Otome Game Review: Confidential Money ~How to Earn $30 Million in 300 Days~

Happy Halloween! Natalie Taylor is your average 17 year old high school girl…in NEW YORK CITY YEAAAA! So since this game takes place in my city, it was a must play on my list. \( ^o^)/ Natalie’s mom LIZ Taylor is a ho who runs around bars and gets with random ikemens. Liz’s bff is a super flaming fashion designer Charles and her father is a rich corporate douchebag who steals money from other companies! Poor Natalie is stuck between 2 relatives neither of who really give a crap about her. Deciding she wants to be more independent, she works many part time jobs but it’s just not enough. She then jumps on a bandwagon to join a group of guys who have a plan to earn $30 million and split between the 6 of them (+7th guy who joins in at a later time.) All the guys in this group have various reasons for why they need the money and they call themselves CM7 ( Confidential Money + 7 people. ) Unfortunately for Natalie, their plan involves stealing money from her douchebag grandpa on the 4th of July.

Alain Morris – Alain is 28 years old, ex-boot camp salary man. He also loves big boobed ladies and animal pads. Yes he loves the soft pads of animals like dogs or cats but his favorite ones are BEARS. Due to this his entire room has stuffed bears and bear paw items which makes him the most adorable ossan ever. ☆゚+‡。萌:.゚(○´ω`○) ゚.萌:。‡+゚ ☆ (Lol I say ossan but he’s like my age ww) He also has a wild imagination and often imagines ravaging Natalie, but it’s ok since Natalie has randy dreams about him too :lol:. Since he went to boot-camp he’s also extremely strong and the strongest of everyone in CM7. Despite this though, he’s often very quiet and reserved compared to the others. Alain’s reason for joining CM7 is because he wants to prove his father’s innocence. His father, a former lab chemist, was accused of killing everyone at his former lab when in fact that’s not what happened at all. What actually happened is everyone in the lab was shot by a gang member named Curtis from a mafia called WAP. Alain’s father, Antonio, tried to then take all the bodies and get them to the hospital to save them but sadly none of them survived. Because he happened to have the same gun on him (lol guns in NYC) as the shooter, and the killer’s evidence had been erased, Antonio was blamed for the murders. Due to being the son of “said murderer” Alain often receives hate signs on his door. So anyway everyone in CM7 goes to get the money from grandpa and they succeed, however Shun takes the money and runs. CM7 breaks up and Natalie wants to try and help Alain with his issue on her own. They go to see one of the witnesses of the crime that can prove Antonio’s innocence but the guy wants 5 million dollars so that in case anything happens, he has enough money to leave the country and run to  Mexico or something. After much begging, the witness agrees to provide evidence however the following day Alain & Natalie find out that he’s been killed. Natalie doesn’t want to give up hope but just then Shun shows up 2 months later and gathers all the CM members and apologizes. (Daniel isn’t as forgiving and beats him up lol.) He explains that he’s the one who created CM posing as “John” on the computer. He says that he needed 30 million in order to get close to the WAP mafia to rescue his brother.

Unfortunately when he found his brother, the guy voluntarily decided to go back to the stupid mafia and on top of that Shun lost all the money. If that wasn’t bad enough our WONDERFUL OTOMATE HEROINE NATALIE goes and tells her stupid grandpa “HEY GRAMPS I STOLE YOUR $30 MILLION LAWL SORRY!” Needless to say granpa’s like FUCK FAMILY BITCH BETTA HAVE MY MONEY. He forces her to sign a waver saying she’ll return the money and now Natalie’s screwed. She decides to do more research about the murder case and finds out that there was an ex-worker who was still listed as alive. His name was Abraham and he loved to play the ocarina….JUST LIKE THIS HOMELESS FRIEND SHE MADE IN THE PARK 😆 She runs to her homeless buddies and turns out he’s the guy, but he’s named himself Mario and has been in hiding for a few years. She begs him to stand in trial to help prove Antonio’s innocence and after much coercing (and having Alain chase the guy down and headlock him) he agrees. After this Alain and Natalie  walk in central park and Natalie’s so happy she falls into the fountain. Alain pulls her out and wraps his jacket around her kissing her saying he loves her. (*´ω`*) She says she’s been in love with him for a while as well. He then says he plans to try and capture Curtis himself. They decide to call all the CM7 members to try and gather once agian to help. Everyone gathers and creates a plan to break into WAP. They go to a Halloween party in October where Alain gets all jelly that everyone is staring at Natalie’s sexy devil costume. He hugs her and gets really drunk but then they walk outside together.  Suddenly Curtis shows up with a gun and shoots at them. Fortunately Alain has super strong instincts and he beats the crap out of him. Unfortunately Curtis manages to escape. At the trial, Mario comes dressed in a suit to help prove Antonio’s innocence.

He says he is Abraham and was part of the research team. Unfortunately he was on the layoff list and so he stole a bunch of formulas from there to make his bald head grow hair. When he came to the lab to steal more that day was when the shooter came in. Since Abrahama had stolen the new medicine he couldn’t run to the police immediately since he was kinda committing a crime himself. He then got terrified when he heard the criminal was from WAP and decided to hide from them. He then explains that Antonio even helped move all the bodies and get them to a hospital and that he’s a hero not a criminal. Thanks to this Abraham’s now been “freed from hiding” and he’s able to speak and not be silent like he was before to hide from everyone. He plans to become a street musician with his ocarina.  Alain is so happy that everything is going for the positive to prove his father’s innocence, that night he asks Natalie to spend the night and they do the mattress mambo. They then go to a church the next day to pray to win the case. So then they all fly to WAP HQ to sneak in, get Shun’s brother out so he’s not blamed with the rest of them and to catch Curtis. Alain kicks ass by piloting a helicopter that lifts a piece of the house that Curits is in so he can’t escane and has to hang on to dear life lmao. In the meantime Antonio’s innocence is proven at the trial. In the epilogue Natalie manages to trick her grandpa into using the money to build a new park instead of just hogging it and stealing from small companies. And so the following year Alain asks Natalie to marry him by showing her an airplane writing “Marry me” in the sky. She says yes and then makes him decide who’s cuter, she or his favorite teddy bears (ノ´∀`*)ノ. In the special event Alain loses a game of Uno so he and Daniel have to go outside naked and pretend to be homo ww.  Bawww Alain was such a cutie pie!! With his teddy bears! And his megane!! |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  Wow also it’s been a while since I liked a Midorikawa character. I mean it was like such a huge change after playing Diabolik Lovers right before this xD.

Michael Watson – Michael is the youngest of the bunch being 17 but he’s actually the same age as Natalie and even attends the same high school. He’s a hacker game otaku who loves spending his free time hacking into stuff or playing his favorite RPGs. His ideal date involves taking Natalie and playing his favorite RPG together xD;. He acts like he’s all innocent but when he accidentally walks in on Natalie changing he’s all like <●><●>. Sadly his whole route is overshadowed by the fact that Natalie pretty much friendzones him and he thinks that she likes Alain out of all people! So the whole time he tries to show her that he likes her more than friends but Natalie’s like (●゚ー゚●)? The rest of his route just involves how he helps do some hacking for the final operation to break into the WAP HQ. He’s so busy moping about being friendzoned he gets hit by a car ヽ(。_゜)ノ Turns out it was intentional planned by WAP. He then goes into a coma for a while as Natalie visits him every day at the hospital hoping he’ll wake up. Eventually he wakes up and has the opportunity to confess his feelings to Natalie saying he loves her. I guess the car accident made Natalie realize that she loves him as well and they smooch on his hospital bed. After he’s released, the day before they go ambush WAP HQ, Micahel and Natalie hump in his room. During the raid Michael injures his foot and is unable to move. He eventually makes to the room where Natalie’s held captive and holds a gun at Curtis telling him he’ll shoot. Fortunately thanks to the laughing gas Michael gave everyone to use, the entire WAP gang was easily captured lol. In the ending, Natalie glomps Michael calling him her hero. Natalie returns the money to her grandpa – but she lets it fly down from the top of a building lmao. He rages and makes his assistant get it but everyone in public runs to grab at it. Meanwhile Natalie and Michael stand nearby making out cause everyone’s busy grabbing at the money to look at them xD. Michael then becomes a hero for posting a video of them catching WAP and he hogs the spotlight with Natalie while the other guys in the back are like ( ´_ゝ`). He then kisses Natalie in front of all the cameras. Sadly that was pretty much it for Michael. Every other scene was him being jealous of Alain, being upset that Natalie doesn’t see his feelings or just him babbling about his hacking. I wasn’t a huge fan of Michael (and NojiKen sounded not like himself) but it’s a pity that in comparison to Alain’s route before this it was pretty dull.

Kirishima Shun – Fortunately Shun’s route was actually good which I expected seeing how he kinda takes the money and runs the first time! So anyway Shun’s the Japanese study abroad student who apparently has like the best grades in all of Japan. He originally lied to everyone saying his grandma’s sick but it’s all because he needed to rescue his brother. His brother Hisayoshi was like his idol and a genius scientist. Hisayoshi came to America thinking he’d have great opportunities to do his research but was tricked by the WAP mafia into working for them. He just thought he was doing great “research for the future” rather than working for the bad guys. Go figure! At first Shun’s goal is pretty much to get the 30 million but as he hangs out with CM7 and Natalie he starts to realize there’s more to life than saving oniisama~. Shun also seems to know that Rook is working for the WAP and Rook threatens him to give the money ASAP or his brother won’t be safe. So after stealing 30 million from gramps, Shun brings the money to save Hisayoshi and asks him to return to Japan but Hisayoshi’s like I’m not going lol. Shun then gets shot at and thrown into the sea but luckily he is rescued and hospitalized. Not sure what to do the only thing Shun can think of is to run to Natalie half dying and injured. Natalie is nice enough to let him stay and heal at her place and Shun then tells her the truth about why he needed the money. Also tells her that Wolfgang (Wap boss) knows that Natalie is Donald’s grand daughter and he might capture her and use her. Since Natalie’s mom goes off traveling for work, she tells Shun he can stay with Natalie to keep her company. So then Shun feels like a huge asshole and always hugs Natalie telling her he’s a shoulder to cry on when her grandpa throws a shitfit about the missing money. He also tries to apologize to Daniel but Daniel just rages at him saying Natalie was worried about him to the point where she learned Japanese and wrote letters in bad Japanese to him. Natalie comes over and makes them both wear their kigurumis as she glomps them and suddenly everyone’s getting along! \( ^o^)/ They sneak into WAP dressed as “art sculptures” to try and get photos of the locations of everything as well as evidence to get the police to raid the place later. Shun’s been now living with Natalie for a long time and the two of them finally admit being in love with each other as they go for a drive and smooch.

They get home and roll around on the couch and Shun says he wants to eventually meet with Natalie’s mom to say thanks for letting him bum around their place for so long. When they finally have dinner Liz says he can stay a bit longer since she’s still gonna be out traveling. For an early Christmas celebration, Shun’s shocked that they have no Christmas cake and Natalie’s like wut? xD He then says he thanks her for being his ally all this time and he’ll always be by her side as well. They then have sex and the next morning fly off to ambush Wolfgang and WAP. When they burst in and find Hisayoshi, he’s apparently totally oblivious that he was working for a criminal gang. Shun tells him to drop his stupid research and to run away together while everyone else keeps WAP busy. Hisayoshi realizes what a dumbass he’s been and runs away. They find Donald who’s been stripped naked and locked up in a prison in their HQ too. Unfortunately gramps is so fucking slow they get caught by Wolfgang who handcuffs Natalie so she can’t move. Shun comes to save them but Wolfgang sets of a switch that will make the entire house blow up in 3 minutes. Shun now has 3 minutes to free Natalie from being handcuffed to the house and blow up with it. He doesn’t manage to remove the handcuffs and says he refuse to leave her so he kisses her as the house blows up. Somehow though they manage to survive because he breaks the wall where her handcuffs were attached to and runs for it. Grandpa of course misses no opportunity to make himself look good asking to act like this brave survivor of the capturing lol. So then they use the 30 million to MAKE NEW YORK CITY GO INTO A BLACKOUT SO EVERYONE CAN SEE THE STARRY SKY WHAT THE CRAP OTOMATE LOL. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW DANGEROUS AND HORRIFYING THAT IS!??! Omg I don’t care if this is game this is horrible lmao. Way to ruin Christmas bro. And so Natalie decides to fly to Japan with Shun to spend New Year’s. They both wear traditional kimonos and go to the shrine as Natalie babbles in her oh so JOUZU Nihongo. He then tells her in Japanese “I love you my future waifu” and Natalie complains that she has no idea what he’s saying xD. Daww Shun’s route was really cute and had so many kiss scenes I SENSE BIAS. (Of course there would be bias with the Japanese guy right? 😆 ) In the bonus story Shun always thinks about Natalie when she’s in the shower and then afterwards the cuddles with her in bed. Honestly I think they just wanted to make more use of his naked sprite ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ.

Daniel Johnson – Danny is a 26 year old half indian policeman from Queens (FUCK YEA QUEENS REPRESENT YO! I bet he’s from Jackson Heights too :lol:) His bff Chris got hurt because of him during a mission when Daniel was gonna be shot, Chris got in front and took the bullet. Due to this he lost senses in his legs and can no longer walk. This is why Daniel wants to get money for Chris’ surgery so he can walk again. For some reason Danny also seems to be a homo magnet so he always has Charles on his ass even though he himself isn’t gay. In fact he starts falling for Natalie pretty early on but miss oblivious of course needs time to recognize his feelings. (´^ω^`) Natalie buys him a watergun for his birthday and they have cake at his house together. So then after Shun runs off with the money, and a rich guy moves into the same hospital room as Chris, Danny gets desperate. He begs the guy to lend Chris 100,000 dollars for his surgery so he can walk again. When Chris finds out about this he rages at Danny saying this isn’t what he wants. He says that he doesn’t regret saving Danny and if he could do it again, he would. He wants Danny to be “free” and not always feel guilty about his walking issue. He concludes that he’s happy that the two of them are alive because Chris can at least still be able to spend time with his wife and child. Daniel starts to think that Natalie might like Shun. The CM7 group splits into people on danny’s side or on shun’s side and Natalie wants them to get along again. Natalie goes to talk to Shun to find out wtf happened and he bawws and explains everything. Daniel then goes to Shun’s hotel room and they make up and Natalie glomps them in their kigurumis again. When Danny finds out that Natalie’s being harassed by gramps for the money he says he’ll do his best to get it back. They gather the CM7 guys once more and make plans for raiding WAP. Eventually Danny confesses his feelings to Natalie but tells her he’ll wait for her answer until he feels more “fit” for her. He tries to gather his police buddies to help him with the WAP raid but they keep refusing and ignoring him. In fact not only that but they also dress up as thugs to beat him up to get him to STOP doing the WAP thing. Like wow really as a policeman you go and beat up your coworker and get away with it? The worst part is Danny KNOWS its them but lets them beat him up and doesn’t fight back even though he could easily take them down.

The cops continue spying on him even when he’s with Natalie but Danny’s determined not to give up. So then turns out the homeless man Sam wasn’t actually a homeless man but the mayor. 😆 He pretended to be a homeless bum to get a different perspective of NYC. As a mayor he decides to listen to Natalie’s request regarding Daniel and the police. Meanwhile Wolfgang goes to Donald asking him to give him 100 million dollars to “make him mayor and to put an end to Daniel Johnson” and the GGE is so stupid he falls for it. At the halloween party WAP or someone starts shooting at Daniel & Natalie. (That someone ends up being Rook and he purposely misses them saying later the gunshots were just a warning.) They escape and run to Natalie’s house where he tells her not to lose hope. Daniel then tells Charles he’s in love with Natalie and to give up lol. Sam the mayor tells Daniel that he’s got the police on his side and then Danny’s stupid fellow cops apologize to him for being fucking assholes. Donald I guess hears Natalie’s side of the story and for once agrees to help Natalie to get his money back and actually cooperates with her. Charles gives Natalie some love advice and then when Daniel asks to see Natalie once more he confesses to her again. He then tells her that nobody loves her more than he does so he kisses her. Natalie’s like woo no problem and accepts his feelings. When she comes over his place a few days later to cook him dinner she tells him she wants him to be her one and only hero and they hump. At the WAP raid, Danny gets shot protecting Donald and Natalie but since he’s wearing a bulletproof vest he’s ok. He then beats the fuck out of Wolfgang in revenge for Chris as well. Grandpa recovers his 30 million and runs off happily. Natalie then regroups with Danny and they smooch. And so in the ending, Danny becomes the “American hero” and is aplauded on TV. Donald runs for mayor but loses to Sam anyway. m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ Danny & Natlie then go to the park together with Chris’ son Kyle and Danny says that despite him being a hero his salary hasn’t changed. The reason he mentions this is because he then asks Natalie to marry him and if she accepts they’d have a stingy lifestyle. Natalie is awwright with this and they lie down and make out discussing their future stingy lifestyle on their picnic blanket. Aww Daniel’s route was so cute! I was kinda frustrated when he kept being jealous of Shun thinking oh no not Michael route part 2 but it turned out better than I expected :). If only Daniel didn’t have his gross chin pube goatee he woulda been a pretty nice ikeman (and he’s proud of his firm buns 😆 xDD).

Raymond Davis – Raymond is the 41 year old Italian dude who’s good at charming the ladies, and well good at acting in general. I think Raymond is a funny guy, I really love him as a character HOWEVER I’M TOTALLY NOT OK WITH 41 YEAR OLD GGE GOING AFTER 17 YEAR OLD HIGH SCHOOL GIRL. THIS IS NOT LEGAL IN AMERICA OR IN NYC OTOMATE LOL. Like man if you wanna try to emulate NYC storyline can you at least check on some basic laws? The whole time I was hoping that maybe he was lying about his age but he totally wasn’t. (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!! Raymond’s job in the Donald raid is to distract Donald and Catherine. He acts like a drunk and jumps all over Donald. After Shun running with the money thing, Raymond plans to leave NYC because he’s still being chased by a mafia (WAP) he once stole money from. After seeing Natalie cry from when gramps harasses her for the money he tells Natalie he loves her but he says his time is up and he needs to leave NYC asap. He asks that if being in NYC is too hard for her to come with him and Natalie’s like “TAKE ME!” (;´・ω・)….おまわりさん、こいつです。The next day Natalie packs her stuff, apologizes to her mom who’s not there and leaves with Raymond who’s got plane tickets for both of them. Unfortunately Raymond’s plans are interrupted when Rook (who’s working for WAP) breaks into his hotel room with a gun. Natalie waits for Raymond at his hotel but he never comes down so she decides to check up in his room. Rook then reveals that Raymond’s real name is Roy Davis, but then Raymond tells Rook that his parents were killed by Wolfgang. Rook thought that Wolfgang was like his “adopted father” all this time. Wolfgang in fact killed Rook’s parents and just raised him as a “sniper”. This sends Rook into confusion giving Raymond the chance to escape and regroup with Natalie. The two of them jump on a plane and fly to Miami. <-omg isn’t this like minor abduction lmao. Mom’s like “this is nice to do once in a while hehe!” o_O They decide to go pick out swimsuits for each other since their hotel is on the beach. Catherine ends up like stalking Raymond to Miami cause apparently she’s completely fallen for his acting during the original money heist. Raymond stops lying and says Natalie is his lover, not his cousin and tells Catherine to buzz off. In a hotel Natalie tells Raymond about how she dated a randy 12 year old and a trap in the past lol. He then pushes Natalie on the bed and reaffirms once more than he’s in love with her.

He says that he’s had “pretend loves” in the past but Natalie’s the only one he really loves and then they do some illegal humping. Wow man I don’t care if she’s your first love..statuatory rape…He then tells Natalie the truth saying he was never an actor at all it was a lie. In fact 10 years prior he was in WAP because he was bribed with a large sum of money to join. It was all fun & games until he started getting involved with violence and murder crimes. He decided he didn’t want to be part of this so he left the mafia with 1 million dollars but they were on his tail. That’s when he ran into the 30million dollar plot setup by Shun so he could get WAP off his back. He tells her that he needs to keep running on from the mafia and that if Natalie doesn’t want to follow him, he completely understands. Natalie finds a letter from Raymond’s sister Lydia which basically says how they had tough living conditions and realizes that sad story he told during his introduction about his family wasn’t a lie after all. The story where his father became a manwhore and cheated on his wife until they divorced. The mother was tricked into losing her money and was hoping to return to Italy with his sisters but didn’t have enough money. They walked miles and miles until they managed to get on a nice boat to come to Italy but when they got there the mother died from physical strain. Her last wish was asking Raymond to take care of his sisters in her place. Just around this time Michael call Raymond telling him about Shun and the money etc. That night when they go to sleep, Raymond leaves a sleeping Natalie and heads back to NY to join the WAP raid plot. Natalie calls Michael to see if he knows anything and when she hears that he’s gone back to NY instead of Italy she rushes back immediately. Raymond dresses up as “Medicis” from Death Connection to try and talk to Wolfgang lmaooo. (Shoulda done Nicholas though right?? XD) The real Medicis shows up and Natalie and Michael start freaking out lol. They get Raymond and WAP out of there before Medicis shows up and he comments how he doesn’t want Natalie touching him xDDDD At the Halloween party she tries to make Treville laugh but he’s like (ಠ_ಠ)instead. They try one of Michael’s perfumes he made which is full of pheromones for the hell of it in central park. Its so effective that 1 spray gets them moaning and groping each other on the grass. It’s so super effective that Raymond jizzes his pants and after the effect wears off he’s like “LETS SPRAY SOME MORE” and they probably screw in the park. 😆

Raymond tells Natalie about Rook and his parents and Wolfgang so they meet up with Rook to talk about with him. Rook gives them info and Natalie thinks that maybe they should stop the whole fake Medicis act, but Raymond says he won’t give up. Just then Natalie gets a phone call that Donald’s been abducted. So then it’s revealed that Wolfgang’s former lover was Paula who is 12 years younger than him lmao (and Natalie’s next door neighbor.) Apparently WAP stands for Wolf and Paula lol. The night before the rescue operation Natalie and Raymond spend time in his hotel room and he says after everything is over he just wants to settle down because he’s tired of the “exciting life”. Natalie then tells Paula about how her former lover is an asshole who kills people, steals money and abducted her grandpa. Paula’s like “I KNOW BUT I LOOOOVEE HIM ANYWAYYYY”. (ಠ_ಠ)She then asks Natalie to catch him for her so he will stop doing bad things. So then during the raid Raymond uses the shit stank perfume that Michael makes to get Curtis and most of the guards passed out cold and he distracts Wolfgang in his room during the power outage. After the power goes back up Raymond reveals himself and he and Wolfgang are at a gunpoint stand still – until Natalie runs in saying that she’s Wolfgang’s daughter WOLRA and her mother is Paula! This distracts Wolfgang enough so that Raymond is able to snatch his gun away and hold him down until the cops come. So then idk where the hell Paula came from but she comes saying that she’s always waiting for Wolfgang and then he’s like I LOVE YOU STILL WAIT FOR ME WITH WOLRA and she’s like …Wolra? LMAO xD. Raymond praises Natalie for her superb acting skills and kisses her. And so 5 years later Raymond and Natalie run their own magazine together with Natalie being a reporter. They plan to send out their wedding invitations as they will soon be getting married. In the omake Natalie falls asleep waiting for Raymond and has a dream where he uses the pheromone spray on himself and Catherine and they start moaning in front of Natalie, to her horror. She wakes up and Raymond shows up with the actual pheromone spray – DREAM COME TRUE LOL. So yea as you can tell Raymond’s route was extremely entertaining that I enjoyed it for the lol factor an entertainment rather than the pedoromance going on in the background. I really don’t see why they needed to do such a HUGE gap. I was totally ok with the gap between Natalie and Alain but this is just too much ( ≖Д≖;).

Rook – Rook is a do-S pervert who just loves groping Natalie’s butt. He’s very weak to alcohol so he avoids drinking it whenever he can. When he was little his parents were killed by members of the WAP. The reason this happened is because the enemies Wolf was after ran into the room where 8 year old Rook and his family were staying for vacation in NY. Wolf’s mafia ran into the room and killed everyone there including Rook’s parents but Wolf felt sorry for the kid and raised him as his own sniper. After the whole Donald $30million heist, Curtis reaffirms about the fact that Wolfgang killed Rook’s parents. Rook thinks about all this in his head and bawws in the park while its raining. Natalie magically happens to be there and she finds him asking him to get under the umbrella with her. He hugs her and starts crying so Natalie takes the poor puppy home. After he comes out of the shower in only a towel he tells Natalie about how he’s in WAP. He then tells Natalie how Shun is John and about the money. He then concludes that Shun was shot into the sea and probably died so Natalie starts crying. Wolf assigns Rook to find Raymond and kill him as a “traitor”. Rook finds him but “pretends” to kill him and Raymond catches on and pretends to die in front of Wolfgang. Some days later Rook invites Natalie on a “date”. He tells her that he’s an assassin and if needed he’ll kill her too but she says no u wont u nice guy bro. He’s like whatever and kisses her telling himself he may have fallen in love with Natalie. (*´ω`*) Natalie wants him to leave WAP because she doesn’t want him continue to do horrible things that will break his mind. They go on a date to the zoo where they talk about pretending to have a huge family one day. Rook imagines having like 6 kids lmao. So then Wolfgang wants to use Natalie as bait but Rook is against it. Wolfgang agrees to listen to Rook’s request but Curtis gets jealous & pissed off. After the Halloween party Curtis shows up saying that Rook’s killed all of Natalie’s CM7 friends from the shadows while lying to her face. He then shoots at Natalie but Rook jumps in the way and gets shot instead. Natalie takes him back home and he tries to remove the bullet from his thigh on his own while she applies alcohol orz. While he passes out from the pain, Natalie starts to wonder if he really is just a cold hearted killer who kills even friends for his job. Fortunately her worries are washed away when all the CM7 guys drop by her house dressed as cleaning service guys xD. They all apologize for keeping it a secret from her and Shun apologizes for running off with the money. They all then have a CM7 reunion meeting where they discuss plans to invade WAP and get the money back.

After everyone leaves Natalie is relieved that Rook wasn’t a cold hearted killer and he’s like “oh you’ve finally fallen in love with me (✧≖‿ゝ≖)?” Natalie admits she has but Rook says that he won’t tell her his feelings because assassins are too badass to do that – as he kisses her ;). After cuddling for a bit they start going over the plans Michael left for them, though while going over Rook can’t keep his hands from groping Natalie. (♡´౪`♡) On November 18th, Natalie gives Rook a birthday cake and writes “Happy 9th birthday” on it because he hasn’t celebrated his bday since he was 9. He says that he’d rather celebrate his 31st and decides to actually drink alcohol for once. Needless to say he gets really really drunk :lol:. Fortunately when he’s drunk he’s extremely adorable xD. In the meantime Natalie’s grandpa is captured by WAP. Everyone gets together for final planning, and Natalie’s role is to just follow Rook to help rescue gramps. Meanwhile Rook makes Donald sign a contract saying he will forget that his 30 million was stolen otherwise he will be killed or his corporation will lose billions. The night before the raid, Rook tells Natalie he loves her and wants to make babies with her someday. That night he “steals” her virginity (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. At the raid Rook confronts Wolfgang saying that he’s continued the sniper job only to find his parents’ killer for revenge. He demands Wolfgang admit to killing his parents. Natalie rescues gramps but stays behind and intercepts Rook telling him not to kill Wolf. Sadly there’s no time for chit chat and the bomb all over the house explodes sending rubble all over Rook, Natalie & Wolf. Fortunately Natalie & Rook manage to survive the rubble and soon as Wolf comes out Danny runs up and immediately arrests him. Rook almost gets arrested too but Wolf says the gun in Rook’s hand belongs to him, letting Rook go free while Wolf’s taken into custody. His parting words to Rook are “live a happy life”. And so 3 months later Rook takes a job as Donald’s personal body guard. Eventually Rook slips the ring on Natalie’s finger asking her to marry him and says he wants to have 7 kids ww. (*´ω`*) I really liked Rook, I think aside from Alain he was one of the few characters that had his “moe” moments (when he was drunk.) Also his constant butt grabbing antics kept me entertained the whole way down xD. His seiyuu is practically in nothing I’ve played or watched but I thought he did a great job (despite admitting in the seiyuu talk that he’s an M and this was a new type of role for him.)

Liz’s Story – This is basically like Shun’s route but from Liz’s point of view. Liz tells us the story of how she got pregnant when she was 20 years old in college. Her mother had passed away and she was pretty much not on speaking terms with Donald. Liz’s job is writing romance novels and her friend says that by having a daughter it’s slowing down her progress. (Clearly she needs to finish writing her 50 Shades anthology.) Liz broke up with Natalie’s father Brian when Natalie was 2 years old. Charles mentions that Natalie seems a lot like Brian in the sense that she’s so proper like he was.  Liz doesn’t seem  to be happy of the idea that Natalie might be dating a Japanese guy, afraid Natalie will leave her and go to Japan. Eventually Liz runs into Natalie’s father Brian who tells her how irresponsible she is for always leaving Natalie alone and going drinking. Brian freaks out that Natalie is staying alone at home with Shun and freaks out at Liz. Turns out he was the one stalking Natalie the whole time :lol:. And so pretty much after this both Liz and Brian watch over Natalie to see how she handles herself lmao xD. Brian says he’s worried that  Natalie will get pregnant at a young age like Liz. Just then Donald harasses Liz asking if she knows anything about his stolen money, giving Liz nightmares :lol:.  Brian gets pissed that Liz has been living in a hotel in order to let Natalie live “alone with Shun” and then says he’s gonna live in the hotel room with Liz lol.  Staying for a while with him Liz starts to reconsider her feelings for him.   After the Halloween party they both get drunk and end up doing it in the hotel room saying they want to return the way they were back then just for 1 night. Natalie gets a chance to meet Brian but has no idea he’s her father and Liz tells him to leave lol so Natalie just thinks he’s her mom’s new “lover”. After Natalie gets kidnapped by WAP, Liz runs to Donald begging him to give her money to pay to WAP to free Natalie. He refuses to part with his money so Liz gives up and tells him goodbye. Instead, Liz and Brian join with the CM7 to rescue Natalie and get the money back. At the raid, Liz runs into Donald who says he’s got the money ready just in case because he wanted to do something for his family. Though since he doesn’t want to give the money over, he figured he’d go and try saving Natalie first lol. They manage to rescue Natalie until Wolfgang intercepts but Liz rages and shoots him. After all the arrests and stuff, Brian says he loves both Liz and Natalie and he wants to remarry and be a family again. In the epilogue, Liz and Brian remarry in a small ceremony in Central Park (*´꒳`*). I was so happy this even existed because the whole game I was like “I wish Liz was the heroine” and it’s like they made my dream come true!

Special Story: Donald throws a huge party for Natalie’s 21st birthday. The CM7 guys all come but like Shun’s a world famous camera man, Daniel’s an Arabian prince, Alan’s a famous pilot, Michael is some internet celebrity, Raymond is a famous actor, and Rook is a pro golfer. And so they all fawn over Natalie for a glorious harem ending while she says that money can buy love can’t it. \( ^o^)/  Turns out it was all a dream xD.

Baww this game was so cute and funny!! Sasuga Death Connection team!! Actually I thought this game was a lot more like “Death Connection” than Musketeer to be honest. Musketeer was really dark and depressing, but this was a lot of fun and for the most part happy and comedic. The whole pop New York feeling was definitely felt and the music was really jazzy, especially the awesome opening theme!

However since I am from New York I must refute things that just DO NOT HAPPEN!

  • Homeless people don’t start conversations with random high school girls. If they do, the girls will run into the opposite direction.
  • No Japan, we Americans don’t always just walk around in our shoes inside the house. Some of us want clean houses and we wear slippers too.
  • You can’t go splashing and kyakya ufufuing half naked in the central park fountain.
  • Guns are illegal in NYC. If you’re even caught with a gun, even if you carry it for self defense, you will be arrested and sent to jail no questions asked.
  • When you go to the airport with a suitcase full of 30 million dollars, the TSA is gonna hold you back for like 3 hours, you ain’t just gettin on dat plane and flying away lol.
  • There’s no “Swimsuit rental” wtf. That’s gross dude.
  • You don’t bring homeless men to your house they could be covered in diseases & bedbugs
  • You can’t drive outside of Manhattan and immediately end up in…Texas.
  • Sayonara is like the ONE word every American actually knows the meaning of Otomate. XD We’ve all seen the teenage mutant ninja turtles. We also know sensei, kawaii and pocky. 😆
  • Our medicine in America sucks, people like Chris wouldn’t be sitting in the hospital for months upon end unless they were rich as all fuck.
  • East village looks like London. the sidewalk is like double the size. The whole point of NYC sidewalks is they’re really fucking narrow as hell and are really hard to get around when it’s crowded, particularly in East Village (which is why I never go down there.) The only wide sidewalks are on like 34th street.
  • Theres nothing shocking about a foreigner that speaks good English. Japan we’re not like you. We don’t tell every asian, russian, spanish or whatever person “your English is really good!” 😆

That’s pretty much all I have for LOL NYC Otomate but otherwise I think they were fine xD;. They tried, I definitely give them props for it. It was fun making all these comparisons and unless this game took place in NYC I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to do so! I loved all the various cameos by characters from Musketeer and Death Connection. Yes promote your games! They are all good and worth playing XD. This team also used any excuse they could to get the guys naked. I mean they were like “ok we got these naked sprites but using them for only that fountain scene? Hell no. Let’s throw in random shower scenes, random randy dream scenes, omakes just USE THOSE NAKED SPRITES YEA. Let’s make them play strip heads/tails in every route while we’re at it too!” 😆 Every side character in this game has a role. Even when you think your neighbor with her cat is just a random lady or that homeless guy is just a random homeless guy NOPE. Everyone is important so take note when you play!  Also I loved how Natalie’s name was called out loud if you left it default. They should really do this more often tbh.

My only complaints are 1. Repetitive Content that couldn’t be skipped. Death Connection suffered the same fate so I had to often switch to “force skip” because I heard the same exact scene/line of dialogue 6 other times. 2. Natalie is ONLY 17. Until she’s 18 she’s a MINOR and everyone except for Michael commits statutory rape unless she somehow turned 18 somewhere during the route. If all the guys are mostly over the age of 21 why not make Natalie at least 20? This way at least the worst that would have happened is her hitting on the 17 year old high schooler. This is a lot less gross to me than 17 year old Natalie with 41 year old pedobear. (Stay away from me Double Score *hiss*). Did they want to keep her in high school is that why? They could have then made her 18. Plenty of kids in America graduate high school at the age of 18. Otherwise the game was lots of fun!!! Rook and Alain were my favorites but all the guys had their own charms as well. Only Michael’s route was rather disappointing. I highly recommend this game in a sea of Otomate 和風 mediocrity, this is one of their gems. The team who made this game always makes great characters and really funny scenarios but I laughed a LOT here. XD This is definitely one of Otomate’s better releases this year!


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  1. I like your review of this game. 🙂 Actually it was pretty funny towards the end about the things that “don’t happen.” I couldn’t help laughing since I see those things in manga and anime. But there are some people who do tell me I have “really good English” even though I’m not a foreigner. I’m Asian so I get that a lot I’m sure other people do too.

  2. Lol well that is comforting ww yay! I think I’ll try Confidential Money out. I didn’t like the premise at first and I wasn’t really interested in it other than for the art but it’s good to see a good review on it so :3 I definitely think I’ll try it out ^0^

  3. Aww yeah. Can’t wait to play this. UGH PSP Y U BROKEN T_T worst time to break, ever….. Lol also the entire time I read this I was imagining this video in my head ->> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZomwVcGt0LE
    Especially after I read that part where our otomate heroine tells her grandpapa she stole his money lmfao I was like “WHERE’S MY MONEY, WHERE’S MY MONEY” the entire time… oh man lol

  4. whats the order of characters you would recommend others to play? I plan to buy this game around xmas so I want some advice before it comes in

  5. ” Rook then reveals that Raymond’s real name is Roy Davis, but then Raymond tells Rook that his parents were killed by Wolfgang. Rook thought that Wolfgang was like his “adopted father” all this time. Wolfgang in fact killed Rook’s parents and just raised him as a “sniper”. ”




  6. “You can’t go splashing and kyakya ufufuing half naked in the central park fountain.”

    THIS. This made my day. Not only will city people back the F away but some might even call the park police, especially since most of these are grown @ss adults.

  7. im playing the PSP port so there’s no ero. I was stuck at home while playing this game but now I’m just waiting for one of my packages to arrive but it was probably blown away by Sandy so I figured I’d play something different for a change!

  8. I’d say saving Alain & Rook for last would be good. They’re both pretty moe ;D

    But yea like you said I wasn’t sure if they wanted Natalie to be some open minded American or a proper Japanese?? Lol. Only her mom was the most accurate New York stereotype! XD;

  9. Re Natalie’s age : I imagine it’s the same reason why Every. Single. RPG. Hero. is a 16 year old boy with a strong sense of justice. Japan has gigantic issues with age. It’s also an issue how they perceive maturity. It’s….different. A mature person doing whirlwind romances/adventures would be really weird to the average Japanese mindset, while elsewhere it’s like the complete opposite. Conformist culture, pfft. (The boys don’t count, moe objects in moe genres NEVER count.) Especially in a genre catering to teenagers, it’s like a different world from the genres featuring adults. Adventures for adults are in very different tones, from the novels I’ve read.

    Also, I loled @ hobo. It’s like. I do talk to hobos sometimes in my university town, but in big cities it’s like WTF WHY WOULD YOU EVER. They don’t talk to hobos in Japan, either, what the hell! Is this meant to be some sort of modern fairy tale-esque ‘kind protagonist being kind to all people’ or something? The ‘hobo wisdom’ manga cliche? The ‘Americans are open-minded people’ stereotype? I give stuff to hobos, sometimes going out of my way to buy them lunch, but the moment one starts following me it’d be like RUN TO THE NEAREST PEOPLED SPACE AND CALL THE COPS.

    IIRC I saw people splashing in the fountain in Chicago, though not half naked. Maybe they got confused, that all cities are like that?

    Also, I’m saving Alain for bloody last but it’s really hard. Hnnngh so moe,


  10. lol enjoy! I got floors as well but even with carpets Id still wear slippers
    the idea that i’m walking in the same shoes that I walked in the nasty subway with in my own house

  11. “No Japan, we Americans don’t always just walk around in our shoes inside the house. Some of us want clean houses and we wear slippers too.” (^v^) Amen for slippers. Our place aint carpeted so when it’s fall & winter, even spring, it gets way too cold for ma toes. Maawn, Im playin this game!

  12. You mean how they portrayed us as an evil british empire in Code Geass? 😆
    I know in Japan if you’re over 25 and unmarried that makes you an old grandma who’s not worth anyone’s time. Japan are a bunch of huge pedos or something xD;

    I’m not sure about Solomon’s ring….it’s a segmented series and the elf premise doesn’t really interest all that much. My friend might be getting it so if I can borrow a copy I might try it!

  13. I am pretty sure Shun is the main guy since during Liz’s route they based it as if “he” was the one Natalie was dating. I never saw Baccano but I always get amused to how Japan portrays us lol

  14. Aside Rook and Alain I really liked Daniel too actually. I love Nojiken but Michael sounded so HORRIBLE why Otomate lol
    Grandpa is god awful the only time he was somewhat redeeming is in Liz’s route lmao xD;;;
    I wish Otomate would make more stuff like this rather than..Genroh xD

  15. Man this is funny, i’ve always wondered how utterly flabbergasted a japanese player would be to play some of our english games with japanese settings. But to be honest those weren’t too bad, not like some manga i’ve read where it’s like they portray us as some kind of weird paranoid fascist war zone. (i think it was canaan or some ‘realistic’ mafia themed manga)

    Yeah when I saw the CGs i thought ‘oh and older protagonist!’ and then it like ‘she’s 17’. Welp. :/ I can’t decide if it’s because 19+ women heroines are considered unsexy in japan or if having a high school student excuses some of the shoddy writing for complex emotions. (like running away after a love confession or something)

    Anyways great review! Also i wanted to ask if you were going to try to play solomon’s ring when it comes out? Or did the price point make you too wary?

  16. Is Shuu or Alain the main dude?
    Also it’s cool to know that Otomate actually made an interesting game to make up for it’s crappy ones. And also Japan barely does any research when showing American references. The only accurate American details I’ve seen so far in Japanese media has been the anime “Baccano!”

  17. I’m glad you liked this game as much as I did \o/ It’s definitely one of the better Otomate games.

    Rook and Alain are also my top favorites, though I also liked Michael. I guess I could relate with his feelings, and thought his internal monologues were well written. I do wish his jealousy and friendzoning weren’t as drawn out as it was :/ But I understand why you didn’t like him |D His voice also grated on my nerves ww

    I was also annoyed when Natalie told her grandpa the truth like WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? But his reaction was also awful like beating up your own granddaughter?!

    Lol at your list of differences ^o^ I’ve never been to New England much less New York, but even I was like uhhh at some parts.

    In the end I thought the game had a good mix of story, humor and randy. I hope this team continues to make more games like this /o/

  18. Yea I liked Raymond too as a character but I didn’t like him hitting on a 17 year old lmao that was nasty xD;

    The game is definitely fun I hope you get a chance to play it!

  19. Oh gosh reading your post I really want to play this game badly xD (So many backlogs I need to finish first orz). Btw I think I like all the guys here ^-^/ but wtf Raymond is 41? He looks so much younger than 41, I thought he is 30+ something. Despite I like Raymond but the age gap is totally not fine, 24 years differences wwww.

    Anyway thank you for the review ^-^/

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