Diabolik Lovers: Sakamaki Subaru 24 hour CD Translation

Per request (and because I love Subarun) I decided to translate his 24 hour CD.

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Sakamaki Laito 24hour CD translation

Since a few of my twitter friends were interested I figured I’d post a translation of his 24 hour SkiT tokuten CD. Strangely enough, I enjoyed it more than the actual VS CD 😆 The CD is basically Laito describing his entire day on the hour that he spends with Yui. My side comments are in lilac.

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Brief thoughts on Diabolik Lovers Versus Vol 2 (Laito vs Subaru)

Yea I know it’s actually LAITO not Raito or Light according to the official site lmao. Reminds me of Elick from Riddle Garden but I keep calling him Laito for the lulz. Up until now I’ve only listened to the original do-S CDs of Subaru and Laito in fact so when I heard they were in a versus I was like yippie characters I care about! (And I say “care” in big fat quotations.)  I listened to part of Shuu’s but I gave up cause for some reason non-existant Yui annoyed me lmao. Spoilers below the cut.

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The Otome Game Dummy Head Mic Trend

Most otome gamers probably already know about this but since there may be new visitors at this site I figured I’d give a brief run down of what it is. (Also I’m trying to give an excuse to rave about Amemakura :lol:)

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