Otome Game Review: Renai Bancho

Our nameless heroine (who once again I’ve defaulted to Mary Sue) finds herself in a predicament: she cannot properly fall in love! All her friends have boyfriends and she’s the only one left who is single. No matter what guys try hitting on her, she responds like a log and she feels like she’s just not meant for romance. Her friends tell her there’s a legend that if you go up to the highest part of the school building (aka the rooftop) and throw off a yellow handkerchief, Renai Bancho will come and solve all your romantic problems. Mary’s an insatiable ho, so she throws a rainbow handkerchief off and instead of 1, she gets 6 banchos + one in training, Yasu to help her get her love life back on track.

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Mobile Otome Game Review: MuneKyun! Kare wa Idol

Ok so basically this is the same as my introduction but since I finished 4 routes I figured I’d post an actual game summary (only took me like 3 months with the dumb fatigue system… ಠ_ಠ) Please read my intro post to get the idea of the game plot.
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