The end of the line for Poupee Girl

I think I am at the end of the line with Poupee Girl. I’ve tried to do a daily dress up for many months but it seems like I’m back to completely forgetting about it and now I missed yet another month of perfect attendance. My dressups have been the same day to day for weeks and lately all the event items are ugly as sin. Seriously 50s items? That look like someone vomited on them in different colors? In July would be my 4th year on Poupee but I don’t think I can make it until then. Most new event items are disappointing, stuff just looks like the same with recolors. Anything that’s new or innovative is always in the jewel section and that stuff isn’t cheap. Back when jewels first came out they were cheaper than ribbons because you had to pay real money. Now jewel items will cost $2-3 a pop just for a hat or a dress or  something as dumb as “flooring”. I wanted to keep updating this blog with events but everything just feels a lame repeat of the stuff I’ve seen the last 4 years.

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Mobage Review: Oresama! ~Ore dake wo Mitero~

Uh well it should be pretty obvious what kind of game this will be:

I got trapped in by this CG but this is pretty much the only CG you’re going to get in the game before you probably end up quitting like I did.

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