Android Otome App Review: Chokkai Danshi ~Tsundere Danshi wo Kanbyou~

Your classmate/friend you always argue with, Shinji, gets sick.

Now you have to poke him and stare at him and give him fresh towels to make him get well soon.

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Tartaros Character Birthday List

Well Tartaros got on the bandwagon too and posted everyone’s bdays along with horoscopes for their signs. I find it hilarious cause Cromodo’s bday is 1 day before my husband’s and my bday is 2 days after Ilishia’s 😆 クロたんは俺の嫁(๑´ლ`๑)♡

Ruko – February 28
Soma – April 1
Pinko – May 5
Nagi – June 23
Shubalman – August 20
Aerlot – September 5
Cromodo – October 17
Ilishia – November 12
Elpintos – December 25

I hope this means we’ll have some kind of birthday events for the characters like how they do on Pangya!