B’s Log and Dengeki Girls Style News Nov/Dec 2012

Alright so since a few of you guys were interested I’m compiling some news bits from the magazines + around the web.

  • Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi has been green lit for an anime. ( ゚∀゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \  I can only think about the BLACK ends not the GOLD ends.  Though sources do say it will be an OVA which is just like taking any eroge and releasing some porno anime to go with it.

  • Rejet announced a new game called Ken ga Kimi. More 和風 stuff but the art looks lovely.

  • Takuyo’s jumping on the 和風 bandwagon as well with their new game Moonlight Chains. Takuyo’s pretty good at handling that sort of thing and it’s the same artist as Kaeru Batake (though she leveled up over 9000 since that game.)

  • Karin finally stopped shitting around (and ignoring their otome game line) and has started working on their Mysteria game which they announced almost a year ago. As with all Karin games, the heroine will be voiced.
  • Brother’s Conflict will be turned into a TV Anime. No confirmation on which studio is doing it. Hopefully not Deen or JC Staff. (JC Staff seems extremely likely though.)
  • Prince of Stride has (finally?) been confirmed for an otome game (based on a novel.) Scenario is being written by the guy who wrote Valkyria Chronicles and Scared Rider Xechs. The cast has also been revealed. (Nice to see Kimura Ryohei doing more otome games lately!)

  • Amnesia Crowd website is officially open. Everyone has decent clothing for once.

  • Otomate’s new Kiramune collaboration game is called Koibana Days. All I know is Kakki will be in it so I’m interested by default.

  • Quin Rose’s newest game is another one out of the Kaidan Romance series (I think they are taking this a bit too far now…). The title is Shinigami Kagyou ~Kaidan Romance~ where as you can guess, everyone is a shinigami. Same type of school setting as Ouma & Hyakki.

  • The cast for one of Takuyo’s new games (Rakuen Danshi) has been revealed. This game will feature Midorikawa Hikaru, Sugiyama Noriaki, Maeno Tomoaki, Hoshi Souichiro, Mizushima Takahiro, Shimono Hiro and Majima Junji.
  • A bunch of the otome game makers are getting ready for Animate Girls Festival. I’m sitting here on the other side of the world crying a river because all my favorite makers are bringing all these goodies from games I like. (Peterrrrr ( ;∀;))

  • I’ve been pretty much ignoring Utapri news after Debut but I just had to LOL at this tagline. “You will…kiss on him.” Wait I thought the translation is “You might…kiss him.” We’re gonna kiss on him? Sit on top of him and kiss him? Oh Broccoli you so randy! The package illustration is pretty nice though I will admit. Too bad I have 0 interest in the game since they’d have to make all the senpai’s personality warped & out of character to actually take romantic interest in Haruka.

Anyway that’s all I have for this month. If I find anything else I’ll add it on but I think this pretty much covers any new release information.


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  1. Oh shoot looks like I missed that. I guess maybe at some point in time it’ll turn into a game XD but I’ll still listen to the drama CDs.

    Yeah, that’s my only complaint for LB. I don’t like that Horie Yui is playing her. I mean, she has a nice voice for a GIRL. If they really wanted a girl to play Riki, then they should have used girls who are used to playing boys’ roles, like Minagawa Junko or Sawashiro Miyuki.

    Oh right Kuro to Kin is being produced by a branch of Prime Time Plus lol I forgot. They’re okay but their animation is too clean :/

    Brain’s Base is good at everything they do (Note: Durarara!!, Mawaru Penguindrum, Natsume Yuujincho) They’re doing the Blood Lad adaptation too so I’m really excited :’D

  2. Amnesia should be good cause its being done by Brains Base. Not sure about Brocon.

    I don’t like little busters, the casting for the main guy is awful and komari’s voice makes my ears bleed so I dropped it.
    Kurokin is being adapted into an OVA by some random BL anime company so nothing worth mentioning lol.

    Wasurenagusa is not a game its just a drama CD series. I’m not planning on BWS and still on the edge about seishun since after winter was such an emofest disaster. we’ll see I guess!

  3. Hopefully Amnesia and Brother’s Conflict won’t turn into another Arcana Famiglia adaptation. I highly doubt Amnesia will considering it’s Brain’s Base doing it. J.C. Staff is doing a good job (so far) with Little Busters! so if they pick this up I hope it’s GOOD. I wonder who’s adapting Kuro to Kin. I’m looking forward to Rejet’s game. I love their music to death U.U Their stories are always great too (imo).

    Oh by the way, are you planning on playing Black Wolves Saga, Wasure Nagusa, or honeybee’s new game Seishun Hajimemashita (or something)? Just wondering.

  4. Things I’m looking forward to :
    Utapri All Star
    Amnesia Anime
    Brother’s Conflict Anime
    Kuro to Kin Anime

    Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of otome games turning into animes and manga ( ・ω ・)

  5. I’m not super-pumped for Arabian Doubt, I guess, so that makes me just rising my eyebrows on the ‘dude, you’re announcing another Kaidan game when the newest one isn’t even out YET?’ aspect. I’m still looking forward to AD, I mean, because I like Aileen and the cast, but it does strike me as ‘milking old franchise and your most iconic dude’ somewhat so I’m less enthusiastic there. (Curtis was Quinrose’s Saito Hajime for a while.) Though to be fair it never did get a proper fandisc…

    Shinigami to Shoujo is a really good game and yeah, it’s more like Sorayume than Takuyo’s other stuff. There’s a bit of slashiness in one route, fair warning, but IIRC there WAS appropriate buildup for the heroine and the Dude of the Route as well. It’s a bit textdumpy at times, though, and I say this as the sort of person who likes reading Nishio Ishin.

  6. yea I wish they did give him a route, he’s such a sexy beast ( ;∀;)
    I’m kinda pissed they pumped out another kaidan game and pushed Arabians Doubt back…Aileen..
    I’ve yet to try the Nunnery Game….I’d almost rather play their old game Kaito Apricot than start that one tbh
    A friend of mine did tell me I should try Shinigami to Shoujo if I liked Sorayume.

  7. You know, I’m a little bit miffed that Waka’s a sub character again. Come on, Otomate! Give the guy a route!

    Otherwise I have nothing to add to this update. Well, except that maybe yeah, I adore the concept behind the Kaidan Romance series, but they’re pumping them out too fast and IDK shinigamis aren’t really a Kaidan THING as much as a Quinrose/pop culture THING, which makes it miss the point somewhat. And also, I’ve been salivating after Getsuei no Kusari ever since Takuyo announced it. They also changed the top page artwork for it, btw. The dude with the glasses actually look decent now and it looks like they’re going to try and make everyone get relatively equal plot significance. They’re good at that when they try. Here’s to hoping it’s more like Shinigami to Shoujo/Sorayume than That Nunnery Game.

    …..okay, so that was a lot to add. But I’ve been tldr’ing all this time, so.

  8. All I can think of is why the HELL is “Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi” getting a freakin anime!

  9. Are you of Japanese descent (or partly), or did you just do some hardcore studying on the Japanese language? Because you seem to understand conversations between characters better than other English reviewers. Just wondering.

  10. You didn’t miss out on Debut I’ll tell you that for sure! This is almost a continuation of debut so if you didn’t bother with that no need to bother with this. I certainly won’t be orz

  11. Only thing I saw was that each girl will have 3 guys to go after…so I almost get the feeling they may split the game into 3 disks. Not sure about this one yet.

  12. Thank you for sharing it with us. Gosh lots of interesting new games there. Ken ga Kimi and Midnight Chains look good ^-^/ the arts are lovely too.

    LOL Utapri All star? I don’t even finish Debut and lost interest with this game lol

  13. I think I might have been the only one who read that as “You will…piss on him.” orz.

  14. Lol yea I got a bunch of hits for kurokin when the news came out kinda funny seeing everyone’s confused reactions.

    I actually didn’t have issues with the kanji in oumagatoki. I may have had to look up a thing or two but otherwise I managed. Maybe my kanji is getting better (but I still find myself tripping up some random squiggles once in a while)

  15. Rejet is damn good at their music lmao that’s the one thing that stands out in all their games.
    I have a feeling prince of stride will be released by Dengeki just like Koishiba actually.

  16. Thanks for taking your time for this again!

    It looks to me that the shinigamis are only the protagonist and the ponytail dude, since they are the only ones who have a way to reap souls. I really wish QR stops with their kaidan series for a while (4 games in a year sounds excessive), pushing back Arabians Doubt kind of made me rage and to top it all I don’t buy them because they are really Kanji heavy.

    Rejet has been winning me over recently so I might keep an eye on their new game, despite surely being Kanji heavy ¬¬ I guess there’s suddenly a lot of national pride going on with so many games being Japanese style lately.

    the mysteria game has really picked my interest and well… I just really like detectives and phantom thieves (only route that interests me in glass hearth princess) XD

    Every time I see a random guy getting interested for the kurokin anime because it reads yandere in ANN it makes me laugh.

  17. Thanks for your information as always! DGS November is already out and I haven’t even got my September issue. LOL

    Woah!! o.O Takuyo’s and Rejet’s new 和風 games look so GOOD! 8D Moonlight Chains has a plus more, because the characters are a bit older than usual. No teeny angst problems, YEAY! xD Btw. the BGM on Ken ga Kimi’s site is really soothing… It somehow reminds me of Wasurenagusa. Well, that’s Rejet-QUALITY! 😀

    And HELL YEAH!! Prince of Stride is going to get a GAME! (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*)))♪ I love the character designs so much!!! Hopefully it’s NO OTOMATE production… |ω・)I should seriously start reading the novels. xD

  18. there are BL fans who don’t want to see het in their BL games, and I don’t want to see BL in my otome games?
    I don’t care if BL exists and I don’t care about them making homo jokes in otome games but it pisses me off if I come here to play to see romance between guy x heroine, but the heroine gets pushed to the back while the guys get it on. If I wanted to see guys get it on I’d play a BL game?

    It’s a perfectly legitimate opinion to have. If I come to a restaurant to order Chicken Soup and suddenly you throw OLIVES (which I hate btw) into my soup going “oh its part of our new chicken soup recipe” then I’m going to be pissed. I didn’t ask for olives, I fucking hate olives and if I knew they were throwing olives into my soup I would never have ordered it.

    I hope my analogy makes sense to you. All I can say is if my BL jokes (btw which are jokes) bother you then just don’t read my blog. (;´Д`) Once again, you can like your BL, you can like otome, but I just don’t like mixing the 2 together without warning. (the only time I’m ok is if its like double reaction plus where they clearly do it as part of the game joke etc.) Regarding Utapri btw it’s clearly obvious that it has a lot of yaoi fangirls and Broccoli knew by adding the BL jokes they’d make more money. If you read Utapri debut amazon reviews, you will see I am not the only person who feels this way.

    P.S. Japan doesn’t like it when you add BL stuff into otome games either http://kohada.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/ggirl/1346590124/

  19. I love your blog, but all these anti-bl comments relating to Utapri make you come off as kind of homophobic >.> I don’t think this is your intention, but that’s the way it feels sometimes. It’s fine to have your personal opinion, but it’s a little awkward coming here as a bl *and* otome game fan only to see the comments section echoes these rather discriminating remarks.

    Some of us who enjoy otome gaming are also doing it because of the bl-under/overtones within the games.

  20. I thought so too but looking at the magazine quotes it seems like something’s been reset once more? Not sure. JC Staff didn’t do that great of a job with arcana but then again anything is better than DEEN

  21. I wonder how Amnesia Crowd’s story will be.I though that Amnesia Later has completed the story, isn’t it?

    About J.C.Staff, I know that their adaption is very bad.But since they seems to have development and Brother’s Conflict is romance, It might be okay and J.C. Staff graphic is beautiful.

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