakumo comes back one day since Kana is worried about him and obviously in love with him as well. (ノ´∀`*) Damn you Yakumo why’d you have to leave when Kana finally recovered!! Argh that was frustrating but this whole route was really nice. I was kinda bored with Michiru at first but once I found out her past I just couldn’t hate her, the poor child. (ノД`)シクシク

Edagawa Nozomi – Nozomi is a newcomer to this game in a sense that she had no route in the PC game. Nozomi despite looking like she’s 5 is actually 1 year older than Yuuki. She spent a lot of her life living overseas so she’s not too keen on some Japanese cultural traditions. On top of this, her appearance matches her inner maturity since she has no idea what it’s like to fall in love. Everything in Nozomi’s head processes like a computer so she’s great at inventing stuff and general scientific geekery. And so, Nozomi asks Yuuki to teach her WHAT IS LOVE~! She finds out from Yuuki that a way to a man’s heart is by making bentos so she decides to make one. Unfortunately since her brain works like science she makes a machine that makes bentos instead! Even though it seems like she’s got her head buried in her experiments, Nozomi’s actually pretty popular with the mans. One of her fanboys even proposes marriage to her! So after 2 weeks of hanging out with her, Yuuki falls in love (that or he’s just a pedobear.) He confesses his feelings to her but she mumbles that she’s not ready and their date ends. Just then a shitstorm breaks out where it’s revealed that Nozomi was actually part of Tatsumi’s campaign for presidency. The reason is she was blackmailed into making a machine that would automatically give him a win. She’s kicked out of the food club but Yuuki believes in her (thanks to Chisato getting dumped part 2) and tells her he’ll try to get her back in. So yea eventually Yuuki makes a comrpomise with Tatsumi and ends up becoming vice president. Nozomi then responds to Yuuki’s feelings by giving him a kiss after she’s returned to the food club. The two then go on dates together where Nozomi finally makes him a love waifu bento that she made herself rather than getting a machine to do it. I kept expecting something more impressive to happen after the epic that was Michiru’s route but I guess I can’t expect much from a character who wasn’t even in the original game XD;. I’m not really into any “child like” characters be it galge or otome game so I wasn’t really a huge Nozomi fan to begin with? Her route had cute moments but it still felt a bit lacking.

Aomi Isara – Oh Isara your poor poor child. Warning this route contains bullying. (´・ω・`) Isara was already causing enough issues with Chisato in her own route but now that it’s Isara’s route, Chisato just goes batshit. Isara is a poor girl, literally and she’s only at Takafuji because of a financial aid scholarship which requires her to do volunteer work. She’s known as the “ketoku” student group and unfortunately this group is the target of bullying that the school puts a blind eye on. All the rich douchebag students bully these poor students because “how dare this poor trash come into our school for FREE”. If that wasn’t bad enough, Isara works a secret part time job at a fast food place because her family has a hard time making ends meet. She has to walk 40 minutes 1 way to school to save money on transportation and because her mother uses their only bicycle to get to work. Her father was another wifebeater (though he also targetted one of the sons). Sigh the fathers in this game are either dead, MIA or complete assholes?? So anyway unlike Michiru’s mother, fortunately Isara’s mother took her and her 2 younger brothers Chii & Nii and ran away from the wifebeater dad. She was then forced to take jobs to help make ends meet so she’s pretty much never home leaving the responsibility of the 2 younger brothers on Isara. Isara now has that PLUS her part time job PLUS the volunteer work…and ON TOP OF THIS SHE HAS TO DEAL WITH BULLYING. ┻━┻ ︵╰(ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻ WHAT PISSES ME OFF IS THIS SHIT ACTUALLY DOES HAPPEN IN JAPAN ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ). When Yuuki tries to suggest about getting rid of the program and doing a scholarship feature, Isara says that she’d never be able to afford other things like entrance fees, books etc. Isara also adds even if they get rid of the financial aid program, the bullying will just move on to regular students. She says she’ll deal with it as long as she can attend this school and then get accepted to work at a good company. Jealous wife Chisato tells Yuuki that he doesn’t love Isara, but he just pities her because of her situation. Yakumo then asks “who are you appealing to? the financial aid students or a regular students?”

Chisato slaps him the next day saying that while he’s running he needs to put the financial aid student problem aside and work on it ONCE he’s elected. She also says that he’s just biased to Isara and doesn’t want her to be bullied rather than caring about ALL financial aid students. Chisato then gets pissed saying that the election is now just about Isara’s problem and drops out of the campaign. The other girls say that they don’t give a crap about the bullying and they only care about keeping their club from getting shut down. Even Isara says that he should focus on the election and worry about the bullying afterwards. Yuuki says that if he does that, then his club members will get bullied so he needs to get the students on his side NOW. He admits that it’s because of Isara the problem was brought into his eyes, but he thinks the fact that the school puts a blind eye towards this bullying is ridiculous. (Which it IS omg ( ಠ益ಠ )) When Isara starts going to school with Yuuki, not only does Chisato not come along but Mifuyu gets pissed and stays silent. At one of his speeches Yuuki mentions horrible punishment for bullies and then afterwards Yakumo comes yelling at him that if he does this, the financial aid students will become like gods. That means anyone who even looks at them bad could be blamed for bullying and they will be isolated once more. He then says Yuuki’s just being selfish for his own pride and gain and that the election is not just about him. He threatens to expel Isara and Mifuyu gets pissed, says she feels bad for Chisato and leaves him as well. Isara tries to improve the situation after everyone leaves them alone making her fake smile as always but Yuuki tells her to stop already. She finally stops the fake genki thing and starts crying saying she was terrified that she’d get kicked out because she had a part time job on top of her volunteering. Not knowing what to do Yuuki feels like he’s in a dark tunnel with no light at the end and the election on his heels.

The following day only Yume, Michiru and Nozomi show up at the club room. Due to this Yuuki is forced to campaign on top of a bucket in front of everyone. He starts to then lose support from others due to outside threats from Tatsumi. Students start whispering about him in the hallways and pretty much avoiding all his campaign flyers. He also then loses Nozomi’s support when Tatsumi comes into the club room asking to “talk privately” with Yuuki. Tatsumi asks Yuuki to stage the debate against Satsuki with him and then promises to save his club in return. Yuuki refuses so Tatsumi leaves raging that when he becomes president he’ll destroy the club. Yuuki feels hopeless and falls crying in Isara’s lap but just then a light appears at the end of the tunnel. They come up with a proposal to stop the financial aid student bullying that will work with both sides and present it to Yakumo. Yakumo reads it over and agrees to roll with it so they decide to move their campaign in that direction. The only requirement Yakumo has is for Yuuki to get all his club members back. Yuuki then goes around bowing his head to everyone and apologizing for being a selfish pig. Afterwards Yuuki and Isara take a break by going on a date together. They go to the arcade and afterwards go grocery shopping together. They run into her little brothers who make fun of them being a “hot couple” (*´ω`*). At the next debate all the students boo him and Tatsumi immediately attacks him but Yuuki stays strong. He explains that 40 students have already left the school and it’s causing a lot of them to lose money. By keeping the students in the school and putting them into clubs or something and then giving the clubs who enroll those students extra funding, it would be a win win situation. Everyone claps for Yuki’s speech and on top of that, all the food club members (except Chisato & Mifuyu) finally return to the clubroom. They run into Mifuyu & Chisato on their way home that evening and Chisato’s as pissed as ever. Due to this she almost crashes into a guy riding on his bike and the biker instead hits Isara. She gets a serious collarbone injury but since she can’t afford medical care she acts like she doesn’t need to worry about it.

She then starts crying that if she has any broken bones she won’t be able to work and won’t be able to get any money. (ಥ_ಥ) Chisato feels like a horrible bitch and comes over Yuuki’s place that night asking how Isara is and is shocked to find out the poor girl might need surgery. Chisato then starts blaming herself for it and admits she was jealous of Isara. She then cries in Yuuki’s arms and promises to return to the club the following day. While Isara rests at home, Yuuki hears news from a girl named Mike who is a financial aid student that is friends with Chisato. She tells him that the bullying has gotten worse and the people doing it don’t care about the “advantages and disadvantages” since to them bullying is the “fun part” of things. She asks Yuuki to stop feeding the bully trolls before someone gets seriously hurt. Yuuki then comes up with a new idea with Chisato where basically they’d get rid of the “financial aid” label and instead allow ALL the students to partake in the same activities the financial aid students partook in. For example they could to do volunteer work to say get a discount on their tuition or just earn extra money. He uses the example of a 4 leaf clover among 3 leaf ones and then says the only way to make you stop trying to pick out the 4 leaf clover is to make it a 3 leaf like everyone else. (Sigh Japan and the nail that sticks out mentality.) And so in the ending Yuuki ends up becoming vice president with Satsuki as president, but their club is saved. He’s so busy that he has barely any time to visit the club but one day Satsuki lets him take a break and spend time at the food club. The club tells him to GTFO and go home to Isara who’s making him dinner at his place as a part time job from his mom until her collar bone heals fully. He wants to hump her when he gets home but she tells him she wants to do her job properly :lol:. Yuuki says he’s bored laying around the couch so he insists on helping her with the cooking. She pulls out a 4 leaf clover keychain from her pocket and says that she made a wish on it to “meet a nice person.” This is the keychain that Yuuki had picked up and returned back to her when he first met her. (*´ω`*) Just like with Michiru, Isara’s route was really good and well written. What a shame that Isara never got a kiss CG like the other girls though. I’m also glad that the bullying scene that happened in the anime was never detailed in the game. It was so revolting (like Chisato’s puking scene)…man anime these days. ( ´_ゝ`) In other news, Isara’s little brothers are ☆゚+‡。萌:.゚(○´ω`○) ゚.萌:。‡+゚ ☆.

Kiba Mifuyu – I kinda expected Mifuyu’s route to be like Kyo & Ryo’s from Clannad but it was not only that it also mixed in some elements of Nagisas. It was nothing new as far as expectations but I can surely say Chisato acted a lot better in it than she did in Isara’s ( ´_ゝ`). So anyway Mifuyu is Chisato’s bff and due to her being held back 1 year she’s older than everyone. Back in middle school she was sick often and due to a surgery she had to take so many days off she got held back. She then felt alienated being “above” everyone in her class but Chisato befriended her and they became best friends. One of Mifuyu’s biggest shame secrets is the scar on her abdomen. She’s so ashamed of it she tries not to be anywhere in front of people who will be able to see it because they will ask questions, give her pity and remind her of the horrid memories. So since Chisato pretty much gave her the path to be more open with everyone and show that she wasn’t “above them”, Mifuyu holds Chisato up like a god now. She knows that Chisato loves Yuuki but she has fallen in love with Yuuki herself. Due to this she’s pretty much been suppressing her feelings in favor of Chisato’s. For the campaign Mifuyu works on writing Yuuki’s speeches. One day he goes into the club room and finds her sleeping next to her laptop. He looks on it to see what his speech will be like but then accidentally stumbles upon a fanfic she wrote about the 2 of them where basically he’s her lover rather than a friend. After this Yuuki starts to have stronger feelings for her but Mifuyu has no idea that he’s read it. During the stay over, when Yuuki goes to bathe he realized he forgot something in the clubroom and returns – only to find Mifuyu undressing. He freaks out and turns around apologizing but Mifuyu isn’t pissed and says its ok that she knows it wasn’t on purpose. Meanwhile Yuuki can’t stop thinking about the pantsu he saw that afternoon as Yume homo-attacks him that night. The next day they both feel awkward and avoid eye contact until Chisato asks him wtf is going on. He doesn’t wanna tell her about the fanfic so he just tells her how he accidentally saw Mifuyu’s pantsu. She asks if he saw anything else – like her surgery scar, and he says he did. Chisato informs him that Mifuyu doesn’t like it when anyone sees her surgery scar and she feels ashamed about it. Yuuki then goes to find her and apologize that night.

Mifuyu says how it’s disgusting to have that scar on her stomach but Yuuki says that to him the scar is a symbol of the fact that she’s alive. She finally believes him and starts crying saying she thought he’d hate her because of the scar. Just then Yuuki leans over and hugs Mifuyu and the two of them kiss. Immiediately after, Mifuyu feels horrible for betraying Chisato and runs away. Mifuyu feels awkward so she takes time off to be “sick” and Chisato drags Yuuki to come visit her. The mother tells them Mifuyu doesn’t feel well and can’t see anyone. Time goes by and they don’t see her for a few days until one day Yuuki stops by her building and runs into her mom. The mom says that Mifuyu’s not really sick and says that Mifuyu’s become a hikki and acting the way she did before she had to transfer last time. Yuuki asks if he can talk to Mifuyu and her mother lets her come upstairs. When he finally sees her, Mifuyu tells him to forget everything that happened the night they kissed. She says it’s because she can’t betray Chisato and Yuuki’s like wut idgaf about Chisato?? ヽ(。_゜)ノ He even confesses to Mifuyu that he loves her but she keeps saying that he’s just confused etc. sigh. Eventually Mifuyu stops resiting and they start making out again as Yuuki wraps his arms around her. (♡´౪`♡) She then asks Yuuki to look at her scar one more time to confirm that he’s okay with it (though lol the pose she put herself in looked more like she wanted him to look up her cooter :lol:). Yuuki then gets all horny from staring between her legs the whole time and is like “CAN I KISS YOUR SCAR!? ITLL BE A GREAT MEMORIAL!” Lol uh yea you two do that :lol:. Sadly they don’t go too far because Mifuyu once again starts crying and shivering when she even as much as sees an email from Chisato. Mifuyu then decides to come to school but she tries to act natural in front of both Yuuki and Chisato. When Chisato is gone, in the club room Mifuyu tells Yuuki that he should forget about what happened because otherwise the 3 of them won’t be able to be friends. She also adds that Chisato will hate her and she can’t take the idea of being hated by Chisato. She tells Yuuki that she can’t go out with him and that eventually they will return to the friends they were before. And so this rollercoaster between Mifuyu and Yuuki continues as he “tries” to be friends with her in front of Chisato but it comes off extremely unnatural. She tries to say that if Chisato & Yuuki start dating it will “solve everything” but it just pisses off Chisato and hurts Yuuki.

It becomes so bad that even Yuuki can’t hold back his tears and has to run to the bathroom to hide his “pathetic self”. On his way he overhears Chisato and Mifuyu talking Chisato is like why the hell are you alwasy shoving Yuuki on me so badly? Yuuki also notices that while Mifuyu acts like she wants him with Chisato, when the situation arises on a nice boat, she instead looks extremely jealous and not over him at all. Chisato of course figures it out and knows that Yuuki’s not telling her anything because Mifuyu asked him not to. She then asks Yuuki to go out with her but Yuuki apologizes of course and refuses her. He says it’s because he’s Daiki’s replacement but also because of something else, though he won’t tell her that its because he loves Mifuyu. Chisato just cries asking him why but he doesn’t answer and only apologizes. She then figures out that he loves Mifuyu, slaps him and runs back to her house. The next day Chisato lies to Mifuyu and Yuuki to get the 3 of them alone together so they can clear up all this bs going on behind her back. She then tells Mifuyu that Yuuki dumped her and Yuuki then says because he loves Mifuyu. Mifuyu continues denying it but Chisato’s like “lol you thought I wouldn’t notice?” Chisato then slaps Mifuyu and is like “why dafuq do you keep shoving the person you love on to me!?” She then says that without having to tell her, Chisato knows who the person Mifuyu loves because they are best friends. Mifuyu cries and runs out into the rain so Yuuki runs after her. He finally catches her after chasing her down and she’s babbling about how she should just DIE and if she wasn’t around Yuuki would go out with Chisato. ( ≖Д≖;) Yuuki calms the crying woman down and tells her he wants to go out with her and be her lover. Mifuyu FINALLLLLLLYYYY gives in and as her answer to Yuuki she kisses him. After his presidential debate the next day he finds out that Mifuyu got a fever and has been hospitalized due to running out in the rain the day before.

She’s hospitalized for a long time and just as it seems like she’s getting better suddenly things take a turn for the worse. Mifuyu gets a high fever and falls into a coma in the intensive care unit. The timing couldn’t be worse because this is the day of Yuuki’s final presidential campaign and Chisato tells him that even if he comes to see her she won’t suddenly get better. She tells him to do his campaign thing and afterwards he can come to visit. Right before Yuuki’s about to give his speech he gets a call from Chisato telling him Mifuyu’s gotten worse. He gets up on stage crying his ass out talking about how the girl he loves is hospitalized & getting worse. His friends and the people in the audience tell him to go to Mifuyu and that they’ll vote for him lol. Yuuki runs to the hospital and since he can’t visit Mifuyu in the intensive care unit he and Chisato read her blog where she basically talks about her life since she transferred to the same middle school as Chisato & Yuuki. It also basically shows the development of Mifuyu’s feelings towards Yuuki and how she decided to supress them once she realized Chisato was in love with him as well. (◞‸ლ) After reading all the entries Chisato and Yuuki start crying and praying that Mifuyu gets better. Just then Mifuyu’s mother runs up to them telling them that Mifuyu’s regained consciousness. Some time passes and the day before Mifuyu’s to be released from the hospital, Isara gives Yuuki a 4 leaf clover keychain she made for Mifuyu. That night Chisato comes to Yuuki’s room and eats her chocolate in front of him and says she’s officially graduated from him. After Mifuyu leaves the hospital Chisato eats her chocolate in front of her saying that she can now freely “love” Yuuki and she better watch out lol. Mifuyu says she’ll have to hold on to Yuuki to make sure it doesn’t happen so she takes his hand. Yuuki gives her get well flowers and then they kiss (with the dumb flowers blocking the view ( ´_ゝ`)). Also I have no idea what happened to the election, I’m assuming he lost? Oh well :lol:. GOtta give props to Chisato being awesome in comparison to the super bitch she was in Isara’s!

Shinonome Satsuki – Satsuki is the rival candidate and always intentionally makes jokes about Yuuki’s name by calling him pekojima, perojima, erojima etc :lol:. Tatsumi claims that the only reason she gained popularity is because of her “body” and let’s face it she has giant melons. She also has a sweet tooth and completely falls head over heels for Yuuki’s Oojima roll cake. In the meantime, Yuuki sometimes comes over Hazuki’s place to cook for her because she also stole his first kiss. Hazuki often gets drunk and jumps all over him which is how it happened in the first place. He drags her drunk ass back to the girls dorm but she drags him inside which is against the school rules of course. Once he gets her into her room he tries to leave but runs into a random girl in the hallway who screams that there’s a pervert. ALl the other girls wake up an start chasing after him but Satsuki saves him and believes him when he explains about her drunk sister. She then demands to know the truth about Hazuki and asks if he kissed her and Yuuki admits that he did. He then explains that just like this time, she was drunk and randomly grabbed & kissed him. She then pwns him by saying that because of that incident he at first felt guilty and couldn’t leave her alone but he didn’t mind so he lets Hazuki do whatever she wants. Yuuki of course doesn’t deny it and that’s why he is at a “closer than the avg student” with Hazuki sensei. Satsuki tells Yuuki he can stay in her room for a bit as long as he entertains her with a game of shougi. Hazuki says that her sister NTRed Yuuki from her and then says she’s in love with him. She says that she’s seriously in love with him and she held back cause he had Chisato but if he’s going after Satsuki then it’s a different story. Hazuki tells him to focus on the election and says she doesn’t mind waiting until after it’s over for his answer. Meanwhile Yuuki continues coming to Satsuki’s room to play shougi with her but Satsuki wants to know why Hazuki left the house since their mother is upset. She says they used to get along well until one day Hazuki became a hikki and stopped talking to everyone. Eventually without a word she left the house.

Just then an earthquake happens and Satsuki starts crying and saying oneechan as Yuuki hugs her. She apologizes afterward and as time passes with these shougi sessions and election debates, Yuuki starts falling for Satsuki. When Yuuki goes to make dinner for Hazuki one day she gets upset that she’s getting “NTRed by her own sister”. She admits that she didn’t kiss Yuuki because she was drunk but because she had a thing for him and after kissing him realized she’s (a huge cougar) in looove. She says she knows that it’s illegal and bad for her as a teacher but she CANNOT STOP HER LOOVE FOR DAT YOUNG D–Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ So now Yuuki has to keep both Hazuki & Satsuki a secret which is hard to do since Chisato is pretty sharp with these things. When Yuuki goes to talk to Satsuki about Hazuki’s confession she asks if he loves her sister. He says he likes her but he isn’t sure that it’s love but he says he does have a person that he feels that he is in “love” with (aka Satsuki.) He then tells her about Hazuki wanting to do a “challenge” with Satsuki for Yuuki as the “prize” but Satsuki is against it. Just then Hazuki calls Yuuki and asks to talk to Satsuki. Satsuki refuses to make Yuuki a PRIZE, but once Hazuki’s like “you’re afraid you’re gonna lose aren’t you?” it lights a fire under Satsuki’s ass and she accepts the challenge! 😆 Satsuki then tells Yuuki that she will FIGHT for his FUTURE! xD So then a few days later Satsuki and Hazuki have their shougi battle in Satsuki’s room as Yuuki watches. Satsuki originally got into shougi from watching Hazuki play with her father so Hazuki is no shougi noob. Since they are also playing a drinking game as a penalty, when Yuuki sees that Satsuki can’t take it anymore he asks if he can drink in her place. He then admits that he knows who the person he loves is now and says it’s Satsuki. Hazuki admits defeat and says that now that Yuuki has picked someone, there’s nothing left for her to do. She leaves the 2 love birds alone and Yuuki falls asleep on the bed next to Satsuki’s. He wakes up the next morning with Satsuki in a bathrobe. She then striiiips the bathrobe in front of him saying he can ravage her all he wants and they screw (but not before she asks him to tell her he loves her 1 more time and she tells him she loves him back (*´ω`*)).

They lay in bed after humping cuddling and talk about where they will go on a dates and stuff. The following day they go on their first date to a sweets buffet and Satsuki gets so excited about eating cakes that she sparkles. I guess all that cake fat goes straight into her boobs, dat lucky bitch T-T. Afterwards they come over to Hazuki’s house to find out the truth about why she left Satsuki’s family. Hazuki then explains that originally her father had a wife but she was ill and unable to have children. The father then got a secret 2nd wife and had a child – Hazuki. In order to hide it he acted like he “adopted” Hazuki and had his ill wife act like her real mother. So the whole time Hazuki thought that this woman was her real mother. Once the ill mother died, the father married Hazuki’s birth mother and then they had Satsuki. Hazuki was ok with trying to get along with her “new mother” until one day during a family gathering. Hazuki heard some drunk relatives talking and she found out that the mother who raised her wasn’t her real mother. She got pissed and felt that if she accepted her “birth” mother than the ill mother who died would have “no existence” since she didn’t give birth to any of the kids and just died. Due to this Hazuki left the house and her family behind. Once Satsuki hears this, she hugs Hazuki and starts crying saying she’s sorry she didn’t know the hardships her sister went through. The next day Yuuki finds out that the rumors about him & Satsuki dating are spreading like a wildfire…which is bad since they’re rival candidates. At the debate the next day Tatsumi drills them both asking “where they were last night” and Satsuki says they “went to town and had dinner.” She admits that they went on a date in a firm direct way and then says that they indeed are dating. She then drills him back and asks him why he is asking questions about their private lives during the election. Her campaign douchebags then rage at her because now that she’s “dating” she’s not as “appealing” as they had made her out to be.

The food club is surprisingly forgiving, even Chisato to Yuuki and decide to continue helping him. Well that is until that night Chisato comes into Yuuki’s room jumping on top of him saying “I’ll forgive you for cheating on me with Satsuki just TAKE ME” and Yuuki just stares at her like a deer in headlights. Chisato realizes she missed the bus and gives up and leaves. The day before the final campaign Satsuki tells Yuuki that her staff abandoned her (well good riddance those sexist pigs.) She then blames everything on herself and says she will drop out of the race. Yuuki says that she should continue going on with the election and they make a pinky promise. (What are you 5 :lol:) That night Yuuki meets up with the ASP reporter and she admits that all the nasty rumors were spread by her uppers. The reason is because their club was losing popularity & members. Due to this Shiohama had to basically act as 2 people – male and female so that they’d have an extra member. At the final speeches, Satsuki starts apologizing and crying, but all the dumb males who only voted for her because they’re sexist douches start yelling that her tears won’t win their votes. Just then Yuuki comes up on stage and the crowd starts roaring. To calm them all down Satsuki turns around and kisses Yuuki ;). She then announces that she’s dropping from the race. And so in the ending, Yuuki becomes president and meanwhile Satsuki joins the food research club and makes her own Shinonome Roll cake. He visits her at the end of the day to try her roll cake but she ate it all and only the cream is left. So then they get kinky and he starts licking the cream off of her instead :lol:. They visit Hazuki’s place to help her clean up and cook for her a few days later. Suddenly an earthquake happens and Satsuki tries to hold herself from jumping on either her sister or Yuuki. In the meantime Hazuki jumps on Yuuki while Satsuki rages and tries to balance between earthquake fear and containing herself from raging at her sister. Hazuki then says she’s gonna stop by their family’s store to get some snacks and Satsuki hugs her crying that she’s happy her sister will even as much as visit anything related to her family. Satsuki then tells Hazuki that Yuuki is hers DO NOT STEAL and they both laugh. I actually enjoyed Satsuki’s route a lot. It felt the most “romantic” without being plagued by too much drama other than election drama I guess? I also liked Satsuki as a character and her route really made me realize how pathetic Chisato is (´・ω・`).

↑These two are my OTP. 😆  Also Oboro/Yume is hilarious :lol:. I actually enjoyed this game and I thought the stories were interesting and well written. Sure I’m a girl so I can go on complaining that there was a lack of “romance” in most of the routes except like Chisato, Mifuyu and Satsuki. Obviously those gaps are to be filled with the porn in the eroge version for the dudes but the scenes they filled with in the PSP ports weren’t bad. I liked the karaoke scene with Chisato and the perojima scene with Satsuki XD. A couple things to note – the game Yuuki is a pansy compared to anime Yuuki. Anime Yuuki seemed like he was ready to roll and do everything but game Yuuki was a lot more “realistic” to the role of “random Gary Stu who’s told one day he has to be president with 0 political knowledge or experience.” I hated how the game makes you feel guilty for going with a girl other than Chisato. In some routes it wasn’t as bad as others but Isara’s just sticks out like a sore thumb. I could tollerate Chisato’s shit in routes like Michiru or Mifuyu but in Isara’s GDI I was like (ノ=゚ロ゚)ノ ⌒┫:・’.::ヤッテラレルカニャアアアァァァァァ!!!! The game clearly makes it so that Chisato is the main girl – OK but then it forces you to play her route FIRST and then sit with this guilt ridden feeling that you’re “cheating on your poor childhood friend” the rest of the game. (ಠ_ಠ) Yeaaa that’s like the worst thing in the whole game. There were some loose ends like “who the hell attacked Kanna” anyway. They said it was never “found” but woulda been nice to…find out? The Kugimiya Rie anime character was an anime original and she had nothing to do with the game. Unless it flew over my head, I have no idea what even happened with the election in Mifuyu and Chisato’s routes. Did he lose? Did he become VP? The other route endings made it a lot more clear but those two? わからん…(;・`ω´・;)ゞ  I know this is a galge for the mans but seriously why are so many CGs with Yuuki’s head being nicely SLICED OFF. It’s not like he doesn’t show up in other CGs. We KNOW what he looks like? If he had a head in like 10 of the CGs they would have looked SO much nicer. This eyeless/headless protag thing is just so stupid. I don’t know about others but I don’t feel like I’m projecting myself into a headless and eyeless character 😆 (not that I’d project myself into a dude in a galge but yea XD). While I played in order of “least shit to skip” the play order I’d recommend would actually be Chisato, Mifuyu, Nozomi, Michiru, Isara, Satsuki. On the topic of Nozomi – what a disappointment. I think a route with Hazuki would have been more entertaining though probably not as legal ( ≖‿≖). Oh well overall I think it was an interesting game to play and a nice “change” from the usual games around here. I guess it’s ok to play 1 or 2 galges per year on this blog 8D.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Regular Edition / Game


7 thoughts on “Galge Review: Love, Election & Chocolate”

  1. Is this in english and is this game a psp galge or pc galge
    I am getting a psp for galge since i watched TWGOK
    So i need good eng translated galge games for psp

  2. Yea I agree with you on Satsuki – I liked her a lot more than Chisato and well CHisato didn’t make her position better by being a complete & utter bitch in Isara’s route ( ´_ゝ`).

    But yea Mifuyu was pretty much stuck on Yuuki but I guess seeing him and Mifuyu fall in love at first was kinda nice. The anime just made it feel like it was one sided the whole time due to Chisato being the OTP

  3. Ah, kinda sad to hear that about Mifuyu. I was hoping there was a bit more to it, but nope, she just hamstrung herself because “oh well I couldn’t possibly get in the way of Yuuki and Chisato.” Also I know the scar probably reminds her of really awful times but that’s really not that bad, I don’t really know why she worries so much about it.

    Ugh, I guess I’m glad they didn’t do much with Isara in the anime. I probably would’ve ragequit the show.

    Well, sounds like they did get the big points about Satsuki covered in the anime. Too bad they didn’t go with her route. Chisato was easily the most boring and Satsuki definitely had the best chemistry with Yuuki other than Chisato. Their flirting in the anime was really cute and I would’ve liked to see them dating. Oh well, no perojima-kun for me :<

  4. oh thanks for the reminder I guess it musta flown over my head since it didn’t seem like they mentioned it as clearly!

    yea Nozomi’s route was pretty weak but hey it was a PSP only forced in kinda thing so I guess no shocker there. the only real differences are just the new scenes added to replace all the pr0n 😛 this was a first time play for me so at least I got to enjoy it from a fresh POV

  5. As for the elections in Mifuyu’s route, from what i could recall he dropped out of it during the final speech after hearing Chisato on the phone that Mifuyu’s condition worsened and he even told the audience that he had to leave and see her.
    As for Chisato’s story, the group commented that Yuuki lost by a small margin and Satsuki became the president, but she made some adjustments to her plans. No idea if Yuuki became the VP, or not (like in the other routes that he did not win) because i think it was not told.

    I find that Nozomi’s route was terribly weak ,because it had little politics (aside from the shortlived betrayal and blackmail, which was lasted only “2 days” in game) and romance (compared to any of the other stories)
    Eventhough i didn’t bother rereading the original 5 stories (except for Chisato’s, because you couldn’t skip that one on the first read). , i don’t think that there will be many differences compared to the pc version.

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