Otome Game Review: Confidential Money ~How to Earn $30 Million in 300 Days~

Happy Halloween! Natalie Taylor is your average 17 year old high school girl…in NEW YORK CITY YEAAAA! So since this game takes place in my city, it was a must play on my list. \( ^o^)/ Natalie’s mom LIZ Taylor is a ho who runs around bars and gets with random ikemens. Liz’s bff is a super flaming fashion designer Charles and her father is a rich corporate douchebag who steals money from other companies! Poor Natalie is stuck between 2 relatives neither of who really give a crap about her. Deciding she wants to be more independent, she works many part time jobs but it’s just not enough. She then jumps on a bandwagon to join a group of guys who have a plan to earn $30 million and split between the 6 of them (+7th guy who joins in at a later time.) All the guys in this group have various reasons for why they need the money and they call themselves CM7 ( Confidential Money + 7 people. ) Unfortunately for Natalie, their plan involves stealing money from her douchebag grandpa on the 4th of July.

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Diabolik Lovers: Sakamaki Subaru 24 hour CD Translation

Per request (and because I love Subarun) I decided to translate his 24 hour CD.

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Otome Game Review: Diabolik Lovers -Haunted Dark Bridal-

Our heroine Komori Yui has been dumped by her priest father, told that he’s gone off to do work alone and can’t take her with him. Instead he tells her to go live in the house of an old acquaintance of his – but that house just happens to be filled with 6 RICH vampire brothers. Of course they’re not just your average blood suckers – they all have major psychological issues! Their father is a manslut vampire who loves the ladies so he knocked up 3 of them to have 6 kids currently ranging from ages 17 – 19. So now Yui has to live with these wackos and she tells them that she’ll be the one to decide who gets to suck her blood. However, as she spends more time being their therapist, she discovers a shocking secret inside her body.

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B’s Log and Dengeki Girls Style News Nov/Dec 2012

Alright so since a few of you guys were interested I’m compiling some news bits from the magazines + around the web.

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