Grand Zodiac impressions

Lucia’s Man-harem

So Global finally got Grand Zodiac and I’m like yay I can’t wait to try the new hole in one mode thing….then turns out I can’t! Not only are the hours completely catering to the European player base (being mostly at night Euro time) but there was a bug where only Black Papel 1 even LET YOU JOIN A ROOM. (ノ=゚ロ゚)ノ ⌒┫:・’.::ヤッテラレルカニャアアアァァァァァ!!!!

So I did the next best thing and try the new practice mode:

I find this mode a lot of fun. The green has a nice ruler to help you get used to counting tiles and you still get some of the pang you make =D. Sadly you need a ticket to be able to play this each time though it seems like I’ve been getting one just for logging in daily. Since it was a weekend today and afternoon hours are pretty much HIO mode time I decided to try it again. Fortunately after me sending a raging email to 1:1 about fixing the damn thing they seem to have fixed it so I was able to play in a room in BP3 and 2.

I admit the mode is pretty cool. The graphics are nice and as you shoot more HIOs you can gradually see yourself improve. The greatest part of course if you suck like me you will get a gigantic hole:

Look at the ball size compared to my hole :lol:. But yea since I suck I wasn’t that great. Unlike practice mode you don’t have the ruler but you do seem to get unlimited power shots and so you can pack a bunch of nerve stabilizers if you want. I did at first but eventually found that I was able to hit  Pangya without relying on them. Anyway I think this mode actually DOES help improve your shots see my progress below:

So in just a few  games my HIO shot rate goes from 20% to 67%. Pretty good if I say so myself! 😀 But then things kinda went downhill when I got stalkers in chat and then the server gave me a pleasant notification:

And then my entire client pretty much just shut down. ( ´_ゝ`) Thanks SGI, I can see all the money people blow on your Gacha is going towards server stabilization!  Sigh fortunately I managed to rack up 700 points so I entered myself into the wing drawing (I doubt I’ll win since I’m sure people are probably putting in like 20 entries each or something.) I’m not quite sure how event points are calculated but it’s definitely not how many HIO points you get because I’ve only gotten maybe 40 per game at the most and I played about 6 games. Oh well unfortunate things aside it is a fun mode. I just wish the hours weren’t so back asswards because that pretty much leaves the weekends the only real time to be able to enjoy it.

Careful not to fall in Minty!

None of the other game modes have really struck me as anything special. I am thankful for the automatic Papel Shop but since there hasn’t been a rare I wanted recently I haven’t bothered to blow any tickets on it.


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  1. lol shes certainly NOT a pettanko, that image may not be a good representation of her jiggling titties lolol and yes thats Lucia

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