Tartaros Phase 2 Impressions

Ok so because I had a ton of guild points left I managed to exchange enough books to try out phases for 5 characters & see impressions from friends,  so here are my final thoughts.


  • Glacier Master’s Ice Arrow Ex doesn’t chase the enemy and can’t even kill the enemy directly in front of you. Complete garbage.
  • Flare Master loses Alphonse so no more meat shield for Cromodo.
  • Ice Dust now has HP and it’s so soft & squishy that it dies so damn fast there’s practically no point in using it. Additionally it also eats up heals from characters like Nagi or Aerlot so instead of saving Cromodo, it makes it easier for him to die with the damn ice cubes.
  • Inferno & that Fire thing Ex are pretty awesome. They have ridiculous crit rates but I have a feeling those will be adjusted cause everyone’s complaining about them being too high. STFU no all of us have level +15 weapons ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶
  • Cromodo loses his Ice JK if you become flare master. Why. He has it as an elementalist & Glacier Master so what the fck?

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