Year of the Fandisks: A look at 2012 Otome Game releases

I don’t usually do a “preview” post of games but hey it’s the beginning of the year and I figured this post could serve a reference/reminder of stuff to look forward to this year. All info taken from B’s Log release calendar. So anyway let’s get started:

January 2012:

  • TOKYO ヤマノテ BOYS SWEET JELLY BEANS – TYB harem fandisk! But that’s not all! Apparently they will be releasing corresponding FDs in the summer to compliment this. Don’t expect too much except a bunch of 3P ends here.
  • 官能昔話 ポータブル – Ever wish you were the heroine of a fairy tale? Well now you can be, you can be like 5 heroines at the same time.
  • 恋愛番長2 MidnightLesson!!! – Fuck yea RenaiBancho 2, now you can get with all the fake banchos who surprised you in first game.

February 2012:

  • VitaminX Detective B6 – In case you thought the Vitamin series ended with X to Z,  REJET brings back the Baka 6 to go on a silly detective run around while getting cozy with Yuri.
  • 12時の鐘とシンデレラ ~Halloween Wedding~ – Another Quinn Rose fairy tale game. I swear I’ll have a QR game marathon one of these days.
  • 薄桜鬼 幕末無双録 – Otomate can’t stop milking Hakuoki so they got some fugly anime style art while you fight your way through all the crazy people. If this doesn’t interest you then perhaps the ENGLISH release of Hakuoki will instead.
  • personA~オペラ座の怪人~ – Mirai’s Rapist of the Opera.
  • ひとふた奇譚 – New label but the cast looks pretty good and it appears to be a strong heroine. I’m in!

March 2012:

  • アムネシア レイター – Amnesia fandisk. Bring on the romance, PLEASE щ(ಥДಥщ)
  • うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪Debut – The singing bishies are back and they bring their idiot senpais along for the ride.
  • 逢魔時~怪談ロマンス~ – A Quinn Rose game that’s NOT a fairy tale! Hell is gonna freeze over.
  • エルクローネのアトリエ ~Dear for Otomate~ – I never played the man version of this game but everyone’s been fangirling over the mans so maybe it’ll be worth it?
  • 華鬼 ~夢のつづき~ – Doormats ahoy! I still have yet to play the first game but I’ll get to it before the FD comes out.

Other Spring 2012 Releases:

  • キミカレ~新学期~ –  Cell phone game turned PSP. Or was it a drama CD ?_?
  • 恋戦隊LOVE&PEACE THE P.S.P. – Power rangers otome games are starting to gain ground. Apparently the mobile version of this is so awesome it won multiple 2011 otome game awards.
  • スカーレッドライダーゼクスⅠ+ FD ポータブル – Scared Rider Zechs & its FD ported to PSP. Maybe I’ll play it now since it means I can bring it with me on the train. Another “spring” release.
  • ときめきメモリアル Girl’s Side Premium ~3rd Story~ – I haven’t played 1 or 2 but the 3D effect creeps me the fuck out.
  • 花御女(かごめ) – R-18 game that’s supposedly targetted for both men AND women? Dafuq. Maybe it’ll be like Tsubasa no Oka no hime. Official site won’t load for me all I have is info from their blog and twitter. All I’ve confirmed is the lead character is a HEROINE so I can only think of it being like Tsubasa Oka as I mentioned above.
  • 雅恋 ~MIYAKO~ あわゆきのうたげ – Miyako FD yay! Please give Chicken-kun a happy ending route!!
  • VAMPIRE SWEETIE – B’s Log didn’t mention this but the official site confirmed to push the game back to Spring 2012. I hope they end up going through with it honestly I like the cast a lot.

April 2012:

  • ARMEN NOIR Portable – Ported to give everyone happy ends instead of shitty sad ends. Still, I won’t be replaying it, one trolling was enough for me.
  • 蒼黒の楔 緋色の欠片3 明日への扉 – Hiiro 3 FD. Where’s my Hiiro 2 FD? ;A; Oh well as long as I get to have some college romance with Mahiron.
  • Starry☆Sky~After Winter~ – Well gee it was only delayed by like 6 months! As long as Tsukiko gets to makeout with Oushiro I ain’t even mad!
  • 十三支演義 ~偃月三国伝~ – Yusa Kouji voicing a furry. 😆 Yea I don’t know much about this except furries all around.
  • BROTHERS CONFLICT Passion Pink – I thought this was supposed to come out in 2011; guess not. Oh well it’s the non rape version of Koisuru Oniisama.
  • BROTHERS CONFLICT Brilliant Blue – If the brothers in Pink weren’t enough, you can get with some more of them.
  • FRESH GINGER DISC – The first of the TYB single character route fandisks.

May 2012:

  • 赤い砂堕ちる月 – I think this game is supposed to be R-18 but it’s not by Mirai, or Sugar Beans or Calamelia Torte so maybe it won’t be a rape triathlon.

June 2012:

  • PURE RASPBERRY DISC – 2nd TYB single chara route fandisk.

August 2012:

  • BLACK VANILLA DISC – Last installment of the TYB fandisk series.

Other 2012 Releases:

  • アブナイ恋の捜査室 – That racist Gree using otome game company finally releasing a PSP port of one of their abunai series. I guess if it’s a success, they may port their other abunai games to PSP. Only time will tell.
  • OZMAFIA!! – Mafia games are the hot thing now. Does anyone remember Jingi Naki Otome & Death Connection??
  • Custom Drive – Customize your mans.
  • 神さまと恋ゴコロ – Takuyo’s releasing a game that’s more like their other romance games instead of a text dump like Shinigami to Shoujo.
  • 君がため、恋し乱れし月の華 – Ninja girl and historical bishies. No idea what else is going on but they plan to give her a voice. Not sure if this is R-18 or not. It might be.
  • 三国恋戦記~オトメの兵法!~ – Sangoku Rensenki obv needs like 20 ports but I’m so not going to replay it. That war stuff sucked even if the romance was cute.
  • 断罪のマリア la Campanella – What happened to the director’s cut Karin? I’m still holding out for that.
  • トリック・オア・アリス – Loli/shota yandere ero version of Alice in Wonderland. In before the bro is voiced by Hino.
  • バクダン★ハンダン – When they try to make American comics into an otome game. No thanks.
  • unENDing Bloody Call – Gahh I want to see the new ends but lol no timeee to replay things!!
  • 英国探偵ミステリア – Karin’s releasing a new game, better wait out for a PSP or Director’s cut version or something.
  • 戦場のプリンセス ~The princess on a battlefield~ – Valkyria the Otome Game? 😆 Yea I don’t know but looks like Quinn Rose is running out of fairy tales.
  • BLACK WOLVES SAGA – Call me when the happy non depressing PSP version is out.
  • Tiny x Machinegun – Forgot to mention this. Mafia game that takes place in NYC, I’m in! Music is jazzin’.

So yea that pretty much concludes the 2012 preview. Obviously as new games are announced they will be slated releases later in the year but this bunch should keep us all occupied at least until the end of the summer. ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ


27 thoughts on “Year of the Fandisks: A look at 2012 Otome Game releases”

  1. Oh thank you very much<3 yeah, I also think that its a continuation of BN hmm… hihihi, im so excited for this game~ ^^

  2. I’m pretty sure its not a fandisk I think its a continuation of the story from BLoody Nightmare?
    I’m honestly not sure but I know it’s not an FD for sure.

  3. Hi there~ just wanted to ask if “Black Wolves Saga, the Last Hope” is a fandisk or not? hihihi…its going to be release this year right? and Im going to post a review about it later… oh BTW, thanks for your post, this really helped me alot since I’m looking for a new otome game to play (*^▽^)/

  4. this year is totally awesome!!!!! I just happen to see the list and I really want to playing all of them! CUSTOM DRIVE seems interesting. well, since I kinda new in here, I wonder what games I should play first,,I’m playing Drammatical Murder right now (it’s kinda late I think) and it’s going to an end, so I want to search another game for me to consume..
    is there another game that could be played in iPhone or Ipad? cuz, what I see in here, all of them almost playable on PSP, I wonder what device I could use to play them?

  5. I actually agree that Bakudan Handan probably won’t do so well and that the art isn’t really typical of the genre, but since it offers at least a possibility of gameplay laced with potential Gyakuten-esque wackiness, I’m really hoping the story will be good enough to overcome its apparent ugliness. Plus at least the main character doesn’t seem like a doormat and the guys are all at least a little weird instead of the typical cast.

    I would like to know how Inafune is involved, though. (I have a mental image of him just kinda hovering over the Otomate staff and staring without saying a word…)

  6. aww haha feel free to comment any time 🙂
    I think as far as Gyakuten Saiban goes they’re assuming every girl played it so now they should like Bakudan Handan by default. I never played it, never really got into it, so as far as I’m concerned “ew fugly otome game”. I don’t think that game is gonna run well as Otomate’s “token thing” with their games is typically artwork over story. The story would have to be pretty damn impressive to make that game a hit.

  7. Thank you for the rundown (long-time lurker); kinda happy because it turns out I have even more to be excited for than I thought.

    Lessee, I can finally play Scared Rider Zechs, miiiight pick up Oumagatoki, Jyuuzaengi is as close to a perfect otoge setup for me as possible (Sanguo AND nukos AND a strong heroine? DO WANT), and Bakudan Handan is a mystery with the artist for the Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban series as well as Inafune Keiji doing…something… There’s also the HaruToki 5 fandisk, though I still haven’t finished 5. Kinda surprised that Akai Suna is coming out this year; thought it was still stuck in development hell. Same with Senjou no Princess. Ah well.

    Anyway, sorry for barging in, thanks for the list (and great descriptions), going back to lurkin’ now.

  8. Maybe? I know it was a drama CD and I think just recently a teaser site came out. The B’s log list was a bit outdated so I may just have forgotten about it.

  9. haha well I somehow managed to make a mobage account WITHOUT registering my email! So I get like no spam at all hahaha xD Unfortunately stuff like “write your journal” or “update your profile” or “send message” requires me to register my email but since I just use it to play games rather than socialize idgaf so I never registered!

  10. Hm, but besides games, gree is like a facebook+twitter(social networking and stuff) too and it didn’t spammed my mailbox unlike what mobage did TT_TT

    Well, let’s just hope the news about gree came true. 🙂 I recommend playing the ikenai series of arithmetic btw x’D

  11. oh thanks for the tip about Gree. Yea you can download most Gree games from android market but then its like oh you need a gree account to play this oh wait you cant register one unless you have email or whatever 🙄 Mobage didnt require an email from so me and at least 3 other friends all registered accounts there and have been playing for a few months now. Hey it’s Gree’s loss honestly as I can see the games are pretty much formatted the same way.

  12. (._.) Does this mean GREE is region-locked?
    Well, I never thought of it since I live in Japan now so I’m sorry I don’t know how. D’: But hey, before the end of last year(around Oct.) GREE announced that they plan to release outside Japan but it might cost money because it’s a partnership with paypal >.<

    And yeah, I think quinrose finally realized they are driving away all otome gamers because of their f*cked up system. お菓子の島のピーターパン has become more VN-gameplay even though it's like a copy pasta of heart no kuni. :') If quinrose keep this up, I might pick more of their future games.

  13. If you got a Gree account without having a Japanese cell phone email address, please do share your secret cause I’ve only been able to register on mobage with my android phone so far. (Also Yea I feel you on the 24 hour reset lol that’s why I play like 4 mobage at a time xDD)

    I think Quinn Rose’s newer games are less painful but yea their RPG games I’m just gonna avoid like the plague. I don’t think any voice cast can get me to play bakudan xD; Everyone is so fugly looking to me orz.

  14. Gree should release ikenai keiyaku kekkon(いけない契約結婚) B) I’m tired of needing to wait for 24 hrs. to see the next scene Dx And I’m such a cheapstake(or just don’t have the money) to bother paying a 25 times ticket which would worth ¥7000~9000. TT_TT9

    Yeah, quinrose games are like super money-waster. I raged quit all the games I’ve played from them besides Arabians lost and Iza, koi shutsujin. (p_q) Though I said I’d never play their games again, here I am waiting for the アブナイ恋の捜査室. Just because I really like the artist of izakoi and bought おもちゃ箱の国のアリス which was said to be a complete VN, probably the only game in Heart no kuni series I’ll ever play /shot.

    We~ll, actually looking forward to bakudan handan ^^; Even though the only guy I’m really wanting to do there was Subaru-sama(<–reminds me a lot of reiji-sama from Ace attorney series) and he is voiced by suzumura-chama x3

  15. I don’t think anything will ever get me to go back to Crimson Empire. I’m not kidding when I say I got to the first battle and I just had no idea wtf to do. I was using a guide too lol. Maybe the PSP port is less irritating? I don’t know lol but yeaaa that’s one QR game I’m not touching ever again.

    I don’t know who else will play rapist of the opera except the people who commented on this blog lol. R-18 games don’t seem to be too popular in the English fandom and I’m trying to steer clear of them because they pretty much just cater to rape fantasies nowdays and nothing else.

  16. If you ever get to make that quinrose marathon, try givin another shot to crimson empire, when I started playing it I almost droped it but found some advices to play it that made it quite easy after turn 30 you could finish any route in less than a day (unless you want the special scenes wich in some cases are more tricky to get then you will probably need the whole day for it), it’s a really good game (but I’m probably saying this because I got the order to play them right) and the fan disk is all about developing the already formed pairings. I’m already in my own quinrose marathon just that I don’t blog about it (nor anything since a long while).

    I’m mostly expecting the Ozmafia one, probably will check the rapist of the opera but that will depend on what people say about it, and also the Halloween Wedding (just hope I get a psp by then), really need a psp for the oher games specially bloody call >.<

  17. Reiko> Somehow I expected you to play it, you seem to play all the R-18 games I can’t stand 😆 I look fwd to your reviews XDD

    Kachimak> Lol I’m so used to derpy art I can prolly handle it xD; The 1st two I planned to play on PS2 and I guess I’d play the new one on the PSP whenever I get to it. My PS2 backlog is crying because I’m busy with new psp releases xD

  18. tokimeki memorial girl’s side series isn’t that bad actually. (however the art in the first one is kinda derpy lol. (´◔౪◔) )
    I have all three on DS& the 3d does look a bit awkward but other than that you really don’t have anything to worry about ^^;

  19. “Mirai’s Rapist of the Opera” – that cracked me up real hard XDDD;;; (But I still intend to play this if I can get my hands on it. Also can’t wait for the seiyuu cast to be announced.)

  20. Yukiru> My playlist is full of backlog from before 2011 too orz; I was getting close to clearing it then I got a PSP and well so much for that now 😆 I figured along with what you mention there will be other new releases/announcements but I only posted what they had already listed as “upcoming” from B’s log. At this point there’s so much coming out I can only focus on what we have clear info on and the rest I’m not even thinking about at the moment @_@;;

    Rin> Man how many god damn romance of the 3 kingdoms games do we need honestly lol. Oh Yusa a rapist? Where’s Hino ? 😆 I think TMGS may be the only game that I’d just quietly let collect dust in my backlog since I haven’t even touched the fist two….but I want to play pretty much everything on this list except Rapist of the Opera 😆

    Ili> Woww nooo man at your pace don’t take one for the team, don’t do it lawl. BC is so much better, focus on that instead XD Which BWS do you plan to play? PSP or PC? Maybe if you only play 1 and not the other you’ll have more time x3

  21. ❤ you already know how much I love your sarcastic interjections.

    A friend of mine is obsessed with Phantom of the Opera and so she's going to force me to play Rapist of the Opera and translate every line for her lol.. this will either go horribly well or just horribly horrible.

    I'll definitely be doing BWS and OZMAFIA. I'll probably pick up Bloody Call since I never full completed that one. The ones that I'll probably poke at out of curiosity is the furry version of the 3 Kingdoms ww Custom Drive and Kannou Mukashibanashi.

    @Rin: Ditto to needing more time ;w; especially at the rate I play lmao. I'll probably only finish BWS and OZMAFIA in the year 2012 xD;;

  22. 十三支演義 ~偃月三国伝~ is Romance of the Three Kingdom ~furry version~ lol. Yusa’s character is a human actually (and has that suspicious rapist smile you can tell from afar), it’s Ishida who’s voicing a nekomimi shota. xD ..and speaking of Sangoku games, Daisy2 needs to stop porting Sangoku Rensenki and just make a fandisk already. Drama CDs aren’t enough, I want a happy ending for Koumei. ( ಠ_ಠ )

    QuinRose actually announced 戦場のプリンセス ~The princess on a battlefield~ a LONG time ago. Like 3-4 years back. I guess their fairytale / fantasy games got so much attention they dumped this project to the bottom of the list? xD; Also LOL @ Hanaoni’s “doormats ahoy!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Honestly Japan must be nuts to give the original game 5 stars on Amazon JP.

    From this list I’m looking forward to Atelier Elkrone, Jyuza Engi, TYB, BWS, OZMAFIA, Miyako FD, Amnesia FD, TMGS3 Premium and Custom Drive. Gah that’s a lot. Time. Where.

  23. Your descriptions made me LOL so much XDDDb GJ

    My to-play list is still rather full of 2011 backlog so I’ll probably pick only a few to play out of all these.. I’m looking forward to BWS, unENDING Bloody Call, OZMAFIA, Atelier Elkrone, and see if I can play Miyako & Arcana for their FDs.

    You also might want to keep an eye out for Otomate’s new big project oni-themed game (Title TBA) by Miko (Beastmaster&Prince’s artist) x Hakuouki director. The heroine looks strong ‘w’ Though at this rate it might be released earliest in fall/winter 2012.

  24. haha yea I almost did this to remind myself as well instead of constantly going to girls style or bs log site xD;; I wouldn’t bother with Persona, honestly the heroine looks like she’s just laying there getting raped most of the time.

  25. …that’s… not so bad (as in, there aren’t many titles I’m interested in). Assuming no other titles get announced, it looks like I’ll be able to save money this year…
    12時の鐘とシンデレラ ~Halloween Wedding~
    personA~オペラ座の怪人~ (tentative)
    アムネシア レイター
    エルクローネのアトリエ ~Dear for Otomate~
    赤い砂堕ちる月 (tentative)
    OZMAFIA!! (tentative)
    Custom Drive (tentative)
    君がため、恋し乱れし月の華 (tentative)
    unENDing Bloody Call (tentative)
    戦場のプリンセス ~The princess on a battlefield~

    *bookmarks page to use as a reminder* A__A

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