Tartaros February Macros

Phew almost missed them completely.

Ruko & Elpin have become such a canon yuri pair I am disappoint. Also they’re clearly making Aerlot seem gay and making Soma seem as shotafied as ever (even though we’ve clearly seen that he’s not actually a shota….sigh). I’ll have the March macros up soon.

Disappointing that they did nothing about Ruko’s birthday except add the stupid voice macro meh.

Mobage Review: KareKano Maker

Alright I figured I’d review this before I plan to quit it like really soon. Ever wish you had a tamagotchi but in man form? Well now you can with KareKano maker!

Basically you can pick either a female or male to take care and you gotta take care of them or they’ll hate you!

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Android Otome App Review: Osawari Danshi ~Secret Vacation with an Idol~

Well because it was free, I decided to grab the newest dude poking android app 😆

You’re a manager of an idol named Kenji who I guess has played too much in the sun and now he’s hot as balls and needs you to wipe all the  manly sweat off him.

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Otome Android App Review: Osawari Danshi ~Koakumakei Kare x Bed Intruding~

Alright it’s not called bed intruding but it may as well be cause he’s climbin’ in your windows, waking your people up and he’s got a goofy disguise on.

In case you missed him, it your old buddy Ryota! First he’s got cream all over his face now he’s bed intrudin’! Someone should teach this boy some manners 😆

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