Otome Android App Review: Osawari Danshi ~Koakumakei Kare x Bed Intruding~

Alright it’s not called bed intruding but it may as well be cause he’s climbin’ in your windows, waking your people up and he’s got a goofy disguise on.

In case you missed him, it your old buddy Ryota! First he’s got cream all over his face now he’s bed intrudin’! Someone should teach this boy some manners 😆

If you successfully remove his disguise…

He gets randy and gets down to business \OOOH YEAAA! / I suck at these things apparently so I decided to buy the guidebook for all the osawari danshi games (which btw is a MUCH BETTER DEAL than the ripoff individual ones) to get this ending along with his cream one. I do want to say that I’m a bit disappointed with the sound quality in this app. All the other apps had pretty good sound quality but this one sounded like some 8bit mono recording. Kinda annoying since I actually paid for this. ( ´_ゝ`)

Anyway you can purchase the app here from the android market. I believe it’s also available on itunes. Grab it now before the yen falls down to shit levels again! 😆


6 thoughts on “Otome Android App Review: Osawari Danshi ~Koakumakei Kare x Bed Intruding~

  1. I want this… but goddamn market needs debittos and credittos and being someone under 18, I’m not allowed to get them(my mom won’t let me use hersTT_TT)

    A few hours before I’ve read this, I was browsing on the market and bumped to lots of osawari stuffs. Making me regret I can’t afford the not-really-new fangled cards.xD

    1. lol yea I just use my CC. I didn’t know you were a loli! 😆
      Well that one osawari app I reviewed is free so you can at least play around with that one!

  2. Am I considered loli? (this year, I’m gonna be allowed to get married in the law here in Japan).

    I guess I’d just bare with the free one or I can always bug my mom till she gives up and lend me her cc xD

  3. lol! this one sounds fun! I have 2 of the games, the beach one since it was free and the jiro one.

    And sadly, I suck at these games too. How much was it for all the guides? cause yeah, the individuals are rip-offs

    1. about $1.24 or so. definitely get that one and keep it in case you ever buy any of the other osawari series. the only ones that ever gave me trouble are the 2 koakuma kei kare ones but all the others I did manage to figure out on my own XD

      1. Haha. Thanks! I just bought the guide. lol, I’m pretty bad at these, I couldn’t figure any of them out. I always get like 3/5. And while I was at it, I also bought this one! Since it was alot cheaper than the others but yeah, the sound quality isn’t that great.

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