Otome Android App Review: Osawari Danshi ~Nama cream x Koakumakei Kare~

Uh so if you figured out where to poke Shibainu shota, you can now start poking Mr. Whip Cream Ryota:

Story: Your loving boyfriend Ryota decided to bake you a cake but he’s a clumsy bastard and he ended up with whip cream all over himself! Now you must lick it off use a spoon to clean him up. It seems easy because hey the cream’s right there so you easily find where it is but….not so much. You have to get the cream off  in a certain order and poke other parts of his body in order to get the bonus ending. I’ve been at this for like 2 days now with no luck. I’ve figured out where all the spots are but I guess if after a while I still can’t figure it out the order, I can pay $1.50 to get the guide since nobody on the internet is revealing it!!

If anyone’s figured out the correct order share the wealth xD; I recently got another app by this company that I’ll be reviewing in the next few days so stay tuned. In the meantime if this floats your boat, as it is voiced as well, you can pick it up at the android market or point your phone to the QR code below.

3 thoughts on “Otome Android App Review: Osawari Danshi ~Nama cream x Koakumakei Kare~

  1. 1.50$ for the guide? But isn’t the app itself like 2.50$? That’s highway robbery…but I must admit I find the story line amusing. My suggestion is to give a number to each cream spot, write all possible combinations on a piece of paper and try them all, when one works signal ‘heart one/two/etc’ next to the combo. Yeah, it’s a pain, but at least then you don’t have to pay, and the most annoying part to to get the combo list done.

    1. Lol i tried setting up an excel sheet to do this but after like 4 tries or so I got bored and gave up. and yes it is highway robbery orz; I wish someone online would post hints or a guide T_T

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