Otome Game Review: Amnesia

One day you wake up trippin’ balls and find that a shota with horns has crawled into your brain. He calls himself Orion and says that due to some pime taradox he’s ended up in your head and now you have amnesia! The only way for him to get out is to get your memories back. So now our heroine, who I’ve appropriately named Mary (short for Mary Sue – as she doesn’t come with a default name) must go on an Agatha Christie adventure with Orion to get her memories back and figure out who dunnit to make them fly off in the first place. Mary has to face 5 creepers while looking for her memories, but she can’t fend any of them off because she doesn’t talk! That’s right you have to just imagine what she is saying or thinking or hope that Orion’s snarky commentary covers it.

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