Otome Game Review: Anniversary no Kuni no Alice

There once was an otome game released by Quin Rose called Heart no Kuni no Alice which made you visit characters over 300 times and had some poorly drawn artwork. Since the story was entertaining enough, QR decided to do a remake which they dubbed the “Anniversary Version” where they redid all the art, sprites and cut the number of turns by 100. After this gained enough popularity they decided to port it to the PSP so people could carry it on their way out the door and get more turns done in a day then they would only sitting in front of their PC. And so I bring you the review of the PSP port of Anniversary no Kuni no Alice. Our story takes place where our very rich heroine Alice Lidell is listening to her older sister Lorina read a book to her outside under a tree. Alice admires her sister a lot but in a complex kind of way, due to the fact that her ex-boyfriend dumped her for her sister, who her sister dumped as he wasn’t man enough. As her sister goes to get a deck of cards, Alice decides to take a nap. Her beauty sleep is interrupted when a furry white rabbit named Peter White abducts her and throws her down a hole into Wonderland. As he professes his undying love, he kisses her making her drink some bitter liquid and says that she’s now involved in the game of Wonderland – in which all the people who live there are at Battle Royale with each other on a daily basis.  In order for Alice to return home, she needs to whore herself around to various leaders of the various battle zones and gather hearts while avoiding the aspect of self responsibility. Unfortunately for our tsuntsun QR heroine, her plans to return get crushed when she starts falling in love.

World Map

A lot of people think this is a difficult game, me being one of them – until I actually figured it out. So to hopefully get more people to try Alice out, I decided to give a basic quick start guide. The way the game works is, you watch prologue 1 pick the place you will stay at (like the place where your dude is living) and then pursue said dude. Once you get his romantic ending, you then start over, pick a DIFFERENT place to stay at and then visit the dude on his designated availability time. There are 3 times in Alice: Noon, Evening and Night. I will use Peter as an example. If you stay in Heart Castle, where Peter lives, you can visit him any time but his “events” will only trigger during certain times of the day. So say his events 1-5 will trigger during the day but 6-10 trigger during the night. You can still visit him at any time to raise affection but if you’re trying to keep up with the turns make note to get a visit during the designated event time. Now if you are doing his “non stay route” where you stay somewhere other than the Heart Castle, you can only visit him during the DAYTIME because other than that he will NOT be available. The only way to avoid this is to either 1. quick load/quick save from the scene before until you get the NOON hour OR to stock up on time changing clocks which you receive when you visit Peter during a time of day he is missing.

Depending on which character you visit during what time of day you will get a different amount of clocks. So far I noticed if you visit the Tweedle twins at night, you will get 4 clocks and if you visit Peter in the evening you will get 4 clocks. 4 is the max you can get so try to see what gives you most if you’re trying to stock up on clocks for yourself. As far as affection goes, each visit = +1 point of affection. However, an event will not give you affection and will not count as a turn. Therefore if you visited Peter 15 times and on the 16th his event triggers, it will not count as turn or an affection +1 so make note when you are counting. Finally, the best way to count is to use an excel spreadsheet. Make a macro button (or just do it manually) and count your turns that way. By doing this you can easily plan out your route and get all your friend events in. If you only just stalk your guy and do nothing else, you will miss his jealousy scenes, friendship events with other characters or just scenes that have him in there because he mentions a guy you had to visit otherwise. Therefore check the Alice Wiki and see what Sub events and Other Endings you can do in each character’s route. Once you do 1 run you will find the game is very straight forward and you can easily skip the repeated conversation events (remember to use a rubber band if you’re playing the PSP version :lol:). The choices will raise affection to help you get ahead of your turns but the ones that really matter are the responsibility choices listed at the bottom of the other endings page. If you have more than 3 responsibility points, you will not be able to get a good end with your dude so be sure to pick the right ones! Hopefully this guide will help you in your journey!

Peter White – Peter’s the yandere white rabbit but he won’t lock Alice in a cage he just ADORES her. He proclaims his love to Alice multiple times per day and if anyone get in the way he shoots them in the head – literally. He also has this thing about germs where he thinks everyone has disgusting bacteria but he is willing to put aside his health concerns for his darling! プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He’s the one who brought her to wonderland and he wants her to be there with him forever and ever. In fact he doesn’t even care if she’s not physically with him as long as her existence is in Wonderland he can stalk and admire her from the shadows :lol:. Alice calls him a stalker everytime he says he loves her but in his mind, they’re friends and lovers and well they may as well be married xDDD. Despite his massive love for Alice, she’s very tsuntsun to him and while I understand not everyone may fall in love with their…stalker, it is kind of annoying to see her gettin cozy with other guys in the game and completely giving Peter the cold shoulder the whole time. She finally starts warming up to him when he turns into his bunny form and becomes her cuddly stuffed animal replacement and well eventually she finds herself falling in love with him (though denying it really badly.) They end up sleeping in bed every night and probably doing it every night as well seeing how Peter had a boob grab CG xD.

At the ball if you choose to take a break from dancing, Peter takes Alice into his bedroom, puts her down on the bed and takes her hands with his necktie. You can probably use your imagination what happened the rest of that night. (。≖ˇ‿,ˇ≖。 ) In the Stay route ending, Peter starts crying because Alice wants to return home but he can’t live without her. Alice can’t resist a sexy crying man with bunneh ears so she says she’ll stay for him and says she likes him too. He’s so happy he grabs her and they end up making out. In the Non-Stay route ending I had Alice stay at the Hatter mansion. I was annoyed because Alice went over to Ace for all the rival events to occur but THEN SHE GOES AND MAKES OUT WITH HIM. What’s worse is she goes “oh this is just a kiss you do with your family”. WHO MAKES OUT WITH YOUR FAMILY. щ(ºДºщ) In this route she tries to get to the bottom of the whole vial thing but every time she asks him about it he tries to change the subject by grabbing her and making out.  She of course lets him make out as much as he wants because even though she’s tsun, she still thinks he’s hot lol. At the ball I wanted to flip a desk because she tells Peter that he’s “confused” and that he doesn’t Love her, it’s only a friendship. WHAT THE HELL WOULD YOU KNOW WOMAN LOL. She even admitted that she has no idea why the hell she said this because she doesn’t even know love anyway. Fortunately Peter never gives up (as most guys in QR games don’t xDD) and he comes back glomping and kissing Alice says it’s not love – ITS DEEPER THAN LOVE! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ

So then in the ending Alice has a weird dream where she’s trapped in the medicine vile by Nightmare but Peter saves her and she ends up climbing over her tsun wall and kissing him showing her feelings for him. (*´ω`*)  If you do Peter’s romance route but then pretty much dump him after the ball and run around to other characters, you will get the Peter x Nightmare end. In this one Alice’s cat Dinah appears and as Alice chases it, Peter starts running after her bawwing that she’s cheating on him with a nuko. Peter then jumps into Alice’s arms in rabbit form and says he’lls always follow because he’s her #1 stalker xD;. Nightmare just kinda helped push Alice towards Peter even though I expected some kind of 3P end oh well! In the Vivaldi & Peter end they both say they love Alice and say she should become Queen or King or something 😆 It’s technically 3P if you think about it since they both love her but at least the ending itself was in a humorous fashion (though not so humorous for the current King lol.) So then Peter & Alice are having tea and he says he doesn’t care who she loves but he will always love her.  God I loved Peter so much, even if he was obsessive and crazy with Alice, he truly did love her. He got so upset when she was whoring herself around with Ace and stuff and well honestly rightfully so because wtf gurl what are you doing. This route made me hate Ace before I even did his route…not a great way to start off a character lol. A lot of people don’t like Peter and think he’s too stalkery but I think I don’t mind these kind of yandere characters. They may be crazy but they place the heroine on a pedestal and would never hurt or harm her unlike the most recent cage & whip boys..( ´_ゝ`).

Ace – Ace is the knight of the Heart Castle and after he’s done doing his guarding duties he wanders around the castle and gets lost. He seems like a happy laid back guy but in fact he’s just a troll and he only does stuff to piss people off. He’s totally aware of his own trolling and claims that if he ever ran into someone like himself he’d probably stab them :lol:. He has a horrible sense of direction and because of this he never knows how to get to his room and ends up sleeping outside…in his tent. In fact because Alice tells him to stop making indoor campfires, the two end up going out “camping” in the forest, getting lost as usual and then spending the night in his tent. Of course spending the night in a tent with Ace without anything happening? LOL! And so they pretty much have sex and Ace considers her his lover (like any normal person) but Alice continues her TSUN-nami,  saying she doesn’t like him nor hates him. This doesn’t fly too well by Ace and at the ball when he hears about her ex and how she used to dance with him….HE AIN’T PLEASED. He makes sure to reaffirm that he is her lover now and Alice has no choice but to agree or else! m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ Honestly I normally don’t like creepy yanderes like that but I THINK HE AND ALICE ARE A PERFECT PAIR.

Alice starts her tsun-nami and Ace is like AHAHAHA….NO. ( ಠ益ಠ ) And so in the end Alice admits that yea she’s got the hots for him and them doing it in his tent wasn’t just “one sided” (lol one sided humping wut Alice.)  She then shows him she loves him by kissing him and Ace realizes that with Alice actions speak louder than words. He then tells her he’ll be sure to “show” her the extent of his feelings as well イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! In his Non-Stay route, Ace continues being his genius self and strips in front of Alice taking a bum shower at the Heart Castle garden fountain. It’s easier for him to just bathe like this than to try and figure out where the hell his room is 😆 Vivaldi of course comes running and raging at him while Alice is like (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン. He also continues hunting for food outside because he’s too stupid to make his way to where the cafeteria is and because of this he and Alice end up falling into a chicken coup. Because Alice lands on top of him he takes advantage of the situation and kisses her but as usual Alice is babbling about the “friendship” crap. Seriously what kind of friend is he to you? A sex friend? (´⊙艸⊙`;) So then Ace’s yandere personality begins leaking through once he starts getting tired of Alice’s TSUN-nami. He starts randomly grabbing and kissing her in various places and gets really jealous when he sees her talking to guys other than him.

At the ball Elliot asks Alice to dance with him but she rejects him and instead chooses Ace. (I felt so bad for the poor guy ;-;). Ace though takes Alice to the garden fountain and says he will kiss her now as her “lover” not as a “friend” and they end up making out until they both fall into the fountain. ( ≖‿≖) The non-stay ending was really weird though. Alice goes into balls-trippin’ land with a giant black hole and Ace comes to rescue her out of it. He says he loves her and that she’s the only one who can “make him feel miserable. Her hearts bottle breaks and she’s unable to return home. Peter starts crying going WRYYYY U PICK THIS PSYCHO ALICE and then he fights Ace but Ace just takes Alice and runs. When they get to her room he starts getting randy with her on the bed (ぺろぺろ(´^ω^`)) and then they do the mattress mambo. So then this is where I am really confused…somehow Alice the ends up waking up in front of her house but Ace is there too! He then pushes her down on the ground and bites her ear…until it bleeds. (ಠ_ಠ) He then goes “oh what’s the big deal you don’t feel pain right”. He then says he’ll make sure that she “feels pain so that she’ll never change or forget” and then the game blacked out. Uhmm…okay.  I mean Ace was kinda yandere and creepy but I guess his horrible sense of direction was pretty entertaining. In Julius’ route Ace is basically Julius’ henchman who works directly for him and not for the Heart Castle. In fact he goes around killing people ruthlessly and once their body disappears, he picks up the clock they leave behind and brings it to Julius. He also is like extremely gay for Julius lmfao so I heard he goes psycho in Clover probably because Quin Rose took Julius out xDDD.

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum – This is the official 3P route! That’s right unlike most games which would typically separate the twin characters, this time you get double the fun! Alice sees them as younger brothers and kids, but that’s not how they see it. In fact they know she sees them like that, so in fact they TAKE ADVANTAGE of this factor and get her to do stuff like take baths with them (。≖ˇ‿,ˇ≖。 ). The two are known as the bloody twins because they kill mercilessly with their axes and in fact if you don’t visit them when you stay at the Hatter mansion they will chop you up. At first they just want to play with their “oneesan” but eventually the two of them start falling in love and Alice is probably the first person they’ve ever loved. Alice just think they’re admiring her as kids and they are so upset that she won’t see them as men. After they tell her 好き好き好き like 100 times she finally gives in and to make them happy says she likes them too xD. So then depending on which ball you take if you accept Peter’s kiss, the twins get really jealous and take Alice outside raging that she played with their innocent young hearts! They start kissing her saying they need to “cleanse” her of Peter but Alice says she loves them and not Peter. If you don’t accept Peter’s kiss she dances with the shotas at the ball as usual and then they reveal that they’ve often  used contacts to switch identities so Alice probably didn’t know who is who lol. And so in the stay ending Alice asks if they don’t want to be differentiated but they say it doesn’t matter as long as she loves both of them. They then beg her not to leave them and double team her for a ぺろぺろ ending (though she punches them in the head afterwards xD.)

In the Non-Stay ending, it begins with the twins playing onigokko by chasing Alice with huge knives orz. Alice often sees them coming back from various “jobs” covered in blood and she helps clean them off. They’re a lot more randy (distance makes the heart grow fonder?) this time around and take turns kissing her whenever she visits. Alice lets them do whatever they want while her inner self is I MUST TREAT THEM LIKE A RESPONSILE ADULT BUT….lolol. At the ball Peter calls Alice a shotacon and well she proves her shotacon-ness by pretty much having a 3some with the twins after the ball :lol:. Hm yea I’m not sure how old Dee & Dum are supposed to be but I hope they’re at least 16…(ㆀ˘・_・˘). So then they get really jealous of Peter because I had Alice stay at the Heart Castle. In the Non-Stay end, Alice starts trippin’ balls dreaming that the twins are on top of her fondling her boobies and she keeps feeling guilty that she’ll have to break their hearts when she returns home. So then she sees this white blossom tree  and Nightmare tells her not to return and takes her hearts medicine bottle away. Alice snaps out of her dream to find herself in the twins’ room where they’re so happy she’s not leaving them they double team her once more \( ^o^)/ . Alice then agrees to move to the Hatter mansion with them on the condition that they tone down their man-slaughtering habits. The completion bonus actually had the older form of the twins and now I’m really looking forward to playing Clover Alice since they will be grown up in that one. I mean seriously this whole 3P thing = hot but not when they’re shotas lmfao it felt so wrong most of the time xD.

Blood Dupre – Blood has the fortunate or unfortunate(?) fate of having the exact same looks as Alice’s ex boyfriend. Alice’s ex-boyfriend was actually her home school teacher who she fell in love with but the dickhead dumped her and went after her sister, who dumped him in the end. Instead of kicking the guy to the curb, I guess Alice couldn’t get over it and continued keeping in touch with him. Knowing all of this doesn’t please Blood in the least bit and in fact in the non-stay end it irritates him quite a bit (but more on that later.) Blood is the leader of the Hatter mafia gang but despite being a mafia boss, he spends most of his time chillaxing at night and having his 3AM tea time.  His 2nd in command is the march hare Elliot and he’s got the Tweedle twins as his body guards. He acts like he don’t care but when Alice starts getting cozy with other guys he starts getting pretty worked up. Alice of course thinks this is the hottest thing ever because it annoys her that he always has this “idgaf attitude” so when he actually DOES care she gets all (*´・ω・`*)ドキドキ . Eventually Blood puts his pride aside and tells Alice  he loves her and wants her to feel the same way too~ and the two of them end up having some sexy rendezvous pretty much every night in Blood’s private office. (/ρ\)いやーん Knowing very well that she’ll get “carried away” by his charm, Alice still continues coming into his room with the excuse that she just “wants to read books” and even though she tells Blood to f-off she totally loves it when he’s standing behind her with his slowly rising up her dress…(◞≼●≽◟◞౪◟◞≼●≽◟). So at the ball if you accept Peter’s kiss, cue jelly Blood  who takes her outside to the garden and starts kissing her too saying that she lets her guard down too much. Alice is all like noo Peter’s just a friend lmfao MOAR LIKE SEX FRIEND RITE ALICE? 😆

Blood asks the most genius question I’ve been wanting SOMEONE in this game to ask: Why don’t you ever RESIST if you don’t like the guy. That’s right Alice NEVER resists! She’ll be like “I don’t like you” but the most she ever does is punch Peter. Everyone else?  Yea she just lays back and lets the hot mans do their thang :lol:. If you reject Peter at the ball you just dance with him as usual and if you choose to be “tired” of dancing they go to some private room to have some ぺろぺろ & hot secks. (♡´౪`♡) Since Blood had a bunch of endings spawning from his route I decided to just do them all at once. So in the Rose Garden end basically Blood takes Alice to his rose garden and Vivaldi is there and they both come to the conclusion that they both have the hots for Alice and they have a 3P ending pretty much. Vivaldi ends up kissing Alice (eugh) to make her drink the rest of the liquid and then Blood gets sloppy 2nds though Alice makes a funny comment saying it’s an indirect kiss with his sister m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ. In the Blood Rose garden end there’s no yuring it up but Blood ends up kissing Alice saying she’ll never leave Wonderland. In Blood’s stay ending, when Alice is about to go home Blood asks her not to go back and to BECOME HIS WAIFU INSTEAD! Alice is like I don’t wanna be the wife of a mafia boss lol and Blood’s like “GIVE IT UP AND MARRY ME WOMAN!” Alice says no but he drags her to the alter anyway and says yes for the two of them プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Alice keeps saying no but lol I don’t think she minds when she and  Blood are about to have their ceremonial wedding night humping ^q^ (though she does say in her head – I want a divorce :lol:.)

The twins call Blood a lolicon and  Elliot tells them not to question their boss’ hobbies xDDD. In the Non-stay ending, this is where Blood’s jealous side is really visible an he can’t stand the fact that she only “visits” them and doesn’t actually stay at their mansion. At the ball Blood takes her outside and uses magic to change her dress saying that he doesn’t want her wearing something another guy has chosen. He then buys Alice new clothes saying that he wants to buy something for “his” woman. Alice starts complaining that she’s not his  woman or his “thing” and it’s all because of this stupid misunderstanding between the two of them. Basically Blood said to Alice that she’s his “entertainment to kill time” so all this time they’re screwing I guess it’s just to “pass the time” when Alice has already fallen in love with him. She thinks he doesn’t love her when in fact he does and finally he tells her this. He then puts her under house arrest with Elliot as the guard but eventually lets her go visit Vivaldi to say thanks for letting her stay at the Heart castle. He comes to pick her up and gives her a rose as the two of them walk back to the Hatter mansion holding hands….since that will be Alice’s permanent new home. She’s already given up her will to return and the potion bottle has shattered because she just can’t say no to dat sexy mafia boss. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Hmm well what do I think about Blood…..he was hot lol. Man it’s been a while since I liked a Konishi Katsuyuki voiced character. The rose garden ends were really….weird though. When I say weird is that it gave a whole new personality angle on Blood which really didn’t seem as obvious in his stay route. In fact I feel like all the “other” ends + his non stay route were probably the most “true” personality of Blood. Otherwise he just seems like this laid back guy who also is a lolicon who likes little girls in frilly dresses 😆 Just kiddin Blood I still love ya.

Elliot March – Elliot is the march hare but he is in a massive denial that he is a rabbit. Despite having rabbit ears and tail and eating everything carrot flavored he can come across, he proceeds to inform everyone that IN NO WAY is he a rabbit! 😆 Too bad for him though, his rabbit-like qualities are what make Alice go |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ and a huge reason why she goes deredere for him (though strangely Peter never had the same effect.) Alice loves pulling his ears to the point where he starts screaming in pain and he pretty much falls in love with her the moment she meets him and Blood at the Hatter Mansion. When she wipes Blood off Elliot’s face he’s like “omg someone gives a shit about me ;__;”. Elliot is also the only one to notice “scars” on her hands from working because Alice has been secretly working downtown back in her world so she could save up enough money to move out of the house & live on her own. And so in the stay route Alice pretty much spends time in Elliot’s room because he’s always out doing missions and their time in his room is really the only way they can be with each other. Alice opens up to Elliot telling him how she’s jealous of her sister but is too lazy to change herself. Elliot says he doesn’t care how much Alice glorifies her sister since he’s never met her, and in his mind he likes Alice a lot more even if she hates her inner self. In the past Blood saved Elliot out of prison because he was imprisoned for destroying the Wonderland clock. As a punishment for himself he decided to work for Blood in the mafia until Blood wants to “kill him on his own” but of course Blood doesn’t care since he’s got a good 2nd in command now. So then as Elliot’s feelings for Alice get stronger, he starts getting jealous of even Blood who he cares for a lot.

Elliot begins working more shifts so he can take more days off to take Alice on a date but due to this he begins coming home and passing out on top of Alice in bed and all they do is sleep together. Alice gets mad saying she wants him to take better care of himself and he agrees. Eventually Alice starts to fall for Elliot as well and when she realizes she’s in love with a man with bunny ears it pisses her off xDDD. Eventually Elliot can’t hold back and one night he topples on top of Alice in bed and tells her “you have a choice, go out with me now or later because I love you.” So Alice pretty much can’t say no but who’d wanna say no to this adorable puppy. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  She babbles that she’s not ready to fall in love again but gives in anyway ^q^. At the ball as usual if you accept Peter’s kiss, Elliot gets jelly and similarly to Blood’s route, he takes Alice to the garden and they make out as he confirms that he’s Alice’s “real guy” rather than the “guy to cheat with” lol. If you reject Peter they dance as usual and of course if you choose to “stop dancing”, Elliot and Alice fumble their way into some spare room and make lovin’ all night. (;´Д`)ハァハァ (*´Д`)/lァ/lァ (*` Д´)//ア//ア!! Holy crap man this was so hot. xDDDD!! Coincidentally after this scenario I got Elliot’s 2nd bath scene where the two of them were cuddling and kissing together in the bathtub x333. And so in the stay ending, Peter asks Alice not to leave him getting all clingy with her and finally he tells her “if you leave, I will get lonely and..DIE!” Alice is like…….|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ !!!!!!!! Her moe bucket overflows (and mine too lmfao) and she’s like OMG I CAN’T LEAVE THIS PRECIOUS BABYYYY ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆ and is like HES SO CUTE afasfasf and ends up staying in Wonderland for him. Elliot grumbles that it’s all because he seems like a rabbit to her but she kisses him telling him that even if he wasn’t a rabbit, anyone who says that kind of thing to her is adorable xDDD. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Omg man I was dying this was the most precious thing ever. Elliot’s non stay route wasn’t as adorable but it was still alright. He took Alice to some carrot restaurant where everything served was carrot food and there were other bunny people there so once again Alice was all like |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ . Alice starts giving Elliot some back & shoulder massages as suggested by the Hatter maids because she wants to help him when he comes home tired from work. After a while Elliot tries to confess his feelings for Alice but she stuffs a muffin in his mouth. He ends up eating the muffin and then kissing Alice anyway saying that he loves her. Unlike the last route Alice actually admits her feelings to him rather quickly and she keeps visiting him more and more and sewing up the holes in his clothes. At the Ball, Ace tells Alice that if she hangs out with Elliot people will think she’s a criminal too. Alice gets sickened and so Elliot takes her outside in the garden where he starts kissing her and fondling her boobies. (/ρ\)いやーん They probably screw in the garden or something lmfao. Elliot then starts fighting with Peter over the fact that he wants Alice to move into the Hatter mansion. He also then takes Alice’s medicine bottle and drinks it and then kisses her spilling some of it into her mouth like Peter did in the prologue. Eventually Elliot marches into the Heart Castle, grabs Alice and says he’s taking her to permanently move to Hatter mansion. By then though, Alice already made up her mind to move there anyway and when they get there she’s sickened from being carried on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes :lol:. She tells him that  she’ll stay at the mansion anyway and she promises Vivaldi to come visit once in a while. Ahh Elliot was so adorable lol though his carrot obsession & bunny denial did get annoying sometimes. Also the seiyuu grated my ears whenever Alice would pull Elliot’s and he’d start screaming orz. Also it got pretty bad when Elliot was wailing like a drunk elephant when he had too much alcohol during one of the forest picnic scenes lol.

Mary Gowland – His name is derived from Merry Go Round obviously and he’s the amusement park owner. If you dare to call him Merry or Mary though, he’ll promptly whip out his rifle and shoot you. Or worse, he ‘ll start playing his horrible cacophony violin symphony. He grates everyone’s ears with his music to the point that when Alice first meets him, she kicks him and stomps all over him in rage. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵  He’s scared of Haunted Houses but goes with Alice into it every day because he likes her a lot. He gets Alice to play the piano for him and she’s not great but still better than his horrible attempts. She plays only to get him to NOT play and make more horrid noises. Gowland claims that Alice always wanted to play better than her sisters which is why she secretely learned but Alice is in denial saying she doesn’t care. Blood tries to give Alice some sex advice to spice up her relationship with Gowland because apparently Alice is like INCREDIBLY DEREDERE for this ossan. Like holy shit man compared to the rest of the cast who she’s super tsun with, she fucking loves him! But since Alice doesn’t tend to show her love, Gowland gets upset and feels rejected by her when he tries to hit dat sheit in bed. Alice eventually blurts out that she’s just being shy because she likes him and they end up screwing anyway. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ So yea basically Gowland & Alice tell boris that they’re together and he’s all upset that his NTRing didn’t work.

At the ball if you accept Peter’s kiss as usual,  Gowland takes Alice to the garden to make out in jealousy. If you reject him you either dance with Gowland or go to the random room to hump. Alice takes initiative though and tells Gowland that she’s not a princess (but a prowess HOHOHO.) And so in the ending Gowland begs her not to leave him alone and right as she’s about to return home, he comes for her. He tells her that  she’ll be miserable if she returns and that she’ll be better off with him. Alice stays, bottle breaks and they have their sweet dere dere couple ending. In the Non-Stay route, Gowland is really happy that Alice is visiting him and they get drunk with Boris & the amusement park staff. There’s even a scenario where he shaves his stubble and takes off his glasses to look like a NICE IKEMAN. Jesus man why can’t he just ALWAYS STAY THAT WAY WHY U GO BACK TO OSSAN MODE щ(ಥДಥщ). And so in the ending Alice meets some faceless ho who tells her she lost her father in some fight. Alice tells her she’s not a fathercon and that her father was always too busy staring at his mother’s grave with his back turned to Alice. On the contrary Gowland actually cares of her and he’s the reason Alice has decided to stay in Wonderland. So then Alice falls asleep and has some chat with Nightmare, and Gowland finds her and takes her back to his room to rest. She wakes up in bed with him and they smooch and have some happy end humping. A few days later when Gowland visits Alice at the Hatter mansion and has some tea with Blood, he tells Alice that when she’s ready to move in with him he’ll be waiting with open arms. (*´ω`*) Well Gowland’s route felt really short but it was really sweet. He’s such a nice & caring ossan for her and well if he just shaved his dumb stubble & re-arranged that braid of his, he’d actually be pretty hot. Seeing how Alice was extra deredere for him I guess it’s safe to say she has an ossan moe? XD

Boris Airay – Boris is the Cheshire Cat who Alice immediately refers to as the “pink guy”. He loves guns and as the Cheshire Cat, giving out riddles. He reminds Alice of her old cat Dinah who had died already. He’s pretty good friends with the twins but they eventually end up fighting for Alice’s attention. One of Boris’ favorite hobbies is annoying the hell out of Julius so he often drags him along on rides so the poor guy gets motion sickness xDD. He tries to get Alice to learn how to use a gun but since Alice doesn’t like it he does the next best thing and starts licking her neck & fondling her boobies. イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! He often likes sticking his head on Alice’s chest to hear her heartbeat since she’s the only one in wonderland with a heart. In fact he likes it so much he begins trying to strip her to get close to it as possible! Eventually Boris gets super deredere for her and says he loves her but Alice says that while she loves him as well she’s not ready to jump back into a relationship. Boris rages saying he’ll kill whoever hurt her. I completely forgot to visit Peter so I missed the jealousy ball event with Boris but it was the same idea where basically he gets jelly and kisses Alice in the garden. Anyway  they dance as usual, and if you stop dancing they go to the guest room where Boris is ready to have some lovin’ all night (after some ぺろぺろing). Alice then gets more dere dere for Boris because he makes her feel special and nobody back in the real world gave a crap about her. She starts getting mad at Boris always getting hurt and says that if he dies she’ll go off with aonther guy and screw him right away! Ouch! In the stay end, Boris tells Alice he doesn’t want her going back and if she goes then she has to go over his dead body! He shoves a gun into her hand and tells her to shoot him and if she doesn’t he’ll shoot her! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイSuddenly drama llama lmfao.

Alice starts crying saying the hell with responsibility and so her  determination to go home is destroyed and she stays with Boris. They’re returned to her room where Boris licks away her tears (for once Alice’s CG showed emotions!) Boris then handcuffs his hand to hers to make sure taht she never leaves him and Gowland is like “What kind of S&M play is this >_>”. Boris agrees he’ll take off the handcuffs eventually when he’s confident that Alice won’t leave him XD. In the non-stay ending, Boris suddenly becomes extremely pure and he’s shocked at the idea that Alice ‘kisses’ others back in her world as a greeting. In fact he starts thinking Alice just slobbery makes out with like everyone she meets lmfao XD. (He also thinks she punches friends as a greeting but that’s another story.) He then gets really jealous when Alice seems to enjoy hanging out with the random park patrons and drinking with them but Alice on the other hand gets jealous of Boris being popular with the park visitors! Boris tells her that she’s the only one he “loves” and then kisses her saying he wants to get randy on the park rides 8D. At the ball he tells her he wants to go hump in the guest room but sadly we didn’t really get any nice CGs beyond that. In the non-stay end, Alice tells Boris she’s decided plain & simple she’s staying in Wonderland just for him! (That was easy.) Boris gives her a bracelet that he bought with money he earned working part time at the amusement park (instead of leeching off all the time.) He wants Alice to move in with him but she acts all tsun to tease him saying “no hehe.” They make out and hump at the amusement park as Boris gives in to his princess cause he loves her anyway. (*´ω`*) Daww Boris was so precioussss. ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆ I mean sometimes he creeped me out (like in one of the options he thought it would be cute to strangle a mouse and rip its head off orz) but when he was around Alice he was a deredere cupcake. ♡♡

Julius Monrey – Julius is the clock tower keeper and he controls the time. He’s also a hikkikomori and never leaves but that makes it easier to stalk him when you’re doing his non stay route so I’m awright with this. xDD  He’s a kuudere who hates crazy amusement park rides (as he gets motion sickness). Alice decides that she’s gonna move in with him and hijacks his bed, all because she met the Hatter group and they creeped her out 8D. Eventually she tells Julius she’s “cold” to get him to sleep with her and because she feels bad that he sleeps on the floor or in his chair. He tells her that he is the “same as Nightmare” and offers to protect her from him which is why he agrees to sleep with her in his bed. Eventually he starts getting jealous of Alice hanging out with other Wonderland peeps and he starts randomly making out with her on top of his desk. Alice doesn’t mind but wants to know why and all he says is “because I wanted to.” Eventually she stops inquiring and gives in cause he’s so damn good at it. (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ Eventually Alice asks if Julius is just jealous and he starts blushing like a tomato and so Alice tells him that she likes him just like that. Julius admits he likes her too and despite them both being mutual, he somehow gets why and starts focusing on his work ignoring Alice who gets extremely sexually frustrated :lol:. To get him in the mood she asks him for 1 little goodnight kiss, but that’s enough to light a fire under his ass and he gets extremely randy and they end up humping more often after that. XDD Alice tells Julius she’s extremely jealous of his model shampoo hair and that he doesn’t have a single grey hair on his head despite working like 16 hours a day. At the ball, Julius & Alice get drunk with Ace and except for Ace they all get sick from too much alcohol. Ace feels bad so like a bro he tells Alice and Julius to go to a room and get it on. If you decide to keep dancing Julius tells you how he’s about to vomit but if you decide to stop, they both topple into the guest room.

Alice tells Julius she loves him over & over as she topples him on the bed. He randomly comments how he was jealous when Peter kissed her in the beginning but I guess he gets over it and they have sexy times. In the Julius stay end, NIghtmare starts trollin Julius & Alice by showing up in his room with only Alice being able to see him.  Alice starts getting annoyed and Julius thinks she’s trippin’ balls. So then Nightmare comes back & teleports them to what looks like Arabians Lost as he gets high with a bong and Julius rages telling him not to smoke near Alice. So when they return back  Alice is like yo I don’t wanna leave bro and Julius is like “not gonna stop you but if you wanna stay my arms are open wide baby.” And so Alice stays with Julius and they have happy married couple time and he says eventually he’ll have a real wedding ceremony for her. (*´ω`*) Julius had a lot of endings connected to his route so here’s a massive breakdown. First I did the Julius & Nightmare ending where Alice seems like she’s gonna jump off a cliff and “Die” but Juilus holds her back and stops her. Now that she’s safe he starts walking away but Alice clings on to him in tears saying she doesn’t want to leave him and he hugs her saying he’ll be by her side. In the Julius & Ace end, at the  ball Ace decides that he loves Julius AND Alice and well while he loves seeing the 2 of them get together…HE WANTS TO JOIN IN ON THE FUN.So at this point your options are 3P….or 3P and so they have a 3some in the Heart Castle garden and in the ending, when Julius & Alice are about to screw Ace shows up in a “HAY GAIZ WHATS GOIN ON!?” manner. He then says he wants to join in on their “fun” with some 3P action, the end. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ In Julius’ non stay ending, Alice starts going to his place to read books (and I pretty much solely stalked him because I had done most of the friend events.) One day she finds him sleeping on the floor like a hobo so she goes to poke him and instead he grabs her and turns her into a personal pillow.

There’s also a scene where she accidentally topples on top of him and kisses him like in some love comedy xD. Julius feels bad for all the accidents and to make it up to her he takes her out to hang in the woods for some fresh air. While it seems like he’s fallen asleep, Alice sneaks up and kisses him. She wants to go to the ball with Julius but he seems like he has no interest so she ends up dancing with Boris. However Julius shows up midway, grabs Alice and drags her to the guest room raging in jealousy that she’s dancing with other guys after KISSING HIM IN THE FOREST. Alice is like !? omg I thought you were sleeping and he’s like “its your stupid assumption to think that” XDDD. Alice then stops making excuses that Julius is just a friend and tells him she loves him, and after Julius confirms he feels the same way they screw in the guest room.  In the non-stay ending, Alice keeps hearing clocks ticking around her but says she’s comfortable if its from Julius. She then begins tripping between Nightmare’s “space” and Wonderland noticing that the clock in her hand is stopped at the afternoon tea time hour with her sister. Julius says he won’t stop Alice from returning and that Alice returning is the right thing to do. Nightmare shows up laughing like a hyena saying Alice should dump this world and forget about it and then Alice finds herself in the forest making out with Julius. She asks him if she’s an exhibitionist cause they keep screwing outside and he says he keeps thinking abuot the time she kissed him there and can’t control himself. (。≖ˇ‿,ˇ≖。 ) Suddenly they are thrown back into NIghtmare’s space and Alice sees her sister  Lorina telling her she needs to wake up. She starts hearing crazy laughter all around her and she gets terrified clinging to Julius. She decides that she will stay and eventually they are returned to Julius’ room where he says that next time this happens, he will definitely not let her go back even if she wants to. This probably makes no sense but I actually played Julius non-stay route after doing the truth route and it made me really think about the story overall – but I’ll discuss this in the truth ending. Otherwise Julius may as well be called Moelius because he was just 萌工エエェェヾ(*`Д´*)ノェェエエ工工 oh my god man so adorable. XDXDXD

Nightmare – Nightmare’s route is a bit tricky because some events will not happen as you expect them to. In fact I had to quick save/quick load on 3 of the events because they weren’s happening on time. With other characters you can relax as the events will just happen whether you’re “on time” with the turns or not but with Nightmare – gotta be on time or you will get screwed. If using the wiki please make sure that you follow the “other end” section as far as picking responsibility choices because on Nightmare’s page it’ll be like “top choice raises responsibility” but in fact for me it was the bottom choice. Also the wiki says Nightmare’s events only happen at night (without using a clock) but this is NOT true. They can happen at any time of day provided you do it on the exact turn the event is supposed to happen. Anyway with that in mind, Nightmare’s route was actually 80% skip. I stayed at the amusement park since there’s only 2 characters there, and once I got both Boris & Gowland’ affection to about 16, I ignored them and spammed Peter & Vivaldi during the times they were NOT available to make sure I get no affection with anybody. Nightmare is the caterpillar but to me he feels more like a sick hobo who’s always prancing around the space between Alice’s dream and reality and coughing up blood because he’s sick. He’s an incubus and he can read minds so he often already knows what Alice is thinking. At the ball since I avoided everyone like the plague, Alice ended up dancing with Nightmare in his “space”.

He kissed her telling her that eventually she will “awaken” from her dream. And so in the “Normal” Nightmare ending, she decides to stay in Wonderland because she’s suddenly fallen in love with him. He’s like Y U NO GO BACK but kisses her anyway. Alice then says that if he loves her he’ll go to the hospital but he promptly refuses. She then tells him if he goes then she’ll let him do “various things” and starts imagining dirty stuff in her head. Since Nightmare can read minds he’s like (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン and tells her to stop having dirty thoughts. In the Love route, Alice finds that everyone at the amusement park went MIA and then she finds a candy house that Nightmare made. Boris & Gowland are having tea there so Alice & Nightmare join them. Alice gets whipped cream all over her face and Boris & Gowland are like (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ while Nightmare starts blushing like a tomato xDDD.  Later, Nightmare then tells Alice that he’s ronery and he wants her attention as he kisses her. As they take a nap outside together, Nightmare kisses her saying he loves her. And so in the Love end, Alice tells Nightmare that she’s staying and it’s all his fault cause she’s in love with him. He hugs her from behind saying he’s scared that one day Alice will hate him. Some time later he’s picking some lotus peaches (? ?) outside and as he gives her one he kisses her saying he sometimes forgets his illness because of her. He then grabs her princess style to take her to go hump somewhere \( ^o^)/ . Hmm yea I liked Nightmare but I sort of expected…more? Or maybe its because whenever his events popped up it was during someone else’s route so when it was actually his turn I skipped most of them and I felt like I barely spent time with the guy. I also don’t really get the context as to why Alice suddenly fell in love with him so the whole thing just flew over my head.

Truth End – This is the truth about the Alice story so read at your own risk. If you have too much responsibility it appears that Alice “returns” home to Lorina. However this is a trick because on you do Juilus’ route, this scenario turns into the Truth End. Basically Nightmares explains that wonderland is a country of clocks and everyone is running on them. In fact  without clocks everyone here has no meaning and due to this they are “stuck in their roles.” This also means that once someone dies, all you have to do is reset their clock and they will live again. This is why Elliot hated clocks because he didn’t want to be constantly “revived” and that’s why he entrusted Blood to “destroy” his clock when the time comes.  Peter then appears saying Alice could have returned anytime and that there was never a condition in the first place. He says he’s taking her to the exit and starts tearing up asking her not to look at his face or he’ll start crying. Alice then sees flashbacks of her younger sister Edith telling her that Alice is a cold hearted bitch and that the death is her fault. Alice wakes up from her dream with Lorina but suddenly it turns out that the scene of her & Lorina sitting under the tree was a flashback. We’re now in the present where a faceless Alice is talking to a friend about how she plans to work on her own and eventually move out when she graduates college. Turns out that Lorina has died from the same illness as Alice’s mother and the constant flashbacks Alice kept seeing of all the funerals was first her mother’s funeral and then her sister’s.

She then noticed her ex standing at her sister’s grave saying that Lorina is the only one he’ll ever love even if she’s dead. The entire scene with Lorina & Alice at the beginning was all a dream because in the past they used to do that when Alice was younger. However Alice is actually now older (possibly around 21-22?) and the reason she’s still dressed like a child in frilly clothes is because she imagined herself to be the perfect “younger” sister to Lorina. This is also why Edith was never really in the picture because it was probably before she was born so it was just Alice x Lorina sister bonding time. So here comes my theory avalanche and by all means if you’ve played the game please correct me & offer your input. My theory is that all the clocks in the game represent Alice’s life span kinda like in that movie All Dogs Go to Heaven. Everyone’s hearts in Wonderland are ticking clocks and as long as the clocks keep ticking, Alice is “alive” but perhaps in a coma which is why she was sleeping the whole time and having this dream. I am assuming that perhaps Alice has the same genetic disease (whatever it may be) that bother her mother & sister died from but unless she “leaves wonderland” she will not wake up from the coma. This is further strengthened by one of Julius’ ends where it looks like Alice is about to fall off a cliff. My assumption is that if she “dies in her dream” then she “dies in real life” as well but as long as she’s alive & dreaming it means she’s still in her coma but her body is still living. Though of course the whole thing is morbid because it pretty much puts her into a vegetable-like state until she wakes up or – dies. Julius is the clock tower keeper so Julius probably holds a strong grasp on her life which is why he feels that “returning” for Alice is the best – as it would mean she’d wake up from her coma.

However in real life Alice is negative, she’s a loner (despite having a “friend” that we saw briefly) and the wonderland is a massive escapism for her. This is why Julius is like yea you  SHOULD go back but if you don’t I will take you with open arms because it’s almost like Julius is basically Alice’s “will” in a way. The hearts bottle represents Alice’s  “heart” and when it breaks it means that I guess she’s now “crossed the line” of ever returning which pretty much means her body’s given up trying to awaken and she’s in an eternal coma. For all we know though, each “ending” actually represents Alice’s death but she either dies having a happy dream or if you get the DEAD ends, that means she dies having a horrible dream. So in conclusion, if Alice wakes up she ends up alone but she’s alive but if  Alice “stays with a guy in wonderland” you can pretty much assume she’s off to join her mother & sister. I also think a lot of stuff in Alice’s dream and every character is derived out of something from real life. Like Vivaldi represents her sisters, Boris her cat Dinah, Blood her ex. Though I’m questioning what brought on the younger twins….Alice secretly a shotacon because older guys rejected her? 😆 I expected something dark out of the Truth end but I’m glad I didn’t leave it for last. It was really interesting to see it first and then see Julius’ non-stay end as it really shed a new light & theory on the entire story. I read on a MangaFox forum a completely different theory to this but since I have not played any of the other Alice games, I’m pretty much basing all my knowledge from this game only.Only thing I’m not sure about is who the hell is the random dead guy that pops up every 40 turns? I don’t recall them ever explaining it though he looks kinda like Alice’s father. Also I can’t figure out the significance of Alice being eyeless in real life unless it’s supposed to be “well in your own POV you can’t see your eyes” kind of deal.

March 24, 2014 Ninja Edit:

this world

this world02

In the remake of the game, Quin Rose ninja added some new lines to the truth end in which Nightmare basically says that 1. everyone is an hour on the clock (with all the faceless characters being minutes) 2. Wonderland is its own dimension and everyone in it exists so it’s not Alice’s dream or imagination. Welp that’s basically straight from the horse’s mouth at this point I guess so it pretty much blows all my previous theories out of the water. Oh well!

Well that was certainly a fun ride. I would have finished the game sooner but a certain Crappoli game created a hindrance in my progress. 🙄 Overall: I loved it. Even if some stuff is left up to speculations & assumptions, I love thinking about that kind of stuff so I ain’t even mad! I want to dispell some myths though. 1. This game is not long. No it’s not long. In fact once I got into the groove I was able to pretty much crank out 1 route per day and on a weekend I’d finish an entire character in 1 day. If you space out your turns & friend visits efficiently you can pretty much knock out a bunch of endings & events with only 2-3 saves. The most cumbersome for me was Blood & Julius but since I did most of the events/ends in their routes the rest was cake. The length of time is really because I had to wait for the PSP to skip but I think if you play the PC version, it will probably skip a lot faster. (Though for me, PSP was more efficient because I could take it with me on my commute.) As far as getting all the CGs – for completionist whores this game might be long. A lot of the CGs are just instances of Alice in a different dress but would require you to do someone’s entire route over so you would “stay” in a different area to determine your dress color. Not really worth it in my opinion, at least not on the PSP. Some friend events were fun but some really weren’t that great but I did get  the majority of them that were listed on the wiki and since I didn’t do Vivaldi, my final CG count was at 83% completion. So anyway system wise the game was easy for me and I really have no complaints about it. Length wise, I sometimes had wished stuff was LONGER. I mean I feel like I spent Nightmare’s route playing skippity skip and then I was like “that’s it? Moar Nightmare plz!” I’d say the best part of this game are the character interactions. Since Quin Rose knows how to write good heroines, it was hilarious seeing Alice saying stuff and all the guys reacting to it.  In most otome games the guys get to shine while the heroine molds herself to them, but in here it’s the guys who need to learn to deal with Alice. I can’t decide on my favorite character as (Vivaldi aside) I really liked them all. They were all charming in their own way but I think I was like 萌工エエェェヾ(*`Д´*)ノェェエエ工工 the most with Julius and Elliot xDDD. It’s not that I hate Vivaldi, but I like her as a oneesan character or a “supportive advice friend” rather than someone I want to go yuri it up with :|. Anyway I can certainly say I highly recommend this game. The character interactions & scenarios are worth it and even though some CGs feel “stiff and emotionless”, in context they weren’t bad at all. I would also recommend this over Heart simply because of all the extra events and for the most part the artwork & composition is a lot better.  I do plan to play the rest of the Alice series sometime later this summer as I want to play a few new releases first.


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  1. I sincerely don’t remember but I checked the wiki it says:


    In Julius stay route make sure you get Ball B, get nightmare scenes 17&18 (there’s some requirements for those) but make sure Julius affection isn’t over 120. So try that I guess? |D;; it can get kinda hairy with this game! good luck!

  2. I’m still plowing through the game right now, having touch the non stay route. I had to rearrange my favourites chart like multiple time after experiencing countless of moe heart death. (Boris used to be my favourite ; A ; maybe it will change again after non stay route)
    Julius + Alice was best pairing they are soo tsunn and dere dere together / w \ THERE MOENESS GOES BEYOND HNGGGGGGG!!!
    I actually personally like nightmare (XD event for a lazy hikkomori child).He is like the Ore-sama but the funny non-obnoxious kinds XD When i first encounter him, it was actually a surprise, many magical dream like events made it special. I also feel the urge to hug him and heal him. He’s the type of nightmare i want to have!

    Ace was surprisingly hilarious THE BEST BOKE EVER XD in a comedy duo, especially the yaoi like hints with peter and Julius threesome?? he has them playing the tsukomi roles and going in his pace XD XD I like to tease people so i know how he feels. All happy carefree smiles and then he plays the danger card… then again I haven’t played the non stay route so hahahahah XD
    Boris is just too hot. I had to fan myself from getting over heated and spontaneously combust. Playful, a little possessive but tries to take into consideration of Alice’s feelings, give her his prizes possession (music box / w \) I really love him in the clover manga so I hope the non stay route could satisfy my thirst for him.
    Peter is the best kind of yandere that treasures you and your choices even if everything is onesided… I just want him hug and never want him to cry, soo cute. I feel so bad when he gets abused by Alice.
    For Gowland, I thought his ending was quite short too. I love the guy’s humor and he is a nice dude that I believe represents Alice’s lost passion or dreams.
    Although the ending music randomly dramatic…
    every time he uses his bass voice and dips down lowww.. *dies*
    Also when his voice starts breaking… yup I definitely have a case of oyaji moe. BUT F*** YES! WHEN HE TAKES OFF HIS GLASSES AND SHAVES HE DEFINITELY A LOOKER!

    Twins are awesome, why have one when you have TWO FOR FREE! XD I have a thing for shotas but I really look forward to their non stay route since i though the stay route was a little unsatisfying XD

    Plowing through this game is definitely no easy task when you want 100% completion… I dislike when the events you aim for never triggers no matter how much you try.
    I RAGE TOWARDS ELLIOT EVENT route scenes =__= That’s why my fondness of him dropped significantly.
    I’m actually quite stumped on Julius + Nightmare end, I never seem to get it even though I triggered nightmare 17 and 18 event (the whole trip thing XD) after dancing with Julius. I keep getting Julius end or truth end. Do you remember how did you get that ending?

  3. well if you play Clover, Gray also respects Alice XD. It’s only nightmare who’s a lazy bum immature child ww.
    I do like Julius and Gray a lot. There’s something moe about tsundere blushing GGEs 😉

  4. You know after having gone though the game, I feel that Julius should’ve been the main guy sometimes. I mean he’s linked to a more secrets about Wonderland and stuff. Aldo he was pretty much the only sane guy and respects Alice. I mean Blood is cool and all but all he’s got is the ex’s face, money, power, and his little past with Vivaldi. Also I kinda find it hard to believe that Alice would get together with someone who looks like her ex XD

  5. So what is the “Crappoli” game’s title? Sorry, just got into your reviews so have no idea what it is.

  6. nope, Heart just has more turns so you see the same dejavu 100 more times. on the other hand anniversary adds extra cgs/scenarios so you’ll miss out on those if you play heart.

  7. so… Heart no kuni no Alice and Anniversary no kuni no Alice have the same storyline? if i play only Anniversary and skip Heart i won’t miss anything right? 😀

  8. Oops, sorry. I wasn’t aware that someone else had posted it. I was too lazy to read all the comments lol. But yeah I wasn’t saying that your theory was to be thrown aside. I just stated what I thought. Sorry if I couldn’t clear that up enough.

  9. like i said in other replies, yes that theory is valid but I don’t think you can totally throw out my theory is. cause if its her dream and she’s in a coma, then maybe subconsciously she can “wake up out of it on her own” and the bottle is just a symbolism of her heart that’s all. seeing how quin rose keeps pumping out alice games though whatever theory they originally had probably no longer applies anyway lol

  10. Also, Peter told her that she could have returned anytime even without her bottle. That means that she could have asked Nightmare to let her cross back over to her world any time she wished.

  11. Well I just read your theory. It seems interesting, but to me, I believed that Wonderland is actually an existing alternate world where everyone is run by clocks instead of hearts. Nightmare just told her that it was a dream out of his own amusement. Nightmare’s “Dream Realm” is the link between Alice’s world and Wonderland. Those who are asleep in Wonderland can get permission to cross over to Alice’s world, such as Peter did. In Joker Nightmare makes it clear that he must grant permission for people to enter his realm. Also it’s obvious that there have been foreigners before Alice, and its not new to them. It didn’t seem that it was her imagination or dream or escapade. Peter kidnapped her while they were asleep at the same time. Alice was in fact very awake when Peter took her. Also i always asked myself this: why would she sleep in a dream lol?

  12. Thank you for the explanation! I started with reading the manga and then doing heart no kuni no Alice but I didn’t get if wonderland was real or not… :3 so thanks for the thorough explanation/theory!! 😀 btw love the CGs…. ^_^

  13. One can get away with saying that they’ve been sixteen the whole time, so I’d say possibly so!

    And I know what you mean. I prefer to think of them as sixteen myself, especially during the ball scenes, or any other scene that implies they got it on.

  14. oh thank you for the heads up! So does that mean they are 16 when they uh…do it with Alice after the ball? 😆 I hope so otherwise good god XD

  15. If you’re wondering about the twins’ ages, I have a copy of one of the official fanbooks (The one for Clover Alice) released by Quinrose which lists them as somewhere around 13-16.

  16. there’s only 2 actual bad ends (where you die if you don’t visit Vivaldi or the twins). Try following peche’s PS2 guide. If you have too much responsibility (which is what it sounds like) you will get the return/bad ending. You get responsibility up by picking choices during NIghtmare’s scenes that will “increase” it. You need to pick ones that do not increase it.Both Peche & the wiki list which choices increase it and which don’t. Hopefully this will solve your problems!

  17. thank you for writing the review. it helps me now as im paying the game xD. the only problem is i cant seem to get anyones bad end other then nightmare and the one where she returns and where she sees all those images of reality. and even when i tried to get nightmares good end, which it seemed i would given i seen the things you did, i ended up with the bad end again. do you have any pointers that can help me out?

  18. well the fact that they listed no voice actor for him and threw him at the bottom like a side character to me its the same as “throwing him out”. just because he makes a few cameos I don’t consider him as “part of the game” T-T

  19. Finally you posted a review of HNKA! I’ve been waiting since you posted some Cg in your tumblr. I had a hard time with this game @@ either I missed some events or visited the side characters more than I should. Even with the walkthrough it’s still difficult. Anyways congrats on finishing the game! I look forward to your other posts on the Alice series!

  20. Actually they didn’t throw peter out (thank God) if you check the character list on the site, he’s at the bottom part. I agree, the art is sooo much better!

  21. lol I used to associate him with Sasuke but I’ve played enough otoge now that I don’t really have that connection anymore

  22. I just heard Boris. And there was only one thing running in my mind.

    Emiya Shirou screaming SAAAAAAABBEEEERRRR!

    /goes back to watching Kugie not voicing a tsuntsun character for once.

  23. They really threw peter out?! That’s quiet a shock to me ;A;
    There is an image of peter and Alice in the web though..
    I don’t know if it means anything, maybe his time as a role holder ended? ;A:

  24. don’t worry I am definitely on top of it lmao, my B’s log should be coming in hopefully tomorrow or Saturday :3
    I don’t believe they threw Peter out though not sure why he’s not on the main image ;_; they threw out only Pierce Vivaldi & Gowland

  25. Yeah, looking up kanji takes a long time. Also, because my Japanese was very poor, I didn’t really know what to do even though I had few walkthroughs… Yeah…
    I fell asleep while playing Hiiro no Kakera (esp Yuuichi’s route, GOD. I love him only because he’s voiced by nmkw), so that tells you about how I feel towards the game.

    Oh yeah, I forgot about Nightmare.Yeah.. I remember calling him “弱虫、泣き虫、芋虫!” few times..I love you, Nightmare ♥
    But yeah, I really wonder what’s Gowland in the original book.. I don’t remember anybody who’s tone deaf.

  26. いらっしゃい!あーうんアメリカに住んでるです英語ですみませんw

  27. コメントありがとうございました~!ヒナノさん、英語のブログすごいですね

  28. Well in regards to Vivaldi like I said when I see Cgs of her kissing Alice’s feet I’m like uhm… yea. I liked her as a friend/older sister chara but in that 3P route end with Blood for example I was like eugh no thanks. I’m just not into that. I’ve played Zettai Meikyuu Grimm from Karin and I thought that Rapunzel’s route was great, it really was a friendship route and I had no problems with it. But then I remember in Oumagatoki the Wakako route was just like…. =_=; So yea that’s one thing that annoys me about Quin Rose. The female characters can’t seem to act “friendly” in their own routes without trying to get into the heroine’s panties. 😕

  29. Ahh darn I was trying to use mainly heart no kuni evidence, but I guess I slipped and forgot in the end XD
    Gowland’s end revealed that he is a Marquis, so Quinrose was trying to make him the the male version of the Duchess.
    It’s a shame you didn’t play Vivaldi’s route. I thought it was pretty heartwarming friendship since she and Alice just seemed like best friends/sisters in it rather than lovers. It focused on Vivaldi’s past, the time she before she was a role holder so you can get more of the story from there too.
    Also, Vivaldi only kisses Alice in those Rose Garden events with Blood. wtf.

  30. Yea I mean I played it on PSP but I broadcast it a lot so technically it was like on my PC ? Lol. I didn’t feel it was long probably because I enjoyed it. I felt like Hiiro no Kakera was fking long with its 10 hour text dump routes of shit I really didn’t care about. I didn’t need to look anything up so maybe that’s why it saved me time? I dunno.

    I Like your theory on it too its close to my original thoughts as well but since someone who played Clover/Joker above said there was more evidence stating otherwise I guess this theory is only self inclosed for this game. No Nightmare is the caterpillar…I never did figure wtf Gowland is supposed to be actually…

  31. Huh, you think it’s not a long game? I’m always under the impression that all Alice games are super long. Maybe it’s because I played it on PC and I had too many distractions (coughcoughyoutubecoughcough) and so it took me about a month to completely finish the game.
    Also I was a complete n00b at playing otome games and know very few kanji, so I spent quite a lot of time going to jisho.net and look up the kanji by their radicals and learn what they mean. (Fun fact: I did learn how to read kanji by playing otome games. Oh and I also improved my Japanese. See, world, games aren’t all that useless).

    Wow… I like your theory. I agree with you on how Wonderland is like a “massive escapism” for Alice. I mean, nobody liked her in the real life; what could be more pleasing than a world where everybody loves you to death? But, to be honest, I have never really think the game through that much. The only thing that’s similar to a theory that I have is that every character is a part of Alice’s wish. Like, she wants her tutor (Blood), her sister (Vivaldi), her younger sister (Dee&Dum), her cat (Boris), her dad (Gowland), or anybody (Peter) to love her. And this is crazy but I see Nightmare=Alice herself because in my half-assed theory, Alice’s the one who made Wonderland. That’s why Nightmare was able to read her mind, or anyone’s mind, because he’s in a position similar to “God”.
    (But I still can’t figure out what Ace, Julius, and Elliot represent.)
    The last time I played this was 4 years ago though, so please take everything with a grain of salt.

    And yes, Ace will get 100% more yandere in Clover. If I remember it correctly, he was a little bit close on being a yangire. He was very scary to me at the time, especially since Clover was the first Alice game I’ve ever played…

    Also, I’ve been wondering about this since forever, but is Gowland = the Caterpillar?

  32. I think your explanation is great actually. But you’ve also played the other games so its probably easier for you to have proof behind your statements. For me its just this for now so if the other games didn’t exist I’d probably argue that my theory could be a possibility xdd. But I guess I’ll take your word for it for now since I’ve yet to play the other games ( I will get to them this year though since I’m boycotting otomate until further notice xd) thanks for reading the blog 😉

  33. Haha, I’ve been totally looking forward to this review~ This is my first time commenting here, so nice to meetcha 😀
    I’ve played Anniversary, Clover and Joker on the PC and this is my favorite otome game series ^^

    [MAJOR SPOILER alert for people who haven’t played the game.]
    Also it’s a HELLA long comment so grab a snack before reading or something XD

    Anyways, I’ve seen people with that similar coma theory before, and as much as I like close reading, finding parallels and other hidden meanings/symbolism, I just simply think that Alice is physically present in Wonderland. Ughh it’s been a while since I’ve last played anniversary, so correct me on any discrepancies, but for one, didn’t Nightmare say that the Country of Hearts was a pre-existing world? Like when Alice meets Nightmare in the beginning and he explains that everyone in the world will like her, Alice says that she can’t believe she was a such a lonely person in the inside and created a world in her dream that reflects her desire to be loved. Then Nightmare says that she didn’t create the Country of Hearts, it already existed.

    But assuming that everything is just a dream, and Alice just dreamed that Nightmare said that making that point invalid, my main reason for believing so would be in the truth end, when Alice wakes up and has the empty glass bottle physically present with her. Now assuming Alice didn’t lie, or forgot about it when she said she never saw that bottle before and doesn’t have a bottle collecting hobby when she woke up in the prologue XD, I’m going to assume that’s the same bottle prepared by Peter and Nightmare in order to trick Alice into staying in Wonderland and Nightmare left it with her so she can’t just write off everything that happened as a dream.

    Also in one of the clover no kuni drama cds, there was a part in it that I think pretty much implied that Alice is actually in wonderland. I’m not going to spoil it so I won’t go into too much detail, but basically the scenario was that Alice was in a deep sleep and the role holders thought maybe she returned to her former world. However, Nightmare said that if Alice returned to her world, then her body would disappear too. So assuming that these are two separate worlds; if Alice’s body can only exist in one place, that means that she is really in Wonderland right?

    As for the theory that each person symbolizes a time in Alice’s life, that kinda contradicts what Nightmare said in the truth end. Nightmare said that each roleholder represents an hour and all the other faceless peeps are just minutes and seconds. In reality, the Country of Hearts is actually the Country of Time, and everyone is just a meaningless part of the clock. I think he said that while the clock holds meaning, the hours and time itself does not, so everyone is naturally drawn to Alice because she is special and has a meaning. So that explains why Peter said he could only stalk her for one hour a day because rather than him symbolizing the time that Alice spent with her sister; he is merely 3 o’clock, Alice’s favorite time of the day when Alice and her sister would have tea together.

    And now I’m going to end my theory that Alice is not dreaming and is actually there with how in Clover, she starts wondering if she is actually dreaming since it’s taken too damn long to wake up. Also a good portion of that game was about how there were doors that might take her back to the former world if she opened them and Peter and Nightmare didn’t want her to be misled by them. In Joker and Toybox, she pretty much accepts Wonderland as her new world too, so I don’t know if waking up from a dream is still a problem anymore.

    Oh yeah and this is a last minute addition, because I forgot about it, but the cliff thingy was just Nightmare trying to make it harder for Alice to return home. The bright shiny light thingy is the entrance to her former world, and Alice was determined to go through it to go home. Nightmare made a cliff illusion so it would be scary for Alice to keep walking closer to the entrance to her former world. Alice knew that it wasn’t really there though, so that’s why it took Julius to stop her from leaving because she knew that she loved Julius and decided to abandon her world ’cause she didn’t want to leave him.

    Err rather than Julius knowing that alice is in a coma,I think he wants her to go back ’cause she’s living a lie in wonderland (it’s more emphasized in Joker, and the lie is that Alice thinks that her sister is still alive.) Julius is closer to the truth, so everyone doesn’t want Alice to be close with him because she might remember her real memories that Lorina is dead, and if she remembers that, then she can’t stay in wonderland anymore because her sense of responsibility won’t let her.

    Anyways, thanks for reading this… I don’t know… rant or something? I don’t really go around posting essays everywhere so I’m really looking forward to what your thoughts might be on my theory- which is that alice is really in wonderland, and there is no weird inception stuff going on. haha how boring, ne? ^^;

  34. I havent’ watched any of those movies but I think I’ve heard of the plot so I can totally see where you’re coming from. I actually got my degree in psychology too so I really love this kind of stuff xDDD. I totally get ya!

    I saw the anime movie yea, it was kinda lame but it was a great way to get “introduced” to the characters for me so I sorta had an idea who everyone was when I began playing the game 🙂

  35. I’m so happy that you finally reviewed Anniversary no kuni no Alice. This is one of my favorite games ever. When I first played the game the true ending kept making me think about movies like inception, shutter island, and beautiful mind ( I’m not sure if you ever watched any of those movies though). I take a psychology class so I love games and shows that confuse you at the end or just pcychological ( I hope you understand what I’m trying to say)

    P.S. did you the anime movie that recently came out. I personally didn’t like it and would of prefer a TV series instead of rising things in.

  36. Yea that’s actually what I read on that mangafox forum XD;;. I never knew why people were faceless but that theory pretty much explained it for me.
    I think its a great theory too but I still can’t help but feel that my “Alice is in a coma” theory holds true just because of that cliff scene and the multiple “dead ends” since I can’t explain anything for those otherwise.
    I think it’s great to have all these theories honestly and it’s what makes the Alice series (and QR games) so much fun to play 😀

  37. How I’ve seen some people explain it is that, like you said, everyone in Wonderland represents time. The twelve roleholders represent hours, while the faceless represent minutes (and seconds I believe.) Each roleholder represents a certain hour. Peter got to know Alice because the hour he represents was when Alice and Lorina would usually spend time together. After Lorina died, Alice treasured those memories and began to obsessively think back over them, unknowingly revisting Peter over and over again. Peter, by this time madly in love with her, felt pained to see her so unhappy, and with the help of Nightmare concocted a plan to bring Alice to Wonderland. But the only way to get to Wonderland is through a dream, which is why Peter needed Nightmare’s help, and why Alice is sleeping. Nightmare also decided to give Alice some incentive to stay by giving Blood her ex’s face.

    I know I’m probably rehashing stuff that you already know, but this how a number of people has explained it. None of them know what happens to Alice’s body, so your theory about Alice being ill seems probable. T-this is not meant to correct you by any means, since QuinRose left a lot of things open to interpetation.

  38. Augh, that is SO LAME D:<
    I only tolerated Blood because he's hot. I don't really like him together with Alice though. Peter FTW 😛

  39. I heard the manga totally basterdized all the character personalities so feel free to ignore its existance =D
    Blood wasn’t too bad in the game in my opinion but I never bothered reading the manga.
    The only reason for Alice to end up with Blood is because he looks like her ex really 😆

  40. Bzzz. I remember looking at the screenshots of the original game and screaming “WTF IS DIS NONSENSE???” because he art was super-bad. Glad they fixed it in this one (though no chance of me playing because I understand jack shit of Japanese).

    I love Peter so much. I got to know this via the manga adaptation and I was all (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ when Alice ended up with Blood FOR NO GOOD REASON. Blood was such a dick in the manga.

    LOL Gowland… I’d totally og for his route coz I have such a terrible ossan complex XD He’s kinda cute.

  41. haha glass heart no marysue SO TRUE 🙄
    hahah ero no kuni no alice! I can’t wait and now Quin Rose is making Diamond no Kuni no Alice ヾ(゚∀゚*)ノ彡

  42. haha well me i dont feel wrong since the first game in alice that i played is clover no kuni so i knew that they can be a hot matured man lol and those two are so eroero in alice fandisc lol (you must play joker it was like ero no kuni no alice haha) yeah otomate keeps mass produce of mary sue*stares at glass heart no mary sue* instead of kickass heroine (well QR always produce that one so no probs XD) it makes me feel good that heroine dominates the man so thats why enjoy QRgames,Storm lover and tokimemo XD

  43. yea it did but it was pretty lame and nothing really made any sense. All it was good for was to get me acquainted with the characters lol. I don’t really feel like Kugimiya was a good match for Alice. I think Horie Yui would have been spot on though.

    Julius is Koyasu in the game as well.

  44. Peter is adorable! When he turns into a bunny asking for a hug I’m like 萌工エエェェヾ(*`Д´*)ノェェエエ工工 xDD
    I recommend playing the others especially Julius omg he’s just so precious lol.

  45. Ah this game is one of my fave otome game. I only finished Ace, Blood, and Peter. But seeing your review I can say I love all the guys here. Though my fave still Blood, since he is so hot and his jealous side is so smexy xD I don’t really love like yandere but Peter is just adorable especially in his bunny form, I want to pet and squeeze him LOL

  46. i mean it’s long in a sense of “it takes time” but yea the actual scenes sometimes makes you wish for more. maybe that’s why QR created like 3 more games? XD

  47. yea kickass heroines ftw! so sick of odormate hahaha. lol you liked the twins?? XDDD;; I Liked them tooo but it felt so wrong lmfao

  48. I guess to each their own, I liked Peter a lot but I also like cute and clingy characters lmfao (but only if they don’t turn into cage locking yanderes..)

  49. I played old PC game, so I finished only Elliot’s route xD I liked him very much, ‘cuz he’s adorable.
    I didn’t like Peter :\ the game kinda forced me to love him, and I don’t like being forced

  50. i knew it you gonna like alice since alice is an kickass heroine lol XD plus they had many eroiadorable scene plus a likeable character(no bastardass in these game from what i remember no unreasonable cageyanderemurder shit haha) xD this game had big five from me because of 3 factors above and since it fullfills my eroshota meter(<-kimoiw) yeah, obivously the twins are my favorite husbandwwww

  51. I’m surprised, there wasn’t a bad route really. You know, when you hate it with a passion bad. It’s kinda sad that the game isn’t long because it was a good one overall. 🙂

  52. Did you do all of Julius’ endings? I actually felt he was better for last because a lot of his route explains spoilers about the game. Since you’ve already done him I guess it doesn’t really matter who you do in between but I guess save Nightmare & Truth End for last? 😀

  53. congrats on finishing the game! i’ve been waiting for your review for a while 😀
    My favorite character by far is Julius since he’s so 萌ええww 
    I haven’t finished the game so I was wondering what’s the best character sequence in your opinion, I already played peter and julius though.. *I couldn’t resist megane-bunny guys and apparently blue haired guys too o.o*
    can’t wait for your next review XDD

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