Otome Game Review: Tokyo Yamanote Boys -Fresh Ginger Disk-

And so Rejet mish mashed all the TYB guys into 3 separate fandisks anda the first one is called Fresh Ginger featuring the gyaruo’s Iori & Kotaro as well as Edokko boy Tetsu.

Misaki Kotaro – Kotaro and Chihiro go on a cruise together and he tries to kiss her but instead gets punched in the face. Later he asks Chihiro to help him study since he’s so dumb. He’s busy with his TYB idol work but he still makes time to be with Chihiro because he loves her a lot. I guess he overworks himself and gets sick so Chihiro goes to visit him and take care of him. But then here comes the drama wagon because Chihiro wants him to “spend less time with her so he can rest”. To Kotaro though spending time with Chihiro is a way of “relaxing”. Hey Chihiro I got a psychology newsflash for you: People relax when their mood is lifted and I doubt his mood will be lifted if he sits at home and stares at the wall all day long. So then Chihiro goes wangsting in the rain that she and Kotaro got in a fight and then SHE gets sick. ヽ(。_゜)ノ (What the fuck is it with getting sick in fandisks lately?) So then Kotaro goes to visit her and of course she feels like a huge ass. So then after she gets better she comes to help him study but after 30 min he gets bored and they play a pocky game until Kotaro kisses her…and then he pins her down on the bed and they FUCK!!! (Ok well I’ll just assume they do cause all signs point to yes.) In the Love End epilogue Kotaro says some randy lines to Chihiro and then makes out with her. In the wedding end well…they get married. In Another story they go to “test their love” at Honjatown with Iori & Tetsu as competition. Afterwards they make out while the 2 losers stare in a foreveralone state. In the Love Battle thing if you win, Chihiro kisses Kotaro and if you lose he asks her to sleep with him. (It’s the same for all the guys so I won’t be repeating this for the other 2.) Yea Kotaro was the same as usual but I could have done without the stupid drama. Too many unpleasant After Winter flashbacks.

Moroboshi Tetsu – Tetsu’s route was just a disaster. It starts with the fact that Tetsu is popular with the ladies because of his baseball so he’s already got annoying bitchy fangirls which was strike 1 with me. Strike 2 happened when they went to AmeYoko and some old geezer was like “hey you two look more like SIBLINGS rather than lovers.” Tetsu’s like “uh no we’re dating..” and he’s like “Yea I know but it’s like she’s your little SISTER!” So then Strike 3 was when Chihiro began thinking they really are like siblings because TETSU WON’T FUCK HER. Yes that’s right Chihiro is actually sexually frustrated because Tetsu doesn’t want to lay a finger on his precious princess because she’s not 18, she’s actually 12. So then she goes bitching about her problems to Iori & Kotaro and Tetsu thinks that she’s enjoying hanging out with them more than him STRIKE 4. ヽ(。_゜)ノ So then they don’t see each other for a week and go on a zoo date a week later and it’s pretty pathetic until the end wher e Chihiro demands  to know why Tetsu’s got his panties in a bunch. So then he grabs her, drags her into some dark alley and pins her against the wall RAGING that he should just LOCK HER UP so she never talks to anyone again cause she’s keepin secrets from him. NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF CHIHIRO JUST FUCKING COMMUNICATED WITH HER BOYFRIEND JFC. Tetsu is pretty bad too but the fact that she first tells her problems to like 2 other guys instead of talking to him directly….(ノ=゚ロ゚)ノ ⌒┫:・’.::ヤッテラレルカニャアアアァァァァァ!!!! Then Tetsu realizes that he’s acting completely out of character and runs off in shame. 🙄 So then what does Chihiro do? She avoids him like the plague making things worse until finally Iori and grabs Tetsu and is like LISTEN MAN YO GF JUST WANTS TO GET LAID MAN Y U NO LAY HER. And so Tetu’s like “oh snap for real bro? ( ・`ω・´)ナン…ダト!?”  Aaand so Tetsu also then somehow realizes he was JEALOUS (gasp) and then Chihiro gets attacked by some rapists (STRIKE 5!) and he saves her with his ghost friends. And so some days later they go to the hot springs together where Chihiro touches a sexy wall and then they watch the fireworks together. In the Love End Tetsu graduates and now he’s like all over Chihiro and makes sure everyone sees them exchanging spit in public. If you don’t touch the sexy wall at the hot springs, le gasp, YOU GET THE MARRIAGE END! Lesson learned, never get sexy with hot spring bath walls. In Another Story they read sexy voice lines to Chihiro and then Tetsu proceeds to lick Chihiro’s hand while Iori & Kotaro have to pretend they’re acting dead while they foreveralone on the floor. Welp I think everything that can be said about Tetsu was said. Thank for making him an OOC weirdo Rejet though now I guess he fits in with everyone else in Dark Cherry HERP DERP. The only saving grace was his soine CG from the Love Battle omake….he looked really cute without his hair tied back and his dumb glasses.

Kirishima Iori – Iori’s route was totally fine but because there was no annoying drama for me to rage at I also felt like nothing actually happened :lol:. The only real drama of the route is that Iori constantly gets attacked by fangirls in public and that there’s a rumor that he’s dating one of the models he’s photographed with. Chihiro of course believes him and he tells her that she should be in an interview with him to let everyone know that she’s his lover. I kept thinking you have to hide your lover but I guess since she was the TYB princess it’s not really necessary. And so during interviews he holds her hand and hugs and kisses her and makes sure the photographer gets all the money shots. I mean they were practically screwing on the table cause the world must know that he’s not dating dat hot supermodel, he’s dating 地味子. They do a wedding photoshoot together in plain clothes but I guess I don’t mind since we got to see their wedding outfits in Iori’s wedding end. And so after that shoot, that night they stay at some fancy hotel and Iori asks Chihiro to be his body pillow. In the Love end they just say how much they love each other blah blah. What struck me as odd though was they saw posters for the “next TYB”. Wait what the fuck? I thought TYB ended because 1. The President is dead 2. It was a conspiacy theory that was then buried by the government becuase of all the virus stuff so…what the fuck lol. Why is it even back. ヽ(。_゜)ノ You think I didn’t catch that plot hole Rejet eh!? In Another Story they go on a date to the aquarium where they do some event to get a pair of rings. Iori then slips one on her finger saying that eventually he’ll get her a real engagement ring. I found this funny cause he already had like 6 rings blingblinging on his hand so I couldn’t even tell which one was the “pair” one :lol:. Well meh I guess for Iori and while I do like Suzuki Tatsuhisa’s roles his Iori voice just grates my facking ears and since there wasn’t any Itsuki in this route (which is a damn shame) we didn’t hear him doing his normal non-gyaruo voice around her. Sad.

As usual Rejet’s strengths are their colorful art and unique style, their music and their smooth & creative game system as well as visuals. Unfortunately they were too busy with all of the above that the story (or lack there of) suffered. Now I understand, it’s a fandisk, who cares about story. But if that’s the case, can you at least make it a pleasant story? Ok Iori was totally fine I have no complaints at all. However in Kotaro’s route it felt like SS After Winter again and well I’m sorry to say but Tetsu’s route RUINED Tetsu for me. I’m sitting there like (;゚д゚)ェ…was Tetsu always like this? Where did my reliable oniichan character go wtf is this shit…yea not funny. By the time I was done with him I didn’t even want to listen to his omake voices because he kind of annoyed me (and well I’m frankly sick of hearing Toriumi in every game.) I felt like the content was lacking and to be honest the ONLY part of the whole thing which I found extremely enjoyable was the love approach battle thingy. It was great because you could allow the guy to “dominate you” with the choices OR you could instead dominate HIM and make him blush like a tomato. For once it felt like I was in control of my choices though based on the “reward” it felt like being a doormat was the better option hmm… ( ´_ゝ`). Anyway otherwise the after story & another story were kind meh and well since nobody posted a guide to Another Story I found myself rage-fumbling through trying to figure out where the *gasp* ONE CG was hiding sigh. I guess it boils down to: Do you like any of the guys in Fresh Ginger? If the answer is “No” or “Don’t care for them” then don’t bother with this fandisk and only play the TYB fandisk that has the character you like. I have a feeling I’ll probably enjoy Pure Raspberry a lot more because I like Takumi & Jesus. As far as value, well let’s just say I’m glad I got this through a friend and didn’t spend my money on it.


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  1. yea I’m honestly afraid to watch all the PR play movies because I feel like I’ll get my hopes up then Rejet will come and shit on my face with OOC dramu orz. Good you spoiled yourself cause really the game’s not worth bothering with xDDDD Unless you have some kind of Rejet filter on or a filter for one of the characters in this games. Seeing how I had neither…yea lol.I love how on Amazon everyone gave SSAW a 5 star except me and they all marked my review as “unhelpful” lolololol

  2. I decided to just spoil myself, and wow they did a great job in ruining Tetsu. (´・ω・`;) All the DGS / B’s Log articles said TYB’s fandisks are “sweet after-fairytales”.. apparently not? LOL. With all the dramas in Starry Sky FDs, Utapri Debut and now this, I’m wondering if developers know that unnecessary dramu is NOT sweet. It’s annoying. il||li_| ̄|○il||li Let’s hope they won’t do this to Jesus’ route in Pure Raspberry.

  3. Pure Raspberry you mean? XD I’m looking forward to Jesus’s route since he is just so moeeeee *A* and Takumi the dork as well~

  4. Yea Tetsu was kinda ruined so if you were gonna buy this game for him, don’t bother orz.
    Maybe Fresh Ginger Pure Raspberry won’t be so bad? At least from the few play movies I saw….

  5. To hear this about Tetsu’s route kind of sucks. He was such a cute dork and onii-chan character in DC that I had high hopes for this FD. Would’ve loved to see Chihiro and Tetsu being the bakappuru they were in DC! D:

    But that omake CG… ;w; ❤

    Looks like I won't be getting this disk at all since the other two guys have voices that annoy the hell out of me. D'8

  6. yea I feel like sometimes the FDs are written by totally different people who wrote the first game…actually utapri debut was written by different people orz. i guess the dumb makers think nobody cares about the story or something or character consistency meh. it would be funny if in Black Vanilla Hammer was just a deredere cupcake the whole time lol

  7. I’m New and i started to like otome game. I gonna buy an otome games in near future.
    This is my review of FD otome games
    * Some Fandisks.. Destroy every character personalities like Tetsu. I like him in DC but this FD They(writer) turn him into a weirdo LOL.
    * Story writer ability and personality, if writer doesn’t know anything about original and character personality in the story. BOOOM We got a MEH or Rage otome game.

    That’s ALL.. I hope TYB Black Vanilla is good. Because Shinnosuke Hamada even his true ending is creepy LOL..

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