Diabolik Lovers: Sakamaki Subaru 24 hour CD Translation

Per request (and because I love Subarun) I decided to translate his 24 hour CD.

3PM: Damnit..it’s tight in here. Oh you’re in here. Oh yea…I kept teasing you all last night and then I dragged you into my coffin. It’s so early but I’m awake now…this is all your fault. Do you get it? You better take responsibility.

4PM: I guess the others are still sleeping. Even if I get up the sunlight is burning through the curtain cracks. How annoying god damnit. It’s so bright I’m getting dizzy. Hey you come over here, HURRY stop being so slow! What am I going to do? Of course, I’m going to suck your blood. Come here..!

5PM: Hehe…what’s wrong? You musta really liked what I just did since you look so out of it. Want me to do it again? What? Enough already? You don’t need to hide it. I can tell by your face that you want some more.

6PM: Ah damnit, I drank your blood but I still feel crappy. Maybe I’ll skip class and go elsewhere today. Where am I going? Hmm let’s see….maybe today I’ll go out with you. Alright let’s go. Come on and get ready before I change my mind.

7PM: This is your first time coming? Can’t you tell what it is? It’s an underground passage. If you walk through here you can go through a pathway to our castle. Give me your hand and close your eyes. Just do it already! You should be thankful, this is the first time I’m bringing anyone here. Make sure to hold on to me. If you let go of my hand you may fall somewhere and I won’t be responsible.

8PM: We’re finally here. This is our family’s headquarters. We were all raised here, though it’s not like I feel nostalgic when coming here or anything. Though it does feel a bit calming here. What’s wrong? This is your first time seeing a castle that you’re moved? You’re such a child being excited by stuff like that, I don’t get it. Oh well, I’ll show you my favorite place, come with me.

9PM: This is my favorite place, isn’t it a nice view? Huh? It’s not a sea! It’s a lake. When I’m by the riverbank I feel at ease. Why are you laughing? You’re surprised? Stop fucking around, I brought you here all this way, do you want me to drown you in the lake!?

10PM: Sigh, instead of me pushing you into the lake you fall in yourself, and start drowning on top of that! Hahaha! Come closer to me, you’re cold aren’t you? I’ll warm you up. How you ask? Of course, doing things with our bodies to make them hotter…if you know what I mean. Come here, I’ll light a fire under your ass. ((〃/⊥\〃))いやーん

11PM: Well are you warmed up now? What’s with that unsatisfied face? You want some more? Man hanging out with you has made me dizzy. Your blood isn’t normal after all. Come here and let’s get eve hotter…

12AM: Man it’s still this hour. You want to go see the castle? It’s just a dump why do you care? Sigh fine, let’s go. You probably feel gross in those clothes by now anyway. It’s not like I’m worried about you or anything! I just don’t want the girl walking next to me to look like a hobo!

1AM: Here change into this. Is it ok you ask? Who cares this is our house, so hurry up. What do you mean “Don’t Look!”? How annoying. Why are you so embarrassed at this point? I’ll look very attentively, so hurry and change. This frilly thing will probably look good on you. Haha why are you blushing? Hehe.

2AM: Hmm? How do you say it….clothes make the man? It looks pretty good on you. If you keep your mouth shut you could look like royalty…though I don’t like those things. When I see all those frills I want to rip them and mess them up. What’s wrong? Your face looks stiff.

3AM: What’s wrong? You’re asking how long we’re gonna be here? Let’s see…if we go home we got loud annoyances so let’s spend some time here. What you’re bored cause there’s nothing to do? Then come here. I’ll mess you up just as you wish. I’ll pull you out of that dress and sink my fangs in just as you like. I can tell just by the look on your face, come here I’ll do just as you wish.

4AM: What’s wrong? You don’t seem satisfied. You want me to do it some more? Man, your desires are insatiable! Well I guess it’s natural since you’re dealing with me. If you want me to do it then you present yourself to me. I’ll do it even harder this time so hurry before I change my mind.

5AM: What I’m acting weird? I’m annoyed? Don’t be stupid, how?? Somehow? Are you picking a fight with me!? Ah damnit, I feel sick when you’re able to see through me. When I come here I lose myself. Everyone has a few bad memories in their house! Let’s go back already the others are probably sleeping now.

6AM: Man I’m really tired. I drank so much of your blood though, so you must be tired. Hurry and go to your room. If those idiots find you they’ll make you their pray. You want to be with me today? Why? You don’t want to be alone? I don’t like clingy girls! But fine..today is special so come here.

7AM: I’m finally getting sleepy and it’s getting bright outside. I guess I’ll take a shower before sleeping. Hey want to come with me? You want to be with me right? Huh? A shower is an exception? Stop grumbling and come with me..and I’ll clean every inch of your body. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン

8AM: Today’s bath feels extra nice. Hey you how long are you gonna stand there twiddling your thumbs in embarrassment. Come here already, I told you I’d wash your body earlier. What you thought I was joking? When I say I’ll do something, I follow through. Now where shall I wash you? Hehe…today is a special occasion.

9AM: Ah that felt good. Your face is bright red. It’s ok to bathe together once in a while like that. Getting embarrassed after all this time you’re so funny! Even though you’re always showing me yourself like that…isn’t it a bit too late for that? Ah well whatever. My eyelids are seriously getting heavy now, I’m going to sleep. Hey come here.

10AM: Damnit, when someone’s next to me I can’t sleep. Also this bed…ugh maybe I’ll go back to my room and sleep in the coffin. Sigh but seeing her sleeping so comfortably next to me…ah I don’t feel like moving. I guess I’ll sleep here after all.

11AM: What was that sound?! Did you fall off the bed? Hahahahaha!! Ahh stop making me laugh now I’m not sleepy anymore. That was a pretty amazing sound like BAM! Come closer to me. You fell off cause you sleep so close to the edge. No need to be shy.

12PM: What’s wrong? You can’t sleep? Yea me neither. It’s kinda hot today or maybe because you’re next to me. I can’t stand human warmth since we don’t have any…though you’re kind cool it feels good. Argh don’t come so close to me, the bed’s big enough! I don’t get this part of you.

1PM: You want to hear about my life at the castle? Why do you wanna know? You just want to know for the hell of it? Like I’d tell you! If you can’t sleep, how about I make you sleepy and suck some of your blood. That should make you tired enough to sleep. (dshgksjghsdjghkghs (*´д`*)ハァハァ)

2PM: Alright let’s just sleep already. If we don’t go to school today Reiji’s gonna start bitching again. Hey, come here already. You’re asking me if I’m hot? Somehow I think I feel good with your warmth now. Stop complaining and come and warm me up already.

As always you are free to use this translation or translate it into whatever language if you just link back to this post for credits. Thanks for reading!


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  1. I think so yea. each 24 hour cD comes with 2 guys on it for each vs disk and since I Only listened to subaru vs laito I only had this one! Subaru is such a randy cutie pie 😉

  2. Thank you for your translation!
    I love those 24 hours CD’s… Are there actually 6, for each brother one?

    Awwww…. Y U SO PRECIOUS SUBARU?! (*´∀`*人*´∀`*)

    And THIS:
    “Of course, doing things with our bodies to make them hotter…if you know what I mean. Come here, I’ll light a fire under your ass.” OMG (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

  3. Just wondering, is it possible that you could do one for Shuu? If not that’s fine too.

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Subaru just loved to drag her into his coffin just like in his Heaven Scenario part 2. That was a super sexy time….><

  5. Subaru *———-*
    I looooooove him
    Thanks for this!! =D
    Can I translate to Portuguese this one too? =3
    Of course I’ll give you the credit as before 😉

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