Lime Odyssey Alpha Test Impressions

Well even though I signed up for this almost a year ago, I guess they finally accepted me into the alpha test. Although a bit too late…

So I guess after playing Tartaros for 2 years games like these are just really difficult to get into. In case you aren’t sure what I’m referring to take a gander at the below screenshot:

Here’s me killing 1 guy at a time. I walk up to it, I click on it, I do my skills it’s dead. I click it again to pick up my items. Then I have to run around and talk to Bob, Sally, and Jerry who just happen to be standing so far away it takes me at least a minute between running from one to the other. On the other hand with Tartaros, I pick a map, all the guys I need are in that map and they all mob rape me so I can kill like 7-8 guys at once. After I run through 6 rooms, map is over. I do this abuot 9 times and I’m done with my fatigue for the day. Soon as I am out of the “map”, the quest guy is 2 seconds away so I don’t have to waste time running around to complete them.

Lime’s quests aren’t a total disaster though. Whenever you get a quest and you have no idea what the hell it means to “investigate this” or where Bob and Sally are located, just hitting the M button shows a map indicator on where you should go. Since the SIRIUS team made this, aka the RO 2 team a lot of stuff is practically identical. I mean it’s as if they took the RO2 skeleton, changed a few designs and bam you have this game. Similarly, this game looks a lot like the CURRENT RO2 so I’m guessing the bickering between them and Gravity is probably what’s causing all the massive release delays (that or they’re just as incompetent as they were back in 2007.)

Someone get this guy some aspirin

My biggest gripe, and this is just a personal preference, is voices. It appears that they’ve gotten a completely new English cast to dub over all the Korean (?) voices for this game. Not that I prefer Korean voices but some of the voices in this game just irritate the hell out of me. The beginning voice is some British woman who reminds me of those narrators you hear in those Dinosaur exhibits at Disney World. The voices of some of the female NPCs grate my ears and the lines of the male player are so dorky I have to roll my eyes every time he attacks (“EAT ROD!!” 🙄 ) I guess the most entertaining thing I found about this game was the dancing:

Which btw is practically identical to RO2 but they also added like 2 other dances so really your character can dance in 3 different ways while spewing RO-like emoticons out of their heads.

Since this is an alpha test that will obviously have a wipe I only really got myself to level 3 before I quit. My character was a mage who was also a tailor (it looks like you can be blacksmith, tailor or chef as your alternative position) and I’m not quite sure what that involves. I guess I picked tailor simply cause my starting outfit was this fugly ass pink placeholder (cause obviously the females got a real outfit but the males got crapola). It’s your standard talk to npc, do quest, kill guys game just like RO2 and I guess the charm of it are the cute character graphics and voices (assuming the English ones don’t bother you as much as they did me…) I was actually looking forward to this game a long time ago hoping it would be the “RO reborn” which it pretty much is but this game looks like it’s going to be stuck in the same development hell seeing how Aeria went from Alpha → Multiple Closed Betas → Alpha once again. At this time I only have time for 1 MMO and I’m so used to Tartaros’ controls and gameplay I’m not sure that I can even get into these kinds of games anymore.

Tartaros may even be the last MMO I play since lately my focus is on otome gaming anyway. ( ´_ゝ`)


7 thoughts on “Lime Odyssey Alpha Test Impressions”

  1. Oh shit! And Elin are fugly, really! I’m glad that the US/EU version put more clothes to cover her. Actually, they should give skirts instead.

    I’m decided to upgrade my PC case for a mid range video card. My spec will be a bit better than the official “recommended” setting, but it won’t be too good for the game.

    Maybe I can play pso2, I don’t think they would have the korean lottery shit. P2P with lottery is the utmost shit. xD

  2. lol that’s funny you act like P2p games don’t have lottery gear shit either. you can by all means try tera! enjoy the thunder thigh lolis!

  3. For me, f2p is more expensive. My PC may need some big hardware upgrade though.

    f2p lottery/gear shit > hardware upgrade > p2p monthly fee

    I just want to try to see how is tera online because it’s the biggest budget online game so far. It’s likely that I would play something else later.

  4. cause they never gave him a texture :/
    heh tera is stupid because itll be pay to play in 2 months anyway what’s the point? 😕

  5. Why is this guy in pink? Why is he shining that much? He has a scary look too.

    I have a cheap laptop for gaming now. I think I should reinstall tartaros and try tera online. My computers are pretty derp though.

  6. Cause of spring… Makes me think of pink xD Yea since I was playing this last night I made no hakuoki progress so I’m still on Saito’s route orz…

  7. Hmmm… Personally, as I do play some MMO games sometimes, this does look interesting. I know for sure I’ll try it and then will decide if it’s fun or not, the graphics look nice after all. Though I admit that seeing your char in PINK clothes made me lol.

    Oh, on completely different note: why did you change the layout to pink here?

    On another, completely different note: Good luck with finishing 薄桜鬼 黎明録.

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