Android Otome App Review: Osawari Danshi ~Secret Vacation with an Idol~

Well because it was free, I decided to grab the newest dude poking android app 😆

You’re a manager of an idol named Kenji who I guess has played too much in the sun and now he’s hot as balls and needs you to wipe all the  manly sweat off him.

If you successfully cool him down…..

He confesses that he can’t live without you!!! \( ^o^)/  Lol anyway that was corny but at least I actually managed to figure this out on my own without using a guide. (Hint: Don’t be fooled when he gets angry at you…) The voice quality was pretty good, better than the Bed Intruder app. There was also a nice “skip” feature which let you skip the first batch of dialogue if you were on your 2nd or 5th try (which isn’t available in any of the other apps.) Anyway it’s a good free app to get you introduced to the Osawari danshi series because they are pretty much identical to this…so if you try this for free and you don’t like it, you probably won’t like any of the other ones. (I’m personally biased to Ryota and I will buy all of his apps!! \( ^o^)/ )

Again this is also voiced so be sure to give it a shot. I believe it’s available on itunes as well but I got mine off the android market as usual.


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