Otome Game Review: Tokyo Yamanote Boys -Black Vanilla-

And so this is the final TYB fandisk before Rejet starts throwing them on the PSP and voicing all the secret tales making the PC players rage and flip tables. This FD features Lucy, Yuuto and Shinnosuke’s after stories.

Ninomiya Yuuto – Yuuto’s been doing photoshoots & modeling thanks to TYB and has a lot of fangirls. Chihiro tries to keep up with all his goods and secretly buys magazines with any interviews that have him in it. Yuuto’s butler asks Chihiro to take Yuuto on a “commoner date” and to plan it all out herself. They do simple things like look at street carts and go to a game center, all of which Yuuto finds extremely intriguing. They take a purikura and go to Karaoke where Chihiro blows his brains out with her tonedeaf singing. 😆 They go clothes shopping where he buys every piece of clothes that Chihiro says he looks good in. After this Yuuto attempts to try and go walk around Tokyo on his own to learn more about commoners so that he can be more suited for Chihiro. Unfortunately he acts like a rich obnoxious idiot that he is and his butlers run back to Chihiro begging her to stop him. He can’t even buy a meal at McDonalds and that’s where Chihiro intercepts but he gets mad and runs off crying like a little boy :lol:. Chihiro tells Yuuto that he’s fine the way he is and doesn’t need to try so hard. He then brings her to one of his fancy parties a few days later and she feels out of place as well.

She’s so out of place she somehow manages to get drunk just from the SMELL of alcohol. o_O; Before they can kiss she passes out but they make up for it after she wakes up. The next day they go for a walk in the park and Yuuto bends down on his knee and kisses Chihiro’s hand proposing to her. Chihiro of course accepts it aaaaand in the Love End, Yuuto goes to college and becomes too busy to see her. One day he runs away from his work and is chased down by his butlers. He tells Chihiro that he can’t stand not seeing her for so long so he grabs her and runs for it. In the wedding end, rich and famous people come to their fancy shmancy wedding. In Another Story, Yuuto apparently is some kind of a huge sentai fanboy. He asks Chihiro to go see a sentai show with him but somehow he, Lucy and Shinnosuke end up crashing the whole thing and doing their own act :lol:. Yuuto acts like a hero that he always idolizes and as a thanks Chihiro gives him a hug and a kiss. (*´ω`*) Baww Yuuto’s route was so cute. In the Love Attack battle thing he blushed so many times when I picked all the S choices huhu. He felt a lot more deredere in this fandisk and I actually grew to like him a lot. It felt like such a huge difference between the way he acted in all the other games.

Isono Rui (Lucy) – Lucy is doing photo stuff after TYB and in the meantime everyone in Akiba thinks Chihiro is a moe maji tenshi /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. They visit his room at night and he enjoys the idea of her cooking for him so much he jumps her and they make out. They get cockblocked by a phone call but he tells Chihiro that he’s been getting many debut offers and rejecting them because he wants to stay within Akiba and his fanbase there. The next day Lucy takes Chihiro to an old studio where he first began singing. The dude there leaves for a bit and Lucy almost kisses Chihiro but the dude comes back and is like PLEASE GO ON. Lucy’s all like alright but only if you take pics and so they make out in front of the camera. So then Chihiro secretly takes a part time job at a wedding reception hall, and decides to write a song for Lucy because he seems to be in a writer’s block. Lucy starts thinking that maybe he shouldn’t keep rejecting all these debut offers because in the future he’s gonna have to somehow support himself and Chihiro. One of the commercials that he’s doing, the guy asks if he can write a jingle for it. The catch is, he wants Lucy to write some mainstream happy pop song that everyone will like rather than do what his usual style is. Lucy refuses but when he tells Chihiro that he’s thinking about writing a mainstream pop song, she says that this isn’t his style.

Lucy then says that in order to support her, he needs to whore himself out to the masses but she tells him that she will then leave his life so he won’t have to support her. Lucy’s all like NOO WOMAN U STAY HERE and so they both decide rather than sell their soul to the mainstream it’s time for an image update. And so the following weekend, Chihiro reveals the secret song she wrote for Lucy with Yuuto’s help. Lucy decides that he will sing to it, and when he sings everyone in Akiba is impressed. Some guy records it and uploads it to NicoNico so Lucy becomes even omre popular. Chihiro then says that she will be Lucy’s manager from now on. In the Love End, Lucy gets more and more popular in Tokyo and starts performing in more venues. During one of his performances they make out in the break room. In the wedding end, LUCY FINALLY CUTS HIS STUPID ASS HAIR AND HE LOOKS FUCKING FYYYNNNNENEE YEAAAAA. Oh my god if he looked like this the ENTIRE TIME he might actually be my favorite character (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ WHYY REJET WHYYY. In Another story, Chihiro comes to Lucy’s room and decides to clean up his mess. While cleaning she finds an all you can eat contest at Akiba so they go around eating and collecting stamps. At the maid cafe they go to, Lucy asks her to do stuff like say nyanya and then put a strawberry in her mouth. Needless to say he goes to eat it with his own and kisses her like bakappuru. Despite me not really liking Lucy’s design, I must admit his route was really sweet too and dat sexy beast in the wedding photo (*´д`*)ハァハァ. Man I just love Kaji Yuuki’s deep voice…癖になりそう…

Hamada Shinnosuke – Hammer stalks her from the shadows as always, though now he’s leveled up to stalking her from under manholes :lol:. He still freaks out over stuff like hand holding and he can’t bring himself to kiss her without his head blowing up and him passing out. He also starts whining and crying if he can’t see Chihiro for more than 48 hours. Chihiro starts getting kinda upset that she’s always the one doing the initiation of anything lover related and wishes he would take the lead for once. Well the opportunity arises when she comes over to his place one day to make dinner. After they eat and watch a movie with a kiss scene, Hammer twiddles his thumbs and asks if he can kiss Chihiro. Chihiro is like yeaaa finally but instead he once again passes out. Just then, his other personality (who Chihiro refers to as Devil Hammer) comes out and he’s a very PROactive ore-sama. This is exactly what Chihiro wanted right but then she’s like KYAA NOO THIS IS WRONG and then yells at him saying she hates him like that. …umm wut. ヽ(。_゜)ノ So then after being berated Hammer returns to his dorky self bawwing asking Chihiro not to be mad at him. He then says he has to go away for a bit for work and Chihiro thinks he needs to go overseas for a month or something but all he has to do is just go to Shinogawa for 3 days. In the meantime, Chihiro’s parents have gone overseas and she’s left alone. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to her until she garners herself a little stalker – that isn’t Hammer :lol:. She starts getting worried and upset and her friend Haruna tells her to tell Shinnosuke. Chihiro doesn’t want to tell him because she knows he’ll fly to her and drop all his work. She finally does end up telling him and as a compromise she stays at his hotel WHILE he works. They have dinner but then at night he’s called to a conference call about building a new hotel.

Chihiro knows he needs to work but she goes and grabs him asking him not to leave her alone. Hammer agrees to stay by her side and when she falls asleep he starts working away on his project. The next day she stays at his place again because the stalker is still apparently lurking near her house. Hammer then decides to try to scare the guy away by spreading news about a “stalker after a high school girl” and it spreads like a wildfire. Yuuto and Lucy think that Hammer abducted Chihiro and burst into Hammer’s hotel to try and save her. She has to explain to them that it’s a misunderstanding and they they decide to instead LURE and catch the stalker. He tells them to get on Twitter Rejetter and they find the guy’s account and he’s got a ton of pics of Chihiro posted on it. They stalk him to Shibuya and follow his tweets. Eventually they catch him and he tries to run away by attacking Hammer who seems weak to him, but then Devil Hammer comes out and threatens to smash the guy’s face into the wall. The guy admits he’s just a crazy fan of Chihiro and he promises to never do that again. They let him run away only because Lucy says Yuuto’s company will call Rejetter and have the account removed. Chihiro then kisses hammer as a thanks for protecting her and he passes out as usual. He then walks her home and comes into her room. They talk and he asks her to someday be his wife and she says only if he learns to kiss her without going unconscious. In the Love End, they go on a date and Hammer is finally able to kiss Chihiro without any problems. He then asks her to marry him once more. In the Wedding end they get married on the beach. In Another Story, Hammer and Chihiro do some Woodlink event where they have to basically make it out of the Woodlink lab maze on their own. They run into Yuuto & Lucy but trick them with Hammer’s Yandere Tactics (TM) and then run away together. Well Hammer was Hammer but I’m glad that the yandere thing was just an escape method and in fact he was pretty sweet most of the route. I kinda wish we got a little more of Devil Hammer…dat sexy suwabe voice (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ.

Surprisingly, that was extremely enjoyable. With that in mind, I’ve concluded that Fresh Ginger disk is garbage tier at this point. I thought that you had to actually like the characters to enjoy the fandisk but while I really didn’t care for Yuuto or Lucy, I thought their routes were really sweet. Overall the entire fandisk was enjoyable just like with Pure Raspberry so I guess Rejet learned that we don’t want emo wangst drama like in Fresh Ginger and really turned around the 2nd two fandisks. (I feel sorry for Tetsu fans though to be honest.) Well this concludes the TYB series and I want to thank my friend Lore for giving me the opportunity to play all of the games. The TYB series will be coming out on PSP starting in December so those who have never touched the series it would be a good idea to just jump right on to the PSP version. I think the limited editions come with a bunch of goodies, new scenarios and voiced secret tales (which I have ignored for the most part because without voices half the point is killed for me :|). So yea even if you don’t really care for any of the characters in this game but you played the other TYB games, I’d still give this a shot. I guess Rejet knows how to write the scenario for all these characters to make it be a lot of fun. (´^ω^`)


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